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Riddle of Riddles 100

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dancemonkeyriddle.gifLateral thinking is not something I have always excelled at. Some would even say you could remove "lateral" from the previous sentence and it would remain just as true. I have noticed in fact a general decline in my reasoning prowess, and I'm choosing to blame the lack of sleep as a result of having a baby... 14 months ago.

To fight my general stupidification I've been flexing my lateral thinking muscles lately with Riddles of Riddles 100. These lateral thinking web games are the work of one apparently psychotic mind, Mark Lautman. They aren't as slick or polished as God Tower or Dumb: The Game, but what they lack in graphics they make up for in deviousness and variety. In the first 16 puzzles alone, I came across binary code, a crossword puzzle, a word scramble, and a quote from... nevermind, that would give the answer away.

When you discover the answer to a puzzle you enter it directly in the URL in your browser's address bar. I was originally a little annoyed at that, but the manual entry actually sets Mark up to hand you some pretty clever wordplay based on the address bar itself. There are also occasional hints in the source code of the document itself.

Shoot, I hope that didn't spoil anything. It's so hard reviewing these kinds of games without giving too much away.

In any event, if you like feeling stupid for not finding the answer that's right in front of your nose, get ready to enjoy.

Play Riddle of Riddles 100

Be sure to check out the other flavors of the Riddles of Riddles games as well. Thanks to Xyz for sending this one in!


Still don't get #4! Do I need to use anything special on the pic, e.g. "paint"? :/


Uhm, it might be handy to have a pop-up with an address bar, seeing as you have to enter the answer manually.


I'm on 13... and i can't figure out how to get past it!!! :/ i need a hinttt.


Actually, i've got an idea.. let's see if it works

apparently, the idea worked (=


we kinda need the addres bar to put the answers in!


Sorry about the lack of an address bar. The links above have been fixed if you reload the page.


Hmmm, I personally get tired of that Source_Coude + Browserbar games. Yes that idea was originally once.

But what keeps people from making normal riddle pages, where I can put the answer somewhere in the field, an do not have to edit the URL all the time? Oh and give all necessary hints directly to the page. Whats that good for, you have to switch to view the sourcecode?

About cheating: Just make the page javascriptwise translate the answer into some hash string, send it the server (yes maybe as url), and it will tell if the answer is correct..


Can anyone give me a hint on how to enter number 14. I think I know what is wrong, but I don't know what it's called or how to enter it.


help a brother out with 4. other than the

apostrophe in the wrong location in "I'ts" instead of "It's"

I can't see any clue to help solve this...


well its fun...
I do stuff like this at school at the time so I guess it gets easier as you go along...stuck on 4 for now :(


I'm absolutely clueless on #8.. Is it some sort of a riddle? How is it connected with music?


for 4, check the page info. theres a good clue there.


ok, so i might be really stupid, but i cant figure out what number 3 is, i dont know what im suppost to be answering...

patorishia December 26, 2006 3:05 PM

please help! i'm stuck at no. 6


I consider myself a puzzle freak, yet these kind of browser-puzzle whatevers simply don't do that for me.

What was fresh once, now seems like lazy puzzle design.
Instead of giving a clever self-contained puzzle, you create a below-average one and then hide the hint/solution in the source code or in an alpha layer of the image. Whoever thught of it first, kudos to you, but how about creating something new for a change?


how do you play?



you don't really need to read most of the text.. just "don't cut the corners"... and don't try to fit a circle in the square, which I did and wasted my time on - just don't cut the corners, that's all (=



on number 4,

pay attention to the title.
"Don't cut CORNERS!"

...or just spell a new word with them


cant get past 6...help plz


help guys!!! this is my first time posting. how do you do number 9!!! i dont understand at all. any help would be nice.


now im stuck on 4...

smythe3294 December 26, 2006 5:03 PM

I'm stuck on number four. Can someone please help??? Please...

smythe3294 December 26, 2006 5:14 PM

Call me stupid, but I'm stuck on number three. I need serious HELP!


So many questions, so few answers (=


where is the start button!?!?!?!??!?!

patorishia December 26, 2006 6:50 PM

please help i'm stuck in #9

#3 :

use another word that follows the same pattern


use only the corners to get to the answer


for #3

look closely at the image.

I'm stuck on seven. XD


oh, I forgot, for 6,

add letters, not numbers. ^^ Think about it, it's not too hard.


Could I get a little help with # 81 please? The answer is very obvious. Format is proving difficult. Is it in Roman numerals?

Pia, on #13, check the source code.

Pastoristia, #6 is very alphanumeric. :)

Rinspy, on #8, certain words should "stick out" in the text.

Mike D., Nice name!, I really didn't like 9. Nothing point to an anagram, but it is.

Keep chuggin'!


this seems kind of unfair with number 9.

the creator's forums hint heavily at the solution being an anagram of the letters on the page, if that is the case, there are about 1,145 possible answers!!


for number 6 im tryin to put thirty eight but its not working


most anagram solvers have an option to limit the result to one word, which uses all of the letters =)

You need to change those numbers back into letters


wow! theres so many anagram combinations for 9!! argh!!!!!


please help with number 8!! THE FORUM IS TALKING ABOUT NUMBERS.. I don't see any numbers!!!


nevermind guys got it!


thirty eight theses are letters??


Um... Ok, so I got past 13 awhile ago, but now I'm stuck on #15, 23 across. :/


I wish someone would help me with #8


Mala, make sure you are in the right forum. Riddles 100.

Mike.d, love that name!, and ttt, the answer is only one word and there is only one word you can get from all of the letter.


Thanks Micheal, you are right I was totally on the wrong forum! Still no dice...


Oh my goodness.. I feel sheepish now. just managed #8.. that should have come to me a lot sooner.


I'm still stuck on #15, 23 across! I can't figure it out. I think it starts w/ an 'H', but is that even right?

Lone Trombone December 26, 2006 11:07 PM

Is it possible to win the tic-tac-toe, I've been playing it for ten minutes! Or do you even have to win it?


can anyone help me with #7?


Well, for the tic-tac-toe, you dont HAVE to win... just read the source code! (not the bottom where hints are, the entire thing!)

I am REALLY stuck on number 8 and could use a REALLY BIG hint please!


ok for tic-tac-toe here's an unmbeatable trick frist click on top right than lower left than lower right than middle of the left column


For those needing help on #8, these words are the clues:

  • beautiful day

  • staring at the sun

  • last night on earth

  • stuck in a moment you can't get out of

  • walking on

  • I still haven't found what I'm looking for

  • mysterious ways

  • with or without you

  • lemons

  • discotheque

  • where the streets have no name

  • Wild Honey

  • the sweetest thing

  • kite

  • New York

  • peace on Earth

  • in a little while

  • Give up?

  • They are all songs by U2. try using that for the url.


For #8 try googling parts of the writing and see what comes up. This worked for me


currently stuck on #15 and have no idea what to do


#7?? Anyone???


If you're stuck on #9, here's how to do it:

Search Andy's Anagram Solver on Google. Then go and type in the letters you see on the table going ACROSS (i.e. real..). Leave the settings as they are, and you'll get the answer!


I am still stuck on #10. I know it must be something so obvious that i'm just not thinking of. Help?


Hey Pia, on #15, try reading the answers allowed. It will help with the answer.

And for a little bit of a spoiler, here are two of the answers.

dot htm

Also, remember that #15 goes in two directions. I sat on this question for a while just because I was set on one direction.

Kehau, on #7, you have to do something similar to #6. Convert, math, convert back.


I'm stuck on #10. I tried to google it, but there are no relevant hits


#10 is apparently a quote? But I'll be danged if I can find it. Any ideas?


anyone help on the #2? i know i am stupid =(



Do the opposite conversion that you had to do for #6.

Don't forget to switch back to letters when you have your answer

Can anyone offer help for #12? I have

converted the binary to base ten and gotten orange=109, pink=97, blue=112, red=108, and green=101,

but this isn't helping me solve the puzzle.


Please, can someone tell me what number 6 is? I have been stuck on it for 20 minutes. I just don't get how to convert numbers to letters!


i cant get #6. i know that its suppost to be alphanumeric, but i dont know how to change the numbers into the alphanumeric characters. please help!


I've been on #10 for hours."your leaving the man and entering the women" doesn't make any sense to me : (


Can you please help me! I've been up all night on this one...#37

I have tried entering all the words that mean "extra" or "superfluous".. I've tried almst every word in the thesaurus.

Please please help!


im so confused by number 15... the ides of march. ive found where the play the speech comes from but none of my answers seem to work!! help me!!!


Wow, #48 is making me angry. Anyone have any luck with it?


Here's what I have


a=1, b=2, c=3, etc..., add just means "put the two together."


Keep each group separate when translating.

10, this was a toughie

check out the URL, anything in there similar to anything in that quote?


you're on the right track, it's not the first two people you'd think of.


I'm stuck on 22 now (thank you 21 for being so literal)

I have

adulteraton from the capital letters but nothing decent shows up on an anagram search. ADULT ORNATE? ANAL TUTORED? Surely not.


I made it to #39.. can someone help?

I have put in the names of the sports but its not working.

I have even looked at combined sports events in the olympics

Michael if you could spare a second could you give me a nudge?



maybe you already have the answer and you don't need to find an anagram ! (wink) Give it a try...


Can someone please give me the answer for number 6, the one with the "addition problem"?


Hmm. Still confused on #12.

I'm not sure what the "groups" are other than they bytes or perhaps I don't know what to do with them,



Use a simple code to convert the numbers to letters.

Double digits just mean that the letters are further along in the alphabet.

When you have the letters, just place one after the other.



On #12, the numbers are binary. You have to convert them so that you can convert them again to letters.


Micheal could you please help with #39? I AM AT MY WITS END....


mala on 39

those sports all belong to different groups of events as well, count how many sports there are, what's close to that?


My problem is that the converted numbers are much too high to be letters.


Xadrian.. thanks A LOT for the hint, but I'm still lost..

when you say different groups do you mean track and field? or like running, throwing and jumping?

or do you mean 9 different events? I have tried typing each one and even googled to look up sports that are in the olympics...

please help !



are you converting each group of binary correctly.. a wrongly placed 0 or 1 could totally throw you off. I used a text to binary converter straight off instead of converting them to numbers and then to letters ...



... this time with Type Key.

In the Olympics there is an event in which all but one of the occur. The other is your answer.

When there are 10 events, it is called a deca...


Xadrian and Michael... thank you so much!

I had tried typing the "answer" earlier but I must have spelt it wrong....

whew..on to #40....!

You know I have never felt the need to post on jayisgames or gotten this into a browser-riddle...big step!


I'm on 48 now.

Obviously got the 4 letter word, but the 5 letter? Is it translating from that word or to that word? And what languages?

And the connector you can find by googling that exact phrase, it's actually in the dictionary.


It's just been several years since my CS classes. I forgot how to convert to letters. Thanks for all the help!


Man, for 48

Make sure you find a good spanish dictionary that has more than one translation.


Is it just me or with a few of these, do you get a mangled word that's close enough to an actual word that you just guess and it happens to be right?

No spoiler per say, but for instance you use whatever means to gather some letters and they spell AIRPOXT so you guess AIRPORT and it's right, but you're pretty sure that X was right.



I know what you mean xadrian. I did that with a couple of them.

Anyone who wants to help with #81, it is appreciated. Locating the line is easy enough. Can't figure out the format for the answer though. Roman numerals?


Can't help ya, I'm stuck on 54 with apparently an easy one toying with my lack of knowledge of spelling or global culture, or both.


Thanks xadrian. Follow the directions literally. This one has a trick to it. When you catch the trick, the rest is easy enough.


Yeah I got it. I was thinking...

...it all had to do with them all being Republics or something, but Japan kept throwing it off.


i'm having trouble with #45. an undecided win. i've looked at the source for all 3 pages and still have idea what to type in. i think i know who the 'winner' is, but i've tried all combinations and cannot come up with the right answer. any hints?


It is a tricky one Stacey. How can both win? The source code has the answers. :)


I would like a hint on #20(do as your told).
I did find the hidden message but am having a hard time solving the riddle.

...and Jay no need to confirm my last post since this is basically a repeat, but now i am registered :]



It's a classic word puzzle. Even google should have a link to it.

The numbers are important, still.

Analogous to decreasing from "a few" to "three."

Confuzzeled December 27, 2006 8:21 PM

Stuck on number 17... I just don't get it!


Could use some help on 83. I got a big number but not sure what to do with it, other than the obvious which doesn't yield anything.


Didn't you finish this one confuzzled or is that just a common puzzle solving name?


I don't even know how to start...: (



You need to use one of the "things you should know" to get to the riddles.

Try number 2


I cant get 12


someone, PLEASE help me out on 14. i THINK i know whats wrong, but how do i enter that in the url? ive been looking at this for hours now and its just not popping up for me!!



You are probably looking at the right part of the image, but you need to apply a puzzle-solving technique you've used already to get here.


You're looking at the serial number, right?

Can you see any groupings within it?


i feel dumb. i got what i think is the answer for number 14 but every time i put it in it goes to the stop sign page. any help?


On #12, convert the binary to decimal and then to letters.

mike.d, you should probably spell check your answer. You are likely on the right track.


For puzzle 8
Don't use capital letters
For puzzle 10

Change the word "man" in the URL rather than the answer to 9

Bob Jones May 17, 2008 2:50 AM

It's probably obvious, but what's 7?


Ergh. Level 6 is still driving me insane. I know it's almost definitely incredibly simple, but...

I've added the numbers together and converted the result into a letter (subtracting 26 first), but it doesn't work. I've converted the numbers into letters FIRST (to get M + X) but MX doesn't work. Of course, M and X are Roman numerals, so M + X = 1010, which doesn't work. 1010, if converted into a letter, yields V, which doesn't work, and 10 (since V is also a Roman numeral) doesn't work, nor does the letter result of 10. 1010 is also binary for 10, but as I said, 10 doesn't work nor does its corresponding letter.


Oh WOW I am dumb.

I don't know by ABC's. WYXZ? No...I don't think so. Still laughing at myself.


For 35:

All the letters stand for a certain attribute of one of the Hogwarts Houses. For example, the red block is Gryffindor, and the attributes are boldness, daring, bravery, and courage. The green block is for Slytherin.

Want me to spell out the answer?



My best friend and I are riddler number 1403! :)

Anonymous July 1, 2008 3:09 PM

please some one help me with #




could someone please help with level 40?


Liz can you help me with #31 "not only do clocks tell time..." so that I can help you with #40


hehe ginger do you remember what we used to do as kids at school with calculators???

look at the numbers upside down :P

as for number 40.... im at 57 now!! hehe


i am on 52. I mean

the key is the key?

i doesn't make sense. I tried the other blog but there is only 1 comment. Please tell me what i need to do!


I need help on 48!!
I don't know where to start =S
I tried the better Translate thing already..
Can sombody help?


I'm sure this is for naught, but is there anyone out there that can help me? I am so stuck on #48.


That was the worst one, I think...

There should be one most common translation of "sobre." Spanish, right? There's a movie with that word in the title... "Upon" is NOT the right word...
5,280 feet can only be one thing... Starts with 'm' Ends with 'e'
The "connective to join word elements" can be googled to figure out.

it's a vowel...

the ten letters are then rearranged. anagram server on wordsmith.org is a very good one to use


help with #26 please please

nahtanojs December 6, 2008 1:16 AM

Can someone please give me a hint for 22. I already looked at all the capital letters

nahtanojs December 6, 2008 4:34 AM

nvm i got it


Can anybody help me with 54 (let's go international)?
I've got the letters that I'm not sure are correct, but if somebody just wants to tell me what to type into the url, that would be great.


somebody please help me with 54!!! let's go international...

i have the letters oaeoreulshwi which i'm not sure are right...i didn't really know what to do with the countries

so if anyone wants to tell me what to type in the url that would be great...because i'm sick of this one.


can someone please help on 21?



Turn roman numerals into regular numbers, then turn numbers into letters.


Anything about #52?
I started coloring the picture, and I've found a number I coulnd't paint.
Please help


I need some hints, stuck at 52.

Is the number 279 important?


Oh, I got #52 :)

The solution is a very popular sport

nahtanojs January 11, 2009 3:02 AM

Please help me I'm stuck at number 25 i tried erasing the dots but i cant see it. Please help me

Anonymous January 11, 2009 8:52 PM

i really need hellp with 28,
i dont get it at all!!

nahtanojs March 7, 2009 2:07 AM

i need help with 37. What I did is:

I took all the letters that have been mispelled, then I put them all together and I get maturer but it doesnt work , please help

nahtanojs March 7, 2009 2:08 AM


for number 28

name me another word for fear of bees

nahtanojs March 7, 2009 2:24 AM

never mind I got it. Now i need help with 39!


I know it is probably the simplest answer but I am stuck on # 19 can anyone please tell me the URL answer.
19. Grid me a Frame

NeedHelp(: April 25, 2009 12:18 PM

I'm stuck on #49.

I started riddling at 33, so I don't have the answers.

ayumiri May 30, 2009 10:06 AM

please some one help me with level 87? if anyone is even about...? stuck on it for 3 days :(


if anyone has done riddle of riddles jr, i am stuck on 14 of it and need help


i need help on riddle #9 i don't get it can someone just give me the answer... i got riddles 1-8
here are the answers i have so far

riddle 1 is 12
riddle 2 is phone
riddle 3 is bell
riddle 4 is idea
riddle 5 is addition
riddle 6 is my
riddle 7 is hi
riddle 8 is u2

now i just need someone to give me the answer to number 9 please i really need the answer okay just help me please!!!!


Sally, the answer to #9 has already been posted.


I went through all of the comments and I can't seem to find it. Can you just give me the answer again?


So bad dog can you give me the answer to number 9 again?


I just want a straight answer for #28.

I have looked for another word for "bee fear" and can't find one.


Ok, now I know (cartoon voice) the power of posting!



I tried Truman and no luck.


please, im stuck on number 47 for 2 days, i tryed all the players in the world and all the numbers possible... does not work! can u please help me***


HELP PLEASE! im stuck on number 47, and im gonna kill myself because i already tried everything. even the answer that someone already posted but, does not work. bobbyabreu_24 does not work, and i tried all the numbers until 100... none of those worked... please help me... these 2 days on this question is killing me!


I'm also stuck on 47... So frustrating! Any help would be appreciated. Like Kia and Ana, I've tried every combination of spelling it out, etc...


About 30, if you haven't figured it out,

Thomas Jefferson was on the $2 bill


help with #1 plz!!!


Please, I need help with #59. I have some suppositions, but they don't work. Does it have a link with

Red Hot Chili Peppers and their songs "Dani California" and "Charlie" ????

I'm totally lost :(


Nevermind, I've just got it :)
Oh, man, it was a flash of insight!!!


I need help with Level 11

I typed


And I'm at level 14

I need help in level 11!!


i'm very confused -- the first puzzle says "How many zodiac signs are there in one chinese year". isn't the answer one, not twelve?


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