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BryanWhen everything you once loved and cherished is scattered across your archipelago homeland by war and greed, your only course of action as the once proud leader of a indomitable tribe is ... Reprisal. In homage to EA's classic strategy game, Populous, Reprisal is a Flash-based real time strategy game where you gather your prized totems and tribesmen to use against the fools who arrogantly cast them asunder. The totems allow you to manipulate the elements of earth, wind, and fire to shape, burn, and drown the earth. It's kind of like a kid playing god to an anthill, but the ants have their own water hose and magnifying glass to retaliate with. Reclaim your tribe's history through sweet, sweet revenge.

ReprisalThe developers across the pond at Electrolyte Games made the control scheme simple so any person, no matter their RTS prowess, could play. The mouse and the left-click button are used for all game input like selecting places on the map, changing totems, or placing totem powers. Selecting earth squares with the Terraform totem by left-clicking, for example, will raise the earth into mountains or lower them if you are pressing the [SHIFT] key and clicking. The number keys [1], [2], and [3] can also be used to toggle between the various totem power types you have if clicking on them is too bothersome. The [arrow] keys or [WASD] keys change the game camera's map view point so you can move around the island and get a better view of the crafty AI plotting their next move.

As you move along the islands in each level, your NPC tribesmen will follow three simple commands. They will make settlements to increase your army's fighting strength/size and mana regeneration rate, move to waypoints you set, and look for fights by invading the enemy territory. You will also see a fourth button with rest of them at the top of the screen, but it only locates the position of your leader unit, which is created once a NPC reaches a waypoint you create. The mana regeneration mentioned before is needed to cast all the totem powers you have so expand quickly if you like spamming your godly powers. Timing your totemic magic and army's invasion is part and parcel of demolishing your foes when their time is nigh.

Destruction and recovery are your main objectives in this game so the levels switch in between them as your journey of redemption treks on. The size of each tribe in a level is shown by the meter around the tribe's symbol in the top left corner of the screen. The only way to lower influence is to capture their buildings, burn the earth so settlement is impossible for a short period of time, or change the earth around them. A building needs a lot of open, even ground around it to grow and become powerful so damaging the land or altering it makes it significantly easier to capture. Also, larger buildings require more soldiers to capture it so keep that in mind unless your almighty totem-enhanced Hero is ready to crush some evil.

ReprisalAnalysis: Despite its lack of varied units and building types, Reprisal really shines with its isometric grid level layout, tons of game changing powers, and a retro pixel art style that gamers find so attractive these days. The game's progression does well to teach you the ropes of elemental strategy warfare so everyone is lax at your progressive rise to full strength and becomes more aggressive to quell it. The AI lulls you into a false sense of security early, letting you take over like its is nothing, and the WHAM, they harass you until there isn't a camp left. This AI can leave most casual players in the dust if they don't adapt to different play styles quickly enough. Sadly enough, there isn't choice in the difficulty if the going gets too rough.

Although there isn't a multiplayer component to the game, choice of difficulty, or level editor like most RTS games out there, Reprisal will keep the player invested in protecting his pixel peons from danger and battle for glory with an innovative environment-centric combat. The earth is both your weapon and defense so the focus of gameplay is on building up the terrain around you. The game's settlement building mechanic is remarkably dynamic in calculating the size and open land to determine what buildings can and should be built. It takes less grey matter to micro manage your tribe so fighting and totem power usage is easier for those newbie RTS players.

The visuals make this 8-bit isometric world enticing, but the choice between an artistic mode and basic mode makes it even sweeter. The artistic mode adds better textures to the world, a depth of view filter, and extra little effects that push more pixels to the screen while basic does not. It showcases Electrolyte Game's dedication and strive to put the best quality work into their games so the solid gameplay is matched with high quality graphics. It is understandable that some might not appreciate depth texturing with artistic mode so basic mode is there to keep the game fun and prevent squinting to see if those blurs are enemies or trees.

A polished, well-developed game made for long-timer players to the genre, but accessible to anyone willing to learn. Plenty of button shortcuts and a clearly defined UI to increase your APM (or actions per minute) while dedicating enough screen space to the real time action. It is sure to become one of those go-to time wasters that you won't feel bad about putting off your household chores to play.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Reprisal Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

General Information

  1. Each level's guide will provide an approximate overview of what things should be done to effectively clear the stage, without an emphasis on the scoring aspect.

  2. I use the Level's actual title like Fire Play for example when referencing a particular stage.

  3. One strategy that should be kept in mind throughout the entire game is to level out all land around you to expand your buildings as quickly as possible. The quicker you expand, the more mana you will regenerate for elemental attacks.

  4. Building up mountains near you does not act like a defense since NPCS can walk over them, but it does cause problems for them to build up their territories. Use this strategy in moderation since it takes time away from expanding your own territory.

  5. When thinking of which way to expand your territory, keep track of where the enemy is heading. If it is towards you, then you should expand that way so you have more buildings in the way and even more units to defend with when the battle happens. Otherwise try to expand away from them to utilize as much of the map as possible.

  6. Letting your forces gather at the waypoint you set is a good way to start making settlements in a barren area or amassing soldiers for a quick rush on an enemy base.

  7. When setting a waypoint on a totem, for example, make sure the center dot of your cursor is directly below the totem or the units will not run into it to pick it up.

  8. Turtling, or playing defensively and building up your forces, is always a good startegy to take, but it won't last forever if the enemy is quickly invading on your territory and you didn't expand past your first little island area.

  9. There are different tiers of buildings that get built; here is how I will reference them:

    1. Cabin that takes up one space on a mountain

    2. Large House that takes up one to three spaces

    3. Tier 1 Town that takes up nine squares

    4. Tier 2 Town takes up 25 squares

    5. Castle takes up 49 squares

  10. The first level of the game is a really basic tutorial stage, so it's not covered in the walkthrough. For your reference, Level 1 of this walkthrough will be Level 2: Earth Duties.

Level: Earth Duties

This is the second basic tutorial stage of the game and is sort of self explantory.

  1. fullow the instructions until you get to the point where the NPC wants you to raise some land by the ocean.

  2. Build up the land that is closer to the yellow tribe and will be close to connecting the two islands. It will take five clicks using the Terraform totem.

  3. Making the two islands will require three land raises using the Terraform totem.

  4. At this point, fullow the rest of the NPC's instructions, and the level will be complete.

The real levels start on the next one.

Level: Fire Play

The objective of this level is to grab the fire column totem. Defeat any enemies that get in your way.

  1. Start out by raising all the land around your buildings by one square above the ocean.

  2. Expand the land so it makes a 6x6 grid that will hold about one 2nd tier town with a few dispersed large houses.

  3. Put a waypoint on the island pathway right in between you and the fire tribe to start amassing soldiers.

  4. Once built up, switch back to making settlements closer to the enemy base.

  5. Alter the earth in the area so it is level and so a castle can be built.

  6. Once the castle is built, set a waypoint on the totem and let the soldiers do their work.

The soldiers will take over any enemy houses in the way, but they will always head towards the totem. The level will end once it is picked up. You can invade the enemy to get rid of them and get a higher score, but it is unnecessary.

Level: Big Freeze

The objective of this level is to eliminate the green tribe from this chain of islands. You will want to expand as fast as possible to the middle neutral island.

  1. Yet again, start this level by lowering the land around your beginning position to be one square above the ocean. The land will also be equal with the neutral island so expanding will be easier.

  2. Expand the land so it forms an 8x8 grid so a castle can be built with a few extra houses.

  3. Connect your main land to the neutral island and set a waypoint to the middle of it.

  4. Fill in open spots with earth and switch to the make settlement command so you get a foothold on the island.

  5. Make sure a castle gets built and set a waypoint close to the enemy territory.

  6. Let one person reach the waypoint and start making more settlements there. Expand the land more until a tier one town is built.

  7. Switch the command to look for a fight and watch the carnage ensue.

  8. Use the Fire Column Totem if you have want to but it is unnecessary since the enemy does not expand that fast. Use it only on the biggest building in the area though.

Level: Flash AHHH-HAAAA

The objective of this level is to grab the Thunderstorm Totem on the far island.

  1. Level out your until island until it is one square above the ocean. Basically destroy the mountain.

  2. Expand the land out a bit so at least one castle is built and a few two tier 2 towns.

  3. Set a waypoint on the totem and the soldiers will take out anything in the way.

  4. They will avoid buildings for the most part, but they should be powerful enough to take anything out.

It is a pretty quick and easy level.

Level: Thirsty Work

The objective here is to collect the Swamp Totem from the other side of the red tribe's camp.

  1. Even out the earth around your starting position and expand your land until you have made two castles.

  2. Notice the small pieces of land to the south side of the islands. Start connecting them to your main land.

  3. Set a waypoint on the second separated square and start settling when a person gets there.

  4. Continuing expanding land back at the starting point to enlarge the small houses that are bound to pop up until the soldier reaches the waypoint.

  5. Once the settlements are started, expand the land to house at least one tier 1 town or maybe a tier 2 town.

  6. Use the Fire Column Totem on the most populated enemy area and switch the command to look for a fight.

  7. After your soldiers take over a few buildings, set a waypoint at the totem and make them head to it.

  8. Use more Fire Column Totems if you hae the mana too to protect your soldiers and destroy other buildings.

  9. The totem will get collected after the soldiers possibly destroy anymore buildings in their path.

Not too much fighting, but you basically want to invade from the south side of the enemy instead of trying to head over the mountains.

Level: Island Hop

The objective is to destroy all three of the enemy tribes successfully. You each start on an island on the corner of the map.

  1. Start by leveling the earth so it is one square above the ocean.

  2. Expand the land so at least two Castles are built at the starting point.

  3. Starting raising land so it connects to the center island so you can get the advantage on the other tribes.

  4. Set a waypoint at the center of the middle neutral island and switch to making settlements once someone reaches the point.

  5. Even out the land here so it is one square above the ocean and expand the land so at least two castles can be built.

  6. Set a waypoint in the center of the red tribe and make everyone head there.

  7. Raise up earth towards the red tribe so it connect both of you islands to the red tribe's island.

  8. Wipe out the red tribe entirely before heading out towards the other tribes. If your men start attacking the other tribes, set a waypoint again at the red tribe and tell them to seek it out.

  9. Once the red tribe is gone, set a waypoint in the center of the biggest tribe on the map and send your men there. When they are close to arriving, use a Fire Column Totem to destroy some buildings.

  10. Make any land bridges that are necessary to reach the tribe.

  11. Just leave the Look for a Fight command up until all the tribes are destroyed.

  12. Use the Fire Column Totem or Thunderstorm Totem if you deem it necessary.

All the tribes are gone, and you continue your search for the rest of your totems.

Level: Invaders

The objective for this level is to grab the Whirlpool Totem from the red tribe's island. The yellow tribe is here as well, but they are not to be worried about.

  1. Start off the level by evening out the earth so the land is one square above the ocean.

  2. Keep expanding your land on the beginning island until you have two Castles built.

  3. Set a waypoint at the top of the red tribe's mountain and switch the command to search out the waypoint.

  4. Raise any land you will need for a land bridge to the waypoint.

  5. Once a building or two is taken, switch to the Look for a fight command and take out the red tribe.

  6. Build some land bridges to the totem and set a waypoint on it. They will seek it once you change the command and the level will end.

Another powerful totem under your belt that will be helpful for leveling tiny islands.

Level: Stuck in a Rut

The objective of this level is to defeat the red and yellow tribes. You are in the middle of the island while the other tribes are at the west and east sides.

  1. To start, even out the land so at least three tier one towns are built.

  2. Set a waypoint in the middle of the yellow tribes mountain and switch the command so they seek it out.

  3. Switch to Look for a Fight command and capture a few yellow buildings.

  4. Level out the earth so your new buildings can grow into at least tier one towns.

  5. Use a Fire Column or Thunderstorm Totem on the center of the red tribe's settlements to mess them up a bit while you eliminate the yellow tribe.

  6. Make sure the yellow tribe is completely gone before the red tribe becomes the focus of attack.

  7. Use a Whirlpool Totem on any space with water close to the red tribe's settlements so the land can be destroyed and their buildings will become weaker.

  8. Terraform the earth around some newly captured buildings so your soldiers will be stronger to capture more buildings

  9. Let the fighting keep happening while you continue to Terraform and use attack Totems when necessary until the red tribe is gone.

The battle was a little difficult, but it will be nothing after you get the next totem.

Level: There Be Heros

The objective is to collect the Earth Hero Totem on the far side of the island. You will have to go through the red and yellow tribe to get it.

  1. Build up the earth so a castle or at least two tier 2 towns can be built before you start attacking the red tribe.

  2. Build a land bridge to connect your island and the red tribe's island.

  3. Switch the command to Look for a Fight mode.

  4. Continue to Terraform the land so bigger buildings can be built both at the starting point and any new buildings you capture.

  5. Once the red tribe is eliminated, switch to making settlements again where the red tribe once stood.

  6. Terraform the earth in this level so at least one Castle is built.

  7. Once you have enough mana, use a Thunderstorm Totem on the most highly populated area of the yellow tribe.

  8. Set a waypoint on the Totem and switch the command to seek the waypoint.

  9. Your soldiers will capture any buildings in the way, so use any attack totems you want to thin out the enemy buildings.

  10. Keep terraforming around newly captured buildings until you get the totem.

Your leader unit can now become a Hero class if you have enough mana. Try it out on the next level if you want.

Level: Crush Rush

The objective of this level is to grab the Fire Cloud Totem close to the red tribe's settlement. The yellow tribe is also here to cause a problem as well.

  1. Terraform the earth so one Castle can be built on your starting island.

  2. Raise land so it connects to the red tribe's land and set a waypoint on the totem.

  3. Make your men seek out the totem. They will capture a building or two in the way so you can continue terraforming a path to the totem.

  4. The main part about this level is to terraform quickly so the enemies do not settle any areas in between you in the totem.

  5. You can complete this level very quickly with only one Castle.

Quick, simple, and scores you a very powerful totem that will be invaluable later.

Level: Hop Skip and Jump

The objective here is to eliminate the yellow tribe on the west island. You are positioned in the east and there is a neutral island in the middle.

  1. Start by raising the earth to the same level your first building is at (roughly about two squares off from the ocean).

  2. Keep Terraforming until at least one castle is built at the starting point.

  3. Raise the earth up and make a land bridge to the large neutral island close to the yellow tribe.

  4. Set a waypoint to the middle of it and switch the command to seek it out.

  5. Once at least one person gets there and becomes leader, switch to making settlements.

  6. Let your villagers do their thing and start to Terraform the earth so at least one castle is built.

  7. Check back on your starting villages and Terraform to make some Tier one or two towns.

  8. Start expanding to the other small neutral island and get a town started on that one.

  9. Switch over to the Look for a Fight Command and use any Fire Totem you have enough mana for on the largest structure they have.

  10. Keep using the Thunderstorm Totem or Fire Column Totem on the enemy buildings as they get big again to keep their army strength down.

  11. Keep Terraforming around any new buildings you capture so they can grow in power for more invading.

  12. If they are dwindling in size, keep pounding the enemy with the Thunderstorm totem, and your soldiers should finish up the job successfully.

The yellow tribe deserved it, and now you are on to bigger and better things.

Level: Twist Again

The objective of this level is to capture the Twister Totem from inside the green tribe's settlement. Build quick and invade hard.

  1. As always, even out the earth at your starting point so you can build at least one castle.

  2. Set a waypoint on the totem and tell your people to seek it out. They shouldn't run into any resistance from enemy buildings.

  3. If you have to, Terraform a land bridge to make accessing th totem easier.

  4. If your soldiers do capture a building or two, Terraform around them so they can increase in power for more men closer to the enemy.

  5. With a few more men or a single soldier, the totem will be captured and the level is over.

The Twister Totem is a powerful tool and will be helpful if you have the mana for it.

Level: River Runs Through

You must defeat the yellow tribe here if you hope to reclaim the rest of your precious totems.

  1. Make sure you get at least one castle built by where you start out at.

  2. Then, start expanding your settlements to the north before you think of invading.

  3. A good time to invade is when your settlement meter is larger than theirs and you have about six castles built.

  4. When you have the mana, use the Thunderstorm Totem on a densely populated enemy area.

  5. Switch your commands to Look for a Fight after you use the Totem.

  6. Once you capture a few buildings, Terraform the earth so some of them can become tier 1 towns.

  7. The fighting will continue for a bit and the soldiers will take out everything. Use any Totems you want in the meantime.

Level: Heros Unite

The objective here is to gain another Elemental Hero Totem from the yellow tribe.

  1. Even out the earth with Terraform so you have can two castles built.

  2. Notice that the totem is a good distance away from any yellow settlements. In this case, start building a land bridge with Terraform to the west of your starting point.

  3. Build until you can't continue. Once the soldiers amass, switch to making settlements again.

  4. Once a tier 2 town is built, put a waypoint as far west on the yellow tribe's island as possible and seek it out.

  5. Switch back to making settlements once a few soldiers keep inching closer and closer to the totem. These will allow you to Terraform more land around the totem so you can reach it.

  6. One enough land is present to reach the totem, place a waypoint there and seek it out.

  7. Keep Terraforming anything you want while the soldiers finish up the job.

Only one more Elemental Hero Totem is left, but there are plenty of challenges left to face.

Level: Earth Groans

Your objective is to defeat the yellow tribe, but you start off on very bad locations. Move quick and seek revenge.

  1. Start by putting a waypoint to the left side of you mountain on the flat area of land and switch the command to seek it out.

  2. When two people reach there, switch back to making settlements, and do not stop Terraforming until three tier 2 towns are built.

  3. Switch over to Looking for a Fight command and continue Terraforming wherever necessary.

  4. To keep some pressure on the enemies, use the Whirlpool Totem on the settlements close to the water near the northeast side of their mountain. Keep them up as long as you have the mana.

  5. They like sending the Earth Hero out from time to time, so be carefol: their settlements shouldn't get much larger than a house.

  6. The Soldiers will eliminate everything while you just focus on using totem abilities when necessary.

Next stop is a big island with a powerful totem waiting to be reclaimed.

Level: Fire Mountain

The objective is to grab the Mountain Totem from the crater behind the red tribe. You can either fight head on or sneak around them. I prefer sneaking.

  1. Start by Terraforming your starting position so a Castle can be built.

  2. Next, make a land bridge to the left of your island so you can try and bypass the red tribe.

  3. Once it is built as far left as possible, place a waypoint at the end and switch to seek out the point by your soldiers.

  4. Switch back to making settlements at the waypoint and build more of the land bridge to connect to the big island.

  5. Set a waypoint on the big island's coast that is close to your newly formed land birdge and tell your men to seek out the point.

  6. Until you know the people have reached the point, Terraform around your settlements so they can increase in size in number.

  7. Once they reach this waypoint, set another one on the totem and wait until they collect.

It is another level that you can avoid fighting if you want. It is also safer to do it this way.

Level: Pebble Dash

The objective here is to wipe out both the red tribe and the green tribe. Easy, but the islands need a lot of Terraforming to be usable.

  1. Start by Terraforming your starting position so a Castle can be built.

  2. Set a waypoint in between you and the red tribe and seek out the point. It is the most open set of land on the island, and you want it settled before red does.

  3. Switch back to making settlements once a person reaches the waypoint.

  4. Terraform at the new settlement so at least two castles can get started.

  5. The enemy tribes might use the Fire Column or Fire Mountaint Totems on your new settlements, so be prepared to re-Terraform the earth for a bit and fix your settlements.

  6. After Terraforming around your starting settlements, set a waypoint close to the green tribe and tell your men to seek the point.

  7. Once a leader is made, use either of the Hero Totems and wait for more men to gather at the waypoint.

  8. Switch to Looking for a Fight when you feel you have enough men to invade with.

  9. Cover their invasion with any available attack totems like Thunderstorm or Fire Clouds if possible.

  10. Use the Whirlpool Totem on the red tribe's coasts to harass them a bit while you try to eliminate the green tribe.

  11. At any time, try to keep making Heroes to invade with; the Earth Hero especially, since he is stronger than the Wind hero.

  12. Constantly Terraform the land so you settlements can keep increasing and provide enough fighting strength against both tribes.

  13. Focus on fighting only one tribe at a time by setting a waypoint in the center of the green tribe's settlements and telling you soldiers to gather there.

  14. As the mana regeneration keeps getting faster and faster, spam attack totems like Thunderstorm or Fire Mountain if you have it on the red tribe so they are distracted while you destroy the green tribe.

  15. Keep the command on Looking for a Fight after you eliminate the green tribe.

  16. Terraform the earth around newly captured settlements so you have more soldiers for the last invasion.

  17. Harass and Terraform until you win.

This was a difficult fight to micro manage, but this next one is even worse.

Level: Fire Hero

The objective here is to acquire the last Elemental Hero Totem from the far right side of the map. You are squeezed in between the red and green tribes, who like to constantly harass with Heros.

  1. Start by Terraforming the heck out of your starting point and try to make at least two castles and two tier 2 towns.

  2. Set a waypoint to the upper left side of the green tribe's settlements and switch to gather at the waypoint.

  3. Any buildings you soldier captured, immediately start Terraforming around them.

  4. Once you have a few gathered at this waypoint, set a new one at the totem and keep the command to gather at it.

  5. Try to build a land bridge to it from the top side, but your soldiers might walk through green tribe territory to reach.

  6. Just keep letting them try to gather at the waypoint while you manage Terraforming around your settled buildings to make sure you don't lose all your men.

  7. If you have the mana, use some attack Totems like the Fire Column of Thunderstorm to try and clear a path for your soldiers.

  8. There will be some fighting, but it can be avoided for the most part.

Level: Tidal

The objective is to grab another Totem. This time it is the Water Storm Totem. You need to reach from in between the clutches of the yellow and red tribes.

  1. Start out by Terraforming your starting point so at least a Tier 2 town is built. Castle only if you want.

  2. Set a waypoint on the first thin island, switch to gather people there and build a land bridge to it.

  3. Once a leader is made, switch to making settlements and Terraform until another Castle is made.

  4. Set another waypoint on the next thin island.

  5. Terraform a bridge to it and start evening out the earth so a Castle or two can get built when you switch to making settlements again.

  6. Set another waypoint on the tiny island in between the major red and yellow tribe settlements and tell your men to gather there.

  7. Make a land bridge as your men get closer to the waypoint and switch to making settlements once they reach there.

  8. At this point, you could invade red if you wanted to and it wouldn't be difficult. Do so at your own risk.

  9. Otherwise, set the final waypoint at the Totem and build a land bridge to it to finish out the game.

  10. Trying out the Fire Hero wouldn't be a bad idea (He is basically the kill-all).

Now with most versatile and deadly totem out there, you are ready to crush the other tribes under your godly feet.

Level: Alliance

The objective here is to defeat the green tribe in the middle of the mountain crater. Build quickly to end their spree.

  1. The key here is to start invading as soon as possible, so Terraform your starting point until a Tier 2 Town is made at least.

  2. Put a waypoint near a few of the enemy's settlements and switch to gather your men at the point.

  3. Switch immediately to Look for a Fight once a good amount of people gather and start the combat.

  4. If you wait too long, the green tribe will be able to make a leader and then turn it into a Fire Hero. It will devastate everything and you will fail.

  5. Terraform around any new settlements you get and continue Terraforming around your starting spot.

  6. Use any attack Totems you have available while the invasion is on. They will not have any buildings better than a Large House, so invading will not be too difficult.

  7. Keep Terraforming and you will win the battle in no time. Success is all dependent on how fast you can start your invasion.

Level: Loki's Island

The objective here is to defeat the red and yellow tribes in a very rugged terrain, but you will only need to focus one enemy at a time since red tribe is stuck in the middle of everything.

  1. Focus on building settlements until you have at least six Castles made. Terraform around your starting postion to your heart's content.

  2. As you keep making settlements, Terraform the earth towards the red tribe so your men will move that way and invade through settling.

  3. Try to save enough mana for a Tornado Totem if you ever see a Fire Hero coming. Just drop it on top of him whenever he gets into a fight, and it will suck him up.

  4. The red tribe will be squished in between you and the yellow tribe, so switch to Look for a Fight Command until the red tribe is defeated. Then immediately switch back to making settlements.

  5. When you have the mana, use the Tidal Wave Totem on the yellow tribe to wash away some land and destroy a few buildings. A key thing to keep in mind before you use the Tidal Wave: make sure your settlements are at least two squares off of the ocean because it will destroy one square height worth of land in its wake.

  6. The Tidal Wave will decimate everything, so Terraform around your settlements and build land towards the remainder of the yellow tribe.

  7. Switch to Look for a fight and watch your massive army destroy everything.

  8. You could also use Hero Totems for these fights, but keep a careful eye if you ever want to use the Tidal Wave Totem.

Level: Tip Top Tips

The objective is to wipe out both the red and yellow tribes from the tops of their mountains. Build mana quick to use either the Fire Mountain Totem or the devastating Tidal Wave

  1. Really simple strategy. Terraform so the land is already equal to the starting height, and your mountain will invade onto the red tribe's island so they have no room to build.

  2. Keep Terraforming until you have four Castles built and more are on the way.

  3. Once your mountain hits the red tribe's, switch over to Look for a Fight and take them over.

  4. The fighting will end the level pretty quickly, so use whatever totems you can while checking up on your starting settlements. The AI can't seem to build quickly on mountain tops, so you can take your time if you want.

Level: The End

The final totem is in sight, but it will be hard to get past the yellow tribe who is already bunkered down right on top of it.

  1. Quickly Terraform your starting position until you have one Castle built.

  2. Set a waypoint to the left side of the yellow tribe so your soldier will walk out of range of any buildings and switch to gather at the point.

  3. Build a land bridge for you people to walk along that doesn't connect to the enemy island until it is to hit the waypoint.

  4. Once they reach the waypoint, switch to making settlements so you have a base of operations away from the enemy for a bit.

  5. Once a few soldiers are made after you Terraform around your new settlement, set a waypoint to the north of your first waypoint and switch to the gather command.

  6. As soon as they gather there, set a new waypoint on the totem and pray they can get to it without getting in a fight.

  7. The enemy has too much room to settle into, so fighting is not an option. You might have to resign the mission a few time to get it right.

I couldn't find an easy solution because they send Hero units if you wait too long and building up your starting point gives them more time to increase their numbers. Good Luck and be sneaky.

Level: Take Your Corner

The objective is another grudge match between all the tribes with each one being in their own corner. There is a neutral island in the middle you should try to reach and gain the land bonus early.

  1. Terraform the starting point so it remains at the same height so when you use Tidal Wave, you will still have buildings remaining.

  2. Terraform at the starting point until you have at least four castles.

  3. Set a waypoint on the center of the neutral island and switch the command to gather there.

  4. Make a land bridge to the neutral island raise the middle of the island up as high as possible and start Terraforming it flat for Tidal Wave protection

  5. Switch to making settlements there until you have about two Castles at the summit.

  6. Terraform more around the land bridge you made so it is at least two squares above sea level.

  7. Keep terraforming at your starting position to get more men and higher mana regeneration rate.

  8. Once you have enough for the Tidal Wave, use it, and two of the tribes will probably be wiped out. One tribe normally is smart enough to build above sea level so their entire island isn't wiped out.

  9. Since you still have your main base of operations and the settlements on top of the mountain, switch to Looking for a Fight command.

  10. If the neutral island settlements were ever captured, focus on getting them back if you are planning on using another Tidal Wave (which you should). Just switch back to gathering at the waypoint if it is still positioned on the neutral island and switch back to fighting to gain them back.

  11. Let the invading continue while you terraform more at all your settlements to increase your army size.

  12. Once the mana is back at 500, use another Tidal Wave totem, and that should take care of the remaining enemies.

The key is to build your settlements up pretty high off of the ocean so you are not destroyed by your own Tidal Waves. Good Luck again mates.

Level: Circle of Life

The objective is to defeat the green tribe on the far side of the island. Build land to him or make your way around the ring. Prepare so you can use the Tidal Wave if you so desire.

  1. You want to raise one set of earth up two levels above sea level so the Tidal Wave trump card works, but the enemy will send heros often, so you need to expand quickly.

  2. After you Terraform the earth around your starting position to house a few castles, place a waypoint on the neutral island in the bottom right corner of the minimap and switch to gather people there.

  3. Expand there as quick as possible and make your high altitude settlements here. Try to settle lands along the land bridge you made to get there as well.

  4. Save your mana as much as possible for the Tidal Wave, and Terraform, Terraform, Terraform.

  5. Expanding the land as far as possible to have as many castles as possible and a higher mana regeneration.

  6. Turtle your defenses and the Tidal wave should take care of everything.

  7. If there are any stragglers, use a Whirlpool totem or Terraform to the stragglers to destroy them.

Level: Networking

The objective is to destroy the red and yellow tribes on this networking shaped map. You can go for the Tidal Wave or just knock them out the old fashioned: brute force!

  1. Start by placing a waypoint on the big square earth below the yellow tribe's starting point and switch to gather-there command.

  2. While the soldiers are moving, Terraform the land around your starting point so at least a Castle is built.

  3. Raise earth so you have land bridges to connect to the waypointed earth.

  4. Continue Terraforming wherever your soldiers decide to make a settlement as well.

  5. Switch to Look for a fight Command and create a high altitude settlement as far in the right corner of the map you are willing to go.

  6. Otherwise, monitor your current settlements and Terraform them into Castles as quickly as you can.

  7. Terraform often, but try to conserve the mana for a Tidal Wave, which will wipe out everyone.

  8. Some stragglers will remain, so build up your settlements again after the storm and save up mana to wipe them up with a Whirlpool Totem.

  9. A major goal is to Terraform all the nodes of the map together so you have as much room as possible to expand your forces.

Level: Battleships

This is a one vs one fight on islands that look like battleships. You are fighting the green tribe and the land is already elevated, so Tidal Wave isn't as viable of an option.

  1. At your starting point, Terrform the earth so you can build at least two Castles.

  2. Put a waypoint at the very bottom of your ship island and switch the command to gather people there.

  3. Once one person reaches, switch to making settlements and populate as much of your island as possible.

  4. Terraform so as many Castles can be produced as possible, but notice once the enemy starts building a land bridge to you.

  5. Once you see it, set a waypoint on it and start gathering men there. Connect their land bridge with whatever earth you Terraform to it.

  6. Switch to making settlements on their land bridge and make as many castle there as a front defense.

  7. Turtle and save up your mana for either a Fire Hero or Armageddon if you want to try that out. Or for the standard trump, use a Tidal Wave to thin out their herds.

  8. If you go the Hero route, switch to look for a fight mode and start your invasion.

  9. During the fighting, keep Terraforming your already settled areas to house even more Castles.

  10. When the Hero dies and you have a lot of mana, use the Tidal Wave Totem. Your buildings will be fine and the green tribe will be spread very thin.

  11. Make a land bridge to the very bottom of the enemy ship island and set a waypoint on the bridge to get your men ready for another invade.

  12. Keep setting the waypoint farther along th bridge so your men will be able to start settling on the enemy island.

  13. Once you have a castle built there, switch back to looking for a fight and finish the fight.

  14. Use a Whirlpool Totem whenever you have the mana on any straggling enemies to finish them off if your soldiers don't.

Level: Circled

The objective here is to defeat the two tribes, yellow and red, as they sit on opposite sides of the map while you are stuck in the middle on a tiny island.

  1. When you start Terraforming your starting position, Terraform the ground a level down so the earth is only two squares above the ocean. You will have more room to build and get higher mana regeneration faster.

  2. Keep Terraforming as quickly as possible so your minions can expand out as soon as possible, but focus on finishing Castles each time a tier 2 town is formed.

  3. Do not set any new waypoints on enemy camps or try to invade them early, because it only impairs your defenses late game.

  4. The enemies will build land bridges to your island, but continue expanding and building up your mana for a Tidal Wave Totem.

  5. They send Hero warriors at you, but if you keep making Castles and expanding your settlements, they will quickly die from too many fights. They will waste their mana on making Heros while you save up yours for a nice global destroyer.

  6. Use the Tidal Wave as soon as you can so you can thin out the enemy while you remain at full strength.

  7. Once it is over, switch the command over to gathering at the waypoints and start putting waypoints on enemy Castles until they are taken over.

  8. Keep placing new waypoints to direct your forces invasion path and create new leaders.

  9. Make your leader into any Elemental Hero you want when your mana returns so the invasion and capturing will go quickly.

  10. If there are any stranglers out in the middle of the ocean, just set a waypoint on them and your Hero will build land to them and destroy them.

  11. This level will probably take a lot of retries to complete because the enemy never really does the same strategy each time. Just Terraform, Terraform, Terraform until you can't expand any more for supreme victory.

Level: The Beginning

The final level gets you fighting against all three enemy tribes for the last time. You are all position in the middle of the map and invasion of each tribe is really easy.

  1. I have beaten this level a few different ways, but you should definitely start out by Terraforming your land to the same height that it starts at.

  2. Continue Terraforming around until the other tribe's settlements prevent you from expanding further.

  3. Whichever tribe is the weakest, start setting waypoints on their land and switch to gathering your men there and invade their land until it is gone.

  4. Switch back to making settlements and Terraform the land around any small house you have to try and build them up into Castles. You will need to soldier at this point.

  5. Switch over to Looking for a fight when you feel ready to fight both tribes at the same time.

  6. Lay down some aggressive Totems like Swamp or Thunderstorm when you have the mana. Use it on the main forces of the larger enemy tribe.

  7. If you can save up enough mana for an Earth Hero or Fire Hero, do it as soon as possible to help the invasion process early on.

  8. If you see a large army coming towards your settlements or notice the enemy grouping up, use a Twister Totem to suck them and weaken their hold of the land.

  9. Keep the pressure up on both tribes and clear their settlement little by little. Keep a constant eye on your mini map to see where they are expanding and harass that area.

  10. Do not try using Tidal Wave at all because each tribe has high altitude positions to start, and you could use that mana on a Hero or loads of harassment like Swamp or Tunderstorm.

  11. Armageddon is a last resort if you can muster up the mana, but it will be a slow battle to take over every area quickly.

  12. Try to wear down the smaller tribe with your invading forces using waypoints if you have to while the totem harassing happens on the larger tribe.

  13. This level also is more dependent on how quick you can expand and does not rely on one particular strategy. Keep at it and try your best.


fsk2006 May 29, 2012 4:09 PM

Great game. I liked populous.

I need a walkthrough.

Some of the levels are too hard. I'm stuck on L19 "Fire Hero". The enemy rushes me before I can build up my troops.

Some bits were not intuitive. I wanted to cast a hero, but needed a leader. I didn't realize that you need to "gather at waypoint" to get a new leader.

This game would be awesome if it had a random map generator. Then, it would still be interesting after you finish the campaign.


Well that brought back memories. I also found level 19 tricky and took 4-5 tries to get past it, I finished all the levels without using the walkthrough.


Towards the end I just abused the Tidal Wave, even if I had to use it 3-4 times I just built higher than the enemy, expanded away from them and wiped them out


Hmm? Aren't articles with an image of the game banner-ing all the way across at the top reserved for things that aren't browser games?

Jay May 30, 2012 8:24 PM replied to Reece

No, not necessarily. Personally, I love banners and would love to see them on all reviews.


I found that a pretty good strategy is to

terraform like crazy until you have enough mana regeneration to use the whirlpool totem non-stop. Do so on the largest tribe until they get pissed off and start trying to attack you, then when they start building a land bridge toward you, trap them using terraform and drown them. This can take down about half their population and leave their castles in ruins.

jiang.matthew22 June 2, 2012 8:44 PM

In the beginning, I rapidly early expand. Otherwise known as rexing, a Civilization strategy.

Once I flatten and settle enough land so I can use any skill pretty much instantly, I batter them with my strongest attack till they attack me, then I send out my men.


I didn't realize until I was almost completed that, when you're terraforming, you can DRAG your cursor and create a single level of land very, very quickly. It doesn't work quite as well with taking down land, but it still works. How I got to Circled by clicking each piece of land I wanted to make or destroy puzzles me.

mmm103atmosphir July 17, 2012 4:38 PM

Armageddon might be the saddest "ultimate" ability I've ever seen. I was expecting meteor showers and walls of flame and such, not a big uncontrollable brawl between AI. It's only really useful if you're already winning.


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