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Here's another game that's been floating around the Web for quite some time. Reflections, created by Input Entertainment of Germany, is a very challenging puzzle game. The objective of the game is to position the mirrors and lenses provided such that the laser passes through and illuminates each of the light bulbs. An easy game to pick and get started with, but later levels present increased difficulty and more complex lens types.

The only complaint I have with this game is that when you finally position the last lens correctly, the fruits of your labor are immediately covered up with a SUCCESS! screen, thereby robbing you of the delight of seeing the correct solution displayed in all its glory. Still, it's a fun game that should provide a couple of hours of mind-bending, puzzle-solving, skill-honing fun.

Play Reflections


Great game; but is there a link for solutions? I'm stuck on level 8.


Stuck on level 23. Can I post a screen shot of my current scene and post it here for some advice?


Blargh... I'm stuck on level 11, anyone got any help


I'm stuck on level 11 to.


Anyone got solution for level 22? Screenshot? e-mail please..

Stuck at level23 February 18, 2005 9:15 PM

Great game !!

Spoiler for level 22 :


Level 23 is too difficult. Maybe there is an error or prism missing...

Ragin Asian February 19, 2005 4:17 AM

level 23 is really tough but i found the solution or at least a solution, it took me like two whole days to figure the freakin thing out but i finally got it. If you want a clue just remember that if the laser goes through a light bulb twice it turns off again, but if it goes through it three times itll turn on again.

LaserAddict February 26, 2005 4:23 AM

Need hint/spoiler for level 18. Cant get last bulb in the pattern :(


Great game, stuck on 24 though, but i spent too long on here to care...

charles March 7, 2005 3:14 PM

I have screenshots of solutions for levels 23, 24, 25 if anyone's interested.


Hay, you're my salvation!
I need the recipe to reach the goal on the 11th level of reflections!!
I've been trying for THREE DAYS!!
Plz, make a guy happy, save me!!


need solution for level 17 please!!!

im nuts

I've been trying for THREE DAYS



level 11: the bulb that is closest to the laser is probably the most annoying. You need to deal with that one FIRST. Afterward everything should fall into place.


level 17: this one is hard. Remember that the laser passes through a parallel double mirror. The rhombus-shaped prism goes within the L-shaped walls.


level 18: the solution to this one, when you get it, is stunning. The critical piece to place is the rhombus-shaped prism; the laser passes through it twice. Yes, you do have to use that grooved triangular prism in the middle of the stage.

Andy in distress April 13, 2005 8:49 AM

Level 10 is so hard!!! any1 got any help? please before i do something stupid!!!!


level 10: You have to think 'outside the box' for this one. There is an obvious place to put the triangular prism. For a MAJOR hint, look at the picture at the top of this page.


Hey guys,
i have problems in level 23. Have anybody a solution or a screenshot from this level?
Please post here or send me a email.....thanks


need hint for lev 24


level 24: the laser passes through both rhombus-shaped prisms twice. The last bulb to be hit is the right-most bulb.


Hey guys,
i had problems in level 25.
Have anybody a solution or a hint for me?
thanks to all!


level 25: This one took me a long time to figure out. See the two vertically aligned bulbs? The top one is one of the first bulbs to be hit. The bottom is one of the last bulbs to be hit. Every one of the grooved prisms is used in the solution. The first step is to split the laser in two.


Hi guys,

here are the passwords for all 25 levels:

Level 2: bios

Level 3: cpu

Level 4: usb

Level 5: rdram

Level 6: w2k

Level 7: macos

Level 8: irq

Level 9: pcm

Level 10: svga

Level 11: os/2

Level 12: tcp/ip

Level 13: ascii

Level 14: input

Level 15: io

Level 16: cdrw

Level 17: dma

Level 18: csma

Level 19: ccd

Level 20: sdsl

Level 21: ps/2

Level 22: rambus

Level 23: acpi

Level 24: ide

Level 25: firewire

Have a nice day! :-)))



i still cant get 11 even with the hint above....
any suggestions?


level 11 again: see the bulb closest to the laser? Put a one-way mirror to the left of this bulb. Put the rhombus shaped mirror the right of this bulb.


I hate to ask for tips, but does anyone have any tips on level 19? I've been stuck here for days...


level 19: I'm not sure if my solution is the official solution, because in mine the double mirror could just as well be a single-sided mirror, but it still works. One of the triangular prisms sits between the three bulbs off to the right. In my solution, only three bulbs are hit by a diagonal laser.


Please, help me level 23.
Send me a e-mail with a solution...


Hi folks!
Yesterday I played Reflections the first time, and I really like it! I'm on level 12 right now and it's pretty hard. But until now I can say it's always possible to solve the puzzle by thinking hard enough. You'll just need enough time. :)

Keep on playing!


Level 20 can be done with a left over piece. Hint: it is the one unique piece that is not needed


hmm, are you refering to the double-sided mirror, bn? My solution for 20 also has an extra piece, but it is one of the rhombus-shaped prisms

Smartbomb93 May 3, 2005 8:19 PM

I'm stuck on 11 too. I have everything but the top left center mirror.



Hey guys,
i have problems in level 8. Have anybody a solution or a screenshot from this level? Anyone got solution for level 8? Screenshot? e-mail please

francisco May 6, 2005 9:50 AM

I need a hint on level 23 (not the spoiler). The only hint I saw on this page was about the 3-times over a bulb to light it...
Can someone tell me which is the first lamp to be lit?

Snakes May 6, 2005 5:00 PM

Help... I need help for level 11... Can¥t find the right place...


level 8: there are two obvious diagonals you need to use. All three triangular prisms could just as well be one-sided mirrors. The first two bulbs being hit at the start of the level are correct.

level 11: First, use a a one-sided mirror to hit the bulb closest to the laser. To the right of that bulb, place the rhombus shaped prism. It's hard to see, but it is possible to hit three bulbs on the same diagonal.

level 23: At the start of the level, the laser is hitting two bulbs. These bulbs are both correct as they are. The laser then passes through the central bulb diagonally from upper right to lower left, and finally once more from upper left to lower right. The last bulb to be hit is the upper-most bulb.

Snakes May 7, 2005 7:29 PM

Level 11... I have found the first 3 mirror... And light 4 bulb... But can¥t find the place for the last 3 mirror...


Level : 18
Please send me screen shot for level-18
i got stuck on this, have been trying since 5 days. I need help. Please help me.



i'm stuck on level 24,
and should there be one or 2 lasers? (depending on which site i find the game on)
please help...


level 24: Two lasers?? I don't think any level had two lasers in the version I played (located at laser.narr.as). I have a hint above, but here is another. The first move is to use a rhombus prism.


I need the solution or a screen shot of level 19. I have all of the bulbs lit except the one at the very top of the screen, and I have the double mirror, and two standard mirrors left... HELP!

delahoya May 31, 2005 8:17 AM

hey guys.
i need help.
stuck on level 1 for 2 days now.
i've tried everything but nothing seems to work.
can anyone tell me how to pass this level.
or at least how to play this game.
thanks a lot!


AUTHOR: Jerath
EMAIL: [email protected]
DATE: 05/31/2005 09:02:52 PM


hello everyone! Please help me, I am stuck on level 11, please please please


Help! On level 11, I've used up all my mirrors and there's still one lightbulb left. What do I do?


Man, thing is I remember doing this puzzle a couple years back! But revisiting them is killing me! (Moreso perhaps because I *know* I've solved it before) Does anyone have a hint for level 21? I can all but one.. I use (where M=Mirror and P=Prism): MPMMMM. I need one more M to complete the puzzle!


still need more help on level 17. Also stuck on 18. Had it easy till now so I am going CRASY


need help in level 19


Need help in 19 level 10x


Is level 20 really possible?

From what I can see both the clusters on the left hand side of the screen have to be on the end of a laser (ie you can not reflect the laser back out of the cluster to reuse) due to the positioning of the bombs and one way prisms. As there is no splitter prism, how can this level be possible?


No fear, my stupid error - I have solved level 20 - I also have a rhombus left

Michelle June 16, 2005 4:17 PM

I need help on level 13...I have all but one bulb...


Michelle June 16, 2005 4:34 PM

Nevermind. I got 13...

I knew that was going to happen. As soon as I ask for help, I solve it...Never fails


Michelle June 16, 2005 5:30 PM

Now I am stuck on 16...urg


Michelle: on 16 the first piece you should use is the double mirror.

I need help on 17!

Michelle June 17, 2005 12:29 PM

I still don't get it...got anyother hints for me?



I'm really bad at giving hints without giving it away completely, but... the solution is shaped like a house. Let me know if that helped at all.
I'm still trying to figure out level 17

Michelle June 20, 2005 12:39 PM

Have you got 17 yet? I'm stuck on it now too!!

desertrose June 22, 2005 4:52 PM

Can anyone please help me figure out Level 8? I have been trying since hourz..but i don't seem to get it! Thankxx


**image spoiler for level 11**


just turn the mirror with the arror by it 180... this one took me soooooooo long

OrigJoker June 25, 2005 8:22 PM

Level 20 can be done with 3 left over pieces...

I don't know how I figured it out but I did it.


witjinh June 28, 2005 9:45 AM

Please, any help for level 24....

I've seen i have to use twice the two prisms...

And the first move is to use a prism.

How many bulb have i to light before using the first prism ?


I just made it through the game.

The most difficult level was 23.

Spoiler: This is the solution for the final level 25: It's the only one that allowed me to make a screenshot.


please!! help me with level 13!! It's killing me!
screenshots or levelcode for 14. the codes on this site doesn't work with me.. I Think I play a fruit version or something!

kewldawg July 10, 2005 9:42 AM

I need level 8 screenshot Pleease. i have been stuck for an hour now


Please, Mission 16. Could anyone give me hints?


I have mastered all levels. I am a Jedi warrior of reflections. I am able to help with all levels to the vaccous non-beaters of level 25.


Could someone list how many prisms there should be in lv 17? Some of the earlier comments say "prisms", but i only see one.


Nevermind...I figured it out. On to lv 18!


All of the passwords have changed to edible items such as tomato

uhhh, well all of them up to at least level 14 which the password is sandbox. SANDBOX?


well, the passwords are going completely random now, sorry -MANAX

Princess Kitti July 31, 2005 8:01 PM

help level 9


nineteen is impossible, i could use a few hints if anyone is willing to lend a hand.


Please find all codes :

2. bios
3. cpu
4. usb
5. rdram
6. w2k
7. macos
8. irq
9. pcm
10. svga
11. os/2
12. tcp/ip
13. ascii
14. input
15. io
16. cdrw
17. dma
18. csma
19. ccd
20. sdsl
21. ps/2
22. rambus
23. acpi
24. ide
25. firewire

James Bartlett August 9, 2005 1:39 PM

Here is all the new codes

KumikoDee August 19, 2005 4:18 PM

well, i made it up to tomato... then gave up... lol... fun game, but I agree with jay - I wish I could at least take a peak before-hand, but mebbe the purpose is indeed to avoid the screenshots? not like it's helped... lol...



i need a screenshot for level 8

i know is sounds newbie but i really need that

thx, Orish217

Gingergirl August 30, 2005 5:37 PM

Hello, I just wanted to make all you help-needy people like me, aware of the little hint button next to the progress bar at the bottom of the screen. I was stuck on level 11 for two days until I finally noticed;)


hey i really need a screenshot for level 13...


Does anyone have a screenshot of level 12? I'm stumped and losing my mind! Thanx in advance!


omg... 17
whats up with it, theres 1,000,001 ways to get down to 1 light left unlit
ive had 6 mirrors left with just the light in the top unlit
someone help me out please


If anyone has a screen shot of Level 20, please help me.

I've been stuck here for days!

Josiah Lovato October 17, 2005 12:34 AM

OK isten up. On this site it has all the answers and a versinon of the game. Yes thats right allllllll the answers. If you need hel go there!!!!!!

Rocket Science October 19, 2005 5:45 PM

I'd post a screenshot for 17, but I dont know how. Essentially: 2 mirrors and rhombus over in rightmost formation; splitter and 3 mirrors in and around bottom middle formation; double mirror in space in the middle of 4 left formations inline with laser output; last mirror directly 2 squares to right of laser output.


Josiah, which site? you didn't list a web address.


I can't resolve 17, please help.


I have tried and tried level 18. Got all but one bulb near the laser. If anyone could give me more of a hint for this level I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Josiah Alexander Lovato October 23, 2005 6:08 PM

This site has all answers. ALLLLLLLLL of them!


I have screen shots for levels 05 through 23.


Just copy and paste this URL to your address bar but change the "XX" near the end to any number between 05 and 23. For example...


More to follow.


Level 20 can actually done with 4 pieces left over =). If you're having trouble and it looks impossible think differently about how to get the top left light (go around and hit it when you're coming back out...)


Hey we are stuck on 16 we can't seem to get past it...It's been 2 days.... Help


For god's sakes, people have posted screenshots of the solution for all 25 levels, why do people still ask for help. o_O Just flip through the comments.

Goat Effer January 26, 2006 10:19 PM

where is a pictured walk through of all 25 levels?


lori....your site doesn't have all the answers...dunno if they have changed the level since you solved it but there are 2 one-way only shapes positioned so that your solution will no longer work


18 is killing me.... plus I don't want to look at the solution.... odd how some are easy compared to others. I guess that's the human brain for ya!

BlackSheep August 22, 2006 7:53 PM


Can't get out of level 18...


I feel so stupid not getting past level 9. I even haven't got a clue to begin. I would like to place a lot of the objects just out of the screen!


level 18: it seems it's possible to do it in 2 ways. Just found a way where you don't need to use one mirror at all.

WCUSweetheart April 5, 2007 12:15 PM

Ok so.. I am on a totally different site apparently, because my game goes up to level 28, and in the harder levels, they aren't the same as the screenshots some people have provided. There are extra bombs, and level 21 is TOTALLY different. Any ideas what's goin on???


I'm having trouble with level 23, it's very difficult
It's making me crazy, but I think I am close… heheh

(Nivel más difícil: el 23
Me estoy volviendo loco, pero creo q estoy cerca... jeje)


finally! I finished level 23! If only I knew the light bulb in the center has to be transferred three times. I confess that I had been on the verge of giving up, but now to go on to level 24!

(por fin! hice el nivel 23! solo teneis q saber q la bombilla del centro ha de ser traspasada tres veces. confieso que he estado a punto de abandonar, pero voy a por la 24!)

relicx1 June 9, 2007 3:51 AM

yeah i got to 28 lvls WCUSsweetheart.
i'm no on lvl 26 with pass:DDRRAM.


Gaaah! I cant get past level 4! help...please?


Can anyone help me with level 23 on crazy cube

Instinctiv October 18, 2007 11:22 AM

I am also playing the 28 levels version (http://www.gamuz.com/jeux/laser.swf) the are some bugs showing extrabombs: to debug; simply refresh page and retype level password.
By the way, I got stuck on level 26 (password = boss), and there are no hints available.

Could anyone help me ?


Pls send me the screen shot for level 8 as am badly stuck there, if not the screen shot pls send me a clue so that i can cross this level.

randomgurl January 5, 2008 10:09 PM

Hey guys,

Can I please have any available screenshots ppl have (especially 23, 24, 25)... I'm really trying to do this but I'm stuck :(


I just finished level 28,the final level as far as I know.This is a very addicting game,but also very fun. I must admit it kept me amused for days before I was finished.Beware if you use hints,sometimes there are better ways to solve.Out of all the puzzles,level 23 was hardest for me.Thanks for help.


Solutions must not be unique, because I just came up with one for level 18 that didn't use the one-way node at all, and only passed through the 45-degree prism once. (But I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out the one that does use that approach!)



I'm stuck on level 8. Can someone show a picture of the answer?


Link doesn't work for me anymore.

[Edit: Seems to be working for me. -Jay]


You people are good! I'm stuck at level 5! heh... The link that was posted doesn't work for me, any other walkthroughs i can try?

Anonymous May 4, 2010 1:12 PM

I solved 23 really quick by going through the closest bulb first now 24 sucks lol

ponyboy May 9, 2010 9:08 PM

I'm at level 31 there are 11 mirrors and 11 light bulbs.anyone here yet? I could use some help.-ponyboy


I have the game on my HTC EVO. I've been on level 38 for weeks. Just cant seem to figure it out. Someone please help.


This is Squane here. I've been stuck on level 4 for almost five years now! I'm exhausted, thirsty, hungry, and losing my mind! Somebody help me!


Stuck on level 31 as well, I can get it down to 1 bulb many different ways but still can't get it.

Svarta Svansen March 7, 2011 5:11 PM

AAAAH! This looks so much like Argon Deluxe! I forgot all about that game!


I am on level 33 and I swear there is no solution to this level. If any one knows please let me know.


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