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Red Universe Defender

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JayRed UniverseWith the latest Pokemon game consuming far too much of my idle time lately—and this coming from someone that is definitely not a fan of most RPG games—it has been difficult at best finding something new and compelling to post. However, here are a couple of tidbits to keep you occupied for now (and to buy me a little time for more Pokemon...)

Best of Show award winner at the recent Flash in the Can event in Toronto, RED Interactive Agency's Red Universe is an engaging piece of self-promotional work. Choose an avatar and enable chat to interact with others online at the same time. Note: language used by others may be inappropriate for some age groups.

And while there is not a lot to do in here, the funny avatars and the ability to walk around (and fly!) while chatting with others was entertaining for quite a while. Your mileage may vary. Enter Red Universe.

VR Defender Y3KAnd does the world really need another Tower Defense game? I played VR Defender Y3K for the better part of the day yesterday—yes, I have been expending much effort to find something worthy to share—and yet I am still not convinced whether it deserves a full review. It's a bit more abstract than other TD games, using a variety of colored symbols to represent viruses traveling through a network that must be stopped. It is extremely difficult (even on Easy) getting upwards to wave 20 and beyond. It took me many tries, but my highest so far is wave 34. Is the game unbalanced, or am I just rubbish at this?

Suggested settings (via options menu): turn down the background brightness and the music volume all the way—why, oh why, if there are 3 music selections to choose from does the author provide 3 tracks that all sound the same?! And for crying out loud, please(!) Flash game developers listen up: do not use custom cursors in Flash if it is not necessary! It slows down the cursor and makes it feel like I'm moving my mouse through mud. Geesh.

Play VR Defender Y3K


fuzzboxer May 2, 2007 4:00 PM

Don't feel too bad, Jay. I was only able to get up to level 34 on Easy. As far as tower defense games go, I was pleased that it actually gave you a decent amount of money for each kill. However, the difficulty and terrible Flash implementation rank this one pretty low.


Agreed. I've tried a couple strategies but it's very unforgiving early on. Should be an indication of the level of difficulty when it gives you 100 lives to start.

I'd have liked to receive more lives at some point, a successful boss defeat for instance, but I wasn't really able to kill the bosses, so....


Well, I tried something new. I used a lot of ice cannons and that seemed to help. I got up to level 45. This is what I ended up with.

20 machine guns lvl 4
9 ice cannons lvl 4
2 light guns lvl 3
2 lightning guns lvl 4
2 plasma guns lvl 4
9 fire guns lvl 4
1 void gun lvl 2

In the end the game was going so slow and there was so much chaos that I couldn't even find my guns to upgrade them, I'm kinda glad I died.


i am so cracked out on tower defense games right now!

this one started out fun for me... new fun towers... tron like vector graphics... and some neat new shooting animation...but once you get in about 50 levels, you'll have so many towers in place that the the framerate drops almost to a slideshow(i think it's the flame throwing towers thats the most resource intensive.. but that's just a guess)

worth a play if you like tower games.

HVH Tim May 2, 2007 5:14 PM

i totally agree with that whine about custom cursors. they are the most annoying thing in flash, outside of sluggish animations and repetative music. oh wait, this game has all three... should i stop running windows 98 to speed things up a bit?

Eschatos May 2, 2007 5:21 PM

A huge amount of flamethrowers can hold them off for a long time if you upgrade them fully. With that tactic I got to 43.

Jack Ohzis May 2, 2007 5:37 PM

No offense, but I really don't know what all you are talking about. I got level 48 on my second try, (Yes, easy) and I'm goin' for the gold!

Cerril May 2, 2007 5:37 PM

Yeah, it's very barebones without, it seemed, a lot of thought put into making it unique or interesting. I've always preferred the ones with a finite goal rather than just surviving as long as you can and a game with multiple levels of difficulty is especially conducive to that.

I don't know and don't think I'll care to find out much about efficiency, but two flamethrowers at a bend in the path (not on impossible, obviously) can do a wonderful job through about level 35 (you'll need more than two of course). After that armor ramps up and you're going to need heavy hitters.

Like every TD game there's a strong control element, ice and lightning both have their purposes. I eventually had a couple well developed high end (light/void) towers but I can't honestly say whether AE or single target damage is better at the high end. I quit when I started leaking in the high 40s

I like the ramping up amount of money, as mentioned previously, but am not a huge fan of the ramping up cost in lives. It's worth a play for any TD fanatic but it doesn't have the high level of polish in any department to make it worth mastering, even for the most insane.


VR defender IS unbalanced, but not in the way you think. The freeze gun is over powered and the rest are vastly underpowered, once you have 8-10 freeze guns and a couple void guns you can't be beat. If you use any other strategy you can forget winning.


I reached wave 45 on my first attempt:
2 Machine Guns, level 5
2 Flamethrowers, level 5
2 Lightning Guns, level 5
3 Light Guns, level 4
1 Void Gun, level 4
At around wave 43 I really started to lose my thunder; enemies began to gain ground like mad and my cashflow simply couldn't keep up.


CAN you win though? Is it level 50? 100? I thought I was doing good at 45.


Now for FlyingSheep's 2 cents worth!
RED Interactive Agency's Red Universe is fun....really nicely done I guess....I'll be there alot >:D

And the other game is nice too

CdrCherel May 2, 2007 6:18 PM

I am amazed... I can't believe you are talking of this as a difficult game on easy. I am a really bad player -never reached a highscore or something like that, and Iam always getting rather bad scores. Sorry if this post start seems odd, but I am just shocked :-P

This means, I started right away with Easy level. I have just finished my first try. I got to lvl 51. I lost many lives in the beginning -I defended the path with 2-3 machineguns being upgraded as soon as possible- and got 26 lives left. However, I kept these 26 lives intact until level 51, when I ended at -24.

I think the trick for me was fire guns. These have decent range, and damage everything they touch with constant damage. Upgrading fire guns and filling the path with more of these, with overlapping damage cones, kept me going. I went almost full fire towers, with several (4-5) ice towers for virus control. At the end, I started adding other towers to the mix, in order to see what these did :-P

I'd like to try with plasma towers in my second try. Let's get started!

Anyway, TD games are something I really like. Unfortunately, this game will not be higher than DesktopTD in my personal list, which I aknowledge as the best TD game I have ever played.


I beat on really hard by starting with two machine guns in the turns. Upgrade a couple times. The key is to get a flame thrower early and place it at the bottom middle, at the end of the straight away. Upgrade that a few times, then get ice towers to bunch the enemies up. I don't even know if you need to get the light/void towers but your money builds up so fast at the end that the cost is no problem.


You're right about the custom cursors, I HATE those.


I reached wave 45 on my first attempt...
2 Machine Guns, level 5
2 Flamethrowers, level 5
2 Lightning Guns, level 5
3 Light Guns, level 4
1 Void Gun, level 4

...and wave 46 on my second.
8 Void Guns, level 3
10 Ice Guns, level 5

At around wave 43 I really started to lose my thunder; enemies began to gain ground like mad and my cashflow simply couldn't keep up.


I got to Level 51, and the game basically gave up on me. The big thing just went straight through. It was pretty boring by that point anyway.


Got to level 48 on first try...
Did fine at first with fully upgraded machine guns, flamethrower at the corner, an ice or two. Then I was making lightnings and lights. Threw in a couple voids. Got to the point where I couldn't do enough damage a few levels before I died. Was building as many lightnings as i could to try to slow things down.

Claire May 2, 2007 7:52 PM

There are 51 levels in the game.

The defender game really isn't so hard, and I was able to beat it on the second try with lots of light towers and a few lightning towers to stun the viruses. If you're having trouble with the game slowing down, sell all the lower level weapons back because there useless at higher levels anyway.


There are 51 levels. My strategy

The best strategy i found was just to use one corner stocked with all ice and lightning, for the stun, which makes it completely impassable. Then i used two full powered lights to kill anything in there. And that's basically it. I started with two machine guns, which i got rid of, because i needed it for the flame, which i full powered, then kept, because by the time that i could get rid of them, the amount of money was piddly. So... yes. Try that.

This was on my third try.

And on easy.

Don't even want to consider the other difficulties.

Pierce May 2, 2007 8:37 PM

Totally there with you Jay, bout to get my sixth badge tonight, its sucking me right back in.


Knowing that Jay himself is addicted to Pokemon makes me not feel as bad for not hanging out at his site much in the last few days, to play the same! Once he finishes up the intial run of the game, he should post his codes so that other JayisGames players can battle him!


Yeah, I had a similar strategy. Hard isn't much tougher than easy and works with an almost identical strategy:

After dropping a couple machine guns, then moving to flamethrowers on the bends as quickly as possible, start layering ice. By the time the enemies' armor starts beating your 3-4 upgraded flamethrowers you should have a solid double layer totaling six fully upgraded ice towers on the first loopback.
At that point you can start laying down voids (no more than three) and upgrading them while adding enough extra ice to keep a full group paralyzed at the crucial spot.
More ice are only necessary if a tower decides to do something stupid or too many 'miss.' For the last boss I swapped out one of my voids for a light just to speed things along but the earlier poster is right, it's not necessary.

But I can't manage Really Hard now with anything similar. I'm not sure where the necessary leaks are but I know the bounty from the first wave of white (boss) circles is going to be crucial.

teeshmarteen May 3, 2007 1:22 AM

Actually, I built one machine gun, upgraded it to 5, then one flame turret, upgraded it to 5, then light towers for the rest.

Beat the game, dominated the big white stop sign on level 51.


How do you get the jester?

Jack Ohzis May 3, 2007 4:30 PM

I win! :)

P.S. I used 34 elite machiene guns, 2 elite flame throwers, 6 elite ice towers, 6 elite elevtric towers, 10 almost elite elec towers, and 4 elite void guns. Hooray! -MANAX

ParisHilton May 3, 2007 5:26 PM

Omg you guys, I totally got up to level 45!!!

roboninja May 3, 2007 6:08 PM

i have noticed that there are different skins that you can not find in the regualar red universe personification. I am quit puzzled and would like an answer so i can run around calling my self a jester or a bug or whatever else there is. Please?


Ok. I like defense games, probably more than I should. This game, however, is somewhat taxing. After spending several hours using many desparate strategies, I managed to get to level 51 on easy. Once I thought I really had a knack for the game, it was over. The ending was rather poor as well. Congratulations. You have successfully defended the main system core from viral threat. You receive a 5% raise. See you next year.

Sad thing is, even though this game sucks, i can't stop playing it!


Heh, I've been neglecting the site as well. That Pearl is so addicting! I just got my 3rd badge, after 18 hours of play. It's fun to kick back and battle, level up some weak pokemen(?) from early on and see what happens! It's a bad sign when I'm in an area with mostly lvl 25 guys, when I have 3 lvl 25+ and the rest under 20... XD


yes, I've managed to beat lvl 51 as well.

towards the beginning, 3 machine guns will do. that will allow you to get $200 to spend on a flamethrower. one FT should be put on a bent, directly in front of a corridor, so that enemies that are in this corridor are constantly fried. it's worthwhile to fully upgrade such a FT and/or to invest on a couple more.
when good money starts coming in it's time to lay down ice and lighting towers.
when the creeps are appropriately slowed, the FT efficiency goes through the roof.
soon you'll be able to invest in high-end towers. since in the game there are no boss proper but rather waves of creeps I find that void > light.
3 void towers will do. towards the end of the game, instead of trying to fully level up your high-end towers, make sure that your ice & lighting towers are fully upgraded, since at some point all creeps will be completely stopped, so you don't need that much firepower to eradicate them. to be on the safe side, have 5 lvl-5 lighting towers. btw, your strategically-placed FT should still do decent damage to those creeps.
hard isn't much harder than easy, and very hard is accessible to; both are just harder to get started.

version 2.0 requests: a score system, because hey: a TD game without an elaborate score system is like a TD game without towers or creeps!
tweak the towers so that plasma, light and machine guns can somehow be useful.



Hey! This is MANAX and I know some depressing news about the jester. It is only available the very first time you enter the site ever. If you notice, you currantly have 9 available outfits from 1(The bird man) to 9(The old time British guy.) The very fist time you come on, though, you can choose the jester at number 0. Think you can just erase your cache and be recognized as new? Nope. If you do that, you'll notice that the game actually identifies you by using your IP address. Also, if someone ever has a jester and switches to something else, they can't switch back.

As for the Camel, and Grasshopper: I am 90% sure that these are only available to the makers of the game. I have seen and talked to each one personally, too. I found them in Room 11.

One more thing, though. If you see a jester, don't ask them how they got the suit any more than once, because most of them really have no idea how they did.

In conclusion, unless you go to a new computer that's never played Red Interactive before, or unless you know how to change your IP address (and I think that's s'posed to be illegal, so don't think I'm endorsing it, or anything) you cannot be the jester.

Then again, you can always start working over there, if you want it that bad. :)

Thanks -MANAX

td da king May 4, 2007 9:22 PM

lvl 51...

pretty easy on easy
thing is

fire towers are uber pwnage if you put them in the right place
everything lvl 5 except lights
that did it for me


That game was too easy x_x I got to level 51 on my first try and I left it idle when I reached level 40.

level 51 is a boss or so it seems and I was unable to defeat it with 7 full upgrade fire towers, 15-17 full upgrade ice towers, a full void and a full light tower. The last fight lasted nearly 10 minutes and when the boss got through I was reduced to -8 health. The trick is to use ice towers to slow them down while your fire towers chip away at their health. Maxing light and void towers is pretty pointless, especially with the light towers because they double damage, which you could do by buying other light towers for the same price, and you would end up with a higher rate of fire.

Revenge02 May 5, 2007 12:36 PM

Manax -
"Hey! This is MANAX and I know some depressing news about the jester. It is only available the very first time you enter the site ever. If you notice, you currantly have 9 available outfits from 1(The bird man) to 9(The old time British guy.) The very fist time you come on, though, you can choose the jester at number 0. Think you can just erase your cache and be recognized as new? Nope. If you do that, you'll notice that the game actually identifies you by using your IP address. Also, if someone ever has a jester and switches to something else, they can't switch back."

I don't think thats how it works, since the first time I logged onto it I only had the nine characters, I know because I looked through them. And now, when I logged on it today, I could switch to the fat guy.

Take_it_Slow May 5, 2007 3:26 PM

I have a theory about that: I bet you get new characters after you log a certain number of hours. Just today, I went online and found I had the fat man. I'll post some more if I eventually get other characters.


its easy
i got up to wave 45 after i figured it out

just build towers
first 1 machine gun @ the start and 1 @ the end
next flamethrowers all over
ice @ the end
acouple of light, plasma, and void all over
and heaps of lightning
then ice all over
upgrade all exeptvoid just buy more instead
and never stop building/up grading


I found a strategy for VR Defender on easy mode that was quite effective. Your areas of interest are the squared in areas, and the area down and to the right of Box #1, that is on the left side of the straigh path. First, in each of those areas, you should place a machine gun and level to the first double barrel. Then, place one flamethrower in each area. Level it up to five, while also leveling the the guns to five. Then repeat with Ice cannons. Then repeat with Plasma cannons. At this point I died, but then you should probably repeat with the final two cannons. I got to around level 46 with this strategy. If I was a little faster I could have won. :)


"do not use custom cursors in Flash if it is not necessary!"
And from me as from flash develper I would said - use updateafterevent(onmousemove) and custom cursor will move smooth as usual mouse cursor.


Very easy ! best way to beat the game ! +100 lives

Full up upgraded flames towers in all easy mode corners and full upgraded ice towers every where and three full upgraded lighting towers in the mid

check out my screen shot http://img120.imageshack.us/img120/1745/untitledlv1.jpg


"I don't think thats how it works, since the first time I logged onto it I only had the nine characters, I know because I looked through them. And now, when I logged on it today, I could switch to the fat guy."

Huh. Really? Well, screw it, I have no idea, then.


Note: abridged version.

Wait wait wait wait wait! I just logged on and the fat guy is not the jester. They are completely different. I'm going to convince myself I'm right, again. See ya!


Well, it seems Vozome has the right idea.

The only thing you really, really need is a corridor of 10 fully-upgraded Ice Cannons, five on either side of the path. If they manage to fire in the proper sequence, you'll have all enemies that reach that spot locked down.
The main problem is getting the money to make said corridor. This is mostly done with a Flamethrowers at the corners, positioned so they point into the straight sections of the path. The first one you place will most likely be facing the incoming traffic. Once you get it to level 3, you should start on the corridor.
Another problem is that your starting Machine Guns have a bit of ADD; they have a hard time focusing on one enemy at a time. In the harder levels, when there's less ground that a single gun's range can cover, you'll need to cluster some of them together to deal enough continuous damage.
While you're setting things up, it's up to you whether or not to sell your machine guns once you have flamethrowers. Personally, I kept most of them for the added security. Which is also the same reason I made more than one Ice corridor. You never know when or where something will go wrong...

So far, that strategy has beaten Easy, Hard, and Really Hard. Impossible's gonna be tougher, but there has to be some way...


when having 10 flamethrowers fully maxed, and 3 light towers, I find it's pretty laggy. probably the flames and the light. he really could've used simpler graphics. ugh.

going to play the other game now

JacobX May 7, 2007 7:14 PM

I got to level 42 on my first try yay!

Anonymous May 7, 2007 8:13 PM

Too lazy to read through all of that... but here is how I beat the tower defense game (on easy.)

Build two machine guns right where they come out
Upgrade both machine guns ASAP
Save up for a flame thrower
Place it at the straight line at the top
Build another flame thrower right next to it
Upgrade each to 3
Build a lightening tower
Finish upgrading flame throwers
Upgrade lightening tower to 4
Build about 4 ice cannons where they can hit almost the whole first half of map
Upgrade those to around 4
Build two void cannons where they can reach most of map
Upgrade Ice cannons to full
Build two more ice cannons right next to void cannons
Upgrade Ice cannons
Upgrade void cannons to 3
Build 2 Light Towers
Upgrade two light towers
Upgrade Void cannons to 4
Upgrade two light towers to 4
Upgrade Void Cannons to 5
Build 4 more light towers
Upgrade each light tower until end


idk what you guys are talking about, its pretty easy on easy, and you dont need lots of fire or ice towers, i had 5 fire towers, no ice towers, and lots of light towers...the white one on the end, not to be confused with lightning towers, beat it with 100 health

Anonymous May 9, 2007 12:22 AM

If anyone can beat defender in impossible or get past lvl 10, let me know


i finished easy and hard with basic fire + ice strategy. i cant seem to get past 12 on really hard. i've tried machine guys in the bottom right, machine guns in the top left, throw in a fire, but cant seem to kill those triangles. any suggestions?

jzspydrmn May 10, 2007 1:23 PM

ok well me and some friends have beaten easy hard and really hard but cant beat impossible made it to lvl 10 and thats as far as we can get for the easy lvl you can pretty much do anything you want for strategies i personally did flame thrower and ice towers i had 14 ice towers maxed out covering 2 areas towards the first and 17 flamethrowers maxed out works really well but you will lag bad hard and very hard ice cannons are a must have but all i know is impossible i think is actually impossible


I finished easy, they almost never came passed the first half of the field.

the game ends at level 51 on easy

start with making 2 machine gun turrets and upgrade them both to level 3

make your first flame tower in a position where he will attack in their back when they pass it

make a flame tower in every position where it will attack them from behind, on the left side of the screen

start upgrading the flame towers to level 3 or something

start making a lot of freeze towers and lightning towers in the top left box and near the middle

upgrade the freeze,lightning and flame towers equally... so first upgrade all towers that cost 800, then those with 1600, etc

start making a lot of light towers along the middle path, and also some void towers where the enemies are kept frozen/stunned and upgrade them

in the end I had:
8 fully upgraded fire towers
2 fully upgraded machine gun towers
12 light towers (not fully upgraded)
4 void towers (not fully upgraded)
11 lightning towers (all 30% or 40% stun chance)
9 freeze towers (fully upgraded I think)

You've prevented the complete destruction of the primary server.
You've earned yourself a 5% raise. Next year.


impossible is impossible I guess.

I tried:
- only level 1 machine guns, spread out over the path.
- only level 1 machine guns, together.
- only level 1 machine guns, in a row below the path.
- starting with a level 2 machine gun and trying to get more of those.
- selling machine guns and getting a flame thrower at lvl 7
- selling machine guns and getting a freeze tower at lvl 7

The flame tower is completely useless because it will keep switching to the nearest target.
the freeze tower is completely useless because it will not do enough damage and the freeze effect does as good as nothing.
And machine guns won't survive past level 10

Anonymous May 11, 2007 3:05 PM

yes i have a laptop i can still be jester


guys when i met a jester he explained to me he origanly spawned as a jester but then turned into a fat guy but then when he had logged on that day he had been transformed back into the jester hmm mysterious


i am questioning the people of red universe to find out everything i can and find out all i can about these mysterious characters

jesters- are always normal players that originally won the lottery and got the jester as their randomly assigned starting character.

cricket/tall man/camel man- these people seem to be able not switch between all these characters and seem to be reluctant to talk or hang around possibly administrators.


i talked to the character the pirate leader a fat peg leg bearing man. he works for the web site and hes promised a new environment SOON!!!

ps he just tuned into a giant horse XD

i manged to get it out of the red universe employee that secret codes unlock secret characters and there are going to be up to 50 CHARACTERS

chaos4ever May 12, 2007 9:40 PM

it's possible to beat easy mode and not lose lives

just gotta have the right strategy and timing


Really good game. Three tries to get to the end.All fire,ice,and damage towers.The ending was kinda lousy.


I have finished hard and easy both with the same strategy and it's not really that hard.
The only thing that is hard is really hard difficulty, I can't get past level 11.

Even with the same strategy.

bobman64 May 23, 2007 1:54 PM

all you have to do is build flame throwers as fast as you can then just level them up and add ice towers. And it is possible to do it without losing lives


The towers that won it for me were as follows:

KEY: A $6400 upgrade means that is the last upgrade i purchased. It does NOT mean that that is the next available upgrade.)
-14 Freeze towers (fully upgraded)
-7 Flame towers (fully upgraded)
-3 Of those lame $50 machine guns (fully upgraded)
-2 Lightning towers ($6400 upgrades)
-1 Plasma cannon (Unnecessary, but $6400 upgrade)
And finally, perhaps the most important ones:
-2 Light towers ($12800 upgrades on both)
-3 Light towers ($6400 upgrades on all three)
This you will have to find on your own.
HINT: start with two little machine guns. Continue until you upgrade them each once. Buy a third. Then focus on the flame guys (buy about 2). Next, buy a few freezes. To tell you the truth, the reason i won was because of the freezes. They literally made the enemy stop moving (completely stopped) for the entire time. Every enemy was stuck in one place so it was easy to kill.

By the way, i could have easily gone on for another 10+ levels, and at least 3 without a single upgrade!

bobman64 May 27, 2007 12:02 PM

I can do any level with machine guns at the beginning and then flamethrowers and ice towers from level 10 onwards

in fact it is possible but very hard to use 1 level 1 machine gun and hundreds of ice towers but it would take days to do the last 10 levels.


lol! last level on hard, and only 1 virus left and he got me


I made it up to level 50 on easy it is so easy to beat this game on easy on hard i got to level 48 before i died if you all need help let me know


This game is sooo easy i beat it first try on hard and easy, very hard took me awhile and impossible... well i dont like to talk about impossible

Nighthawk June 21, 2007 12:28 AM

I beat the Game on Easy, Hard, and Really Hard. Heres how you beat it:

Start off with 2 Machine guns close together
Upgrade them to level 3
Buy a 2 Flamethowers ASAP and place it on the Long Straight Ways
Upgrade them to level 3
Buy at least 6-10 lighting towers and place em near your machine guns and flamthrowers
Upgrade the lighting towers to level 3 evenly
Buy 1 light tower and upgrdade it to level 2
After that, buy another light tower and upgrade it to 2 again
Keep that up untill u have at least 6 light towers
Basic Stratagy, Alternate between Lighting and Light Towers having them upgraded (Lighting 3, Light 2)
The reason is because u need them stunned in order to have the time to kill them also light towers are so expensive to upgrade that its better to have numbers of power, hope this helps ^-^

Ddragon141 (Imp666) June 25, 2007 2:54 PM

i passed the game on easy and got to lvl 25 on hard impossible only lvl 13


but if you have money for lighning towers they stop them for 2 seconds upgraded has a 50% get 2 of them at minimun for the last boss i got 10 and he was frozen while the fire took out the last of his hitpoints i didnt use a void or a light

Queenoblades June 27, 2007 2:18 AM

After reading about the usefulness of ice cannons and fire turrets i combined them with plasma cannons and lots of them. The key is to stop the progress of the viruses and let the flames do the work one lvl 3 light tower is very helpful toward the end. Fyi lvl 51 is the max.


Ive beaten all but impossible cause its....impossible i can only manage to get to level 10
But the strategy is this
1)--the flame thrower is your saving angel until you get to level 17 after that you can start building light towers (you get enough money)
2)--once you have a lot of light towers....level them all to level 2...and a few to 3
3)--in the final stages build lightning towers level 5 to freeze the "Octagon of DEATH"

-once you can buy a flamethrower do not do anything else with the machine gun its crap
-the bottom row of weapons are pretty useless


I'm having trouble on the Red Univere website, It worked great before(I as able to chat to people)but now, i can't see anyone-and it's says i'm not connected at the bottom.
I have already installed the latest Flash, I also should mention i can still fly and use the chat bar, but i can't see anyone. Help!!

easy is easy August 11, 2007 7:58 AM

get 2 machine guns get it to lvl 3 or 4 then get a flame thrower and lvl that up to lvl 2 or 3 then make ice towers, id go with 5, place the ice together so they hit at one, then lvl up ice and make more ice, then make void towers, ull beat the game real easy...


I have beat the easy, hard and really hard levels. You win at level 51 IF you can beat the hexagon... It's life is ??????? (quite literally) I am working on the impossible level.. Finding it quite impossible actually... The secret to winning is mass amounts of ice towers near a couple fully upgraded flamethrowers... Good luck!


this game is easy. completed impossible within 5 attempts.

Just ice tower whore. Flame throwers are the unbalanced weapon so whore them as well



i won the game in hard level
ill print screen, if someone wants to see it

there's a message in the ending of the game that says:
You've prevented the complete destruction of the primary server. You've earned yourself a 5% raise. Next year. =DD

Mihkel Vahi October 2, 2007 11:43 AM

Ok, this is gonna be long, but bear with me. I found this game to be pretty challenging, even on easy. Maybe I'm the only one, maybe not. Here's a walk through of exactly what should be done to beat the easy level with 100 health. No cheats involved, just strategically placed towers.

I am referring to the layout as a 23 x 13 box. I use coordinates with the first one being the horizontal starting from the left and going right. The second coordinate is the vertical position starting from the top and going down. It's just like reading a book. The first thing to do is to set up two basic machine gun towers. You want to set these up so that you can cover the most amount of area with these two. I've found it to be sufficient to place these at (7,7) for Machine Gun 1 [MG1] and (10,7) for Machine Gun 2 [MG2]. This allows you to take out the first wave no problem. Go ahead and select MG2 and hover over the upgrade button. This is pretty much the only time that timing is crucial. As soon as you hit $50, hit the upgrade. Otherwise, you'll let one of them slip through. Granted, it will only do 1 or 2 damage to the server, but this is for 100% Health. :-P Then, upgrade MG1 as soon as possible because this is time-dependent as well. You should alternate upgrading one more time until both machine guns are level 3s. There's no point in upgrading further since you're about to change your focus to more destructive weapons.

Once you have both MG1 and MG2 at level 3, save your money until you reach $200 and can purchase a flamethrower tower. Place Flamethrower Tower 1 [FT1] at (3,8). When you reach $200 again, place Flamethrower Tower 2 [FT2] at (9,3). Save again, then place FT3 at (3,2). Go counter-clockwise from there, upgrading when you get enough money to do so.

When you have maxed out the three FTs, sell the MGs and purchase Ice Cannon 1 [IC1] and place it at (5,6). Upgrade IC1 as much as possible, then place IC2 at (6,5), IC3 at (5,5), IC4 at (6,6), etc. The idea is to fill the 4 x 4 area inside the first loop with fully upgraded Ice Cannons. The theory is to have enough Ice Cannons to be able to manipulate the viruses' movement, i.e. Stop them from moving. You should upgrade the IC that you just placed before placing another basic IC. It gets very confusing and can be time consuming trying to find out which ICs you've upgraded and which ones you haven't, especially when you get to wave 42.

Once you have the 16 ICs fully upgraded, start saving to purchase Void Tower 1 [VT1] and place at (2,5). Then purchase VT2 and place at (5,2). Then purchase VT3 and place at (5,9). This allows the usage of 3 AOE (Area Of Effect) Towers to be used in conjunction with the ICs and also have all 3 in range of the viruses 90% of the time while inside the first loop. Again, go clockwise and upgrade as soon as you can. Upgrade until all 3 Void Towers are level 4. Once you have done this, you're pretty much done. The only other thing I would recommend is placing a Light Tower at (10,7). They have plenty of range, but since it is not an AOE Tower and pretty expensive to upgrade, it is pretty useless until you get to wave 51 with the Black Octagon which has unbelievable hit points. Other than that, this method is pretty effective on the other maps as well. Tweak it, and you're probable to find a successful method of beating the level. I've successfully beaten Hard and Really Hard with this tactic. Good luck and have fun!

I digged it up from internet


Gabriel that was copy and pasted ^^

This is what I done:
1. x2 machine guns, get them to level 3.
2. Max out 3 fire things.
3. Get at least 12-20 ice cannons max them out one by one.
4. x3 plasma cannons and attempt to max them out, you won't because you will finish by then.


I can beet vr defender easily on the first level. The trick is to upgrade the maching guns to level 4 and then have 10 flame throwers all on the highest leval lined up next to each other. Have a few Ice Cannons on high levels because this slows down the virus enough to attack it longer and harder.


hey gys just so ya know i beatit and man am i prod of myelf!

i put 38 lightining towrs (full level and every other square void towers lvl4


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