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Race Against Time

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Race Against TimeA game that makes excellent use of Flash video (FLV) segments to form an engaging interactive narrative, Race Against Time puts you in the driver's seat of a brand new Saab 9-3 SportWagon on a mission to Hazard Point. What could possibly go wrong?

Your destination is hours from the city, which is where you start in this unique Flash adventure game that uses the decisions you make to affect the story and the gameplay. Decisions are made by answering questions regarding: what route to take, whether to stop for gas, who to ask for directions, etc. In-game video plays out the results of your actions that together will form a story filled with surprising twists of fate.

Every choice matters and will ultimately affect the overall time required to arrive at Hazard Point. The clock starts ticking with your very first choice: whether to drive a petrol or a diesel Saab. Items of particular interest that you should look for along the way of your journey, and that take seconds off your final time, include: Matches, Lighter, Knife, Paddle, Tent, Wetsuit, Lifejacket, Flares, Compass.

Additional mini-games are included at particular decision points that require a bit of dexterity above and beyond your decision making skills. The mini-games fit well within the unfolding narrative and provide added depth to the well-produced game. Although not difficult by any means, the mini-games offer a chance to accumulate points that will also deduct seconds from your overall score.

Registration is required to play, and I recommend you do so since the game is well worth the effort. Your in-game progress is saved at every decision point so that you may return to the same point again later. A random password is generated and mailed to you for use when logging back in. By registering, your best time and statistics are also recorded automatically.

Designed and produced by Draft London, and commissioned by Saab Great Britain Ltd. for a contest of the same name (UK residents only are eligible), Race Against Time offers a unique and compelling advergame experience worthy of your time.

Cheers, Leon! for the link. =)

Update: Unfortunately, this game is no longer available to play on the Web. Previously tagged as: adventure, advergame, browser, draftlondon, flash, free, game, macwinlinux, narrative, original, rating-y, unique, video


The game is great, though I do hate the parking stage. So picky, but I did beat it. I played again and the 2nd time I did worse -_-'''


Excellent game! I agree that the parking game is pretty poor. Plus, it glitched on me so I had to restart. I didn't care too much since I had a time of about 6 and a half hours.


Sorry about the double post but I've now played the parking game four times and in every one I've got stuck in the rear bumper of the car in front and had to park again. Also the timing is fairly unrealistic. I mean:

Getting knocked out by the hitchhiker and using a kayak took 2 hours shorter than the forest path...


I did it in 3hours 2mins, seems as though you can't get every item though. That time I think I had 5 items.


And dude...my best parking time is 15s, no bumps. Get some driving skill my man!


I guess that misunderstood me. By stuck, I meant it literally. As in, as soon as I touched the car's rear bumper my car wouldn't move. Most annoying..


When you can't go forward any more, you need to put the car in reverse or your car won't move. =p

dannthemann September 20, 2005 4:43 PM

sweet game
took me for ever to park it though


Aaaah it took me five hours, eight minutes.

Stupid hitchhiker. . .


A great throwback to the days of Choose Your Own Adventures..although digitally updated.

Just wanted to know how someone got five items? I never seem to get above two..although with a time of just under 3hrs. I guess I shouldn't complain.


Hehe it's easy:

follow the hitch-hiker plot to the end, and be brave, or stupid!


This game is hilarious. I think it took me almost 7 hours the first time... :P


OK, cards on table. Anyone beaten 2h 59 yet?

bite_size_crayons January 28, 2006 2:54 PM

2hr 46m 25s

thats my best time yet!


yay! i love this game!


I quickly ran into the message
[object Object]
where the game stuck.

doom_weaver May 14, 2007 4:12 PM

i ran into the objet objet tp ravn. almost right when i started. ive reloaded 3 times.. same thing


The game seemed to work fine for me. :/


Website not working for me.

[Thank you for the note. I've removed the links and tags. -Jay]


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