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Quick update

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The family dog: AbbeyJust a quick update to prove I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth. The end of the spring quarter is upon me, and I've been very busy finishing up final projects. And even though I haven't been spending a lot of time surfing the Web looking for exceptional games to review, it seems that there just isn't much happening anyways.

That being said, there are a couple of games that I have yet to play, and they look fairly good enough to post. But before I do, I'll offer them up as links here for you to preview first. If you think they are worthy of a treatment here, please post a comment voicing your opinion. Thanks. =)

First up is the BBC's latest Dr. Who game: The Last Dalek.

Also worth checking out, Brett Silby's latest DHMTL game: Dark Age. Remember to play Brent's games in IE.

That's it for me for now. I will be back again soon with more. If you have any suggestions for games to review, please post a comment.

cheers! =)


The Nameless One May 12, 2005 12:49 PM

PS3 is going to feature support with Apple and the Ipod.

PS3 will feature Itunes support.

PS3 is going to feature an in-house developed fps at launch.

The Revolution will have Smash Bros. with online at launch.

Square Enix is planning on making an MMORPG for the Rev at launch.

Halo 3 will come out next fall with games featuring 50 players and above in single matches.

Sony is going to snatch up Bioware at this E3.

MS is going to snatch up Rockstar.

Nintendo is going to snatch up Square Enix and Konam

The Revolution will indeed feature 3-D glasses.

The Revolution will feature HD support.

The Revolution will recieve the next Zelda in 2008.

Zelda will have online support.

The Revolution will give every game online support, much like the 360.

The Revolution will surpass 360 in features.

Sonyís PS3 online features will be extremely similar to Revolutionís.


these games are terrible and slow....here's a game http://www.studentsurvivor.org.uk/ - although i have a hard time finding the different commands


and why the pic of the dog

Zengief May 12, 2005 1:19 PM

What a cute dog. Is there a way I can play with it online? A remote controlled fetch maybe? How about online tug of war?

Does the dog chat?
Zengief: Yo, JaysDog57 whats up?
JaysDog57: Arff, grrrr woof woof.
Zengief: Dang girl, that sucks.
JaysDog57: Woof growl growl lick wag.
Zengief: A cop?! no way?
JaysDog57: afk brb
Zengief: Cya

As far as new games I have seen, someone said that Suburban brawl on http://www.experimentalgameplay.com/ is pretty good. I am reluctant to go running a bunch of the exe's on my computer, but the shockwave ones look ok. I also heard that "The Crowd" was hard to understand the gameplay. That is all.

Good luck getting your work done.


they're both good games.


Zengief - lol! Not much of a game, but certainly entertaining. Check out Nintendogs for the DS when it comes out this summer. It has similar gameplay.

The dog's name is Abbey, and she hounds me for cookies every day. I've been receiving emails from people hounding me for an update, and that is how I pictured you folks looking at me for new games to play. =)


Can't say as I disagree with that assessment, but thank you very much Jay for updating during this lousy time of year for us RIT grunts.


finally an update hahaha. my friend and i always stop by on a daily basis hoping to find new cool things so dont drop off the face of the earth so much we appreciate ur effort.



i found a fun game, not for young people XD...



I just wanted to say thanks. I stop by everyday, sometimes 3 or 4 times.(depending on the free time I have to kill.) This is one of my favorite places. So ditto on the appreciating your effort.



Hi Jay,
I thought you'd be interested in an update regarding the playability of dhtml games in Firefox. The mozilla development team have recently made huge improvements to their rendering engine. In the latest builds, my dhtml games run at full speed--pretty much as good as Internet Explorer. I don't know how long it will take for their fix to roll out to public release, but I'm hoping that the next release in July will include the speed fix. Soon we won't need to recommend IE for dhtml/js games. I'm very much looking forward to that day :)



Thanks for everyone's kind comments. You make all the work on this site worthwhile. =)

And that is great news, Brent! =)

I will be on the lookout for word on the next Firefox update.

Ben Conover May 29, 2005 12:18 AM

I like the Dalek game a good deal, currently on Level 5.

Love your blog Jay. I stop in every day, both to see if you've got anything new and also to play some semi-old semi-favorites.

Kit Barker June 11, 2005 12:33 PM

How on earth did you get past level 3 on the dalek game? I'm completely stuck!


Jay, the Doctor Who Dalek game you mention isn't there any more. Clicking on the link takes you to the main Dr. Who BBC page, and while you can go from there to find a number of Dr. Who related games, none of them are the one I recall, which was about guiding someone through a maze of buildings and destroying daleks along the way.

Oh yeah, sorry to keep hitting you with 'The game is gone!!!" comments, it just annoys me when I go through the archives and find a game a liked and click on the link only to be disappointed. Not to say that it's your fault, you can't spend all of your time checking to see if links are still valid and such.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know about the Dr. Who thing and also to say thank's for this website. I've found a number of very interesting and fun games that I keep coming back to.


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