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Rating: 4.1/5 (197 votes)
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DoraHad enough of platform puzzle games where you play a lab experiment being guided through a series of tests and trials by a suspiciously smug narrator? Of course not! Especially not when one gives out candy so often as Qoosh, and we all know accepting candy from strangers never goes wrong! As the titular little green cyclopean blob, it's your job to make your way through the Q-Science Facility, following the orders of the voice over the speaker system. (Also a scenario that has never done anyone any harm!) Use the [WASD] or [arrow] keys to move, and click outside the screen to pause the game, while [M] mutes it and [R] restarts your current level. Initially, you can't do much other than hop around, but you'll soon gain an ability that lets you warp to wherever your cursor is when you click, over distances or through obstacles. Your range is limited, though, so you'll have to be sneaky and experiment to use it to its fullest advantage, like teleporting in midair to gain some extra height, or clicking on certain objects to move them around by swapping places with them. What could be safer and less suspicious than that? Any facility with Q in the name is doubly trustworthy after all!

All teasing aside, while the concept may not be especially new and fresh, Qoosh does a great job of presenting it in a fun, likable fashion. It helps that the narration is frequently funny in a sly, snarky way, and both well-voiced and engaging. What's neat about the gameplay is that despite the lack of any real instruction, figuring out things on your own rarely feels frustrating and in fact is rather rewarding as you experiment to figure out both each stage's puzzle and how to solve it. It takes a few levels for the game to really ramp up and provide enough elements to feel like it has any significant difficulty, but Qoosh is a familiar yet fun diversion that fits perfectly into any breaks you're looking to fill, and does so with its fair share of charm and challenge.

Play Qoosh


Probably a good game. But couldn't even figure out lvl 3. I got the switch on. But couldn't get back up out of that area.


As the reviewer said, it's not the most original thing in the world but it's fun and well made :)


Finished the game, not happy with the lack of level selection at the end so I could go back and look for missed candy. Also not a fan of the ending, but the puzzles were fun.


Does anyone know how I can "Annoy my test administrator?"


For Annoy the test Administrator you have to

I don't recall the specific level, but it's the one where you ride a tractor beam up towards the ceiling to get to the next part of the level. If you stay in the beam, he tells you not to bother as there's nothing up there. Ride it to the top, he'll kill you, and then do it again. Each time you do it he'll complain and kill you, but after 4 or 5 times he gives up and you get the award.


I like this game, but...

How many more times am I going to play a game where I'm trapped in a lab with an unreliable, sarcastic Portal narrator? :)


About as many times as you'll be asked to save the princess, or the kingdom, or have to defend yourself from wave after wave of zombies. ;)


Was fun. But needs a level select so I could go for one missed achievement and a candy.


I'm kinda stuck. when you wander off the test path, and you get the upgrade, there's the wall of cannons, then there's the spike/acid room below it. I cant figure out where to go from the spike/acid room.


The voice acting deserves a mention, I think. The voice of the narrator was very well done, and it's clear the developers took the time to make sure they got just the right take for each line.

Unfortunately, somewhere around level 9 or 10 I sort of lost interest. There was a puzzle where you have to use a cannon and a block to turn off some lasers to proceed, but I killed the cannon in acid for an achievement, only to discover that I couldn't turn off the lasers without it. I just didn't feel motivated enough to replay the level to fix that.

The controls were a little too fussy for my taste. Given that the game is clearly designed to be a puzzler instead of an action game (hence the presence of slow-motion) it would have been nice to slow down the turret shots and give the player a floatier jump. Parts where you had to jump between tiny ledges and use your teleport in mid-jump didn't feel interesting or fun. A lot of the puzzles were really obvious, so it wasn't often that I felt like I was really 'thinking with teleporting' so much as just doing it.

I almost feel like the great voice-acting hurt the devs, because its quality contrasts the rest of the package which was clearly polished, but is otherwise unexceptional. More varied in-game graphics and more detailed character animations would have brought the whole package together to feel consistently high quality in every aspect.

Still, the quality was good overall and I enjoyed the minutes I put into the game.


For some reason, on the level where they introduce the no-teleport fields, it lags to unplayable levels. I can't move precisely enough to do anything, and the slow-mo from teleporting might as well be a time stop. And this is on a very fast laptop. What gives?

billyswong January 20, 2013 5:29 AM

No level select? That's sad


I have a lag problem with level 10 where you have to teleport across 3 boxes in quick succession and then to a save point. The problem is that I can make it to the last box, but the game doesn`t register the fourth teleport fast enough for me to get to the save point before I fall in the acid and I have to start over.

Brain Candy January 21, 2013 11:56 AM

I couldn't finish this game. The gameplay was a lot of fun, and I probably would have played it through if it wasn't for the narrator. Can developers please, please, please stop ripping off Portal and/or Braid in their games. This game would have been fun by itself and didn't need to rely on a GLaDOS clone for a crutch.


This game needs an official walkthrough, because I've played through this several times, & every time I swear I find candy in each chamber but I still haven't been granted the "Sweet Tooth" achievement.


@Rygar: did you try -

after you get the longer teleport jump, there is a room with a vertical wall of turrets in niches. Swap places with one of the turrets near the top; there is a room with a candy in it to the upper right of that.

maxiesemma January 24, 2013 3:35 PM

I can't get past level 7. I can get some of the

blue blocks, but not others


octochan - I'm having the same problem except that I can't get the third warp to register, let alone the fourth.


Sad indeed to have no level select. I'd like to be able to go back to the 2-3 candies I missed to give them another go.

I enjoyed this a lot though. But I did want some way where Qoosh could break out of the chambers for good... unless there was one in the area with the upgrade and I missed it?


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