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Rating: 3.8/5 (91 votes)
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QixThe classic game of Qix, released by Taito in the arcades back in 1981, and brilliantly reproduced in Flash by Drunk Men Work Here.

In the game of Qix, the object is to claim portions of the play field by drawing Stix, or block areas, with the cursor marker. Enemies to avoid include: the Qix, a stick with trails that moves erratically about the unclaimed play field; the Sparx, small moving sparks that travel in opposite directions around the circumference of the unclaimed play field; and the Fuse, a Sparx that comes after the player's marker if it stops while drawing a Stix. There are two speeds with which to draw Stix, fast (green areas) and slow (red areas). Drawing slowly will garner more points, but leaves you vulnerable longer. Claiming 75% of the play field or more will clear the level and earn bonus points.

This Flash version of the classic game is very close to the original design and captures the essence of the game well. Press [space] to begin a game, arrow keys to move the marker, Z to draw fast Stix, and X to draw slow Stix.

Play Qix


GREAT GAME! I used to play it in Game Boy. Now, I'll spent many hour playng this new version!


This is a great game! Very frustrating though, I keep dying with 2% left.


A good hint for beginners at the game... try to claim a long narrow narrow area up the middle with fast stix, a little chunk at a time, and when you get close to the other side, close the gap with a short slow stix. You'll end up with something around 5% fast claims and 45% slow for a major score increase. This is also a good tactic to split the Quix in later levels for a great multiplier!


One of my long-time favorites. =D


HELP! ive played a game like this before and i loved it so i cant wait to play this one, but when i open the window it only shows the black screen plus the little bar at the top. Do i need a special player?


Yes, you do Brieya, you need Flash Player installed for the game to load properly. Click on the "Get Flash" button in the sidebar.


hehe! I like how you said "clix"jay:).

beandaredundat March 16, 2007 12:10 PM

ie: QIX

There used to be a way to capture the sparks in an endless loop that was sealed and they couldn't get out of. Does anyone remember how that worked ??? Please post it if you do, it would be a great help

steve Ramshaw March 19, 2007 6:46 AM

yes, there used to be a way to capture the sparks, at the top, surrounding the place that the sparks leave from by 3 boxs, one covering the next ... it worked well, but you could let them out if you were not careful ..... i have tried this "cheat" with this game, and alas , this "bug" "short cut" or "carefully planned" strategy by the designers, has not carried through to this version ......... so it is a little hard to get these bug scores that show on here without the "loss" of the sparks ...... so , it does tell me that the high scores are a "cheat" and therefore , there just maybe a way to, not yet discovered by this player , beat this game ....... either that or there is a way to get unlimited credits so you can continue your score , like the old arcade game used to.
I used to get very high scores with the old joy stick, but using the key board is just a little difficult for this young/older kid ..

:) happy playing everyone..

steve (New Zealand)

Return2Sender July 7, 2007 6:54 AM

I was hoping someone here could help me, I played a game very similar to this, I believe I found it on addictinggames, you had to fill about 80% of the screen and there was little things flying around the screen. Anyone know what it's called? I can't find it anywhere.

bioLarzen July 9, 2007 7:48 PM

Is it only me for whom it doesn't seem to work? I can travel around the perimeter with the arrow keys but neither the Z nor the X key starts any kind of action. the only thing I can do is run around the wall until one of the ugly things geets me - this way it's neither too much fun nor too rewarding scorewise...

What am i doing wrong???


bioLarzen, you've got to hold Z or X as you move into unclaimed field in order to draw stix.


If you look at the high scores, you will note that I have crushed Qix. It was no cheat. (Note that I have had the second-highest score for a long time.)

Here's how I did it.
1. Take no chances. It is foolish to go for anything higher than 75% for either of the first two rounds. You have only three lives, and they matter more than points. Much more!
2. Each leap out into the void should be small and incremental. Don't be in a hurry. Don't try anything when the Qix is near. You can avoid the sparks when they come.
3. Start in the middle and create a thin column about 60% of the way up, then go back down the side away from the Qix and start out and up in a thin walled box, splitting the distance from your column to the wall. Your box should go all the way around (past the center column, but not touching it, and back to the other side. Your resulting figure should end up looking like a capitalized Greek letter phi. In this way, you will create many smallish areas where the Qix can be isolated.
4. Once you make it past the first two rounds, you face two Qixes. Now your strategy changes. You want to split them. Use a thin column with occasional thin arms coming off the sides to separate them. Be incremental. You have plenty of time. Once you split the Qixes, the scoring is doubled, a 100% increase. Split them again, and it's tripled, a 50% increase over the doubling. You will notice that you are not getting many points. After getting to 3X, I had only 61,000 points. Do not try to occupy 75% of the area unless the Qixes refuse to split…and even then be patient and hope they do.
5. Continue splitting until you get to 7X or 8X (I was at 8X). Now, any additional splitting will only increase your scoring by a meager 11%. But, occupying over 75% will garner huge points, with each percent above 75% worth 8,000 points. If you get 85% coverage, you'll pick up over 200,000 points.
6. Do this a few more times…and you'll beat me

I actually quit on purpose at 999,802 because I wasn't sure if the game could handle seven digits.

Good luck. I'm through playing this game. But I'll check back from time to time to check the high scores. I hope someone beats me.


This seems a bit harder than I remember. Then again, it's been years.

kingchmopy January 1, 2009 4:16 PM

Someone asked about a Qix-like game with "things flying around". It is Volified.


Beautiful rendition of the game, but the small size is a total killer. The game really relies on having a lot or screen real estate, the cramped quarters of the small window makes the game almost impossible.

If the developers can increase the size of the play area, this would be perfect.

inheritance.fan July 29, 2012 2:26 PM

There isn't a link to play the game...

[Thanks, fixed! -Jay]


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