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Puzzles (increpare)

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Rating: 4.8/5 (39 votes)
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ArtbegottiPuzzlesIt's best not to ask what those weird laser-emitting bricks in increpare's twisted Puzzles are supposed to represent. They might be mobile conveyor belts with razor blades on the edges that are deadly to the touch. They might be idols for pasta-based deities that inflict death on anyone who touches them with a murderous marinara attack (tuck your napkin in before you approach). Quite frankly, we just don't know.

What we can tell you is this: You've got to move from the entrance to the exit using the [arrow] keys. You can push blocks around the map, and you can even push multiple blocks at once. However, if you touch one of the laserbrick beams, the game will go grey, the exit will disappear, and you'll have to return to the starting point to reactivate the exit. But before you rush back to the start, perhaps there's something you could do to make your run easier the next time around, winkwinknudgenudge. There are eight levels to traverse, and discovering how objects react to the laserbricks is part of the mystery in these mind-bending Puzzles.

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bearharry June 23, 2012 2:28 PM

i just stuck in level 2...


Heck i can't get level one yet

IIAOPSW June 23, 2012 3:38 PM

I like these abstract puzzles. I beat it. 9 levels in all (I think, lost count). IMO some it gets slightly easier as you go on. I love that the answer isn't always obvious.

IIAOPSW June 23, 2012 3:56 PM

Partial walk through (since I'm short on time).

Level 1: go through the lasers, don't be afraid. bring 2 bricks to the top room. put them all in front of the top laser. now walk back to the middle room. There should now be 3 bricks in front of the top laser. put all the remaining bricks in front of the bottom laser. walk down to the lowest room to your starting point. The world regains colour. walk to the end point.

Level 2: Go to the room in the top. push the box with the laser upwards such that it is one below its highest possible position. Get the long box. push it directly beneath the laser from the box in the highest room. Now walk through the laser such that you are in the bottom left corner of the regions bounded by the laser. Push the box one unit to the right. Walk through the laser such that you are now in the upper left with respect to the box.

Push on the lasers to maneuver the box into the tiny square in the bottom right. Be careful. Go back to the top room and put the long box in front of the laser box, to the right side of the square. Go back to your starting position to refresh. Go directly to the end goal without touching any lasers.

I'll fill in some more later. 3 is tricky, All I got to say for now is don't touch the lasers, there is no way back to the start point and the level will become unbeatable.


Holly molly ... these are not easy

richmcd June 23, 2012 7:45 PM

That was great. Nice to see some properly tricky puzzles for once. I don't usually enjoy sokoban style stuff any more but the laserbeam mechanic was really clever.

Maybe it's going to be different for everyone, but it didn't seem like the 8 puzzles were really arranged in order of difficulty. I had a much easier time with the ones where you couldn't restart, like level 3 and level 8.

Very fun, though. I would have happily have played another dozen of these!

richmcd June 23, 2012 7:48 PM

Oh one more thing. Did you really mean "mind-numbing" at the end of the review? Maybe it's different over in the US, but I've never seen that mean anything other that "really, really dull". Seems a bit harsh!

[Perhaps Steve's brain was a little overworked when he wrote the review? I'm sure he meant "mind-bending", and I've edited the review as such. Thanks for catching that! :) -Jay]


I am very, very stuck on level 2. The solution by IIAOPSW makes no sense to me without a screenshot.

geoturtle June 24, 2012 12:21 AM

Level 3 Walkthrough

As IIAOPSW mentioned, do not touch the lasers as you cannot go back to refresh the exit.
After pushing your way out of the start point, you should have the long box with both lasers hitting it, and two regular boxes below it. Line up one of the small boxes to the left of the long box, and the other to the right, making sure that the right box is directly next to the long box
   + - - # - - +
   | x   # x   |

+ - - laser
x regular box
# long box

Now push the lasers using the small boxes and advance the long box upward, one step at a time in sync with each other so that both lasers are always hitting the long box (The lasers cancel each other out, thus keeping the long box in the center of the screen).

Eventually you will have both lasers against the upper wall that confines them, with the long box pushed partway towards the slot containing the third laser. Use the left regular box to push the left laser into the hole to contain it, and use the right regular box to push the long box all of the way into the third laser's slot, blocking it's path. The way should now be clear to the exit.

IIAOPSW June 24, 2012 1:13 AM

level 4:

move one of the long boxes up by 2 and left to the wall. Only half of the box should be touching the wall. Go to the other box and push it upwards by 2. (you will need to have gone through the laser at some point. this is ok). Both long boxes should be parallel, and there should be one space on the left that you can slip into to push them. Go to this space and push both boxes to the right. You should be able to go right a total of 7 times. One of the boxes should now be to the right of all the lasers if you did this right.

Push one box down so that it obstructs one of the lasers. Do not get caught in the laser beam yourself. now go back and push the other box down on top of the first box. when you are done, both beams should be blocked. Go back to the start to refresh and then go to the exit.

Level 5:

This level will require a bit of iteration. you need to systematically get the 2 long boxes to the top. First get a long box between two squares (or a square and the floor) such that half of the box is sticking out. Stack the small box on top of the bit of the long box that is sticking out. Use this as a support to stack the second long box in the next layer. The second long box should stick out on the opposite side of the first one. repeat this process until you are at the top layer.

The top layer is slightly different. once you have a long box between the square and the ceiling, you need to get the second long box up there such that it blocks the second laser. Then go back to the start to refresh yourself and get to the victory point.

Level 6:

level 6 is about plugging the gaps with small boxes. First use the long box to block the nearest laser in the passage on the right. do not shove the box in further than it needs to be. Now take the two little boxes down the corridor on the right. One of them will get pushed by a laser into a gap on the right. the other one will get pushed by a laser into a different gap. The important thing is that you don't end up in the gap.

You should now be in the top left of the puzzle. Go left so that you can get the final small box. maneuver it so that it is above the long box. now push both the box and the long box down. The laser should push the last small box into the last gap.

take the long box to the space between the two squares in the bottom of the level. push the long box in so that it blocks the laser. refresh yourself at the start point and go to the exit.

that is all I care to write right now. Maybe I'll finish off later.

bearharry June 24, 2012 1:30 AM

for level 2 final

just put the laser at the lower right corner

level2 my walkthrough



Thanks, bearharry! Once I knew what I was supposed to be doing, I got through it. :)


I agree with richmcd.

Level 2 was the real killer for me, but after that they seemed much easier. Perhaps that is because that is the level that really shows the mechanic of the lasers.

I also agree that the puzzles where you could not return were easier, simply because your choices were more limited.

bearharry June 24, 2012 11:04 AM

Can any one give some hints on level 7 and 8...


Bear...For 7

push all the blocks into the first beam, go to the right and push them though the beam one at a time so they start filling up the second beam. As you push them along, they will pass into the third beam and kick one out between the first and second beam.Then your can stack those and make a hole in the beam. Most likely clear as mud but hopefully you will see what i mean.

I'm stuck on 8 now


For 8

If the beams are from left to right 1 2 3, then you have to use a block to push # 3 down so you can push beam#2 to the left so it pushes the block at the bottom out of the way. then you have to push beam #2 back to the right. Use the two blocks to get you back though the beam. Then use the block to push down #1 out of the way.

geoturtle June 24, 2012 2:26 PM

Level 8 Walkthrough

Move from the starting point and move the block you pushed out upward one space (out of the eventual path of the right-most laser once you move it downwards).

Use the top block to push left-most laser downward until it is in the hole on the right.

Bring the block you left on the left side of the screen over to the right, past the middle laser.

Use the original top block to push the middle laser to the left, pushing the lower block downward.

Now push the block at the top of the screen into the path of the middle laser. Push the other block into the path of the laser as well, allowing you to return to the left hand side of the screen.

Use the block you moved over to push the middle laser back to the right (through the opening separating the left and right sides of the screen.

Now go get the block left at the top of the screen and use it to push the lower-most laser downward, allowing you to access the exit.


Sorry chuck, that is indeed as clear as mud. I'm

pushing 7 blocks into the first beam, pushing the one on the right forward one, backing up, and repeating for the 6 of them that i can push without hitting the beam. i can get two kicked out into the space between the first and second beams, but don't get how to "stack them" and "make a hold in the beam"

...maybe i'm just being dumb here


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