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Potion Panic

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Rating: 4.4/5 (56 votes)
Comments (65) | Views (13,677)
zxoPotion PanicOur favorite martial-arts-trained fruitmasters are at it again! Yes, the folks down at Ninja Kiwi have unveiled their newest offering: Potion Panic. The objective is to protect yourself from a 30-round onslaught of enemies. Your chief weapons are: fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope...

Wait a tic, that's the wrong sketch. Your real chief weapons are flasks of potions that you lob at your enemies. You can control the potency of the weapon and the type of damage inflicted by altering the composition of your potion flask. Simply adjust the chains in the top left corner. Each color is adjustable from 0 to 100, and corresponds to the amount of that color you will use whenever you launch a flask. To launch, just aim with the mouse and hold down the button for power. Click again while the potion is still in the air to explode the flask (it will automatically explode when it hits something). Once an enemy is killed, you gain points and money, which you can use to replenish your potions or to purchase upgrades.

By changing your recipes, you can adjust the type of weapon your potion turns into. There are four types of weapons you can concoct:

  • Explosive shrapnel: Explodes on impact, sending shards of shrapnel flying in all directions. Can be upgraded by purchasing Destructive Detonations. Is formed when blue dominates your potion, for example 10 Blue, 5 Yellow and 5 Red.
  • Noxious fumes: Forms a cloud of gas on impact, causing damage to any enemy it touches. Can be upgraded by purchasing Vile Vapors. Occurs when Blue is in very low amounts, for example 3 Blue, 10 Yellow and 10 Red.
  • Acid goop: Makes a small explosion on impact, forming blobs of goop that stick to opponents and damage them. Cannot be upgraded as far as I can tell. Occurs when Blue is in medium amounts, for example Blue 5, Yellow 8, Red 8.
  • Flames of burning: Make fire. Fire burn. Burn hurt. A very damaging weapon that makes a good barricade against the advancing monsters. Can be upgraded by purchasing Furious Fire. Occurs when all colors are about equal, for example Blue 8, Yellow 8, Red 8.

Within each weapon type, there is a range of destructiveness. The game implies that certain monsters are resistant to certain colors, but the game goes by quickly enough that it's difficult to say for sure. The more important parameter is the potion potency, which increases when you up your ingredients.

Analysis: At first I didn't think a whole lot of this game. That's because the game instructions don't reveal what changing your potion ingredients can do, and the potion that you start out with is quite sufficient to deal with the enemies in the first 6 rounds or so. However, once I started playing around with the color ratios, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the range of weapons you really could create.

Thus, my advice for playing is to use the first few rounds and experiment with the weapon types. Find out which you like the best, and which are most effective against the different types of enemies. Remember to keep the potion ratios low to start out! You don't want to waste your money by making potions more powerful than they need to be. Once you have a ratio that you like, you can save it, which is really more like a bookmark. Click Load Potion to access your most recently saved recipe. Gradually, you'll need to increase your potency, as enemies become more resistant to your attacks.

One significant drawback to Potion Panic is the reload timer—I just don't see why it is necessary. After all, it's not like your inventory is unlimited. If someone wants to waste their potion by firing 10 shots at one little skeleton, I say let them go ahead. It's really frustrating to overshoot a monster or hit the wall and then have to wait for 3 or 4 seconds to try again.

Also, although I am normally not a fan of mouse + keyboard controls, I think this game is in a unique position to benefit from an optional keyboard control of the potion ratios. For instance, using Q&A, W&S, and E&D to increase or decrease the relative amounts of each component would be much faster I think than to get the mouse onto the little chains and adjust it that way. Nonetheless, you can hardly count lack of keyboard control as a game flaw.

One particularly delightful element is the fact that each flask's color is a combination of the blue, yellow, and red potions that went into it. Although it's the gameplay that brings me back again and again, it's the attention to details like this that separate superior games from the mediocre.

Play Potion Panic


Fun but I can't really get anything but the shrapnel to work well. Have to experiment more!


I find that acid works best for me. It has a good spread and it clings when anything besides spiders walk on it. It seems that spiders are quite resistant to most things, except fire. BURN THE BUGS.

Also, it's revealed in the hints that you can set the acid on fire, but this is only useful when you're fighting larger nasties.


What do you like for taking out the witch?


Yellow Goop is quite handy against witches, since it sticks to them and continues to do damage.

I'm such a fan of the shrapnel, though: it covers a wider area, you can launch it at the back of the crowd and still hit things in the front, if you accidentally hit your wall the exploding bits will still hit enemies, it'll blow right through skeletons like butter...


It's pretty easy to just lob an acid potion right at her, and since it all sticks to her, she'll go down pretty fast.

Alternatively, you can try the gas cloud, but I prefer using the acid potion on everything.


I do best with whatever the red exploding dots are. A simple mix of blue 6, red 0, and yellow 5 takes down pretty much everything (so far). Of course, I'm only on level 8...

Matthew May 19, 2007 5:16 AM

New potion:
Hyper Flame:
UPG version of "Flames Of Burning"
To make: 20 B 20 R 10 Y
Effect: Smaller radius but fast killing and high damage

Matthew May 19, 2007 5:37 AM

New Potion:
Shrapnel Rainbow:
Needed: Any Blue 10 R 10 Y
Effect: A lot of different colour flak- one for every few blue points

Death flak:
Needed: 100 B 0 R 0 Y
Effect: Supercharged black flak/shrapnel/explosion that cuts through enemies like a hot poker through snow..... ok, mabye not. ;)


Level 30 and the shrapnel still kills everything in sight, although the fire on 100/100/100 helps kills the giants...

...and all their little helpers it seems. Level 30 is bloody difficult, big fire helps a lot. PRO TIP: those quick little dog things can't actually kill you it seems, ignore them and shoot everything else. I had one attacking my little potion man for ~20s and nothing happened

Fred Dawes May 19, 2007 1:53 PM

I found a way to double your shrapnel count...

Wait until the potion explodes from the ground or the enemy, then click right when it starts to blow. It will explode twice without using any extra potion!

Double Shrapnel works on all potions, but only when they hit the ground. A good strategy for monsters at your wall is to make a shrapnel potion, shoot it straight up, then when it hits the ground, double it. It wipes out most lower-level enemies on the screen!


Fred - that's cheating! Boo! =p

(I hope Stephen can fix that exploit.)


As long as we're fixing things, there's a couple other bugs I've found since the review was posted:

-The same double-explosion effect as Fred described seems to happen when shrapnel lands right at the feet of a monster.

-Quick reload doesn't seem to do anything on my computer. In fact, it causes a (one-time) bug where my launcher won't reload until I do something else, like buy some potion.

-At around level 12 or so, the game gradually starts running slower, even when the number of enemies is relatively low. I can almost always ignore warnings about speed when I play games, so I suspect this is some sort of memory leak or something. It seems like the reload is slowed down more than anything, but this might just be my frustration at the game :)


I'm guessing you can't save in this game =/?

Fun game ftw =3

Blarrrg May 19, 2007 6:06 PM

One of the best strategies I've found, at least, is a potion of around 10/60/30, it should make a purple vapor that hurts everything a lot. If you get the vile vapors powerup, it stays for a long time. It's very very effective. Just throw another one whenever it goes away, and you can hold off tons of enemies just with that.

Blarrrg May 19, 2007 8:09 PM

Well, I got to level 31 and I could basically play for as long as I wanted. I can kill giants easily before they even get to my wall. There aren't any more new enemies, I think, and I have over $50k cash with all the upgrades. I can use whatever potions I like (usually 100/0/100 shrap ones, or 100/100/100 fire ones for the giants, or 90/90/100 acid ones as well) without losing cash. I wish there were more upgrades, and more new enemies, to keep it fun this far.



The game really became boring rather quickly. A 50/50/50 fire lobbed to the very right kills absolutely everything for a large amount of levels. At level 25 i was making enough to 100/ which will even kill a witch if you explode it above her. I think this is better than the acid, as the fire will move through the witch, kill her, and then keep damaging the things on the ground. But as i said, a large fire spell was all this game needed.


i found that the best potion was the shrapnel at 20 10 10 its really good.


Hyper Shrapnel 20B 4R 10Y

Crocker May 20, 2007 3:19 PM

Another great game from Ninja Kiwi! I've been playing it for 2 hours now, and I don't want to stop!
It may even sound strange, but I got to level 23 using potions like 1/1/1 (tiny fire), 1/1/2 (bright yellow acid), 1/1/0 (shrapnel) and even another small combination. Since I didn't need to buy many potions, I could spend more money with the upgrades, so both of the fire upgrades had been bought around level 12, plus the first stage of Vile Vapours.
Also, did anyone else have a problem on setting the potions? The reload clock wouldn't reload until I released the chains!

Anonymous May 20, 2007 3:40 PM

perfect potion b1 r:1 y:1


About the effects of the ingredient potions:

I don't think there's a difference between the red and yellow, though it may be that they are differently potent to different baddies. The ratio of blue to the sum of the other two seems to be the only thing that changes the directly observable effect of the potion.

bigorangedot May 20, 2007 10:38 PM

How in the gosh darned hecky heck do you get rid of those white skeleton things? I can't find any effective formula for those.

By the way, as someone mentioned, the acid goop burns quite fiercly! What this means is that you can make a really cool napalm bomb type effect! Here's how:

First launch a fire potion, such as: b:5 r:5 y:5.
Second right away launch an acid goop potion, such as: b:3 r:5 y:5. The key is to aim the acid goop bomb right at the fire. When the acid hits the fire, it will scatter fire all over the whole floor.

bigorangedot May 20, 2007 10:40 PM

P.S.: Pardon my language.


50|65|28 kills them rather fast :-)


@Crocker - yeah, the reload clock pauses while moving the chains. However, you can do a lot while paused. If you need to set a particular formula in a hurry, you can pause the game and move the chains, plus do things like buy more potions before unpausing.

I'm not positive, but the more "pure" colors seem to be the most potent. For example, a bright magenta (ratio of 3:10:10) makes a strong gas; the pure red (ratio of 11:5:5) makes a better explosive, etc.


correction: the pure red seems to be a 2:1:1 ratio... but you'll have to bump the blue up by one point once you reach the more medium-strength potions, or else it will give you a blue flame.

Anonymous May 24, 2007 11:14 AM

I can't get past level 15. This is my second time trying. I purchased the spikes, level 1 explosions and fire, and STILL can't get past level 15. It's seriously irritating.


WHOO 38800! anyone got a higher score?

Maverick May 24, 2007 5:45 PM

Did anyone, other that me, note that it's not possible to create a 1337 potion.

Example B:1 R:33 Y:7 or B:13 R:3 Y:7.

Because you can't get thirthyseven on the red chain, nor seven on the yellow one.

(If anyone manages to do it somehow, please tell me, is this the combination which equals an atomic bomb?)


Yess you can make 1337 potion and all it is a green cloud that sux thats it


1B,5R,5Y + stage 1(or higher) gas power = a gas that will be useful for more then 15 levels

10B,5R,5Y + NO BOOM(WASTE TIME)= good for white skeletons(doesn't kill too fast) and the first few levels until you get stage 1 gas power.

Spike Wall + noxious gas(with stage 1 or higher)/ shrapnel(no boom)= green slimes death faster(also when hit against wall)/white skeleton dies faster(also when hit against wall)

noxious gas + witch + Spike Wall + direct hit + little weaker monsters under witch = gas damages witch when impact against hit and the gas falls to the ground damaging monsters under, then Spike Wall finishes them off(not sure if apply to skeleton that well)

I recommend to not use fire and acid that much, unless your aim is bad with gas against the witches, then i WOULD recommend acid so it sticks to them.

Anonymous May 26, 2007 8:02 PM

i accidentally pressed restart at level 27

Matthew May 28, 2007 7:46 AM

New Potion:
Ultra Acid & Inferno

Ultra Acid:
30 B 40 R 30 Y
Effect: A powerful yellow bomb- oh, see for yourself.

100 All
Effect: an amazing widespread fire obliterates anything stupid enough to get caught in it.

TyphoonScotland June 2, 2007 7:39 PM

Please do not read these spoilers if you want to complete the game without cheating! I have made these hidden for the people who want to play fair.
Read First:

Realy, to tell you the truth, play it fair to start with and then use the rest of the spoilers if you are stuck! They are all in different categorys so you can use them when you need them!

Worm & Black Skeletons:

To defeat the worm things and black skeletons use the Shrapnel.


To defeat the witch use the acid.


To defeat the spiders use the flames.

White Skeletons:

To defeat the white skeleton use the gas. (if upgraded) or shrapnel.

Running Dog:

The running dog cannot harm you so don't worry about it.

Upgrade Tactics:

Upgrade all the time when you get the money too... start with the spiked wall... then the re-load!

Overall this is a great highly addictive game! and it is a even better game if you try hard at it!


anthony June 26, 2007 4:30 PM

the first one i did was 100-20-38 and it rocks you should try it. It wipes out like 10 enemies each one so it is worth it


try 59b-20r-39y, i think it is the best one, i have tried many other shrapnel ones people posted on this server but i think this one is best. It does more if it lands on the ground first. so you might wanna try doing that... Any blue number below 59 is just gas and stuff.

anonymous July 19, 2007 11:36 AM

the following is the best potion:

blue: 42 or 43
red: 100
yellow: 76
throw it above enemies and detonate it in the sky it covers everything with acid wide ranged

Thisisckool August 18, 2007 1:05 PM

YOU GUYS USE THIS!!!!! it always gets lots of money quickly

blue and yellow have to be the same (100 and 100)

Red always has to be zero!!


11, 20, 20= perfect acid (click the left mouse button a 2nd time to detonate it)


acid balls -
100 B 100 R 0 Y
100 B 0 R 100 Y


i find that the shrapnel at 20/7/13 is godly against skeletons.

cheap,effective and cool.


So is there a way to actually get the potions to fly OVER the wall, or are they supposed to explode right after they leave the cannon, like mine keep doing?

Once or twice they've flown over and hit the enemies, where they're much more effective, but usually they pop as soon as they're fired, so just the fringes of the blast actually hit the monsters.


You know, the goo is actually flammable! When you douse it with fire the entire thing burns like gasoline! This is awesome!


hold down the left mouse button to charge power!

Anonymous4.1 December 10, 2007 3:06 PM

for no reason some of mine just stops on the air and doesn't explode.:(


Found out how to make 2 special potions;

A. An acid potion that sends out 3 waves of acid instead of 1.

B. A blue flame potion that sends 3 flames each side and down.



With this combination (saved and current-use) I made at least a score of 106,000 pts.

master of games February 4, 2008 4:02 PM

a really strong potion is B-15-20,R-10-14,Y-5-9

fruitcake master February 11, 2008 6:32 PM

i kept getting glitches when using load potion that mad it so the enemies that were alive when i pressed it are invincible

the pheonix March 31, 2008 12:55 PM

(insert cheesy ad voice)
is your wall being damaged by spiders?
dont know how to kill them?
then you need..SPIDER BE GONE!
to make SPIDER BE GONE,just mix potions in the following amounts:blue-11 red-12 yellow-13
and all your spider worries are over!

the pheonix March 31, 2008 1:03 PM

i just noticed that my previous potion(20-7-13)works on SPIDERS TOO!

Sebastian June 6, 2008 10:11 PM

try this...a flame potion and then throw an acid potion directly on the flame...u will get a super lag and a really big explosion =)

Anonymous June 30, 2008 8:45 PM

i found a suepr sharpnell! well not really heh heh. but i fund a secret bomb of myself i think that can cut thru enemys in quite a few hits! the numbers are 50 B 25 R 15 Y cool huh?

matthew July 26, 2008 9:26 AM

Is the shrapnel upgrade really good? I upgraded and found it weird. It's like.. all the pieces just fly off the screen, What's so good about it? They hardly hit the enemies after they're upgraded.

Also, does the spiked wall do anything? It doesn't seem to deal any damage to me...


When they say Ninjakiwi, I think they mean the bird.

Acid Spiter September 2, 2008 6:57 PM

10b, 5r, 18y
Really corrisive acid, shot witch once in face, kills her!

Jeremiah Mitchel September 23, 2008 5:04 PM

I got to level 29 with the first potion (b:10 y:5 r:5) and i only died because of lag.


I find 14b, 6r, 5y to be a great shrapnel. it is large shrapnel doing more damage per area hit and with the explosion upgrade, flies further with more damage. take a huge thing of army or slugs and spiders with one potion XD

Anonomous February 7, 2009 5:20 PM

I figured out that decimals count in these numbers. Something like that. I don't know if it's decimals. But anyway, if you start the game from the beginning, take the chains to 1/1/1 (from 10/5/5 er watever it is) it should be acid...or at least that's what happened to me. Then if you go to like 100/100/100 or something and change it back to 1/1/1, it should be fire (purple?). Then I experimented one more time and I put it on 0/0/0? or something and then put it back and it was red fire. WEIRD. If anyone has an explanation for this, can they tell me?

Anonymous April 1, 2009 9:08 PM

Well, I'm pretty sure the numbers represent the amount of color in each potion.. thus this means necessarily that if you use 100 of all three colors you actually get the most powerful potion. But there is a down side to that because the colors get empty really fast. So there is no "secret powerful potion" with the number combinations. You just have to apply enough colors to kill the monsters before the knock of your wall and save as much as you can for the next levels to come. Pretty simple and pretty boring.


i think the best potion is

blue:35 red:15 Yellow:35
u can increase it if u want im on lvl 25 and i still use it.
(red needs to be 20 lower then Blue & Yelow)

[Edit: Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]


Flame Wave Bomb:

-First buy quick reload

-Now fire a 100-100-100-bomb in ground

-and fire a 50-100-100- bomb in flames

result: a mega burning-acid-expandwave


Not sure if its just me, but i lag every time i do this and next thing i know the the screen is clear of monsters...mix the gloop with fire...



100 b, 49 r, 17 y.



to make fire use:

50 red 50 blue 50 yellow


0-15-35 on the seals-- THEIR HEADS ASPLODE!!!


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