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Pixel Staff

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Rating: 4/5 (57 votes)
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Pixel Staff

Also free for iOS and Android, Homeworld Arts' Pixel Staff is a very classic feeling action-based adventure where you control a wizard who senses something is amiss one dark night... maybe not that impressive a feat since the skeletons shambling around outside should be enough to clue anyone in, but hey, maybe we shouldn't backtalk the guy with a magic bolt shooting staff. Use the left and right [arrow] keys or [A] and [D] to move left and right, [Z] or [O] to fire, and [X] or [P] to jump. If that sounds pretty simple, it's because it is, though you'll have to deal with enemies, bosses, find heart pieces, and more. Pixel Staff looks great and perfectly captures the feeling of retro console games in style and play, but might prove too easy for most players. Just be warned that while if you die, you'll restart at the beginning of the room you died in, but there is no save feature, and closing the game or exiting to the menu means you'll have to start from the beginning. So pick up this one when you're looking for a nostalgic trip down classic gaming lane, and take your time doing it... there's no need to rush. A wizard is never late.

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Nebulesque January 30, 2015 2:00 PM

I've enjoyed this game for the last 15 mins. I've powered up, I can


and have killed many. But with no map, I've started to go round in circles. Now, at this point in the game, where all the screens are connected, I can't remember where I've been, due to the use of repeating scenery. I'm going to stop here, as it's quickly losing it's appeal. With a map, I'll be right back to finish the game.


Max out is

6 total hearts and x4 staff

If you have not found

dragons yet, you are not near the end.

There are at least two things you can do.

1 way which is a short cut to upgrades as well

If you are to the right there is an entrance on the left that you can hover to, this is pretty fer to the right on the map, it is less obvious. This is a back entrance that gets you half a heart and a shard. I found these last, after completing the game and going back to see if I could beat the second dragon.

2nd way, the way you need to go

You can go back to the beginning where you are supposed to, all the way to the left, up and left. Level up a bit more in the left area, above and then above across and to the right. area.

and thirdly to find the boss

Once you get up there, from either side you basically need to go up and up and right, and up and up and right. The dragon is high up and to the right.

If you have a hard time you can die and you will spawn behind him on the right.

Shoot the dragon in the head, which is how you kill the dragon. You are not done yet, go to the right. Shoot the Egg? I never went back to see if you could shoot the second dragon, you cannot. Destroying the crystal and releasing the dragon doesn't quite seem like a fitting end.

Tower of next right entrances, once you find

dragons you will find this section
The top is the boss, and then you have to go very very far to the right.
the second and below entrances are upgrades

The map is a bit confusing so I cannot really say exactly where to go. The game is not that hard.

I would like to see a reboot of this with a simpler map or a map where you can actually see where you have been with emphasis on entrances so you know if you missed one.


Hmmm.... I seem to have beaten the game with only 4 hearts and one staff upgrade.

There is a glitch that if you press against a flat wall and tap the jump at just the right time, you can "climb" the wall. It's much easier to do when you have aquired the hover ability. There are a few spots where the jump was too high so I used this glitch to advance.


I finished with 4 hearts, 1 upgrade, and without using the glitch that Baxter mentioned. Just well-placed jumping, and spamming the Z key.


There is a map by the dev on line here


or just google Pixel Staff map will bring it up if I should not have posted the link


i really like this style of platformer... really fun...
gonna try to get thru without the map :)


Also, just to take issue a little with the review.

Whilst closing the game does take you back to the start point, it does save your progress so it is not that big of a deal.

That is playing in chrome, I can't speak for the mobile versions


yaddab... thanks for pointing that out!
i accidentally closed the game and instantly freaked...
almost sais, 'screw it' but then i saw your comment...
started up the game... and yes, i'm at the beginning screen but i have all my upgrades :)
i kinda think this is a good thing as i was getting really lost at times... it's all good!


This is strange:

There is a little black knight on the map.
It is portrayed in the room in the lower right with the book, where the wizard says "There is nothing new here".


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