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Pixel Artist Wanted

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pixel artist wantedAre you good with pixels? Are you good at creating eye-popping, awe-inspiring graphics, icons and logos? Do you live and work in the US? If so, we have some freelance opportunities for you. Please inquire at the email address to the right. Thanks!


is it absolutely essential to live and work in america?


That's a good question.

If you do not live and work in the US, then we can still use your help, but we are limited in the amount of work we can give you each year (max. $600).

We have many projects we're working on here, so I'm sure there is something you can do for us no matter where you live. :)


Hey, why don't you just hire Nitrome?
Or you could just hire someone from pixeljoint.com.
They've got some pretty good artists there.


I'm sure the folks at Nitrome are very busy with their own work. And as for looking elsewhere to hire someone, I'd rather give a regular JIG visitor the opportunity to help out with the site first.


Well, I'm no good at art, but if you ever need help with other things I might be good at (i.e. if you need another reviewer, or someone to scour the internet for more games, or someone to just be generally awesome) then I'm your man!



Scramble125 :

If you didn't notice, there are always opportunities for reader reviews. Although I'd like to review Toribash, I'm not sure what jay would say about that.


Hey I'd love to help. Would you like me to post some examples of photoshop work? I'm not exactly sure what you're looking for, but you can find some of the things I do at my homepage: mandy-daniels.com.

Lemme know!


I'm good with pixel pokemon. I'll make a good pixel artist!

Kellyhalia November 5, 2007 4:37 PM

Alynn: Looked at the site. Pretty awesome!


Thanks, Kellyhalia!


Heh, just realised what pixel art is....no idea how to do that. Sorry!


Dang! If only I lived and worked in the US. Oh well.


Sounds neat, but unfortunatly I'm not American.
It would be nice to help a place such as JayisGames, so if it is possible to know what kind of work you would possible provide, I'd be happy to help.


I think I could help, but I would like to know a tad more first on what's to be done : would you mind being a little more precise in what you want ?
You can see some exemples of my work here : http://www.luxgames.net ( sylvaniah, one of my games, was featured on your site a while ago )



Thanks to everyone who has responded so far. I have received a lot of interest, and it may take some time before I get back to each of you.

Primarily I am looking for someone to help out with my graphics needs for a variety of sites I'm working on, including JIG.

Pixelart is not a necessity, but being good with graphics down to the pixel level is. In other words, someone who can get maximum effect out of minimal space.

In particular, I need help with logos, icons, and banners (reference the new Link Dump Fridays and Weekend Download banners that Mat from Nitrome did for us).

If you haven't yet sent in examples (or links to examples) of your work, please provide me with examples of logos, icons, and banners you have created. Anything else is really of little interest to me at this point in time.

Thank you! :D


Dear Jay,

It seems that you're getting a lot of emails and I have a small question, so I decided to post here.

I'm 16. Is it possible for me to work for JIG at no charge? (I'm really looking for gaining some credibility and adding some work to my portfolio.)

I'm able to do some smaller projects for you (a logo/banner or two at a time) if it's possible. I have school all day and am notable to work much because of it.

Thank you for your time.


Are you still looking for people? I'll send you some examples later this evening.


I have sent you an email with a giant zip attachment of a small part of my portfolio. I hope it doesn't get bounced or thrown into your spam folder. I also hope you can open it, since I zipped it on a Mac. I have a special talent for making 16x16 favicons, buttons and patterns, which I think might fall into the category of pixel art, although I haven't specifically designed any icon sets for distribution. I tried to include big and small projects, as well as a t-shirt design I did that had to be 5 colors or less.

I just noticed this job post, and I realize 4 days in the freelance employment world is like 4 months in any other world (except maybe eBay, where time doesn't matter at all until the last 4 seconds before the auction ends). I hope I'm not too late.

(JIG #1 FAN) ADDY (OR RINGO FOR SHORT) November 10, 2007 12:10 PM

im a little good with pixels but im in the uk


addy (again) March 24, 2008 1:11 PM

im almost finished with it and your gonna LOVE it
i hope you dont mind but i used something you might know
when i send you it


hey i could help you out, heres a link to one of my most popular peices:


Paul Stride-Noble


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