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Pillage the Village

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Rating: 4.5/5 (77 votes)
Comments (89) | Views (12,661)

PatrickPillage the VillagePillage The Village is the spiritual successor and prequel to Defend Your Castle, one of THE original web-game classics from back when there were only so many good web-games on the whole Internet. One might say it's the Super Mario Bros. of Flash games, but it was certainly the Super Mario Bros. of then-burgeoning XGen Studios, one of the first companies to dive into the Flash scene with gusto and not a look back. Now, years later, XGen is back with Pillage The Village, a smashmortion of click-tastic mayhem.

In contrast with its predecessor, the game indicates how far browser-based games have come over the course of this decade. Pillage the VillageThe graphics of Defend Your Castle were simplistic, single-shade color fields populated by stick figures, while Pillage the Village offers lushly illustrated backgrounds and stylized character designs. The funny thing is, you're more reticent to, you know, commit genocide against a race of human-like characters than you are against generic stick-men, but you get over it once you start collecting cash from their corpses. This leads into a deeper macro-game of upgrading your magic and abilities as you face greater numbers and challenges. You even get to choose between a hilarious moral dichotomy, the "good" path involves spells like euthanasia (killing them softly) and bending time, while evil is more directly aggressive, involving anvils and power gauntlets. Little details, like the windmills and the sheep, the roll of the thrown hut, the scaling of the globe sprite between saving, the fact that there is a good save system (rare for a browser-based game), or the voice-acting in the intro add up to a holistically charming experience.

Despite its polish and solid gameplay, the game does suffer from some control issues; however, since this review was first published, XGen Studios has informed us that many of the issues that made the game frustrating to play upon its released have now been addressed.

XGen founder Skye Boyes provides the writing and design of the game and delivers a certain zany panache in his descriptions of why euthanizing people is moral. The variation in the spells and villagers only ripens the further along you get, keeping you pegged for the long haul. This may not be the Super Mario Bros. 3 to Defend Your Castle's franchise original, but its definitely better than Mario 2.

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amazing! wonderful!
I'm a huge fan of "Defend your Castle" and this one feels right at home, though a bit more stylized than I would have liked.
I would have loved this to have the same visuals as its predecessor, but I can't have everything.
Great game - well worth a play or two (or twenty!)

I do love the save option - that's a great time saver.
I really have no problem in dropping the villiagers to their deaths - as I am not a big fan of their hair, I'm more than happy to rid them of the problem.

king guthixx August 22, 2007 5:25 AM

im on lvl 27 and the game is awesome!!

beware of the knights! they kill your cursor by chopping off fingers


I really think is a little crass/stupid as a game. Killing villagers for just plundering and fun? Kind of build to euthanize your morals I think.


This game is great, I'm not very far, playing "good". I can't wait to get villagers a"permanent job working in [my] voluntary coal mine". :D


Great game, a little glitchy though - anyone else found it crashes on level 28?

Silent-Runner August 22, 2007 7:03 AM

It's fun, but it seems buggy, also stopped for me at the same level.


Great game for relieving stress! Love the sound effects and the animations are superbly detailed.

Be warned though, the between-level adverts appear to hang the game if you use Firefox with the Adblock add-on installed.


Cool game, but yes, definitely glitchy.
I'm using Safari and holding down the mouse for too long brings up the pause screen.
And like jbeaver said about firefox, safari also seems to suffer from a frozen game on between-the-levels-ads.


Sorry for the double post here, but I would just like to say that these guys REALLY need to polish up the point-and-grab in this game.
I sometimes I continuously click on the villagers and still they walk right off the screen.
Not cool.

Seregmegilmor August 22, 2007 10:10 AM

Hello all,
first post around here even tho i've been following the site for a while.

Just a warning : DO save after every level, the game sometimes doesn't end a level once you've pillaged everything, and you'll have to quit to the menu and load your latest save.


I get a similar randomly pausing glitch using IE, sometimes it just randomly pauses, and I can't find a pattern to it.

Another minor bug; sometimes when I flick extra vigurously, the cursor comes disjointed from the mouse and refuses to go into the bottom fifth of the screen.

Otherwise, good fun game. I want to kill all the knights, they are evil.


Yes I get the disjointed bug too.
I've tried on firefox and explorer, levels 30 on are getting really tedious cos sometimes it just doesn't realise the level is over! It doesn't close off the trapdoors.

But still I've enjoyed the game, just hope they can iron out the probs a little. Also would really like it a bigger size!


Yay! Defend Your Castle got me so addicted, I'd really like to try this one out. Thing is, i have the same problem as Ezrabbit (ie the game pausing after 2 or 3 seconds of holding the left mouse button). I'm also on a mac but I use Firefox.


another small problem I've encountered:

parachuters, hang-gliders, rocketers (and jumping ninjas) are invincible from having buildings thrown at them. That is, invincible until you break their parachuites or wings.

It makes the game really unbalanced, because throwing a building at the people inside it is a good strategy, except that only half of the enemies actually get hurt by it, and it's not the later half of enemies, it's every second type.

Dustfinger August 22, 2007 1:22 PM

I think the game is so buggy because Xgen was trying to complete it really fast. They made a video trailer and everyone thought it was really cool and they wanted to play it right NOW! So I guess they were under some pressure. But it's a really good game anyway!

Don't buy the last antagonist uprade, it's just a giant orange ball called Omgbbq!1! that doesn't really do anything. Unless you're good at smashing people with those statues on some levels, don't buy it. And I didn't find the anvil or the electro barrier thing very useful either. I haven't done the pacifist stuff yet...


Is there a way to break the wings on the hang gliding guys...


You have to drop the hang gliding guys as they are gliding.

dreamnc37 August 22, 2007 3:19 PM

How do you kill the red flying villagers??


sigh... nice try... too buggy and way to hard on the hands to play with a trackpad.

the pausing bug is just out of control. then it locked up on an ad.

gotta do better, guys...


Thanks for the review!

We just updated the game to address some of the issues people had discovered post-launch. For instance, the "auto-pause" feature which seemed to be causing so much trouble for people is now disabled.

Also, some of the cursor manipulation and such has been tightened up particularly when interacting with specific units.


Thanks for all the comments; We've released a patch addressing some of the major concerns listed here and elsewhere, such as the Autopause and Never-Ending Round bugs (Clear your cache and reload).


The game was patched today, theres no longer auto pausing. I dont think you can fix some of the things you say are problems though cause thats just part of the game and how its supposed to be.


Just went to continue my game, and all my saves have vanished (working fine yesterday) - anybody got any idea why - is it possibly a setting I have wrong on my computer - or to do with the game?


It's not just you, Escapee. I seem to have lost my save game as well. :/


Oh dear - perhaps they disappeared with the upgrade?


how do you beat the guys with the jet packs?

Silent-Runner August 23, 2007 12:35 PM

The best way to get rid of the red guys is to grab em in the air and smash em in the ground. Well, the next best way is to simply use the euthanasia-spell which is always a good choice as for the jumping bone-guys.

Well, what really makes me mad is that the save games seems to be gone.

Darkblade August 23, 2007 1:38 PM

Here, i've come up with strategies for killing some of the different types of villagers.

Regular villagers: Just throw them or smash them on the ground.
Parachute guys: Throw them up in the air, wait until they open their parachute then click on it to pop it, afterwards grab the guy and smash them.
Handgliders: Throw them up, once they open their wings grab them and smash them into the ground.
Ninjas: Wait until they get to edge of the screen and start swinging their rope,grab them and finish them off.
Robots: They jump when you try to grab them, catch them in mid-air and kill them.
Superman: Very easy, just grab him and let him have it (he may take a few smashes to kill)
Knight: This one is kinda tough, they can cut off your finger (it will heal eventually), let them take a couple swings at you, then once he is tired grab him.


I like this game quite a lot. I've finished it using the Antagonist spells and I've almost finished by using the Pacifist spells.

Both of the hidden spells suck. The Antagonist has a useless expiring fireball and the Pacifist provides a herd of ponies that run through the village, hardly ever hitting any villagers.
The antagonist's set is slightly better of the two, since the power glow protects from the knight's sword. (Though you have to wait until the knight finishes his combo before you can slap him.)
The time freeze and the electric barrier are good for catching villagers that are just about to escape, the barrier being slightly handier as it also tends to kill the escapees.
The anvil and the cage are handy for disposing of a group of supermen or a group of thieves. Just drop a bunch of climbing thieves by clicking on them and drop the anvil/cage while they're getting up.
Thieves that have managed to steal from you will try to escape after you've dropped them.
Crashing a hut on on top of villagers kills the jumping ninjas and regular villagers. A good way to make use of this is to crash the hut immediately after lifting it for the first time, crushing villagers hiding inside and getting the hut out of the way.
The statues are mostly just in the way, but throwing them may cause the knights to trip, making it possible to grab them.
To kill jetpackers, keep dragging them to the center of the screen and eventually their jetpacks will fail, turning them into ordinary villagers. The electric barrier and the syringe/glove are quicker ways to kill jetpackers.
There are, at most, five villagers on the screen at once. You can slow the pace by not killing supermen and thieves, as they don't tend to escape and are mostly harmless.


Omg! Really love this game!
I like to go to the sand box and take the normal villager
and drop him 2 times low to the ground, and he tries to
crawl away but I take the slave cage and get him. }=-)


The black and red guys are fun for me, because you can take the slave cage and hover your cursor over them and they will turn invisible and let the cage drop. It works every time.(well, most of the time)


XGen Studios should have tested this game a bit more before releasing it. Gamerz will lose interest quick if they don't straighten out this mess.

This game is obviously meant to run on a machine with serious graphics capabilities. My system, unfortunately, does not match that description. The folks at XGen could consider offering an option of seriously reduced sound and graphics quality that would run more smoothly on computers such as mine. (Yes, I've tried the low setting already. It still lags terribly, and I have a 2.2G processor but only the onboard graphics chip - no card)

The automatic pause idea is a great concept but seems to have a flawed execution here.

I've had my cursor get stuck and not be able to reach the bottom inch or so of the playing field too many times to be willing to continue trying this game until they've fixed that glitch.

The stupid thing has frozen up several times as well at the end of a level. I've gone through all the villagers and all the trap doors have collapsed but it just sits there. Having to replay the level all over again is irritating to say the least.

I too have often felt certain I clicked right on the villager but somehow wasn't able to pick him up. This may be a glitch in the game or perhaps just mis-aiming on my part. With such a buggy offering it's easy to blame the program.

The one other complaint I have is more aesthetic than anything. The goofy transition screen from the end of a level to the save game screen takes too dang long. That might be just a natural function of the save feature and I'd probably be more patient if the rest of the game were working properly.

Oh well, wait a week or two then try this one again.

Anonymous August 24, 2007 1:56 AM


You can't cage them and once they chop off your finger you can't use anesthesia. I'm stuck and i can't kill them


Hey Anon, just wait for the knight to go through his sword swinging act then when he's tired you can grab him and throw him in the air. He turns red and sags almost to the ground when he's tired. He has to be thrown twice to kill him.

Logicianigma August 24, 2007 3:18 PM

I'm using Firefox and every time (yes every time) it comes back from the commercial break the sound plays but there is no video. It may have something to do with the fact that I block ads, but I doubt it. I've played tons of games where they have ads, but all I see is a blank screen, I wait and the game resumes, but with this game, that isn't the case. If anyone is experiencing a similar issue, just refresh the page and continue. Is this happening to anyone else?

The only issue I've got with it so far is the constant panning in and out. It gets a little tiresome for it to do that multiple times every level. Not to take anything away from the game though, it's still a great game.

It's so fun being bad, does anyone actually play nice?


Yes, it's your adblocker. Those things are more trouble than they're worth. And, for many websites, ads are the only reason they can afford to stay in business.

As for playing nice, I always play nice. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Jay(the other one) August 24, 2007 8:39 PM

Like the game... But yeah, lots o' bugs. Here's a new one:

FF 2.x

If I die on a level about 90% of the time when I retry I can't use spells. The 1-9 keys don't work, and the gestures look like they should but don't.

Also, this is not exactly a bug, but it seems stupid. You're offered the option to save at the end of a level, and then you go to the shop. But if you purchase anything and then play a level and don't finish it, when you restore, you restore without having the option to shop with your orig money.

I end Level 5 with 3000K
I then Save
Then I purchase the Gauntlet, now I have 1800 (or whatever)
Then I play Level 6 and die, or just quit
Then I load my save
I start Level 6 w/ no Gauntlet and 3K


fun game.. knights can't chop off your fingers while you are turned into something else :)


Have to admit I am not fond of the 3 choices (antagonist, pacifist, etc). I chose neither, filling up my neutral stuff until level 40, and now I cannot buy anything from either antagonist or pacifist no matter how much money I save up.

Neutral should be neutral, and you should still be able to choose. Otherwise nothing to spend money on, therefore no reward for continued play.

Oh, and 60,000 gold to max out mana? A bit absurd, considering how long it takes to get that amount of money (what does the mana even do? No explanation is included-another fault).

Quit at level 40 out of frustration. Could be a good game with some work. Still glitches at bottom of screen as others have described.


Pete you're making the same mistake I did when I started this goofy game. In either the "bad" or the "good" side of things the first item in the store doesn't require any positive or negative points. Then when you use that it will give you those points. You accrue them then when you have enough you can buy other items that require those points.

I'm waiting for them to iron out the glitches in this game then starting over. Just like any good game there's a learning curve here and once you understand how to play well you can get more gooder stuff faster.

More gooder stuff is, well... more gooder! :)


pete: The reason you don't know what mana does is because you never bought any actual spells; buying something like Euthanasia or the Power Gauntlet gives you a hand near the bottom-right corner that is filled with water, and when you use a spell it gets drained and slowly fills back up. As I recall, Power Glove and Euthanasia are free to choose no matter what your current evilness/niceness rating is. The other spells require that you pick a side, and how bad/good you are is determined by how often you use the weapons (Euthanasia makes you good, and the Power Gauntlet makes you bad; use the Power Gauntlet 15 times on enemies and you'll be able to buy the anvil, for example).


Here's a big one:
If you quit the game, PtV does not remember anything you purchased after the level you just finished.
Oh, but it isn't a bug, it's the way the game is set up.
The option to save comes BEFORE the option to buy, so anything you buy will only be remembered after you complete the NEXT level and save.
Not cool.
The option to save should come AFTER the option to buy.


I'm going to be the dissenting opinion and say that this is a great game, better than Defend Your Castle, and while there are some bugs to be worked out, this is one of the most thoroughly enjoyable online games I've played in a while. Kind of like Populous with a twist of sadism...


Thanks AaronzDad and Ben !

That makes much more sense. I still wonder if there shouldn't be more explanation of said relationship between the three choices, but I understand we're in Beta mode. Having the save option is a plus.

All in all, a good concept. I'll be playing it again today.

Thanks all for detailed comments. This is the best community/forum for flash enthusiasts I could ever expect to find.


You just made my day, pete, complete with goosebumps, too! :D



Jay you really need to get out more...

You're welcome Pete. You'll find your comment more accurate than you realize as you search the archives of this site for various games and time-wasters.

I have to say Pete - how the #^@&ing H*!! did you make it to level 40 without any of the extra enhancements?!?!? Your carpal tunnel surgery bill has to be astronomical!

JR you have a point. However as far as I can tell this was not released as a "beta version" but rather as a finished game. If it had been identified as a trial version I'm sure everyone would feel better about the bugginess of it.

"Kind of like Populous with a twist of sadism..."
C'mon, that's FUNNY ! !


lol! :D

It's funny, just a few minutes ago I was just telling a family member that I love my job, and while it may be true that I need to get out more often, I often feel that there's no other place I'd rather be. ^_^


After level 20, all the levels are just blank... no huts, no villagers, just grass... other than that, SUPER DUPER GUPER TUPER FUPER UBER AWESOME!


I got bored and played up to level 50. Does this game ever end? All I tend to see is that more knights appear the further you go (which just takes more patience). The pacifist path actually ends up being harder IMO as the spells are less effective.

The antagonist path gives you a special weapon of a huge fireball that appears to be pointless. However, it knocks everyone down and is especially useful with knights. It will drop a group of knights to the ground so you can fling them quickly. You can also repick up this ball and repeat a few times. I never upgraded it past level 1 as it just doesn't seem useful to have a bigger ball (great balls of fire... ;) )

In general I'd like there to be more to the game, at least some ending or something. There are quite a few glitches too. The mouse tends to get stuck and the game will lag horribly (browser independent) when you're doing multiple things at once, which sometimes allows people to slip through the edge of the screen.

The ability for some villagers to land on untouched huts and live also leaves one annoyed, especially with knights. The level replay option is nice and although annoying if a glitch causes you to lose a level, you don't feel quite so upset that you have to jump back 4 levels to your last save point.


NVM, it went away.


it's starting to get a tad buggy around the edges in later levels, really frustrating...


AaronzDad, I got to 40 with only neutral very painfully, but with the aid of the maxed out Pit Trap Engineering which allows 3 villagers to slip out without affecting your "life".

Also, got good at snagging and tossing the jumping skeleton/ninja guys and the knights. If they cut you it allows others to get through so I was able to trigger their weak point pretty easily without getting cut. I prefer to grab and slam to ground, as it eliminates the possible "bad bounce" that allows them to live through the upward toss. Faster too.

At present trying one neutral, one pacifist, and one antagonist on the 3 save slots.

I suspect that there isn't enough money in the game to max out skills, which is a definite shortcoming.

Pacifist game ended after beating level 51. You almost had it, AceBates.

It does glitch horribly toward the end of the game, so much going on.

Jay, I've been a fan of the site for years, and have played at least once almost every game on the site.

You are my first stop for flash games, with http://flash.plasticthinking.org/ a close second, although I don't get the benefit of their comments, as I don't speak German.

I am a Test Engineer/SDET so I like to evaluate all the best, which you always seem to know about !!

Excellent work, all.


I'm suprised that with as long as this has been up here, no one's bragged about the high score for the loading screen game. Mine's 66 (I had to)

anyway, I haven't seen too many bugs, and I even switched from IE6 to IE7 too. I guess it's because I haven't gotten to 35 yet. I must say though, that the "secret" spell for the pacifist is absolutely horrible! I wasted all that money for nothing!


Twas fun, but I found the knights to be incredibly annoying. Mainly the fact that you only have 2 seconds to pick them up or else it's bye-bye.


Pete, at a certain point in the game, you get 'New Game+" unlocked, which means you can start a new game with all the money and items from a different save (click on the + sign), so it is always possible to unlock everything :)

Lewis Hungerford August 27, 2007 1:53 PM

I got to level 32 in 2 days it is awesome


Lewis, I hate to say it, but I just got to lvl 40 in 2 hours...I also had dinner, did some homework, and watched part of Independance day in that time...I think that this is a good game, but it could be made better, make it progressive, by that I mean, move to different villages on the map and make the levels harder, not longer though, harder. I also think upgrades should be less considering you get around 2000 gold each time, make the first upgrades like 800, second tier 1400, and the third tier 2300. I still know how hard it is to make a game though, so I am happy with what was delivered, it's a B, average, not spectacular, but it didn't suck


being a programmer, I can say I think I know where the bug is for the whole "The hand won't go down when it should" thing. It seems to be where the coins are generated, and the mouse's barrier is now the bottom of that animation. Possibly those 2 are linked somehow.

I hope this helps xgen studios to fix that bug faster!


another really interesting bug, when I lift a house up with significant force, the people that are inside shoot up.

Only once have I been able to move the house again and have all the people that were originally inside, yet not dead (they were all parachuters, level ?), move in the same direction with the same force.

There should definately be a skip button for the intro, and the collision detection (mouse and coin, house and peasant, mouse and peasant) is absolutely awful. Please, in the next release of this game fix the physics!


EMDF, I just click on the intro, and it goes to the main page. As for all the way to level 40 as a neutral, that was me at work. However I must say, I have a graphics tablet at work, and that makes it VERY easy to kill kill kill! But I didn't even know what I was spending money on mana upgrades for, yet still I did it. Figured it out finally here at home.

As for the New Game + mode, this has helped me be a very efficient killing machine, but I do not much care for the pacifist secret spell either. At most, I have hit 2 villagers.

But hands down, the BEST ONLINE GAME EVER! Not really much of a gamer, but I am hooked! Thanks guys!


EMDF I didn't know what the heck you were talking about - "loading screen game"?!?

Then I realized you can collect the coins while you wait. Only 66 for you? Hmm... having a slower internet connection appears to tilt things in my favor. I got 76 and didn't start collecting until the game was already half loaded.

I need to increase my RAM and get a graphics card I think. Still awful dang buggy gameplay.

I can certainly see the potential for this to be a truly classic follow-up to a classic game though.


man im in round 38 its crazy


Ned, I hate to say it, but no you didn't. What exactly certain people get out of lying to complete strangers on the internet I will never know?


Fun game but my system, again, is way to slow to handle it. I've tried playing level 51 twice now but can't finish it. When there are too many coins or characters on the screen everything gets all herky-jerky and the pointer won't move properly. Then it jumps forward in time and people have escaped and coins have disappeared.

Maybe if the corpses slowly faded there would be less graphics to deal with? It sure would help seeing what the samhill was going on.

Picking up the characters and the coins is waaaaayyy too picky of a process. There seems to be one or two pixels to find for each coin and it only registers as a connect if the pointer is moving - WHY?!?!? is this a problem with Flash in general? I'm no programmer so I have no idea.

STOP the coins from bouncing when they hit the ground and make them stay visible for another couple or three seconds. Those us us without killer graphics cards are going broke in this game.

Give me more area to click on to pick people up. I don't want to have to find the EXACT center of their body mass to grab them. Oddly sometimes I can grab characters when I'm only close to them.

And what is the deal with the jail? I have the second level but it still seems only able to pick up one person at a time. What's the point of the dang thing anyway??

Thank God for that New Game + idea. At least my processor can keep up with the earlier levels.

Here's hoping XGen Studios is listening.



I finally finished level 51 - thanks to the miracle of time freezing - and that's the last level. You just start over again at level 1 with all the goodies you've accumulated over the game.

Kinda easy getting through the first levels now with the arsenal I have.

Can't wait to see how this game plays when they get the bugs ironed out.


Power Guantlet stopped working, what is up with that?


Hey Anon - reboot your computer and try it again. I had the same problem with the syringe on the "pacifist" side of things. Odd but not major.

I swear the coins aren't bouncing as much and are staying on the screen longer than they did just a couple days ago. I thought at first it was just me getting better at the game but I let some of 'em fade away to see if I was imagining things... they're staying onscreen longer. No bout adout it.

You figure it out.


anonymous, it could also be possible that you have simply run out of mana.


sorry for the double post. If only typekey would let you edit your posts.

AaronzDad, it might be another update to the game, as they have updated it in the past. If it is an update, I'm glad that Xgen is as nice as they are, taking all the feedback and doing something with it instead of just releasing a sequel with new features. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's always nice to know that there's someone out there that listens and takes action very swiftly.


EMDF - Yeah, I know they watch forums like this for feedback; heck, they even replied ON this site a couple times...

But I looked through their updates list on their site and changing anything about the coins wasn't listed.

Whatever the case I sure appreciate the extra few seconds to pick up the loot.

Now if they'd just fix their site so the game would work again it would be appreciated.

Anyone else having this problem or is it just ME they don't like? :)


No, it's not just you, AaronzDad. I can't access the game either.

My guess is they are trying to prevent sites from linking directly to the game page, redirecting them instead to the main site page.

Trouble is, they are also redirecting links that originate from XGen Studios as well(!)



No bugs here. I'm all the way on level 54. =D


Well LordBlaze that's interesting... level 54 huh? An amazing feat considering there's only 51 levels in the game. Sure you can keep playing and it'll give you new level numbers but all you get is an empty open field for a few seconds.

After running through the game several times playing the "good guy" then reversing and playing all the way to the max upgrade on the "bad guy" side... I kinda got burnt out. :)

Still fun while it lasted. Maybe I'll start over sometime and see how I do now I know more about the game.


n00bs. This game is awesome, stop complaining and work when you're at work if you don't like it.



Dude, how do you kill the red guys with gliders?

(I would rather not put my name) January 15, 2008 10:31 PM

For the Robbers or black dudes, drop a cage or a anvil on them while they freeze, it works every time. For the Heros, do the same thing.


I love this game but... how i can kill red guts with plane wings?

Anonymous March 19, 2008 1:57 AM

This is an awesome game -- well done!

whatever March 19, 2008 5:56 PM

Killing the red guys is an easy two step process. First pick them up and throw them into the air. Then wait for them to activate their "wings". Once they do that grab them again and throw them downwards this time into the ground (preferably at an angle). It's fun watching those guys go splat against the ground! :D

Anonymous April 27, 2008 3:15 PM



I'm on LVL 32, I think and I can't kill the ones with the jet packs. What do I do?


The power gauntlet is immune to knight attacks, so it is smart to buy one level atleast to use, knocking them to the ground.

bruniusest May 10, 2008 4:25 PM

im on the antagonist way, lvl 33 and im have everything maxed. Why in the bad side? because of the anvil!. drop an anvil over a house thhen inmediately clik on it to crush people under the house, dont lift it just clik, it counts as if you are lifting it an droping but in no time. then you can drag it anywhere without lifting it and crush everybody. My personal record are about 5 separated villagers on diferent positions with tha same anvil, just draging.

also i found a page which tells about badges and a prize card, following a link: http://gamesuy.blogspot.com/2008/02/pillage-village-walkthrough.html
i really dont think its true but i post it anyway

sorry for my english, im chilean


well I dont know if anyone else has had the same problem but it has taken me around 30 mins so far and it hasnt finished loading. My computer is generally quite fast.

As far as the loading game goes...I'm on 738 and have been doing other stuff as well....I guess having it take this long to load gives me a slight advantage.


I've found a verry good strategy, i'm at level 43 now
(howmany levels are there btw?)
Ok, you need to upgrade your mana batterys and plant to the fullest, and get the anvil.
Then, in game, you selecht the anvil, but dont drop it yet, until your mana is full again.
Drop it on a house, and drop another one 1 sec after.
So the first group is dead in a few seconds.
Then select your powerglove for the knights, but dont kill them with it, kill other villagers, and just let the knight swing his sword, untill hes tired and then kill it, just by throwing it up.

You really should try the anvil strategy ;) its verry handy in the 35+ levels

Anonymous June 1, 2008 6:19 AM

a really handy tip u should all know

(spoiler) u can use ur anvil, pick it up and drop it again. higher lvl anvils can be dropped up to 4 times (very easy kills) however this wont work on flying guys, knights or ninjas. oh, and u can redrop the anvil on hiding ninjas too


They're not ninjas! They're thieves!


Great game though.
I have Defend your castle in a fullscreen plus no ads thing.

I wish this had one =P


the easy way to kill knights is that they cant hurt you with the antoganist glove on
just click then once and it will knock them down than grab them and kill them


One of the best strategies later on, is to do the anvil drop on a house and grab it and move it out of the way.
That squishes all guys under the house.

Then hit W to move the house to the very back! Place it down gently.

Next house... do the same, except put THAT house right next to the other one, so they are touching.

NOW, grab a villager, hit W and TRAP THEM inbetween the 2 houses. That is 1 less villager that can be on the screen. Get 3 or 4 wedged in there and the game becomes trivial!


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