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Phosphor Alpha 4

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PhosphorNick Kang of Rasterwerks has put together one sweet technology demo of a fully playable Shockwave 3D first person shooter. Weighing in at just over 3MBs in size, the rather hefty death match style game is beautiful and runs great on my NVIDIA GeForce 4 graphics card. An enhancer xtra was necessary to launch the game, but the Shockwave plug-in took care of the necessary installation easily. Phosphor Alpha 4 contains Unreal Tournament and weapon models that he downloaded from polycount, bots containing sophisticated AI routines, moving elevators, multiple weapon types, armor and ammo power-ups, configurable settings, wow, there is a lot packed into this Shockwave 3D implementation that runs in a browser!

Control scheme is your standard FPS config: mouse for looking and turning, click to shoot, keyboard keys for moving and switching weapons. In this game, [W][A][S] and [D] keys move you up, left, back and right, respectively. Space jumps, [F] and [G] cycle forward and back through available weapons.

There are still some issues with framerate dropping occasionally, but that doesn't spoil the fun to be had with this game. If you're into FPS games, you have to check out this amazing and impressive one made for the Web. Very nice indeedy. Click.

Update: Although the alpha version of Phosphor is no longer available, you can play the beta version. Check it out here.


Can we play against other people? it's boring to play agaisnt bots.


Elvis - no, just bots for now. However, the AI that's included in the game will give you a real challenge. And besides, it's currently just a technology demo, and I think it's pretty cool being able to play a game like this in a browser.


Very nice work -- it's impressive to see what can be done by someone who really knows how to use Shockwave 3D.


Oh, ok thanks. i have unreal tournament 2004 it's cool and this is similar.


He has plans to include a multi-player component, but right now it's up in the air.

I'm hoping to use the MultiUser xtra in a peer-to-peer arrangement, I'm
planning on not using the MU server application. One instance of the
Shockwave app will act as the server, listening for connections, and be
playable locally, or at least running as a spectator. Once that's working,
then a centralized server might be set up so that game servers can publish
their IPs for internet connections. Basically, the same way most PC
shooters do it.

Deathbaron March 7, 2005 5:49 PM

if this is a demo, then hopefully the actual game will be a bit harder,
7 bots doesnt even slow me down
the same on unreal with 7 bots
but at least unreal has godlike difficulty that gives me a challange
but this is a good none the less!!


Any news on when the multiplayer will be up? Plus, anyway that I donate some cash to the whiz kid who came up with this?

(V)ichael March 12, 2005 9:26 PM

it's extremly boring play with BOT'S so how do you download this game!!??


Testing of the current version has ended, and the author has taken the game offline while he works on the next version.


Hello, i am an aspiring programmer and i am just curious as to how long it took you to fully program this, and how many people it took. It would be nice if you could also include what language you programmed it in. I am very into creating a first person shooter, the ultimate one, and i would like to put together a team of people to help me with that, how hard is it to come by that kind of help? If you could, i would greatly appreciate it if you could reply. I look forward to a great and addicting game in the future.


Matt - my guess is that the author, Nick Kang, developed this game himself. And my best advice to you is to start out either by modding an existing engine or using Director or Flash to create a prototype of your ultimate game, as a proof of concept. And don't wait, do it now. =)


aizzy, might you have any software suggestions to start with?


Its a great game. It takes to much to download but its woth it. The graphics are good for a game of that type. The weapons are good, but I think they should be more. It would be even better if you could control it with he joystick, but I have to admit that this game is guilty of my low grades on work. I cant stop playing it.


on the main menu where it tells to what the controls are, there is a line that says press - and does something.. what? and what does activate button(E) do...


awesome. just awesome. i remember this map from UT! i missed the secondary fire of the weapons though.

dberquist March 24, 2005 11:22 AM

Well, this is certainly a nice display of Shockwave skill. Although...I can't seem to figure out what the switch and display on the top level are for.


hi how do i download a demo of phosphor alpha 4
if you know how please e mail and put phosphor alpha 4 as subject


i'm like tony, after all the raves, i'd like to play this game and i can't find a site where i can download the demo, if anyone has an active url where you can download phosphor alpha please let me know, i'd really appreciate it. thanks


Sheila - I received word from Nick that he had to take the game down due to an Unreal bot mesh he was using in the game. Problem with tech demos, or creating any significant 3D game these days, no one person can do everything, so we 'borrow' media from other sources to get something up and running. The game was receiving a lot of attention, Nick was contacted by Epic, and so it was therefore taken offline.

Here's a snippet from an email he sent me regarding his plans for the game:

"Iím continuing work on AI and have begun the network code, along with building new media assets. Hopefully, I will have a version by end of the month that I can begin shopping around to portals and publishers, at least to get a sense of the level of interest on that front. The big picture goal would be a site where friends can challenge each other to simple 5 minute deathmatches during lunchbreak, mappers/skinners could host their own designs, etc."


this game is amazing, although i would love to play with other people online and my PA demo has expired so what do i do now.



that looks great, i never thought a UT style game could be run in a browser, i mean, i could see we're going that way, but i thought it was a long way off, clearly not!

and i agree with the statement "with games these days no one person can do it all", it's getting harder and harder with every new release of game.

btw, did i mention that's awesome :)


WOW!,i played this game for awhile before it was takin off, but i found by setting ur clock back before the expiration date, u can still play it. so does anyone have the download? please i woudl really love it for my personal use, and whats his email? the creator. he did a nice job.


The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

i wanna play!!


Damage has to depend on particular spot. Headshot or heartshot has to kill instantly etc. I has been beautifully made in Solder of Fortune (SOF) (espesially version 1).


Game is back up, currently as Beta 1.

I do not know what features are different, as i just found this game today, browsing through the archives.


Cheers, Sam. We reported on the beta back in March. You'll find more information on that page. =)




AH does anyone know if you can play the other phosphor? and it will be much cooler if there were more maps im getting a little boring using the same map over and over plz some1 reply


Good game... I am gonna play a LAN game with my bro and OWN HIM!!!

Anonymous April 17, 2007 8:51 PM

i dont get how to do multiplayers????? plz heeeeelppp me!


i dont get how to get on Phosphor Alpha and Phosphor Alpha4 it keeps makeing me go to Phosphor beta1.

[Edit: Phosphor Alpha was the "alpha" version of the game. Phosphor Beta is the "beta" version. Alpha comes before Beta, which means Beta is further along in the development. Alpha is no longer available to play as it has been replaced by Beta. That is why you are being asked to play Beta instead. Make sense? -Jay]


I do love to play Phospor Beta but can anybody tell me how i will be able to jump out of the balcony during the game. I try to press space but i can 't jump ouf of the balcony. I could jump out of the balcony before by chance but even though I try many times, now i can 't. Looking forward to get a reply from you.
Thank you again for creating such a wonderful game.

youngstunna February 26, 2008 9:49 AM

hi, i been trying to play phosphor alpha 4 but i cant play it. I got a message stating that it has expired. I really want to play this game, it looks cool and i'm sure it is. I tried many different ways to play this game. If theres is anyway for me to play this game please write me back and let me know because I want to play this game. Thank you.


to play phosphor alpha 4 you Know the time at the right bottom corner right click it and change the year to anything before 2004 go to play phosphor alpha and it will work i been playing for a long time all because i searched for an answer and after a month found it. I live in Hawaii

Anonymous July 9, 2008 6:54 PM

Are People Still playing this, because i cant find any multiplayer servers for it?


The Bots are very easy to beat!
I got killed once on a frag limit of thirty and won by a million.


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