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Phantom Mansion:
Spectrum of Souls

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Rating: 4.5/5 (385 votes)
Comments (153) | Views (27,709)

JessOk, I have to admit something right off the bat: I love this game. Seriously. So, I might be biased in favor of giving it a positive review, as I love it. You've been warned.

Phantom Mansion: Spectrum of SoulsThe Phantom Mansion: Spectrum of Souls series puts you in control of Hector, a little spiky-haired dude whose mission is to rescue the many spirits trapped in a giant, foreboding mansion. To do so he must conquer:

Each "color" is a separate game in itself; the complete quest spans the entire spectrum (plus black).

You must guide Hector through rooms of increasing difficulty in order to save all the souls, collecting keys, dodging spooky-yet-adorable monsters and solving puzzles in order to make it through unscathed. One thing I really like about the series is that each chapter integrates new elements in order to keep the game-playing experience fresh; for example, the Orange Library adds mysterious portals that zip you to different parts of the chamber, the Yellow Tower adds cursed, uncrossable floors, and so on. Unfortunately, the Blue Ballroom does not contain a dance studio, and therefore no ballroom dancing allowed.

Play all the Phantom Mansion series games:
Phantom Mansion: Red ChamberPhantom Mansion: Orange LibraryPhantom Mansion: Yellow TowerPhantom Mansion: Green GalleryPhantom Mansion: Blue BallroomPhantom Mansion: Indigo DungeonPhantom Mansion: Violet VaultPhantom Mansion: Black Sanctum Phantom Mansion: The Black SeaPhantom Mansion 2: The North SeaPhantom Mansion 2: The Arabian Sea

Analysis: Phantom Mansion is a great example of casual gaming in its purest, most entertaining form. I found the puzzles to be challenging but not confounding, perfect for a lazy afternoon or five minute coffee break. The game also does a nice job of introducing the elements gradually so as to not overwhelm the player. By the time the most difficult levels are reached the mechanics are almost second nature. The (admittedly superficial) story adds a bit of depth, and the adorably creepy graphics and score are irresistible.

Go ahead, add a bit of Halloween into your day:

Play Spectrum of Souls


Nice, but I can't get that awful taste of "children's Flash game released on several arcade game sites" out of my mouth. Oh well, it's hard to get that indie feel anyways.


The game is alright. Seems a little too childish for me due to the level of ease. I can't see myself playing this game again. The thing I noticed is how it resembled the Zelda: Oracle series for the GameBoy. I was playing through this and I was reminded of that game.


Thanks for the reminder!
I played the first three episodes (red, orange, yellow) before christmas and liked it very much.

The only drawback is that the gimme5games only work properly in internet explorer - in firefox, I cannot stop the music and the game hangs regularly (especially in crucial moments).


I think it must be broken for me. All I got was a swirling green mist and I can't move in any direction. I tried the Red Door and got the same, only the mist was red.

Or is this a puzzle and I've just revealed I'm a moron?


As far as I know, that isn't a puzzle. :P

firelizard83 January 9, 2008 10:57 AM

I'm stuck in the red chamber on levels "do drop in" and "box clever", help??


we also have to admit something right off the bat: we all love you and your reviews. Seriously.

Don't we, folks?


Aww, liking a game a doesn't mean you're biased towards liking the game! That's a descriptive part of the review, not a flaw!

I thought the survey, built into the game at the very beginning, was kind of interesting. It was a nice, non-intrusive way to quickly collect that information.


Anyone figured out "Do Drop In" yet? Any help at all would be appreciated.


Aha! Nevermind, I figured out "Do Drop In". For anyone needing help,

Remember you can push boxes up stairs and through unlocked doors.

Fun little game.

firelizard83 January 9, 2008 12:04 PM

figured them out, for do drop in,

there's a box that looks like it can't be used, but it can...

Now, I'm stuck on "the big one"...

surfmadpig January 9, 2008 12:29 PM

I'm stuck on that red level with the multiple keys. I can't seem to get the skull in the bottom right corner.

(sorry, don't know the level name and am too scared to quit the level - i read in the comments there is a bug that occurs when you quit a level that prevents new rooms from opening up..)

any pointers?


for 'the big one'

don't forget the monsters can help you out


oh, and my only complaint is that i really need an 'undo' feature, even if only for 1 or 2 moves. i just tapped the arrow one too many times and pushed an essential block into a wall. gah.

ThemePark January 9, 2008 3:20 PM

Well, I thought this was going well, until I stumbled upon The Big Hard One.

I'm having trouble figuring out how to get the box in the top right corner down to the skull in the bottom right corner, since the bottom chasm is 2 tiles wide, but I can't seem to find out how to put 2 boxes on and next to that switch to keep the monster from moving the box off the switch.

Any help would be appreciated.

Mr_Physics January 9, 2008 7:47 PM

Finished red levels no problem - seemed targeted for simpler block pushers - several levels had more blocks than necessary to solve.
I have almost finished the orange mansion but am comletely stumped on "Big and Clever". I can get the key, the skull and the extra blocks. But I can only figure out how to get 4 useful blocks out of the library - and don't see where you could build a bridge with that few.


How about "check your head" for the red room? I've been stuck on that one for ages. Please?


Aw, thanks bioLarzen! Too kind.


Finished the green galery.

Compared to the Chapters before (red, orange, yellow), this one was rather easy, except for the very last level - I needed several hours to finish this one, due to lack of concentration.


I am stuck on Fort Box. I can't get either the wood or the metal boxes out of the little rooms. I don't see how this level can be completed without moving those boxes. Is this a glitch in the game, or am I missing something?

Anonymous January 11, 2008 1:33 AM


I don't remember the title of the puzzle, but if it's the one I'm thinking of

you have to open the door before pushing the block through.

hollyrr33 January 11, 2008 1:43 AM

I have all of the Orange Library done except "Warped Logic" I can't figure out if I need to find a way to complete the bridge with only two blocks or

if there is some way to get the third block back once I've used it on the switch!


you have to press the buttons to get the extra boxes, once you do that you just have to go at the boxes from a number of different angles to get them out into the open

hollyrr33 January 11, 2008 1:46 AM

I got it


Thanks for the great review Jess, glad you enjoyed it.

As for the comments about the difficulty, if some people found it too easy and some too hard, then it's a pretty good balance.

I think the 5th chapter is out today ? It's complete anyway ( Just to clarify, I'm coding these games, that's why I know the next chapters complete :) ).


im stuck on "take it e c" in the yellow tower. any hints? or a solution would be nice...


You mean E C does it?

I had a hard time with that one too. I found the solution on another site.

after you get the skulls and are on the right side, push the top block to the hole on the left, then go up and get the cross. Push the block down with you, then get the bottom block to let you over.

Now if anyone can help me with the last level in the yellow tower, crossover, i'd be very appreciative.


yeah, thats what i meant. thanks!!!


great, now im stuck on "get cross" any hep for that one.

could you perhaps tell me what site you used, divy? that is...if you read this.

hollyrr33 January 13, 2008 3:38 AM

So I noticed what I think is a glitch in the last level of the Yellow Tower (crossover)

if you stand under any of the yellow walkways you can follow them through walls, you don't need the key to get the cross

I just finished what's availible so far, great game!


holly, i did notice that glitch.

i'm still stuck on crossover. basically, I can't figure out how to complete the walkway to the door, and still have one box left to block the hole in front of the door.


but can you help me on "get cross?" its the last level on the left on the third floor.


i just cant get the last skull in the top left hand corner



get the cross then use all the boxes you need to get the skull in the top corner first, then use the box in the top corner to get back.

if that's not enough of a hint:

use the bottom right box to get to the right-hand switch. Go back and get the cross. Use one upstairs box to fill in the gap at the bottom of the stairs. Use the other upstairs box to get to the other switch, but don't go to it right away instead push the bottom left box across with you. (make sure to look where you can walk twice and where you can't and note that there is an un-broken area of floor below that switch next to the railing). Push that box all the way to the end of the path to axcess the skull in the top corner, then get all the other skulls on your way to the exit.


ach, i finally got it. thanks holly.


i cant figure out big bags o'light. please help me.

oHnOiTSjESSICA January 14, 2008 5:59 PM

i cant figure out big bags o'light in the green gallery.
please help me out.



get the lamp and push one of the boxes directly across from the door. then navigate our way across the abyss push the box you positioned into the spot by the door. then do the same on the other side.


the blue ballroom is out.


but i guess you can see that in the new post now...


Woh, it's like Jess...from the future!


lol! I really like how you wrote this one, Jess. All I had to do was insert a new link, change one word, and then republish with the current date. :D

Magical update. You rock!

Dr. Pepsi January 16, 2008 1:50 AM

I really enjoyed the previous chapters.
The blue levels are annoying and too nitty for me.


Any chance for help on "check your head" for the Red Chamber? I've solved all the other games but the Red one, and it's all because of this level. Please, please, please can someone help? I'm totally missing something here...


what room is it, hawkeye? the location i mean.


Sloth, it's the last door on the right on the second row from the top.


"Check Your Head"

take the keys and go out the door. go in the cross door on the left. go up and across the hole. push the box on the left down a little and grab the key. go through the door, grab the key and skull and leave through the same door. leave the area the way you came (there should be a square door unopened.) go through the circle door and up through the unlocked door. go through the triangle door and grab the skull and key. go through the triangle door on the right and push the box over when the skeleton is at the very top so it will be trapped. go across the broken tiles and over to the two brown crates. push the top one into the abyss, then the bottom one. grab the skull and use the crates to walk back. now make your way to the exit!


any help on crossover would be greatly appreciated.


and the level before it.


Cute, but Hector is so slow. That, combined with the plodding music, made me want to bang my head on the wall after a while.


it may be your computer, annepin. hector moves at a reasonable pace for me.

as per my previous posts, i still need help on "crossover" (the last level of the yellow tower) but i figured out "unlucky for everyone".


I need help with the red chamber Crate Fun, the second door from the right on the second level. The crates do not line up after the first locked door


after the door in "crate fun":push the top box over, then the bottom box up and over.


I'm on the switch hitter level (3rd to last, red game?) and I can get the round key and the cross key. After that, I have no clue what to do. A little help?


In the Red Chamber, how do you get past "Half Empty"? It's the left-most room on the second row from the top. Only got 1 wooden crate and 1 metal crate, and 1 button to fill the empty part of room..

Please help, thanks.


GAAH! I *was* totally missing something. Thank you very much for opening my eyes, Sloth!


O never mind, I've managed to pass it now ^^


AHHH I can't figure out "The Big, Hard One".

In Theory, I know what would work, but because of the construction of the level, I JUST can't get it to...so...what am I missing for the bottom rung of the level, controlling the right room?


aha! i finally finished them all.


Yay Sloth!

Want to help a brother out?


*Jacob*: to control the room on the right, as soon as the zombie passes the switch on the left, push the box on the right (not the far right, the one on the far left, but on the right) up. the rush over to the far right and push that box onto the switch. go to the room on the right and walk over the gap to get the box when the zombie steps on the other switch. dont take too long or you will die. the do the same bringing the box back.

sorry if that wsnt very coherent, but thats how i did it. but im sure there is an easier and less risky way. i just dont know it.


Haha ok--that's how I was going, I just didn't get the timing down right. I'll go back to keeping trying that. Thanks. :)


WOOHOO finally got it. Something about my fingers tonight, I finally got the timing down, so that if you place the far right box on the switch after the zombie walks past it headed LEFT towards the other switch, then race down, I can trap him at the other end.

If anyone else just can't get it for the Big, Hard One:

TO PREP, push the two far left boxes on the bottom row onto the stairs (not down them, just onto them, ready to go that one extra space. Follow the zombie, and as soon as he's clear of pushing the far right box, put it on the switch. No matter if you screw up, this switch will stay flipped now. RUN to the left, and push the boxes down as the zombie goes past them headed left. IF DONE SUCCESSFULLY, the right box will be to the left of he switch, and the zombie will push the left box into it, forming a blockade AND flipping the switch. If done incorrectly...you'll get to run it like Sloth apparently did.


Shoot, now I'm trapped in "Babylon". No one else has asked about this, so maybe I just can't see it right now, but I keep coming up a box short of what I need to finish.

Although, it's 5:19a here right now, so maybe I'll give it another go when the sun is actually out, and not just peeking over the horizon.


I've finished mostly of it but there's no way I can access The Setup. I enter the room and it freezes. Have restarted a million times and nothing. I'm on a Mac using Safari, any ideas?


Like Mr. Physics posted earlier, I too am stuck on Orange mansion, "Big and Clever." How do you build a bridge that far? I only seem to be able to use four of the blocks and even if I had more I can't figure out to get to the end. Help please!!!


Ah, now I'm on "Cross Over" unfortunately. Any help? I continually end up one box short.


Beat them all! I love this game. Can't wait for the next set of levels.

Bella Swan January 30, 2008 10:43 PM

i need help with get cross...i cant seem to get it!!! help please!!!!!!


please give me a spoiler for "unlucky for everyone!" just cant get it!


I'm playing Yellow Tower. Some one can help me with Spiral Tap? It's the 3 in the 4th floor.


Hey, now i'm stuck with "Cross Over". Please help! Thanks


Hello WE ARE STUCK ON BOX CLEVER in the red mansion. We cant figure out how to get through the top two halls of boxes.


"get cross"

ok, here's how i did it:

1. push one of the boxes down the stairs until you reach the edge, don't push the box off the edge
2. turn right, push the box to your right to create a bridge
3. cross the bridge, push the button, head down 1 and left 1 to make a bridge back across
4. keep heading left, push the box left until it falls in the gap, DON'T CROSS THE BRIDGE YET
5. Head up 2, right 1, down 1(pushing the box) right 2 and back up the stairs collecting the cross.
6. Back where you started, push the remaining box down the stairs into the gap you just created at the bottom of the stairs
7. Now, push the box on your left across the bridge until the box is under the button
8. Down 1, left 1, and push the box all the way up until it falls in the gap, go across the box
9. grab the skull, right 1, down 1. cross the bridge and head right.
10. grab all the skulls on the angel platform and head right to the exit, picking up the last skull on your way.

mixedmetaphor February 15, 2008 11:37 AM

can anyone help with "warped logic" in the orange library? i'm utterly stuck.


the indigo dungeon is out


Yes! The next set of levels! Here I go...


Red Chamber: Box Clever:

First hallway: bottom block left two squares, collect soul. Top box left three squares, bottom box left one square (so soul is totally surrounded), then middle box down one square, collect soul. Middle box left two squares, top box left three squares, collect soul, exit to second hallway.
Second hallway: top box right two squares, move down. Bottombox right one square, move up, collect soul. Top box right one square, move down, bottom box right two squares, collect souls, exit to third hallway.
Third hallway: collect soul. Top box right one square, collect soul. Bottom box right two squares, collect soul, exit level.


According to Gimme5games, there are two games left to be released: The Violet Vault, and The Black Sanctum.
I can't wait for either, even though I'm not really all that good.


One would also expect something for White, too..


There are actually two more levels, violet and black.


Thanks, that was my mistake. I've fixed the review. :)


I am unable to pass two levels in the indigo dungeon, switch,box,box,switch
jesting 1,2,3

Anyone could give me some hint (or solution is appreciated).



for switch box, box switch

use the frog to get more boxes

still not sure?

did you notice that the frog doesn't break cracked ground?


But is black really a colour?!


Yeah, black is the presence of all color, but the absence of all light.. or maybe it was the other way around.


jesting 1,2,3

did you notice that the frog always goes up or down to get away from you before he goes left or right?

not enough of a hint?

once you have gotten the first block in place (move it up and then over, right in front of the skull across the void) then get the key, lose the key only don't chase the frog go, right as soon as you can so he runs down to the bottom of the screen. On your way after him use the other box to block his exit, now you just need to grab the last skull and push the block to get over the void.


I am so stuck on the red chamber "filler space" level.

any help would be appreciated

blindmansays February 26, 2008 7:01 PM

Hey, I beat the first four levels, but it won't let me move on. Is this some sort of glitch?


just kidding, it was "switch hitter" that i'm stuck on....any help?


Okay... I still can't do

jester 1,2,3

Sorry to dissappoint you, hollyrr33, but i would require more hints (or even a walkthrough) for the two levels. I keep running out of 1 box for switch,box, and I can't seem to control the hop-frog the way u suggest for jester 1,2,3



nevermind, I got jester 1,2,3, but I still don't get switch,box,box,switch...


I just hate how the isometric view is totally skewed.

The boxes do not span the entire "tile" but rather the top two thirds of a tile, so it's dead easy to misjudge a step.

Other than that, the game is fun, although not really anything spectacular, fresh or groundbreaking. Still, I'm looking forward to finishing it eventually.


On second thought, I don't like the game that much.

It's not much more then a glorified Sokoban, but way too slow, with the cutesy but quite lousy interface. I adore puzzle games but when I misstep after two minutes of crate-pushing because of lousy isometrics and have to do all over again, it kinda puts me off.

For the fans of tile-based puzzle games like this, I suggest checking out DROD - less pushing, more killing, cleaner interface and way more devious and cunning puzzles.


Can any one help me out on the last yellow level crossover?

I seem to always come up one box short I need 7 boxes, which there are but the closest to the start is stuck in a corner.

I use two pushed through the bottom door, one through the upper door then 4 vertically under the exit.

I really enjoy these puzzle games.


Is anyone else having difficulty moving Hector? Every time I hit a down or up arrow key he moves, but so does the whole page!! Is it something I am doing?


2 things: 1) the favorites link goes to a missing page. this is annoying.

2)there are plenty of walkthrough videos posted on youtube including
jesting 1,2,3


OK, so I love the series, and it's cute, but it's too much and they're trying too hard. Now, to amp up difficulty, they're adding in things at the end of a level that can mess you up and make repeat the whole process, i.e. the level where you flip a switch and another skull appears (2, I think?) or the just-unlocked fifth level, where you have to navigate through all the boxes, and have one to push back? I got it in one go, and then the end hallway trapped me, because you can't see ahead to determine which way is free, and I honestly don't have the patience to redo it.

I'll come back for Violet, but I'm done with Indigo.


can anyone help me i am trying to do loco-motion, level in the blue ballroom, but i am getting stuck, please please help me i wish to be able to move on to the next doors



I just want to say that there are enough videos on Youtube where you can see how to solve a level.

LovelyWorldToBe March 31, 2008 12:47 PM

i'm stuck at the setup in blue ballroom, can someone help me?

LovelyWorldToBe April 3, 2008 10:20 AM

i've already completed the setup, but does anyone knows when the next chapter comes?


hurrah! violet is out!


The violet... what was it, now?


Vault: Vault. :p


Jess, bioLarzen is right.
We all love you and share your love of casual games.
I'm sure if we could, we would love to just sit down with you and play games together (the Internet's crossword puzzle)


Need help with the "Bomb" level of Violet Vault. Since you can't push/pull the crates away from the wall, what do you do? If you hear a faint whine coming from this message, you're not wrong. :-)

mixedmetaphor April 4, 2008 6:10 PM

violet vault: "no frills" and "the bomb". sooooooo stuck. anyone?

OtherBill April 4, 2008 6:30 PM

No Frills:

Go straight up (important!), pick up the cross key. Go around the level clockwise to get the square key. Once you unlock the square-key door, push the crate out to work a bridge to the exit.

The Bomb:

push the crate on the right wall into the upper right corner, and the crate on the bottom wall two spaces to the left.

mixedmetaphor April 4, 2008 6:48 PM

thank you so much, OtherBill!


I'm having trouble with 3 Steps to Heaven in Orange Library. At one point, I need to get a metal block, I think, to cross a gap, but i can't figure out how to get it.

Any help would be awesome.


The ad-security problem seems to be resolved, and the game's working just fine.

Now...I can't get the ghosts out of Spirit Guide's first room. Any hints?

Mordecai April 5, 2008 4:12 PM

I can't get the website to load at all...I tried yesterday and today. I had it working the day before yesterday, though.


lot of people asking for help lol.

This is definately one game that is begging for someone to put up a full walkthrough, and I think it the sort of game where that should be avoided at all costs :P

only halfway through the orange library so far after an hour. in the first chapter and a half I have to say: outstanding level design, elegant and well thought. Interface gets a tad sticky when doing long moves but that happens with a lot of similar things, interface is otherwise faultless.

There seems no shortage of ideas and certain it doesnt get boring. Actually if im not careful this will be stealing me away from reality for a couple days :P, it's addictive

Only weakness if any is sometimes the clues give away a little too much and make a couple of the levels easier than they need to be. Ok, I don't have to read the clues, but I feel compelled (must miss nothing! you should see me go down every single isle in a supermarket, can't miss one)

It's not a biased report Jay, it's just a good game. Actualy probably the best I've seen in a long time.

Someone remind me to get around to registering for here, I'm commenting more and more :P

Mordecai April 5, 2008 11:27 PM

Anyone have any ideas why I can't connect to the site? It doesn't work in Firefox or Safari....every other site works fine. Using the latest Leopard build, and I really want to resume my game XD.

The entire gimme 5 games site does not load.

Cerulean April 6, 2008 11:26 AM

I've become more interested in figuring out what the tiny text on that banner says. It's the one that's three tiles wide, as seen as in "No Frills" (The longer one in the main hall is made by copying sections of it). I'm pretty sure it says "everyone on this game will be _______ by the end of the year I swear it - Mom" ...but I can't make out that one word.


My interpretation of the banner message: "everyone on this game will be ___________ by the end of the guard tower - [three initials, belonging to the author/level designer/etc.]" I presume the blank is a synonym for "frustrated," "exasperated," "pulling our hair out," etc. and "the guard tower" refers to a level of some sort.

By the way, I got past the first part of Spirit Guide. Hint:

Don't place the first block against the bottom edge. Also, hold down the second switch with another block--don't try to rely on the ghosts to keep it held down for you.

Ezrabbit April 6, 2008 4:29 PM

Whatever problems G5G is experiencing with GameJacket (their ad server) they will most likely remain until the working week resumes.
So some of us can probably expect loading and saving problems at least until sometime Monday.
Weekends are great in general, but they're horrible for getting problems sorted.
Oh well.

Anonymous April 7, 2008 4:33 AM

do i have to finish all chapters in order to access black sanctum?

mixedmetaphor April 7, 2008 9:26 AM

did anyone else find it odd in the violet vault's "ghost haste" that you can

finish the level without ever using the key?

OtherBill April 7, 2008 12:40 PM


No, I found there were a few levels I could solve other than the "intended" way.

All in all, I was disappointed with the Indigo Vault--there was only one level I'd really call "difficult". I hope the Black Levels are harder.

OtherBill April 7, 2008 12:43 PM

*ahem* ...I meant Violet Vault, of course. All in all, I think the Indigo levels here uniformly harder than the Violet ones.


Can anyone help me out at the Orange Library's "Big and Clever? Just like Mr_Physics and Gringo that's the only one I'm stuck. Help me, please!


Completely stuck in the Violet Vault, Hannibal Spectre. Any advice?

spicynacho April 8, 2008 4:29 PM

The game itself seems to take a few notes from Edgar Allen Poe's 'Mask of the Red Death'. In the story a Noble held a ball with a 1000 of his friends to escape the plauge called 'red death'. There we're eight differently colored rooms. The colors match each of the areas of this game. In the end everyone dies. Perhaps it is ment that this mansion is where the party was held! Not sure if that is the intention but Im sure the story played a part in the idea of the game's 8 different areas and the fact that being killed by the ghosts is called 'red death'.

OtherBill April 8, 2008 5:14 PM

Hannibal Spectre:

Here's a hint...just ignore all the switches.


Any help on Violet Vault, Level "Plan Ahead"? I keep

ending up short one box.


Amy, on "Plan Ahead"

Go down through the left open door, under the box and bring it up to the locked door. Then go back down and into the lower right room.


Why, thank you very much mixedmetaphor! :D


Thank you so much, Shuffledog! I must have been suffering from a mental block. :)


Does anyone have the walkthrough to "unlucky for everyone"? Please help.


Plan Ahead is a tough one. I think this is an easier explanation for those having a tough time.

At the start, go into the right door of the lower left room. Get the skull and turn around and back up. Then go to the left door in the lower left room. Stop just short of the switch and make a right, but before you get to the right wall (still in the lower left room), go down and below the box there. Push the box all the way up into the upper left room (where you started) until it blocks the locked door (that needs the circular key). After you moved the box, go back down in the lower left room and enter the lower right room. Move one of the boxes to the far right wall in order to send the ghost into the lower left room (get the two skulls too, of course). Make sure to keep the other box somewhere in the middle because you will next need to move it up into the upper right room. When the ghost hits the switch in the lower left room, you grab the key in the lower right room.
Now open the door to the upper right room and then move back down to get the box in the lower right room. Move the box all the way to the top in the upper right room (avoiding the ghost there, of course). The box will drop into the open spot there. Then move right to the wall, down one, get the skull and move to the left, pushing the box into the open spot a few tiles away. Go down to touch the switch (which places another box into the upper left room), then back up and then left into the upper left room.
Now use one of the two boxes to drop into the whole by the key gate and capture the skull. Use the other box to push into the left door of the lower left room to drop into the open spot, then go left for the last skull. Then up and outta there!


please. I'm in indigo dungeon, in the last room and i can't pass it. could somebody help me to kill the frog?

OtherBill June 17, 2008 3:58 PM

silvia: For some of the toughest levels, I've found that YouTube will often have videos of the solutions...


I enjoyed the first several chapters; but when I play through a few rooms, close the window, return to the game later (same browser and everything), and find that all my progress has been erased, it tends to diminish my enthusiasm for the game.

That kept me from playing through very much of the Violet Vault, and it's keeping me from playing through very much of the Black Sanctum.

Could someone who finishes the game please let me know if anything very interesting happens at the end?


After playing all different sanctums I have to say the black one is the toughest. Starts with easy to solve puzzles but you have to be VERY accurate and quick. My interest diminishes quickly if I have to start over and over again, just because I was too late for a split second.

Additionally, the black sanctum doesn't reveal a new enemy or new sort of puzzle as it used to be with the other ones. It just puts in all different puzzle types. Hog Frog, Magic Potion, Magic Lamp, etc...

Overall, still a neat game, but expectation where somewhat higher after the 7 sanctums before.

Thaissa June 24, 2008 2:09 PM

hi, my name's Thaissa and I'm Brazilian. Likely to know how pass the blue mansion.The two last chapter. thank you and sorry for my writing, I don't write very well.

Shuffledog June 26, 2008 2:31 PM

Stuck in the Black Sanctum, Broken Face level. I have the bottom part, just can't quite figure out the top part. Oh, and I'm at work where I can't access YouTube. Help anyone?


What a jolly little game. Only minor quibbles: t some of the levels, particularly the heavily switch-dependent ones are big rather than clever and many demand a lot of trial and error before you can work out a strategy. There's even a level in the green game where it's impossible to get the information you need and solve the game in one hit, you absolutely need to die and start again.


I'm a little behind - still on Indigo. Does anyone have a walkthrough for "Remote Control?"


To assure your progress is saved, right-click on game screen. Click settings.

A meter will show up asking you how much info the game can store.

Move the meter somewhere in the middle and you should do fine.:)


P.S. Stick with the same website you left off with the game. Cause sometimes when you go play on another site. It reads you as another person.


Has anyone noticed that there are a couple huge references to Edgar Allen Poe? Red death is an actual story about a disease that kills a lot of people. The survivers lock themselves in a palace and have a huge ball. Then red death comes in in the shape of a corpse. He goes through all of the rooms, which are the colors in this game. When he gets to red, he kills everyone there.
Also, hop-frog was a jester who killed the king and court he jested for.

I haven't found anymore refences yet, but I'll keep looking.


I can finish Babylon (orange library) with the skulls, but I can't reach the end through the door.


shout out to all the peeps who beat the game: How do you beat babylon in the orange library?!?!? thank you


i cant beat orange library???!?!?! i finished all of the levls! how is this possible?!?


how do you do check your head in the red chamber helllpppp


GAH, can someone help me in the "the big hard one" i cant get it,(its in the red chamber)i can not do it, iv been stuck on it for days now, know tis may reveal that im a moron but i just can not beat this crazed level, someone help me plz


plz help! I'm still in the red chamber, and I can't get past "filling time" it's driving me crazy! I can't find a walkthrough anywhere on the internet!


P.S. I'm not allowed on youtube


Well it appears they no longer host their own game. Anyone know if there are any mirrors?

[Thanks for pointing this out. I'll have all the games hosted here at JIG later today. Please check back in a few hours. -Jay]

thesourcehim December 19, 2015 4:18 AM

You should really verify games before posting them here:

The final level of black sanctum contains two major glitches. To complete the level, you have to use the first one (the block near cross door at the beginning is not void, you can move first box all the way down making ghost press all buttons at ones) making this level super easy. If you don't, you'll encounter second one: the box in the room with reverse potion becomes unmovable near room's door like it hit invisible wall, this of course traps you.


Note that these games are ancient, in internet terms. I'm pretty sure those levels were not glitchy when I played these games, many years ago. It's possible (probable?) that the glitches are caused by a backwards-compatibility bug in today's versions of Flash.

thesourcehim February 16, 2018 4:05 AM

I really wish there was a remake for PC, these are great games, and there's no way I can play them in modern browsers.


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