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PC Games Tuesday N°19

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Wecome to PC Tuesday - this week presents a chemical grid-based puzzler Hidden Oxygen by Meek Bits!

oxygen1.pngThe word 'chemical' in the game's description can be a bit misleading - the word 'puzzler' is more accurate. But in fact you are supposed to make an atom model again and again - it is just the atom of the same compound Carbon dioxide.

Have a good time with another puzzler!

oxygen2.pngAt the beginning, you get a board with already placed carbon atoms and you need to place correctly oxygen atoms. Each carbon atom binds two oxygen ones which can't be adjacent to each other (even diagonally) and there is only one correct solution for the board. The game has very well done tutorial and a hint system which provides a clue for the next step together with precize explanation, and highlighting the empty squares where can't be placed atoms is helpful as well. Numbers outdside a grid tell the number of oxygen atoms in corresponding row or column.

Hidden Oxygen is simple and pleasant logical puzzler inspired by Sudoku and picross - or nonogram - games. It's carefully made and invested effort to make playing comfortable is obvious. The difficulty gradually rises without sudden jumps up but you need to prove that you deserve an upgrade from Novice to Assistant or higher.


Controlled by a mouse. Autosave.

Another picross game you find in PC Games Tuesday N°9.

Google PlayHidden Oxygen - A Chemistry Puzzle Game (Android, Android Tablet)

Hidden Oxygen

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