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Parking Dash

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Rating: 3.2/5 (30 votes)
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Parking Dash

JohnBWho would have thought parking cars could be turned into a casual game? Parking Dash, following in the long footsteps of other time management games such as Diner Dash, Wedding Dash, Cooking Dash, etc., twists the genre's formula around a bit to park the game at a safe distance from Cloneville. The end result reminds me somewhat of Airport Mania — a breath of fresh air that breaks the mold in all the right places.

parkingdash.jpgYou play the role of Karma, a young woman who inherits a parking garage situated behind Flo's Diner. Needing a bit of cash, Karma decides to become the sole valet attendant of the space, parking cars and entertaining customers to earn bigger and better tips.

The core of the game is simple: park cars when a client brings one in, give it back when he or she returns. Simply click on people when they appear, then click on their car when it drives up at the bottom of the screen. Next, choose a spot to park the car, keeping in mind that cars situated against the wall will be blocked in if you park something behind it. Above each person's head is a clock that lets you know when he or she will come back, so be sure to put cars with a quick turnaround in an easy-to-reach place.

Story mode progresses as most games of this ilk do, with increasingly challenging levels that feature more impatient clients entering at a faster pace, more cars to park, and less time to deal with it all. The number of parking spaces available increases as each stage progresses, even to the point of adding lifts that can hold a car in mid-air! Basic upgrades are available between levels that help keep customers patient or makes the cars move faster.

In later levels you'll come across interesting and almost whimsical clients who have special needs or bring in cars that take up more than one space. Limousine and hummer drivers deposit vehicles that cover two spots, for example, and some customers will need preferential treatment in order to stay happy (and tip well).

parkingdash2.jpgAnalysis: Normally, games with "Dash" in their title (or "Mania", for that matter) turn me away with their decidedly unoriginal names. If a game can't bother to have an exciting title, why would I expect its content to be exciting? Parking Dash broke that stereotype, however, and managed to slide itself under my radar with its slightly different approach to the genre. The game blends the conventions of time management sims at almost every turn, creating a captivating experience I found I kept wanting to come back to.

There are around 50 levels in all, plenty to keep you occupied with the ins and outs of running a small valet service. With the variety of upgrades, car types and other small chores, there's enough content here for several multi-hour sessions. And the way Parking Dash is built, you won't have any frustrated gaming sessions, just smooth and delicious parking bliss.

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Tranchera December 6, 2008 9:24 PM

I didn't like it. The graphics were sub-par and using the same sprites as the Diner Dash games (with a completely different game mechanic) is just confusing.


I found the game to be frustrating. I felt like I needed to know ahead of time what cars were coming in, because sometimes you get stuck with a limo and nowhere to put it. It's irritating. Also, trying to fuss with the "radio" was just silly.


No Linux version?


I had fun for exactly 11 levels and half an upgrade screen, but then the demo ended. I wish Comcast still had the download games that's demos never ended. It was really fun! and I'm assuming each area is 10 levels/'days'



QUOTE: And the way Parking Dash is built, you won't have any frustrated gaming sessions, just smooth and delicious parking bliss.

QUOTE: I found the game to be frustrating.

Who's right? JhonB or KL?


You know what? I blame Harvest Moon.

That's where it all started, really. Once we accepted that a farming simulator was an acceptable game premise, that's all she wrote. Nobody plays games about saving princesses or searching for magical MacGuffins to restore tainted kingdoms anymore. Now we all think games that simulate being a valet is a great idea. (Now with realistic, low tipping action!)

I'm not coming down on it, really. I play all of these sorts of games. I just think it's interesting that if you'd told me ten years ago someone would make something like this and have it sell (and probably well), I'd have called you a liar, then gone back to caring for virtual chickens.

Strange, strange world these days . . .


I hate diner dash games. They anger me with their idiocy and I can not understand why so many people love them. So when I saw this game, my first reaction was to say no. But I gave it a try and to my surprise, I actually enjoyed playing.

This game is thousands of times better than the diner dash games. I hope to see more of this game. It is well worth buying this game, it's kept me amused for quite a while and I'm only about halfway through. It's at a difficulty level where it's not too easy, but it's not too hard. Very fun.

A tip for people struggling:

Instead of trying to do everyone as they come, instead wait until there are 4 or 5 people waiting and then sort them out in the best sort of way. And always get the patience upgrades so that you have longer to sort people out. Once you start doing these things the game becomes a lot easier.

fuzzyface December 8, 2008 2:56 PM

for a time management game this is suprisingly not soo bad after all. Why because the different sizes of the cars make a real challenge other than clicking fast.

After Miss Management this is the second time management game I'd ever play for a prolonged time...



I know these commercial casual games are Jay's bread and butter and it's nowadays obligatory to sift through bloated advert.. ahem, "reviews" of them to perhaps find a new gem of a quality Flash game, but lately it seems that ANY commercial casual game makes the cut.

Seriously, this game is so derivative and subpar it perhaps deserves a blurb like "A new Diner Dash clone is out.", but nooo.. it gets a thousand-word review, with words like "bliss" and a "captivating experience I found I kept wanting to come back to". OK, the game is not THAT bad, but seriously, are those the most objective words one would use to describe it in a "review"?


I am on level 11 and for some reason when the second limo comes in it won't park. What is the problem?


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