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Ouverture Facile

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Rating: 4.7/5 (29 votes)
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ouverturefacile.jpgJohnBOuverture Facile is not a delicious appetizer at a fancy restaurant, it's an online puzzle/riddle game with loads of style. Ouverture Facile is French for "easy opening" and it works in the same style as God Tower, Dumb: The Game and Not Pr0n. Where this game really shines is in its clever use of online media to stump you in countless new ways.

See the image, find the clues, check the page's source code for another hint. You know the drill. Ouverture Facile mixes things up quite a bit and doesn't always put hints in the same place on each level. What the puzzles do have in common, however, is a big CLUE button at the bottom that gives you a hint to the puzzle's solution, plus an icon that lets you save your progress. The game also has a nice sense of humor. Try typing a few overly-obvious answers in some of the URL-altering levels, see what kind of response you get.

Ouverture Facile will keep you busy for quite some time with its unique and clever riddles. The game is available in English and French and has over 90 different puzzles to solve. You'll need an image editor and sound player that works with mp3 files, both of which are linked from the "game rules" section before you begin the game. Other than that, this is all you need to do:

Play Ouverture Facile

A big thanks to Digger, Kristy, Jasper, Tony and Luke for letting us know about this one!


I saw this on Digg.com a few weeks back and am on level 20 at the moment. It's like all the other similar games. If you liked them you'll like this. If not, don't try it.

I'll bookmark this page and check back a few times so if you need clues just ask. Check the clue forums first though.


Well, the rest of my day is shot. Thanks. ;)


I can't get past level 2

I make the arrow but I don't know where to type the word "up".

baba44713 January 18, 2007 9:50 AM

Yay, another browser puzzle game. I can never get enough of those. *sigh*


Right off the bat, level 06.

First three are ascii, got that.

4) is giving me fits. It's not a simple anagram of the letters. With the numbers it's not a substitution cipher. What am I missing?


level 2

the question mark asks you a question

the answer is what you type in the URL


Level 6:

You know you can move the "scraps of paper" along the bottom of the screen, right?

Are you certain it's not a substitution cipher?

ok, it's not a cipher exactly...

For what it's worth, the clue didn't really help me... in fact, it made me think quite a ways in the wrong direction.



Number 6:

Use an ascii table for the first three lines:

Water, Fire, Earth

So the remaining one is Air, right? And there's numbers to spell "air" in ascii
The letters below those numbers spell holddlls.htm
But this answer doesn't work! I'm sure I'm on the right track though..


It's no cipher I could find. I've almost tried things like adding the letter to the end of the word. I'm assuming it's something to do with the previous three items, but yeah, nothing so far.


What is five? i cant get it for the life of me



Move the application around, reveals some files.

This isn't terribly intuitive, but put the names of the files in the address bar, like you would a clue

Should help.


Level 9:

Tofu + Wine + Salt = ?
Something disgusting, I'd think.


Level 6:

(Don't read this spoiler unless you've already read all of Jarod's spoilers above)

You are definitely on the right track

The cursive writing is a little hard to read

Notice all of the "L"'s in the puzzle have the same number on them?

There is only one "d" in the answer.


Got it... but it was a bit of a stab in the dark.

Think staples

How wide is the entry box?


Man, I know you're trying Bryan, I wish I was smarter.

So, there's only one "d" in the answer, but there are two shown. And yes, all the letter/number matches are the same, so it's got to be a replacement cipher, I just can't figure it.

I'll keep working on it. (How do you do nested spoiler tags?)


well, here's a few hints for 6 for all the idiots like me

The bottom bits are pieces you can move.

You don't use all of them.

The game maker's handwriting is really bad. 0/d 5/a, not 5/d.

the end word is either two words with no relationship or one word that i've never heard before.


Agh! I'm the worst at these games, but I love 'em. I'm still stuck on level 2. I've read all the hints and I'm still stuck!



Just follow the arrow and...

change URL for next level


I can't get level 6...the spoilers previously posted didn't help.


How do you get past level 4? the hints don't really help.


Big warning: Level 23 would likely be considered NSFW for most workplaces - in part the

page title

might get someone's attention, but mostly the

image you reconstruct

could cause many some grief, despite the fact that

the "naughty bits" are covered by the answer.


I am having a nightmare trying to think of the link between the 3 items on 9.

I have

tofu, salt and wine

but can't for the life of me get what the link is. The above clue hasn't helped at all!

Anyone have any ideas?


Aha! I cracked it.

you need to be more precise. Tofu, wine and salt help, but they aren't exactly what you're looking for!


Level 9:

Be more precise

Don't over think it... take my hint to be more precise literally


Fenners, I somehow completely missed your "Aha!" post before my attempt to give you a nudge =)

This is the best game of it's style I've ever played, BIG thanks to JohnB for posting it (and also to those who recommended it to be posted).

Up to 27 now, which I'm going to save for the weekend.


hello all,

as i'm french, i know this game from a long time now and i stopped at approximatively level 40.
this is not a so good game because it has sometime a problem of precision concerning clues that makes players search too long for a simple question.
it makes players install programs and sharewares too resolve enigma.
and seriously, if you don't speak very well french, it will be to difficult (play on word...).
sometimes, you'll have to search for a place in french towns with www.mappy.com and find a french street name.

but if you think you can go through more than hundreds of enigmas in french, here is a very good advice:
keep a bookmark of each page!!! because at level 38 for example, it will ask you to remember the result of enigma 8 and this happen more than one time.

I don't say that this is a bad game but i really think it is too difficult for non french people



oh, i am totally stuck at three, i did mirror, rorrim and level4, but none worked...



I don't know French at all but managed to get to level 50 in about one week. There is no need to install any shareware, quite opposite authors recommend some good freeware programs that may assist you in solving some of the puzzles, although you may solve most if not all of them even by using Paint and SoundRecorder already provided by Windows installation. There is also difference between English and French versions of the game where French has 92 levels and English has 75 levels that has been translated and adapted to English speaking players.


Hi there. I realise it may be stupidly easy but i'm stuck on level 3....Any hints?

baba44713 January 19, 2007 6:00 AM

Vink, you ARE aware that there is an adapted english version too, now, right?

As for the game, it is a little bit more clever then the usual flare of brosweruzzles (that's my word and no you cannot use it, you can just admire it from the distance). Still, I'm more fond of "contained" puzzles then these which can give you too many options and considerations and sometimes make the act of solving more a matter of luck (because you concentrated on the right thing) then anything else. Also, they are getting a bit stale by now.


i might be dumb but i can't get level #3! any help would appreciated.


Lauz & squeak

Do you remember what you had to do to get to level 3?

Now do it again but as you are looking in the mirror.


digger, i know this is a tad late to reply but this is the first I've gotten to a computer since then. I tried changing

level2.htm to up.htm

but that didn't work and I'm stuck! I need a specific hint. I just know this'll be one of those things where once you know, you slap your forehead but gimme a break, I'm 13.


How do you level 5? I know it's easy, but my brain has died. plz help!

lopsidation January 19, 2007 6:13 PM

Okay, I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I'm stuck on lvl4. I've tried:

and even yoshimibattlesthepinkrobots.html.

What is it?



Maybe arrow is there only to point to the object that needs to be changed

If URL for Level 2 was level2.htm and let's forget the game and that arrow for a second, what name would you give to URL for Level 3?




Find Pink Floyd album with that cover and check the Clue page


I'm having a purely technical problem with level 15

I can't figure out how to layer the images so that i can connect the dots. I've downloaded gimp, but I can't find any obvious way to do it. I have all 5 sets of dots, and I even tried printing them all out on one sheet so that they overlapped, but the 1-2-3 didn't line up like the clue says they should, and what I ended up with looks a lot like 'floughtm' which I'm sure can't be right lol. Is there anyone who can help me with this from a technical point of view. or failing that, just give me a nudge towards the answer so I can continue? much thanks :D

m.a.r.i.a January 19, 2007 8:25 PM

I just started today and I'm on level 4 so far and I need help! I put in the albums name and it didn't work!


What is it with me?! I am having problems with level 13 now. Have been stuck on it for a good while and just haven't got a clue what to do. I think I've rearranged the puzzle into the right sort of shape but there seem to be far too many places to put it to get a word. One thought I had was do the Xs match up in a row of column? If so that may be a help...

Any thoughts anyone?


stuck on lvl7 I know whats needed, but the program won't run

sndrec32 not working, the answer is being played backwards,


Argh! Why is it whenever I post I get the answer soon afterwards without any further help?!

Level 13:

It really is a case of 'from x to x' in every sense. Look for the Xs!



You're on the right lines, you just need to use a little thought and think back to what you may have done in previous puzzles. As for the word you seemingly have, just keep staring at it, look at it from across the room perhaps. Maybe even try writing it out yourself?
It'll come to you. And it is a word.
I hope that helps :)


i'm on level 43 so if anyone needs any help just ask



Level 7

Check Effects options of Sound Recorder, may find something to put it in right direction and speed


I'm stuck on level 4. I have the name of the album but that's not working, and I don't get anything particularly useful when I refer to the clue page. Can anyone help?

Jeremy H. January 20, 2007 5:10 PM

oh no, about Level 10

I had solved the puzzzel and...

i've got the little paper scratch says Good Luck! and the pan stamp of last page

but the problem is...It's so hard to read!

i tried telerisi.cn.htm and television.htm but neither of them work

please help me!! >



are you sure you typed it right, because one of your guesses is correct solution


cant get level 3 still what do u mean in the mirorr it doent do any thing


Cant get past levle 3 and cant figer out what u mean by do it in the mirorr


To get you all started on a right foot here are solutions for first 10 levels

Level 1

Move the pieces and click on the brain

Level 2

Solve the jigsaw and get an arrow that points to URL. Change it to level3.htm for next level

Level 3

Need to change URL again. But type mirrored version of it 3level.htm will give you mirrored page and 4level.htm will get you to next level

Level 4

Solve the jigsaw. It's a picture from a cover of Pink Floyd album Animals. Clue page says Track 4 which is Sheep so solution is sheep.htm

Level 5

Move the playlist to reveal two more desktop icons. Change URL to user.jpg -> 'little', change url to password.mp3 -> 'game'. Click on element.html and enter username and password

Level 6

Using ASCII table convert numbers to letters to get:
1) water
2) fire
3) earth
Missing element is 4) air. Convert it back to numbers and use the movable pieces with numbers and letters to get holdalls.htm

Level 7

Use any kind of sound recorder (Clue page suggests sndrec32) to record the sound. Use program options to reverse the sound and speed it up a bit. Play it to hear -> 'communication'

Level 8

It's like typing an SMS message press each number as many times as it appears on the picture 7x1=p 5x3=l 2x1=a 4x3=i 6x2=n -> type 'plain' and press OK

Level 9

Take a screenshot or printout. Connect same colors with a straight line. To get colors from equation you have to mix colors:
black & white -> grey
red & yellow -> orange
blue & yellow -> green
Find over which letters do they intersect to get solution -> 'oil'

Level 10

Change URL to see page2b.jpg, it's not the one you need. Try page2a.jpg and you can read
'The next level is

I'm currently on level 56, after week and a half. It's not easy but it's fun.


now i cant get passed levle 12 help


Okay, I don't get 12...

I know I have to 'grow up' the rabbit, but how?

Jeremy H. January 21, 2007 5:57 AM

Thanks digger, i just passed level 12 but now stuck again at level 13.

the hint indicates a word

started from X end with X

I'm pretty sure


is not on the puzzel...

Jeremy H. January 21, 2007 6:01 AM

Oh hey Morwen,

You only need to do a little work

to make the little rabbit "grow bigger"


i really dont understand level 11, please help if you want to.


Stuck on 11

do I need a paint prog for this lvl?


Anybody got any hints for 22? I looked through the clues and the other forum and have been hopelessly confused.

Jeremy H. January 21, 2007 2:48 PM

I'm over the puzzle now but i'm still stuck on Level 13

it says

The answer to this riddle is the word particles X

I feel so stupid myself, could anyone help?! >

Jeremy H. January 21, 2007 2:56 PM

Ahhhhh!~~~ never mind I got it

Lvl 13, try to think more



Fenners for Level 22

Take the word from URL and convert to ASCII like in Level 6, than do a conversion to binary like Level 20.

you can find missing parts in images

key.jpg and key.png

Do Logical XOR operation on binaries and convert it back to get final answer.

Jeremy H. January 21, 2007 5:50 PM

argh...for level 15

I've tryied different layout of the dots but nothing came to me. It doesn't look like a word but bunch of overlap triangles. Since there's only five of them I tried to put them side ways, nothing happened either.

what should I do >

Jeremy H. January 21, 2007 6:06 PM

jan...this is not as complicated as you think
just type in whatever you see on the screen
don't bother with the guy smoking, haha


Jeremy for Level 15

Are you sure you have all the dots?

There are 5 pages with dots a.htm to e.htm.
Join them together in image editor by making white transparent. There is tutorial in official forum how to do it with Paint if that's all you got.

Handwriting is bit odd so third letter in solution is **a*.***


got everything for 13 and still can't beat it heelllllppp


Here are levels 11-20

Level 11

Turn on the TV. Either play with brightness on your monitor or take screen capture and brighten image in some image editor. There is hidden text in upper right corner

Level 12

Clue says "grow up" so instead little.htm type big.htm. Check rabbit feet for solution.

Level 13

Solve the jigsaw but make sure red X's are position over X's on background image. You'll get "The answer to this riddle is the word particles"

Level 14

Just type 'obvious'

Level 15

Collect all images with dots a.htm to e.htm. Combine them together in some image editor. Join the dots and you'll get 'flag.htm' in bit odd handwriting

Level 16

Hex values are RGB color values for green, yellow and blue. Find country with that flag.

Level 17

Get images yin.jpg and yang.jpg. Make white transparent on image yang.jpg and lay it over yin.jpg. Rotate joined image 180 degrees and you can read 'machine'

Level 18

Take screenshot and rotate it 180 degrees. It is a bit odd but you can find normal.html in subtitle text

Level 19

This one takes a bit patience. Right click and Zoom In once ore twice. Move image around until you find the solution. It's somewhere in bottom left of the image. You'll get something that looks like error page, but read it carefully

Level 20

It's binary 1's and 0's, ignore the dashes. Convert each to decimal and than substitute each number with it's alphabet letter (a=1, b=2, ...). Upper part spells 'late', bottom part spells solution 'chat'


i had to look at the password for level 5 because I've never been able to make quicktime files work on firefox. I hope there aren't more puzzles involving QT.

Roseycheeks January 22, 2007 9:54 PM

I got to level 20 and solved it!!
but after i typed in

late chat

and clicked ok, i got this page that says blocked by netgear firewall.
Is it just my fault that ive got girewall, so i dont getta see the next puzzle? can somebody give me the link for the 21st puzzle or something? thanksss =]



That's not a correct solution for Level 20


ok so im stuck and level 19 and need help

i have no idea what to do, i think i've found what i'm supposed to find but im not sure what to do with that

gambinobug January 23, 2007 5:17 PM

I am so stuck on level 20. I did the work and have the two words but I dont know where to go from here. Like rosycheeks I tried these words and it did not work. What to do now?


For level 20:

the arrows might help...

gambinobug January 23, 2007 9:33 PM

Thanks. I just had to stare at it for a while.

here u are January 23, 2007 9:38 PM

look at the arrows.

chat is pointed down to the box, late is pointed up into infinity.

gambinobug January 23, 2007 10:18 PM

Any help on 21? I got as far as the stream error but now I am stuck.


Level 21

Checking source code on stream error page might help


Nevermind on the level 13 I just stared at that screen for 2 hours and I only now just noticed the little box in the corner with the OK button...oops


UGH, I still can't get 21!!

Somebody help??


Level 21

You have left, front and right. Which one is missing?

Go to back.htm

What is correct name for that page?

It's incorrect.htm

Look into the source code and check spelling for flash element

Stream is at incorrect.swf

I'm sure you can handle it from here


In Level 22 I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing, I know I'm supposed to take the URL from Level 6 and convert it to decimal but what part of the URL do I use and how do you convert text to decimal?? I've looked it up in google but I still don't get it, maybe I'm being really stupid but I've been stuck on this level for 2 weeks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Scroll up, I've explained Level 22 before.

You only need the word without extension

For conversion try searching Google for "JavaScript ASCII Converter"


level 13 please? The jigsaw peices wont fit- which is driving me bonkers, and diggers hints dont help, (soz digger) and there are 2 x's. am i nuts or is this impossible!?



There are only two letters X on the crossword like background. Find them and position those two pieces with red X over each one of them. You can figure out which one goes where. And if you really can't solve it there is solution in previous spoiler as well.

cutiecatie1992 January 27, 2007 10:12 PM

i wanna figure it out myself, but i dont remember the url's for levels 6 & 20, can someone give them to mee?


can anyone help me with 26??
i searched the latitude & longitude,
& i thought that it meant the creator of the statue of liberty, but i tried his name & it didnt work. any help??



just use the last name and no caps


It is a good idea to write down all the solutions because there are some later levels where you have to return to them, so my advice would be to start over from beginning and write down URLs and solutions. If you did it once it shouldn't be hard to repeat it, and you have spoilers for levels 1-20 in previous comments.


thank you, im now copying everything i did lol.
now im stuck on level 27, i dont think im anywhere near solving this one.i think its a street in france of something,like someone said ^^ but idk, i looked at the journals, but i didnt get anything from themm. this level and the one with the cards made me lose like 20 hours of my life.
someone helpp me pweasee??



Some levels take time to solve. It's good to take breaks while solving and maybe some new idea will come up.

Level 27

Did you check pigeon logs (6 of them), and did you find the map?


i did, and i eventually figured it out, its just everytime i post a help thingy, i get the answer like, two seconds later.


Alright I'm totally stuck on level 22. Help?

I converted

decibel into decimals and then into binary. then i used the xor key with decibel and unsound in their binary forms. then i converted the number back into decimals. so i used the alt codes to get the symbols in notepad and compared them to the chart..but the word i got doesn't work.

any ideas as to where i went wrong? any help would be greatly appreciated.


Anybody have any ideas for 34?
I just can't seem to make any headway at all.


Fenners / Level 34

Maybe you are looking at the false Clue


Can anyone give me some help on level 24? The one with the French Cards.


Level 22

I XORed the two (both "decibel" and "unsound" in binary) and have the resulting number

, and i opened the file

key.png so i have the chart

but i can't for the life of me figure out how to do step 4, labeled Level 6 in the riddle. i keep getting symbols that are not on the chart.

help please explain this step more clearly, as the above explanations weren't enough...


Ray - Lvl 22

After XOR operation on two binaries you should get
XOR -> 0010001-0001011-0010000-0000110-0010111-0001011-0001000

Returning it to decimal -> 17-11-16-6-23-11-8
And solution is:



i dun get number 23 :( help plzz


wait nvm i got lvl 23 but now i've spent like 2 days on 24 can someone help?


i need help on lvl 23!!!!!! i cant figure it out!!!!


stupid lv 23, why do you have to make lv's where u have to use other programs, thats not cool :P (im just lazy). Well please tell me how to do lv 23 cuz i dl hex editor and idk wtf to do


You're right lvl 23 sucks
Help Help Help


i dont get 16 at all and digger you said it but i dont get it at all ?! please help someone



google for "Flag Detective"


I thought that this was supposed to be a walkthrough...


sorry but i need help on level 24 help!!!


help on 26!! please help!!


Finally, I've finished all 76 levels. It wasn't easy, but it sure was fun.


OK...i really dont get level 6....i tried what it said way up there but still cant do it! I even pulled up an ascii table...HELP!

anna banana February 20, 2007 3:44 PM

okay... i really do not understand level 23. i dont have hex editor, whatever that is, and i dont know how to do any of the stuff the previous spoilers said to do.




opening ey.txt mil.zip and emily.jpg didn't really help me and the zip file itself was either corrupted or something.

help ?


got it !
its not easy but its surely fun doing this things for the very 1st time

download a hex editor and open both the mil and ey file with it..you will see that in the mil file, there will be 2020 part and a 3030 part, replace those parts(ie copy and paste) with the entire ey hex code.
(meaning you'l have to paste one time @ the 2020 part and once again @ 3030 part)
save the whole thing and open the file with the windows image preview thing...
u will see her boobies..covered in the words..

kit ...something something

have fun


Need level25

i cant seem to relate the clues

morse? morse code?

so what?

MelancholyofChase February 24, 2007 4:16 PM

Hello, this is regarding Level 23. I get what to do from reading above but it seems, that this 14 year old brain of mine isn't too good, cause I have no idea what the second file to download (the 'mil'). To put it simply I don't know the file extension.


I'm having trouble with lvl 23.

I changed those 2020 3030 part, saved the file, but then I can't open ey.txt file again in windows picture viewer. How do I change ey.txt to ey.jpg?


In 26 I know

it's abaut latitude and longitude, and I know this thing is on Long Island but I can't figure out what is that famous thing. Building? Statue? Bridge? Beach? Lighthouse?

I don't know what to look for anymore.


KiKa - lvl 26

Are you sure you're looking at right island.

Check your coordinates again because when you get to right place it's really hard to miss the famous thing there.


Got it now. I was looking on the wrong place all the time. Thanks digger

Lefteris March 5, 2007 6:17 PM

im stuck on level 23 for days.

I dont understand what the word ''part'' means.

please reveal the answer.its unfear. i dont know how to use this Hex Editor


yea anyone wanna help me on lvl 3? haha


how to deal with the chart in level 22
I've got the last series of number
but how i could convert them right?
need some help


I am stuck on lvl 23 also!

I have downloaded a hex editor but don't know what to do with it.
I take it the 2020 and 3030 parts refer to the numbers on the left hand side and the hex code is just all of the other cryptic junk.
I looked at the mil.zip file and it had neither a 2020 part or a 3030 part
the ey file did though
i tried pasting the mil file into the 2020 and 3030 parts of ey
all i got was more random numbers
i tried opening my result in windows picture and fax viewer and all i got was the same picture from the ey file. please could i get help preferably an email to [email protected] with all the details including the software used and all the other steps i need to know.
basically: I NEED HELP! ;>


Can you help me?
I am so stuck on level 13. I'm see "The answer to this riddle is the word particles" but what is the answer? Pliss, help me


what is the answer to level 23?
I dont know what'week87'means with kit...soemthing something

please help me!


Level 23

Ok to do this download a hex editor. I used this one http://www.hexworkshop.com/
Weeks87 posted how to do above. But he got the file names backwards. First, download the two files: ey.txt and mil.zip by typing them into the url. Your browser should ask you to download those files. Now that you have those you need to open both files in that program I linked above in this post, there is a tab on the bottom of the viewer in the program for easy switching.
Now to get you the picture with you answer. You will notice in the ey.txt file there are a lot of lines of hex. We don't care about that right now. Look at the right column of the three there. That is your translation of all that garbage on the left. You will see to large blocks with repeating values. First block are a bunch of spaces with some periods. The code is repeating itself (2020 2020 2020 2020 200A 2020 2020 ...etc) This is dummy data. Switch to the mil.zip Select ALL of the code, edit->select all. Switch back to the ey.txt file tab. In the ey.txt tab, highlight all that code that is repeating, the 2020 2020 200A's. With all of that highlighted select paste.
Now scroll down farther in the ey.txt tab and you will see another patter of repeating code, dummy data. This time the translation is a bunch of 0's over and over again, the code is 3030 over and over again. Select all of those 3030's and past the entire mil.zip code in there also.
Save the file as emily(or whatever).jpg Open the picture up and the code is there. Good luck!



now stuck on 27 :P

Christine April 13, 2007 4:02 PM

i can't get the brightness on my computer to go up for 11.

what is the answer!!


I cant figure out number 11!!! well, actually I can, but...

I don't have an image editor which can change brightness

Do not post a URL to download one, just please give me an answer


Thanks Dudits

Ill see if it works this time

(fingers crossed)


thanks dudits

this tip really worked although the hex editor you said to use wouldn't work on my pc so i used cygnus hex editor

either way i have done it now


dan (me again) April 14, 2007 11:39 AM

how do you do level 24?!


How do you do level 35


hey i'm on a mac, i cant really do lvl23, please help me with the answer. Thanks


If anyone is stuck on ANY of the levels:

The following spoiler contains the URL of a walkthrough for leves 1-69

Rich Li May 6, 2007 2:15 PM

level 11

You don't need to brighten
just right click and zoom in on the upper right corner of the screen

Charlie May 6, 2007 8:41 PM

ehhh stuck on level 64 anyone help?


Can someone please tell me what a XOR is? I have the unique part of level 6 converted to decimal ASCCII but I have no idea what to do with it



i need help on 24, French Cards

i have got the names of the cards and worked out that the numbers relate a letter in each of the cards names

but when i did this all i got was...


this dosent work and i have tryed writing backwards and adding letters too, so am i missing something...maybe to do with the blank cards?
can someone please help me


oh its ok, i have just doubble checked the letters and found where i went wrong


i don't get 64


Bouhhhh !!!

Honte à vous !! shame on you !!!

Ce n'est pas bien de donner les solutions aux énigmes sur le web !

"Ouverture Facile is a flash riddle game with a growing difficulty. In these riddles you will progress each level at a time using your brain, several clues hidden in this website and searching all over the web to learn what you don't know to solve the riddles."

"All you don't know"...but not the solutions !!!
What the interest to play riddles games if you don't find solutions by yourself !
Go away if you don't want to use your brain !!!



yup stuck on 64 :(


I can't pass level5 'cause I can't open my windows media player so i can't ear the password.. i know already the user name.. can anybody help me?


can't pass level 64.. can anyone help me?

paranoiaC August 19, 2007 4:23 AM

some help to lvl24? i realized that there're numbers on the back of the cards, but not only
I really need some help, lvl22 take all my powers, it were really a sux level.

Dr. Oran Gutango August 19, 2007 7:14 PM

Need Help on level 25! i cant get this level.. how can i solve this?

i tried to convert it into morse code, but the only thing i get is IAUMÄ.. what do i have to do?



Alright, for all of you who can't seem to get level 25 at all, here's the way to solve it.

The walrus's message is morse code, Google for a translation chart. The honking, non-monotone sound indicate the beginning and end of the message, each series of shorts and longs is a letter

And for those of you who can't get it from that, here's the answer


Anonymous October 15, 2007 7:03 PM

How are we supposed to play the sound at lv 7?

Little Smarty Pants!!! November 3, 2007 10:37 PM

I can't get past level 64

The one with the symphony

Please Help!!!



Ack. I know there are a couple explanations for number 22, but I still don't understand it.
Could someone try to really dumb it down?
It would be appreciated. :)

Snowmiddy May 27, 2008 7:29 PM

I know I'm stupid for getting stuck at such an early level, but i think there's some point i'm not getting. i've been working at it for half an hour and i can't seem to figure out what i'm missing, i've read both clues already. help T^T

Snowmiddy May 30, 2008 7:21 PM

okay, please? I read the spoiler but i don't understand it, and i don't just want to use the spoiler. Where did you get


from anyway? and how does that work? sorry, I'm only a teenager and I don't know that much ^^;



i need help with level 13
can sum one help meeh

renzoljd July 18, 2008 11:03 PM

Anonymous -

Try reversing and speeding the sound 2 times.

Little Smarty Pants!!! -

Connect the same notes together to get zero.mp3. You will also need one.mp3, two.mp3, all the way until six.mp3. Get the letters and make the last letters line together. Work from column-to-column to get the repeated letters.

Emily -

6 Steps:
1. Convert "decibel" into ASCII.
2. Convert it into Binary.
3. Go to key.jpg. Do the first 2 steps with the word. Do a logical XOR operation with the Binary strings.
4. Convert new binary code back into ASCII.
5. Convert it back into letters. You'll get some symbols.
6. Go to key.png. Use the table to decode.

Snowmiddy -

Convert the numbers back into text. Find the missing element. Convert the missing element into ASCII. Use the flashcards to match the ASCII code.

Kiara -

Make sure all the red X's are lined with the normal X's. Line up each piece with another piece. You should read "The answer to this riddle is the word particles".


For level 64.

Try typing in zero.mp3 and listen to it, you can figure the higher numbers from zero. Also pay great attention to the notes if you miss the point.


I see "The answer to this riddle is the word particles" - I put "?" and this move me to the start of game!


Is the game broken at the moment, I cant seem to get onto it anymore =(


Is this game ok for kids?

dances_with_syne February 16, 2010 3:25 PM

I'm stuck on 64. I look around and see I'm not alone. The only thing I've got is

I've gotten that the capital letters are music chords. . . but that's all. I'm not sure if I'm even on the right track

Anyone mind helping me out?

By the way, I've been having trouble downloading the music files lately.

Anonymous March 9, 2010 9:06 PM

If you get stuck on any level and you want to just skip it

just change the number that comes after level in the address bar eg)http://www.ouverture-facile.com/riddles/level24.htm for level 24


Has anybody else tried

putting in "level4", "5", etc instead of three?

I was really hopeful for a sec there. 'Cept that'd be cheatin', eh?


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