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Noahorangutan.jpg From David Thorburn, the fertile mind behind the enormous Teagames site, Orangutwang is a cute and original Flash-based action game. As with most of the other work available on Teagames, Orangutwang manages to blend Thorburn's remarkable physics expertise with simple and intuitive casual gameplay.

Maneuver about and collect all the bananas while avoiding insects by grabbing the orangutan's limbs and attaching them to the rings strewn about the stage. The orangutan can hang with both his hands and his feet, which can be helpful in tight spots. He sways and stretches like a fat rubber band crossed with a water balloon and, as a result, have a soft touch is just as important as grabbing the right ring. At times it may even be necessary to hold onto three rings simultaneously in order to keep your head or body from swinging into a bug.

As much as I enjoy games with sophisticated physics models, the game play often seems to suffer as a result. Not here, however; with Orangutwang, Thorburn has come up with a fresh and fun idea that plays almost as good as it looks. Orangutwang does suffer from a lack of sound effects, music and overall variety, but these are minor complaints. One quirk that took me by surprise: the screen won't scroll up or down while holding down the mouse button, so don't be afraid to hang onto a single rung and let it catch up to you.

Play Orangutwang


Is it just me or is TypeKey not working?

Anyways,I've played this game before and I love it!!
I lost the link so I haven't played in a while
Glad I can now


Ro - I think it's just you. I just signed out, and then back in again and it appears to be functioning normally.

After signing in and returning to the comment form, be sure to check the box to "Remember personal info?" That will save a cookie for you so you don't have to sign in each time you leave a comment.


Ok,It's working Now.

I've become addicted to this site lol,Been here for hours today playing games

The monkey is soo adorable, I love it
Trying to get past level 2 though XD


is it just me or don't their games have any sound effects?


Tsuken - you're right, David's Teagames feature very little, if any, sound implementation at all. I believe it's a compromise he's made to get his excellent physics engine working at an acceptable performance level for the greatest audience possible.


Took you guys long enough, I've been playing this on and off for over a month.. :-D

I really enjoy it, except that I think the collision-detection on the spiders is a bit odd. Getting _ close to it one time will result in nothing happening, but getting exactly as close the next time will kill the poor ape. Oh well. It's still a fun game.

Another great game from David!


I'll admit, Andrew, it is difficult keeping up with the blazing rate at which David is able to create games. Truly amazing.


is it just me or when i cklick click here to play it loads the same screen?


Click the "Click to play" button in the window that pops up.


when i do that all it does is bring me to the same screen...


You must have cookies enabled for the Teagames website (as well as for many other websites that improve the user experience with them, JIG included).

If that doesn't work, try emptying your cache and try again. If that doesn't work, try installing the latest version of Flash Player. If that doesn't work, um... ???


im using IE how do i clear my cache and how do i enable cookies?


Well, Jay. I've been viewing your site for about a year and a half.

It all started when I was taking care of my Uncles dog over a weekend they were in N.Y. or something, and I was bored. He said when I was there to feel free to use his computer, so I went online and after I visited all the usuals, ABS... ABS.. Uhhh... Thats when I was just really getting off of software and going on the internet. But, as I was saying, I decided to look up a site for riddles, because i was feeling riddalish... my doctor says its a treatable condition but, After looking up obvious things like "Best riddle ever" or "voted best riddle" and "mayonaise urine cacophony", I decided a different approach and I looked up "Internet riddle" and i got Not Pr0n, the best riddle on the internet, and after i got thru about 6 levels, I was already stuck, so I started looking for sites with hints, spoilers, or anything like that and I saw your site... AND THEN I SAID IT: "This is stupid! Why can't I find a friggen spoiler for level 7!?"... I eventually saw it again for some reason, and i recognized it so i looked around on it and i liked it and suff.
But, since then, I have seen EVERY SINGLE GAME ON YOUR SITE, and I have decided to comment on every one of them... starting now. And also starting now I promise to put my URL as a completely random site, every time I remember.
Thanks for 25 years of magic, Jay. -MANAX


I give this game a 52 out of 100. 1 being obmoz.com and 93 being ZWoK!. No 100's yet... I'm reserving those.


nice little game :D
and no dissing zombocom XD (nor iiiiiii.com)

I'm thinking it's about time for a summer theme for the site :) <3


The two sites I check every day (if I touch the computer :D) are jayis and 4colorrebellion.
Love the site.

(sorry for double comment :D)


Thanks, Manax. =)

And Harukio, you must be a mind-reader(!) I've been thinking of that all evening. It's a lot of work, though, and I have so many other improvements for the site I'm working on at the moment. But you're right... it's time. ;)

And I check 4cr daily, too!


Very nice game, really liked how the monkey stretches out and the limbs become thinner. But of course there are some things I would of done differently, for example (as I never read instructions to see if game is intuitive enough) I would of made some sort of marker on the limbs pointing out that these are draggable. And I would of added counter of remaining fruits. And sounds. And, do all stages only move vertically?


I agree with tonypa.
David's engines are great but its games (like bmx and truck series) always lack some fun and humanity. Nevertheless, I guess his games attracts millions of people so they must fit the visitors requirements.
This one is a very good effort in the right direction.


I luv it!!


no one has answered my question how do i clear my cahche and enable cookies in IE?


it still wont work are there other sites that have it?

benetnash June 27, 2006 2:09 AM

I beat it and got #12 on the top scores list! I know that's not amazing or anything, but I've never been on a top score list for an online, haha.

Anyhue, This game is awesome.

Kimberly July 1, 2006 3:23 AM

It was fun while it lasted, but I'm a bit impatient waiting for it to restart when I lose a life. I got to level 2, and then couldn't go any farther ;)


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