Open letter to Rockstar North

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First off, I'd like to congratulate you on shipping your latest game, "Manhunt", to critical acclaim. It is beyond a doubt an achievement of highest praise that a group of talented artists, developers and game innovators, such as yourselves, have collaborated on such a ground-breaking title.

As technology innovators, you have the enviable role of introducing to the world new and exciting technologies, gameplay mechanics and situations. As game industry professionals, you also represent the thousands of other game developers who, like you, are passionate about the games they create and are proud of their contributions to the industry as a whole.

There is no question in my mind that your latest game will be a phenomenal financial success, especially in light of the extreme violence that is portrayed in the game: Gamespot's Greg Kasavin, in a review of the game, writes: "The game unflinchingly depicts intense graphic violence, the likes of which you might expect from a slasher movie but not from your PlayStation 2." And although the game is awarded the Adults Only (AO) rating by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), the successes of your previous titles suggest there will be far more than just adults who will be playing your game.

It would be a common oversight to focus entirely on the financial benefits and ignore the consequences this new innovative game will bring. Everett Rodgers, in his book "Diffusion of Innovations", explains that most innovations cause both desirable and undesirable consequences. More importantly, "it is usually difficult or impossible to manage the effects of an innovation so as to separate the desirable from the undesirable consequences."

What knowledge from research does your company possess into the potential ramifications that games, such as Manhunt, could have on the entire social system? After all, very often it is everyone in the system who is touched by the consequences aforementioned. Furthermore, in light of such research, can you be absolutely certain that your creation is more service than disservice to the system?

If you are unable to answer either of those questions, think about this: Just because you can create such a game doesn't necessarily mean that you should. Every technologist in this information age has the moral and ethical responsibility to stand behind their contributions following thorough examination of potential consequences such innovations could bring. Without such research and concern, your contribution is as welcome as Thalidomide for morning sickness, snowmobiles for the Skolt Lapps, or the Therac-25 for radiation therapy.

Years from now I hope you'll be able to look back and be content with your decision to create such a game. Unfortunately, much of today's business is driven by the almighty bottom line that ethical standards are only secondary considerations, if that anymore. You are a bright young talented group of developers: I urge you to use your powers for the good of mankind, and not for another man-hunt.


Jay Bibby
Game Developer
Rochester, NY


Agree with you there, and I'm glad there are prospective game developers who think that way. :-D


Dear Rockstar North,

My Suggestion for the Next GTA game is to preferred to have some serial killers (Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger) wandering around thoughout the whole game killing some pesterians on the street, and make them invincible ever (like them needed to take like 20 of rocket launcher in order to dead and arose them alive after 30 seconds later) and they are not from any mission at all they just wandering around the game and being hunt down by the police forces and that will make the whole GTA game to be much fun than ever!!!


Dear Rockstar North,
i have a great idea for GTA 5! It should be like Vice City, but first you should be able to buy more buildings! Second you should be able to choose one gang/clan at the beginning of the game! Third you should have your gang/clan people, and you should be able to take them with you, to protect you! Also a map designer editor should belong to GTA5!!!
Please mail me back, bumu ([email protected])!!!

Greg Lockin June 5, 2004 5:26 PM

Dear Rockstar North,
I have a couple great ideas that people would like to see in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.The first idea is hoping walls or gates.My second idea is holding people up,like pointing a gun at them and they give you money also holding someone up while they are in there car,like u enter the pasenger side and hold them up.ALso climbing laders like in Manhunt if i remember.ALSo more places to into and different type of cars with hydrolucs.

Greg Lockin


what is rockstar north email address i cant find it lol i know im stupid


Dear Rockstar North,
The flying missions, all of them, in the new San Andreas game are awful. They are some of the least fun and most frustrating tasks I've ever encountered in a viseo game. I realize that they may be realistic, but they are not even remotely fun to play, which should be the point of a video game. The flying system is a horrific mar on the face of an otherwise wonderful game.

Ian Watson November 7, 2004 6:48 AM

If Rockstar North read this from a half Edinburghian, they may have some ideas for their next instalment.

Following the success of Getaway & the sequel to come, R*North should do again GTA London which was the instalment after GTA anyway.

An online element would also be viable on consoles such as the Xbox and the upcoming PS3, GTA arena maybe???

But considering the power of the next gen consoles and PC's why not take it further...?

GTA Europe!

Its not as out of reach as people would think either, many European cities like Paris have lovely areas like the Shades where decent people fear to tread, with new coding compressions and graphical enhancements as seen with GTA SA, it would make this game a pinnacle of their career.

Then why not GTA US? Missions involving moving from city to city, organising crime in each city.

Jus' a thought to the guys up north

I Watson


What is rockstar games email address
email me back at
[email protected]


Dear Rock*
I know I am a dreamer but please hear me out,
Why donít they make a new GTA COUNTRY, an online game in which, as well as there being missions, you met someone on the street (another online player) and got their ìcellphone numberî so you could call them up (when theyíre online) and organise jobs using the headset as your cell phone. Instead of having a fixed character you could choose the sex and race of your character, also there would be children.
Thanks for hearing me out but Iíve had this idea welling up inside me for ages

Jacob Davey


01926 840260
[email protected]

Well house
Yarningale Lane
Yarningale Common
CV35 8HW


GTA Idea's} When it comes to the caracter control it needs to be more military operational like Socom's navy seals without loosing the gangsta step just so theres more sureity in the weapon and having combat afectivness

Gang members}for gang personality colors are good but they should be displayed in a cooler way like glimps of green or what ever color is enough, just give them individuality. tactical commands can be pre-set into the game so you dont choose what to say you just press the talk button and depending on the situation the players character will bark off orders during a gang war or a petty scuffle

civil living}chat girls up they will follow you(like a gang member)under ground cage fighting,drag racing (pull up at lights next to certain cars say a few words and its on) buy beer get drunk screen will sway and blur, hunt game (Deer rabits fox what ever rare animals lion pantha large snake any rare animal or deer gotten will be on the wall in a room at mansion)

strange places and rare events} Atlantis find location by collecting hidden documents and artifacts, alien abductions late at night in the forests, cult rituals in the forests and secluded beaches, serial killers (made up funny names) that are reported on radio stations now and then that give clues were to find them(they can be killed equally as a person wearing flak jacket,

super hero: make a funny little event that could cause character to become cool super hero "vigalanty man" change in phone box fly around in a loud super hero costume and have pepole hang S#*t on him some chicks dig it, stop petty crime have a geek nemisis with jet technology sort of power,

girlfriends more free style take them to there place your place happy to follow you around see the sites dancing , resturants, ride around , any thing any were take them home when ever see the any time.

when you get 100% this should unlock extra missions if there were loose ends like some on didn't get wacked give the chance or a phone call from an aquantance will tip off that someone needs to be taken care of or wants to join the gang so you have to initiate them just put them on the street with the arrow over there head when you aproch them they have a conversation.

the game has to remain interesting even when it is finished, human interaction and gang work makes it go on forever.


Dear R* N.,
As the creator of The Paranormal thread in>forums>sanandreas, I must say that if you check there it has over 20,000 viewers and 1000 replys making it the biggest topic ever created on the site(topic on site 2 months, web up about 4 years), people are hugely interested in the paranormal in SA and if you havent noticed it yet its been the biggest topics on most other sites too, Thats why I must say also in the PC version of SA(or in the next games) there should be Paranormal activities. Whether you put it in, make it as a mod, or whatever, we need it. Its what makes it even better and we spend more time w/ it then, cause everyone wishes they could experience paranormal stuff themselves, but since most can't they like to experience it in video games, and since SA is so life like its been all the talk lately.
Also do you know when the Epsilon Program will be done written or any hints, even a Yes or No to confirm anything paranormal in SA please(whether its UFOs, Ghosts, or anything else just please our endless nights of sleep need to know).

Thank you very much, it would make everyones Christmas brighter.


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BOJAK JOHNSTON December 21, 2004 4:43 PM




when they make san andreas for xbox they should make it for xbox live. They should have rooms where many people can enter and drive around shooting other gamers. They should have it where people ca start their own gangs and jion up against other gamers


dear rockstar north

here are 20 things i want for the next gta game

time : present 2006/2007

location : the brazilian city of rio with slums,ten small towns and a massive city

ability to challenge people to fights,races,arm wrestles etc you could get bet your safehouses,cars,money etc

missions that involve climbing ladders maybe to escape from one rooftop to another or sniping a target

more spoilers,paint jobs,vents,lights , wheels etc to modify your car with also bikes should be modifiable

more racing events : monster truck rally,hotknife rally,formular one racing,snowboarding,dune buggie racing,boat racing , sandking rally etc

more assets : film studio,tree logger,casino,firefighter,nuclear power plant,bank,car dealership,print works,chaffeur,taxi,demolision,coach driver,quarry,ice cream factory,machanic,hunting

more r3 missions : bus driver,chaffeur,fright plane,hotdog,newspapers,fire chopper,pizza boy,clothier,trucking,gunrunner

you should be able to roll your vehicle back over if it falls

more realistic graphics as well as bullet holes in your car,realistic handiling etc

ability to drag bodies into a remote area

be able to take hostages to avoid cops and gangstas

no more girlfriends replace this by completing r3 missions to get suits and uniforms

firefighter = firefighter uniform
paramedic = paramedic uniform
trucking = trucker uniform
pimping = pimp suit
vigilante = police uniform
taxi = taxi outfit
gunrunner = dealer outfit
burgular = robbery outfit


casino = casino uniform
chaffeur = chaffeur suit
demolision = builder outfif

return of gangs from previous games : yakuza,bikers,cartel,triads,yardies

more vehicles

submarines,fire planes,trycicles,newsbikes,yatches,paddle steamers,jet-ski,s,formular one cars,hotrods,double decker bus,london taxi,more rally vehicles,stealth plane,stealth chopper,fx fighter,stealth boat,yakuza stinger,cartel cruiser,mafia sentinel,borgine taxi,zebra cab,yardie lobo,yardie sedan,surfboard , original dodo and tank,karuma,blista,stinger,peche truck,gang burrito,wood chipper,wrecking ball,wood saw,8-seat limo,s more cars from 60,s 70,s etc more motorcycles

ability to rob banks

ability to buy drugs from dealers

return of hidden packages and rampages keep gang tags

ability to dive underwater with an oxegan tank and flippers

more weapons : crowbars,botles,m-1b,swords,screwdrivers,oxygen tank,stakes,canes,cricket bats,oil slick a few more new weapons

a massive storyline with 200 missions and 500 odd jobs rio is a poor place so as you complete missions more restraunts,clothiers,barbers,casinos,stores,banks,safehouses,mod garages,museums,tatooe parlors,etc are added to the game because you make money and pay people to build

finially destructive hurricanes and the ability to burn buildings to the ground

that is it 4 now !


i would like the next gta game set between america and austaliure americian,chinese,japeneese columbian,jamacianand spanish gangs gangs have inhabited the area : diablos,yardies,yakuza,varrio los atecaz,triads,cubans,bikers,etc it is 1998 and you are dc mark jones working for inspector charles rainwater and some of your colleges have been killed by the gang wars .you need to kill the scum but half way through the game you turn on them and kill all the police including the inspector and join the triad gang

america : san fierrio,liberty city,chicargo,nice
austaliure : melbourne,cydney,brisbone,canberra

much improved graphics

and 300 missions storyline + 500 odd jobs

must see : mike toreno,cj,ceasr,tommy v. , ken rosenberg,sweet and luigie


In GTA San Andreas, does CJ's mod garage that he won in the race ever open for business?

Jay Dan March 1, 2005 9:32 PM

Hello Rockstar game, congratulations to a succesful sale at the games market, GTA San Andreas. Though single player is fun, your creators denied the fact that you can't use rocket launcher through two player mode. Though the game is well detailed, it is highly disapointting due to the fact of entering two cars by two different players, otherwise, well done.


I think these things should be added:
1. more options with the car mods
2.more random things like (serial killers, bigfoot, u.f.o. landings, hunting grounds)
3. being able to enter more buildings
4. SPACE FLIGHTS -- maybe to the moon or something.

besides that the game is cool how it is.


Hi all,
I think what Rcokstar have been very clever in doing throughout the GTA mega franchise, is not including everything what people want. Just think if you had everything you desired from a game then why would you buy another one? How could you improve on GTA? And so with this in mind im not going to go asking for alien abductions and submairines, allthough i think they would be great i also dont want the masterpiece which is GTA to be ruined.
And so previous comments of serial killers, stealth planes and relatively simple aditions to the idea of GTA is a good idea. And so below is a short list of what i want in the next GTA, what i want not what i think would be perfect. Because GTA cant get better than perfection.

Ambient noises(birds and stuff)in countryside, plus maybe a few animals, but not any you can shoot. Not yet, i dont think i would anyway, i enjoy GTA but i aint sick.

More choice when it comes to the way your gang memebers behave, look etc.

Less loading time when trying on different clothing.

The ability to have much more detailed sub misions, for instace if you were playing as a cop, you could have a parnter who you would have to keep alive, you would have to report back to a police HQ to get your pay and maybe even a simple promotion system. Foot security- Bike copper- Patrol car copper- swat guy- FBI etc.
Also being the chief of police in a state could be pretty cool.

Also another thing i missed out on is the ability to walk around in planes/trains/big boats etc. Wouldnt you just love to be looking out the window of your own personal jet with your homies and drop in on an army base with a parachute? Guns a firing and stuff.
Working for the army in the desert could be cool two.

I have loads of other ideas but this text is getting pretty long, so not to be boring il write again some time or something.


dear rockstar
i just wanted to say that ive heard rumours saying there going to be a gta:psp and ive bought a nintendo ds and i was just wondering couldnt you make a gta:ds because it would be great and you could also use both screens bottom one as map plzz email your e-mail address


Dear Rockstar,

First i just wanted to say the Gta 3 4 5 have been great without question, i have many ideas however for the next game.

It should take place, in Chicago, and a few other cities.

Civilians should be harder to kill if your fighting them in hand to hand combat. and they should be more skilled at fighting. After a civilian is punched or if the main character just got punched in the face a few times, you should be able to see bruises or scars that wont go away for a few hours or days. I think there should be a killer or 2 that lurk around the city, not like Jason or freddy, just a crazy guy thats really hard to kill. Police chases should be exactly like its happening to you but its happening to another civilian. tanks should drive after them, they should be desperate criminals like stealing planes and if u look in the sky u should see a little plane with 6 jets on its tail.

If u are walking alone at night or in a forest you should be held up by anyone really. and if ur in the forest there should at least be a chance to be attacked by a bear or a wolf. I like the amount of missions in San andreas maybe a few more, but u should be able to really demolish buildings and they would never be there, wild fires in the forests, more natural disasters. maybe in the next one you can pick to be Claude, Cj, or tommy.

snow definetly, a lot of small things make a game so much better. bullet holes in cars. the civilians should be way smarter, it would be awesome if some were petty criminals, some were nice people and some were insane, like the serial killers, maybe wen u go to a house in a rural area there should be a maniac in there and when u enter u find urself trying to escape for your life from a knife wielding redneck. 2 player mode should be split screen. maybe there should be a choice, 1 player mode or 2 player mode and 2 player mode would have slighlty modified missions. or just in 1 player mode u can find those 2 player icons, and u should be able to start on opposite sides of the map with no radar and you should hunt eachother and kill eachother

Those are all my suggestions, i know its a lot i know its a lot of work makin the game as great as san andreas and the other games were, but that would make the game better than ever. o yea hollidays too, Halloween where u see people dressed up like mike myers or freddy or jason or ne1 scary.


Dear Rockstar, I think For the next GTA there should be tanks that fire at you when you get a six star wanted level and there should Armed Lauches with other naval other attack ships. There should be air drops from Adromeda cargo planes and cargobobs dropping troops and hunters coming after you, and patriots with gun that when online the someother online player can aim(should be able to get some ones online phone number and set up jobs to rob banks)
and planes dropping bombs. There Should be houses that oyu can blow at any giving time. Car's axles should break after a rough landing. planes should break apart after crashes, so should helicopters . Spear guns for under the water need Submarines, and sharks. Should be animals you can shot. More options for car mods, all cars. Put a gang memder anywhere you want and they have shotguns, pistols, sninper rifle, machine gun, etc. Split screen for two players in the same vechile( should be able to go every where in different vechiles). More Trucks, more vechiles armed with machine guns. Anti-aircraft guns need to.

Ryan Kinnin March 26, 2005 3:59 PM

I know this is alot but me and my friends iain thought of them so have a look:
Be able to play Online
Have Stealth bombers
Have Skateboards
Different appearances of other people in game
Part-time job (can get fired)
You can smoke, drink and do drugs (screen goes blurry and a bit shakey)
Be able to go in and drive Submarines
Nuclear missile
Learn new abilities
There should be a Bigfoot in the game and Tommy vercetti, CJ should make an apperance
You should be able to have Pets that you can keep at home or take it for walks.
Bury the dead
It should have Diggers
Snow mountains where you can Snowboard
You should be able to fly higher in planesFly
Better gangs, More gangs and people in gangs all look different and talk to you ( say things like hi and hang out with you)
Have different Varietys of people
Have a CD player in your car and be able to Buy C.D.ís for it. Listen to cds while riving.
You should be able to start a family.
You should have to be more careful with your money
You should be able to buy Lottery tickets
You should be able to get robbed
You should be able to find your car again after youíve lost it.
Phone people online
In the game you should be able to phone people on your mobile.
You should have to Sleep
Camper vans that you can sleep in and travel in.
Injuries realistic
Design your own cars (bullet proof etc)
Invincible tanks
Dirt tracks
Leave your cars in car park
Climb ladders
More buildings and shops that you can go into
You should be able to go Fishing and eithier eat or sell your fish you catch
More mansions
Deal drugs with money
More missions
Make friends on the street and hang out with them and maybe perform robberies.
Able to build your own house (millionaire only)
More sports like tennis, skateboarding, snowboarding, street football etc.
It should be in Real time
Actually be in jail when you get busted for big things like robberies or murder. Not when you steal a car. You should actually have to survive in jail. Fight, gamble etc.
There should be a Car crusher
Able to put dead people in your boot after you kill them.
You should be able to bury people after murdering them.
Proper fights (bar fights, people crowd round and cheer)
Grow hair and beard
Chop down trees
More Easter eggs
Phone calls for an assignation
More possessions such as better mobile phones, I podís etc.
Have holidays (Christmas)etc.
Bigger places but not to big
More street races
Friends actually talk to you (say hello etc.)
Mafia come after you
Camcorder as well as camera
Hang on to peoples cars while on rollerblades or skateboard.
More Adaptable storyline (can change ending of game)
More animals (sharks, bears etc)
More big jumps
Have news on tv
Get a tan and bruises and bleed after being in a car crash.
Have Birthdays and people give you presents
Go to partys
You should be able to go in a Car wash
You should have to Get petrol for your car.
Be able to open up the back of lorrys so you can transport your car
able to rob banks and casinos whenever
Improve graphics


Dear Rockstar,
You have created a videogame dynasty with the GTA series that cannot be compared to by anything. With San Andreas, you once again not only met our expectations but went far and beyond to create a truly unique and open ended gameplay experience that will be remembered for years to come. I am looking forward to the next GTA game that comes out and I have some ideas that would truly make it a great game.

-Instead of 6 stars for committing crimes there should be 8 where for the 7th star, the navy comes with huge aircraft carriers that come from the ocean and land on the shore somewhere. These carriers should release hundreds of troops that come looking for you. For the 8th star the airforce should come with huge planes that drop huge bombs and that soldiers parachute out of.
-The location should be a massive area where there are mountains, forests, swamps, deserts, plains, small towns, ghost towns, and of course your huge metropolitan cities.
-There should be all kinds of weather like snowstorms in the mountains that make the roads slippery and dangerous. Tornadoes should break loose once in a while. Lightning should be able to catch things on fire (forest fires). Tidal waves should come from the ocean and hurricanes as well.
-Animals should be present in the wilderness like deer, bears, mountain lions.
-Bigfoot should be in the game (Assuming that he is not in SA????)
-Millions of sub missions
-Millions of vehicles
-A map that takes 5 hours to get around.
these are just a few of my many suggestions. I hope you take the time to look at them and consider not only mine but other's ideas as well.


Why not give the main character a Radio with headphones for GTA6? Then youcan listen to theradio the whole way through the game. The radio could also fail to pick up certain radios in certain places? Just a thought of mine.

Whynot make the game the whole of England that would beso cool, all us England gamers like me want to see our own country in the game!

Also when it rains why not give people umbrelas? good for 2 things keeping rain off and killing others.

Another thing why not ive cops pepper spray? your screen could go blurry for a few seconds making it harder to get away from police.

How about a space station?

Working theme park? (if in england could have all main theme parks?)

Sporting events like in majorsporting arenas there could be sporting events once amonth or something? could cause havock in a football match?


i think there should be more things such as:
-two player spilt screen no map
-more cars,killers,secrets bigfoot,jason,u.f.o etc
-go into space
-earthqaukes,strom attacks floods etc
-rap battles
-create characther,make people that walk around in the game
-secret cavesand tunnels
-street fights,cop shot outs
-campers in the woods
-theme parks
-people roding houses,shops,banks etc
-you should beable to mug people and get mugged
-jets in sky when flying around
-snipers on bulidings that shot you and people
-more missions and r3 missions
-get jobs and have to be there on time
-more stats
i know its alot but please try thanks gta 3,4,5 were great

whitedevil April 23, 2005 6:20 AM

dear r*n i think san andreas is great but there some things i think should be in the next one:
.more jets,jet skis and boats,cars etc
.two player split screen and two player games like capture the flag,killing eachother etc
.more secrets,killers,snipers
.secret tunnels,caves underground
.go to space
.rap battles,streetfights
.snow mountains earthqaukes etc
.jets and planes in sky when flying
.more sport like football,golf,one on one basket ball etc
.peds getting cop chases and cop shot outs
.ipods and buy cds for it
.film makers
.cj,tommy v,sweet and other people your talk to walk around the street
.create your player and make your gang who project you
.create your own island as and option on pause after finishing the game
.have diving gear and more clothes like gloves and have more than one chain on
.get jobs and have the clothes for the job eg.
coal miner
pilot and sail big boats from one island to another etc
.gold in different places under the sea
.pay to get houses built for you
.surf,skate boards,roller skates,snow board etc
.more missions
.more r3 missions
.better grafics
.when you get hit brusies and cuts on your face for a few days
.braek trought windows go into all buildings
.people robbing house
.cops use pepper spray and stunner guns
.smoke,drugs and drink get drunk and screen goes blurry
.go to jail and break out and cops search for you
. more stats
.therme parks
.have most of the world in the game
.campers who go missing in the woods and news reporters are there
.mug people and people mugging you
that is it for now see ya


I think that the GTA genre really kicks some major ass, and i would love to see some of these things in the next game.

More missions
Choose your own ending
Id really just like to buy and sell drugs
Sit around and get stoned and drunk with your homies
Get laid, but by any random girl
Build your own house
Swim in your own pools.
Beach Parties
Sound Systems for your ride
More mods for cars
More human interaction
IF you get into a fight make cuts and brusises
Be able to get addicted to drugs
Get diseases from hookers, or even impregnant them
Jail time
drag racing

Muppet :P May 9, 2005 6:22 AM

hi, i am wondering if anyone has the email adress for Rockstar North in Edinburgh. i am wishing to get in touch with them, can anyone help?

plus most of the ideas on here are VERY good, although adding the entire world into a game is almost impossible. although what i would like to see is them to attempt a game which takes longer than just a couple of days to complete. San Andreas within 2 days which i find slightly embarrasing on their part. make the games less glitchy. for example fix scenery breaks and ending up in the concrete paths. attempt to make people slightly more realistic, using face mapping etc. create a mission or two involving assaniation, stealth and secrecy are greaty fun in these games, but we have only seen it once in San Andreas, the "Ghost Writer" mission. being able to store weaponry in your own home would be a bonus so that u can switch what weaponry u wish to carry around with you. Black Markets, gang meetings, drug lords, become and police snitch, etc. basicaly make things less linear. give thr player a life, as such. More clothing. Gloves and the such are a good addition. more sniper rifles. more missions involving sniper rifles :) and just make the games LONGER, as long as possible.


I think you should make a game using the Sims and Grand Theft Auto and put animals, girlfriends & boyfriends, you can sleep in beds, cots, & hammics, live in cabbins, mansions, steal cars, have guns, buy pets, and have friends. If you ever do, that would be awsome!!!!!


Dear Rockstar North,

I great idea for the next GTA would be to use an open area where you can drive from city to city in real distant time but the catch is to use citys like new york, pittsburgh, st louis, etc. Need to have some knid of software like the Flight Simulators where you can go anywhere in the world and however long it would take you in real life its the exact same on the game.


what is remarkable in all GTAs from 3 to san andreas is that the base created for GTA3 is still working for all the others

as a result , some players wont tell you
but the bigger the city gets the emptier it seems
for exemple in las ventura
the casinos weren't so exciting and some patterns were odd
and we wished we could get to all casinos when in front of them However most of them are only decorative and so...if we can't get inside...why turning around?
so , this is the real problem i think
because DREAM is the key of GTAs success
but it seems it doesn't follow the progress
The same trick won't work forever
hour after hour we begin to feel the limits of the dream machine and know that nothing will happen...

hope my ideas were clear


in no. 5 make submerins that u can actually get in to and more cities


Dear Rockstar North

I really loved GTA San Andreas. I just finished it, but I still want more! I've been sittin here wishing there were more missions... I think it would be great if there was a san andreas part 2 or at least a game with cj and every one else together, cuz I really love the whole concept of san andreas... I know I'm asking a whole lot but it would be so GREAT if you were to come out with a "san andreas part 2"


will there be cheats or do you have to earn everything yourself on grand theft auto iv


can you get a job on grand theft auto iv


I just recieved GTA IV as a gift from a friend. it is one of the most awesome games ever with such improvement in the graphics and everything!

it cost too much!

Shadowcat May 20, 2008 9:15 PM

I have a few ideas for GTA V (if you make it). It would be cool if you could get a uniform for any of the Vigilantes you want. Here is a list that would be pretty cool to get the uniform and perform unlimited tasks for:(Paramedic, Fire, Police, Swat, Army.) And if you could call for backup with the police/swat/army and have on screen selections to tell them what you need them to do. And if there could be random riots in the streets (or if you could cause them!)and you'd get called by the SWATS to armor up and help. And if you could pick a career you wanted to do like be a paramedic and have access to the Hospital or be a cop and have access inside the police station. Also if you could move up in the field you choose ex: if you picked police you could organize what they do in the city. If you could have abilities if you pick certain careers like: Police-arrest people, Paramedic-can perform CPR, Swat-Drive crowds back using tear gas and shields, Army-Fly helicoptors/Jets and fight people, Firefighters-save people in burning buildings. AND if buildings could be burned to the ground, that would be pretty sweet.



Dear Rockstar North:

GTA 4 by far is the greatest game to date in 2008. It is by far the most realistic game in the genre, although there has been some things missing like car modification etc. I won't go into detail, because by now you've heard enough of it from people. All I wanted to comment was about the future setting of the next installment. The perfect setting could be a state made up of three cities much like San Andreas,although in the Midwest made up of Milwaukee,Chicago,and Detroit parodies. This is the perfect setting as it would add on to the ever expanding GTA world. Also please take into account the ideas of the people above me as their ideas would be excellent in the next GTA game.



For Grand theft auto 5, I think it should be in Tokyo, you should have a chinese guy with tattoos on his neck, and my suggestions are you give the game a Yakuza based setting, give the game a regenerative health system similiar to saints row 2, include better guns and more melee weapons, make the game customization great, and include all the other great stuff from Gta 4, and also name the game Grand theft auto: Tokyo, or something like that, and add some stuff from gta san andreas like the ability to go to other states, well that's all I have to say.


We have been loving this way for the gta v cheats here.


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