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Nobuyuki Forces 3

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Rating: 4.5/5 (21 votes)
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noboyuki3.jpgPatrickNobuyuki Forces 3 takes the quarter munching duck-and-fire frenzy of Time Crisis out of the arcade and drops it into your browser. Mr. Nobuyuki has retired from politics, yet he still uses his military power to influence the political world. You play a lone secret agent who sets out to stop him by mowing down hordes of anonymous masked soldiers. It's a long and intense game with tons of unlockables and extra features that make it extraordinarily satisfying.

Your operative takes cover by default, so you have to hold space to step out, take aim and fire. When you run out of ammo, resume cover and click to reload. Keep your eye out for items and dawdling soldiers during the transition clips. Clicking on these will up your stats, RPG style.

Nobuyuki Forces 3 pours on the panache in visuals and overall presentation. The graphics are 2D comic book-style with several 3D interludes and some impressive looking artistic backdrops. A smooth jazz electronica soundtrack compliments the gameplay, giving its spy theme a nice ambience.

Reader ReviewAs you kill enemies and rack up hits against bosses, a bullet indicator at the bottom-right of the screen fills with green. Once full, it will turn yellow and the next time you reload you'll get a random weapon power-up to help you out. Some of the items include a Machine Gun, Shotgun, and Double/Triple shot weapons. And then, of course, there's the extra health, life-ups, and bullet-ups scattered around the complex.

In the end, what makes this game so good is the replay factor. There are several difficulty levels and a ranking system appears after beating the game that allows you to gauge just how good you are. Also, the more ranks you obtain, the more accessories and outfits will be unlocked.

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Thanks to Saviour-v for sending this one in and contributing to the review!


I really love this game. Very fun and just the right difficulty. I particularly liked the risk/reward factor involved in staying out of cover so that you can get a combo.


Nice concept, extremely poor execution. Just about the only good thing I can say about this game is that the graphics are good. Everything else, from the inability to shoot running enemies or an enemy about to fire at you reeks of artificial difficulty inflation. Or just poor coding.


My first score was 734500. I'm not sure if that's any good, but at least it was a fun game.


I Liked the game, although i think it is too easy.. my score was 379800 So i guess your score is amazingly good, or mine is amazingly bad. ;-)




i just got 1582800 on very hard


Decent game, had some problems with the overclocked machine gun not aiming properly. But could hit running bad guys.

A fine time waster. Probably not enough of a pull to warrant replaying the number of times required to get the full 19/20 titles though.


Too easy for one. And nothing to work towards, i.e. hit percentage, time, etc.. No reward. But it was fun and not too wasting of my time. I rate it 7/10.


What accessories/outfits are there? I got about half of the accessories/outfits and a light case of carpal tunnel =P so I was wondering if the harder-to-get stuff are worth it. Thanks!


I thought the machine gun was buggy, but after a few games, i finally figured it out. You don't need to click at all for the machine gun to shoot, just aim with the mouse. lol...great game.


This was a neat game. Once I had things like the machine gun figured out it got a bit easier. I give this game an 8/10. I would have rated it higher if it weren't for the Full Reload Title and the last prize for completing all of the titles.

Don't read the title spoilers if you want to figure them out by yourself. I give my opinion on the difficulty and describe how I beat them.

"High Risk" Title

To beat High Risk you need a 140+ hit combo from Overclock Double or Overclock Triple. More then once I had several 30-50 hit combos in a game but never broke 700,000. The tank or the helicopter are your only chances of getting these combos. Just hope you don't get a shotgun or the machine gun.
You may find that you need to get lucky to break 100 hits.

"Sniper Killer" and "Ufo Killer" Titles

The snipers are lone soldiers you see during the 3D cutscenes. At first I thought snipers were some new enemy I would encounter on the harder settings but this wasn't the case. After a couple of play throughs you will remember where they are located. The 2nd one is the hardest to hit as the camera pans towards it then quickly goes the other way.
The ufo appears outside a window just before the last boss fight. Make sure the glass is already broken or you may miss your chance to shoot it.

"Full Reload" title:

The most annoying title had to be this one. I can't remember how often I accidently reloaded, it was so annoying. <:( Holding down space bar and staying out from behind cover on the Easy setting until I ran out of ammo was the best solution for me. The only tricky parts then were boss fights. Machine guns were annoying while trying to use the powerups . . .

Yan, I made a list of all of the title rewards (accessories/outfits). Anyone who wants to discover these by themselves should not read this spoiler.

Military(Black) 5
Sunglasses 7
Cigarette 8
Casual 10
Headband 11
80's gangster suit 12
Cap 14
Diving Suit 15
Black Hair 16
Long Hair 17
The yellow dragon 18
Long Hair 2 19
Stylish Black Dress 20
the Great Father 23
The Full Reload challenge was my last title to beat and it was a beast to finish. I felt let down with the last reward.
The Great Father lets you play as a man wearing the ganster suit - this would have been fine except that it looked like just a man's face was put on her body O_o
Definately not worth the trouble I went through to get it. Stylish and Yellow Dragon on the otherhand were definately worth getting though. Two thumbs up on those.
Title(s) I would definately skip:

Full Reload. I got Challenger only because of the number of times it took me to get Full Reload.
High Risk, Perfect, Sniper Killer and UFO Killer are all doable after a couple of tries. I got all the others without special effort the first couple of times I played the game. I absolutely hated Full Reload, and if I had known I was going to get a creepy man's face on a woman's body I would have skipped it without a second thought. X_x

Heretic July 18, 2007 1:19 PM

Time crisis is awesome.
This game is like a Time Crisis that does not devour quarters.
This game is therefore awesome.


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