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No Brainer

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Rating: 4.3/5 (23 votes)
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No BrainerNo Brainer is a fast-paced quiz game that asks what seems to be a never-ending string of questions, all of which require a simple yes or no answer. Hosted on Shockwave.com, it's a fun and hilarious game that is sure to put a smile on your face.

While playing, the game presents a category such as: Things with a Brain, and then begins to list nouns (person, place or thing) that either do or don't fit that category—ice cream, babies, Britney Spears, and so on. Answer "Yes" by giving the mouse a simple forward and back motion as you would nod your head in the affirmative; answer "No" by giving the mouse a simple side-to-side motion as if you were shaking your head.

You have but a second to answer correctly or get penalized with a wrong answer. Three (3) wrong answers and it's game over.

What makes this game work is that it scrambles the order that the categories are presented in, as well as the order of the nouns, and yet it uses the same list of nouns for all of the categories. There's little time to think of whether a noun fits the category, and then translate that into the proper hand movement to answer the question.

This game is a delight to play, and even more fun when playing with some friends. And if you get bored with the main game, there are two (2) variations that throw additional rules into play that are designed to trip you up. Excellent fun. Click.

Thanks, Anita, for sharing this one with me. =)


My best is 69 correct. I'm sure anyone can do better than that! =P


well i was going good but for some reason in game 1 the topic was THINGS YOU BUY and i answered yes to SHOES but it said it was wrong...twice!!! anyone else encounter a similar glitch?


It accepted my "Yes" answer to Shoes for that one. I have yet to encounter the 'glitch' you described, Josh.

Maybe you didn't answer in time? Or moved the mouse "No" when you meant "Yes"?


My record is 108.. after a while my brain started to hurt.. haha.. but it's fun and i like it a lot..

ps. jay, i like the new colors =)


How come in "Things you was with soap" correct answer for Britney Spears is no? I do wash my Britney Spears with soap, dont you?


This is off-topic, but I LOVE the new colors! I'm playing the game, I'll post what I think of it later.


My computer at work is too slow for this...They should've done a lightweight version for computers with no/old graphic cards :/

GG Allin August 2, 2005 8:26 AM

Yeah, I found some glitches as well. Yes, you CAN wash Britney Spears with soap. NO, dogs DO NOT sweat! That is why they pant, because they do not have sweat glands.

That screwed up my time!!!


great game...but i don't think new jersey stinks...it said it does...:p


I keep getting in trouble with things that I KNOW to be true, but it says im wrong.

For example I says I CANNOT buy Britany Spears, when I know for a fact you CAN

also for things you can fit in your mouth it gave me several wrong answers, such as:


And also you apparently CANNOT find Abe Lincoln in a house


Wee! I got the top score for the day in game 2!

I wash my Britney Spears with soap, too. But it has to be mild for her sensitive skin.
...That sounds a lot creepier than I meant it to.

Also, Abe Lincoln is in a tomb, I think, not in a house.

Anyway, cool game. Moving the head is a lot better than just clicking "yes" or "no"


Wait a second, this thiung says I cannot cook babies! Why the hell not? they sizzle just like everything else

Shastanna August 2, 2005 12:42 PM

Ok.....this game and gamer comments above are totally hilarious!!




I've played this before, I think my hiscore is like maybe 60-some...

I'm liking the new look, jay!


Hey jay dawg! love your new style! it rocks!


Jay! i just posted and it popped up! does tht mean you put in a spoiler button?


Thanks, Dojo - and no, there's no spoiler button yet. Adding the passphrase thingy has allowed me to open up the comments without moderation. Still working on a spoiler mechanism. Hopefully soon.



awesome game. kinda foolish but a lot of fun.

i need to build up my reflexes...sheesh.

great new layout too. = )

Adeel Syed August 2, 2005 11:03 PM

I seriously hate this game..

I'd rather press a button than move my mouse.


Abe Lincoln had no brain, and Britney Spears gets to have one. If Britney Spears is smarter then Abe Lincoln then we should elect her. Maybe Abe Lincoln was a walking robot, and therefore made of metal. I think I understand, we should elect my computer (nicknamed 'puter), and all our problems will be solved.
Elect 'puter and end world hunger! Puter will make sure that the ozone goes back to work, and personally trick the internet into convincing people who are trapped in the web to plant trees.


Sorry, Adeel. :(

Namir - lol. I think the way you have to look at it is that Abe Lincoln is dead, so he has no brain (any longer). Britney Spears, on the other hand, is very much alive and with brain intact. =)


Yeah, I. I thought it was wierd that they said Britney has a brain too (I always thought she had various nerve bundles controlling her, like an insect)... Well maybe they count nerve bundles as brains and Abe Lincoln Has no brain because he has already decomposed? Anyway, I suck at that game but i think it's because I know answers it doesn't. How the hell does it know I don't eat grandmothers?


Apparently, you DON'T throw out children...

EvilHayama August 3, 2005 7:25 AM

This is a pretty funny game, but it's quite hard to play with a touchpad, so I didn't get to play it for long :/


Unfortunately this game makes every browser that I have (Safari, Camino, and Mozilla) crash. I'd love to play it, but it loads 99% and then crashes.


delphine August 3, 2005 3:26 PM

Things that stink: New Jersey. Cheap shot, but made me laugh all the same.

Andy Chen August 4, 2005 8:35 PM

i found a glitch as well.

"things that move"

abe lincoln and elvis were counted as incorrect answers. how ever oprah was correct?


Is it just me, or are the controls way too sensitive? There were several times when I got the wrong answer because I moved the mouse at a slight angle instead of straight up and down or back and forth.


Fun game, but some questions can be interpreted differently. Pigs don't have two legs according to the brain. Too bad you can't throw away Britney Spears and how do you know if Oprah wears underwear?


I lost cuz it said I can't wash Britney Spears...


My best is 113. Fun game, Jay!


Yo Andy Chen, if the topic was things that move both Abe Lincoln and Elvis would be no's due to the fact they are both dead and won't be doing much moving anytime soon!


A bit late...
Yeah Josh I got the same glitch... I found another one on the question "things that can have babies", puppies can't have babies b/c they are babies... right?


Gah. Just found this one, and I was in a groove, at 109 correct answers in a row, but my mouse was slowly migrating to the top left corner of my screen. I tried to move it down to the center of the screen again, but crossed some wire in my brain, and answered the next 3 questions backwards :(


I'm using a mac and can't find a browser that works for the game. Any suggestions? Everything crashes...


actually, dogs DO sweat on their feet.


lol weird game i think i like looking at peoples comments more then actually playing the game lol love the comments!:-)


Great game! My top score is 126 on game 1! I play it on my laptop, which has a touchpad, and I reckon that really helps!

Kristofski August 22, 2005 3:23 PM

I lost cos I said I don't throw away bananas. Why would you have bananas then throw them away?
Won't someone think of the potassium?!?


Ugh! for this game I sometimes go on auto pilot, like for 'things that have babies' I did everything that is alive, and lost on tadpoles.


I also think it is distracting when your brain gets really big, as I read the words and it gets in the way.


"Things That have Babies"



Hye guys,to keep you up to date,these are the so called glitches and how to go around them,

Abe and Elvis can't do anything that people can do when alive,because they have passed away and are not alive to do those things

Pigs don't have 2 legs because they mean 2 legs total,people have 2 legs and 2 arms but pigs have 4 legs,not 2,also dogs and cats,but birds are a yes,think of stuff that can stand

For the washing Brit dont think of You,think of anyone,because what if Brit herself was playing,then she could say yes because she can wash herself,so the computer thinks of anyone

any other things you have to say just post them here


i lost cause I said that brittney spears didnt have a brain. :(. who here thinks thats slightly weird? i mean, has there been any evidence that brittney spears has any intelligence? lol, I can just imagine her playing that game. . .


This is a really fun game but it wont work. It loads but there is no sound and as soon as the first question appears the brain blows up and then nothing.


Glitch_-> Apparently puppies can have babies?
I think not

mr opadopaopadopadopals December 12, 2005 5:15 AM

somehow the game dosent work for me maybe i have a macintosh but could someone give me a tip plzz


hey,i just noticed something,it now says no brainer 2,is it a new one,or has it always been 2?

there are many glitches,but its very fun!


139 on game one...woohoo!
Laughed when 'my mamma' was counted as being something thought of as hot lol!

Neverman March 25, 2006 1:09 AM

Interesting tidbit, this game was developed by the same guys who invented Bop It!, KID Group out of San Fran. They're one of the best toy invention groups out there, and have done everything from games to RC cars to dancing preschool guitars. Great guys too.

Brandon April 5, 2006 5:25 PM

Heheh fun game... "Things that you catch" I was given the word "monkeys" 6 or 7 times.


I love this game. My top score is 92. But when I got things you catch I awnsered no for monkeys. Another thing that happend when it said things you catch it gave me monkeys 8 times exacly (I counted). If someone could sort out that then the game would be even more brilliant han it already is


I absolutly luv this game but when it said things that you catch monkeys came up 6 times exaclty (I counted) and when I awnsered no for it it said that it was wrong, you don't catch monkeys do you?
Well enough about the bad stuff my highest score is 92 and I am 11 years old so I think that is quite good.

Logiedan May 26, 2006 11:49 PM

XD I love this game. Good for a laugh and a fun time. Nice pick.

Zarif999 May 31, 2006 4:14 AM

W00t, I got a 105,000+ brain (98 questions)

Jay, this is really the coolest game ever...Please do more reviews on games as cool as this...


I really like this game but it's really slow and jerky on my computer using either Firefox or IE (WinXP). Also, sometimes I'll wave the mouse and the game won't register it and then it'll say "Too late!", and I'll lose a life. This makes it very difficult to get a high score.
If they could make this game more playable on older computers, I would play it all the time. It's still an excellent game.


Britney Spears, you cannot wash. Do you wash Britney Spears all the time? I'm very sure you don't. I'm pretty sure she is cappable of washing herself.

Puppies can have puppies. Six months of age, they are ready to reproduce. But, it oculd be a glich, I don't know.

Things you fit in your mouth: Puppies and socks? NO. You don't go around fitting puppies and socks in your mouth. I doubt even a newborn puppie could fit in your mouth. And socks would just barley fit.

With 'things that stink' cities stink, because of Air Pollution. Every city stinks.

You can't find Abe and Elvis or Birt in your house. Can you find them in your house right now? In the flesh, walking around? I don't think you can. Maybe you have a picture of them, but the game means live.

Britney Spears has a brain. Beleive it or not, she does. People may think she's dull-witted, but she has the same wrinkely organ in her head that everyone does.

I think I've covered a good base...any more 'gliches' you may have, think about what you answered, and what the game thought of it.


P.S. I love this game so much <3 :)


LOL. LOVED reading your observations, Tayler. =)



I wish there was a leader board


I got aked the question things that are human and I awnsered no for your heart and it said that it was wrong. Your heart isn't human. Can someone please explain????


The only reason I can't get a good score is because things are categorized stupidly. I don't remember the last time I saw moldy bricks, I don't know why a brain would think my mom is hot, and I don't eat ice at the fair.


Actually, your heart IS human, in a sense. It's part of your body, yes? And it's 'your' heart, not a dog's heart, or hampster. So, basically, it is human.

P.S: :D lol, thanks for the comment, Jay

Anonymous May 14, 2007 8:29 PM

Hey, some of us have artificial hearts you know.

And that brain SHOULD fry if it tries to make a pass at your mom. Geez. Where's the civility these days.


fish don't make noise?

oh. they're silent. like ninjas.


interesting... i was walking through walm-art today, and i spotted this little gadget on the games shelf... look familiar?


When I open the page, it says "Done" but nothing ever happens. Too bad, I'd love to play it. :(


my best score was 15....u all could probably do better then that<:(


lol, i saw that no brainer toy too...

Britney has no brain. She makes unintelegable groans and moans and is controled by strings from above the stage.
This explains her spastic movements and bad lyrics. :P

I suck at this game... wish there was a smart mode that asked harder questions, gave u more chances, and had no time limit.


Stupid playback problems! Grr...

Digital Mops September 22, 2008 3:42 PM

Apparently I CANNOT catch Arnold Schwarzenegger... What if he were thrown at me?

And yeah, on thing that you catch, I got monkeys several times as well. ._.


Arent barenaked ladys women?

Anonymous June 14, 2009 5:34 PM

Why can't I find my heart on my plate?


Either im seriously missing something or i just was told that barenaked ladies are not female! please! Tell me im wrong!


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