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Nanw's Great Adventure (Antur Fawr Nanw)

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Rating: 3.7/5 (121 votes)
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ArtbegottiNanw's Great AdventureTo celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Library of Wales, Pokedstudio was commissioned to create Nanw's Great Adventure, an adorably cute adventure that has the player rounding up some of the actual historical artifacts from the library and returning them to the librarian like a good little bunny.

The objective for each level is to find the one specific artifact that the librarian asks you to find, and bring it back to the front desk of the library. Simple, right? A couple of happy caveats aim to block your way: The first is a time limit to complete the challenge, which varies from round to round. The second is the fact that the library and the areas outside the library are quite a confusing maze for your bunny-like character to navigate. Each level requires one or more triggers to be activated to be able to progress through the game. And while there are many passcards and artifacts scattered throughout the world, you're only able to carry one at a time. (I guess that's three happy caveats, isn't it?)

The only keys you need to play this game are the cursor keys. However, the game is isometrically designed, so the up key actually corresponds to moving up-left. (Take note: This is actually rotated a quarter-turn from many other isometric games you might be used to. Darn you, Q-bert!) While discussing this game with Jay, he recommended rotating the keyboard counterclockwise a bit to help you line up the movement a little more easily.

Nanw's Great Adventure is seven levels long (hence, seven artifacts to find). Since time is somewhat limited in the game, it's recommended that you work ahead and try to unlock some doors for the next level before turning in the artifact. Any opened doors and items whose locations have changed are remembered, so if you run out of time, you'll restart only at the beginning of the level, having only lost a small amount of progress. This comes in handy when you have to loop around several different worlds of mazes, including forests, caves, and fields with sheep. Yes, this game has sheep.

Analysis: Who would have thought that such a simple-looking child's game could hold such a devious challenge? The further you progress into this game, the more detours you have to hit in order to open up the next gate, to open up the next gate, to open up the next gate, and so forth. I never knew visiting a library could be so complex! But perhaps that's not the message they are trying to convey. Maybe it's that visiting a library can be so much fun! Yes, that must be it. Read more books! Oh, and play Nanw's Great Adventure.

Play Nanw's Great Adventure


On the 4th level!


i'm on the seventh!


A Welsh game that you can actually play with Welsh text?



I'm on the 6th, but have gained access to the room with the 7th book.

I used the one blue keycard I could find though, and I need a blue keycard to get to the 7th book. So either I wasn't supposed to use it to get into that room, or there's another blue keycard somewhere. Does anybody know where it is?


Just completed the game without finding it anywhere near deviously difficult. Are the keycards etc. put in different places the next time you play it?

I really liked the library when I was there three or four years ago. Wales rocks anyway.

@ThemePark: There is a room full of keycards in...

...town; it's the third door from the library. I think I got the cards needed for the last level from there.


Keyboard rotation = EXTREMELY helpful.

ThemePark January 21, 2008 2:21 PM

Well, I've already been there and there were no blue keycards.

The only one I found was behind the locked glass doors in the computer room, hidden behind the shelves.

Also I can't remove the fence from the lower part of the forest, there are a few books there I want. It seems I'm missing something but I'm pretty sure I've been through everything and activated every single switch.


I only saw one place to use a blue keycard.

It was in the room with the 3 keycard slots. After I tried all 3, I discovered that it wasn't necessary to get back there anyway because it was just one of those red books for points. The yellow and green ones are the important ones (one has a door behind it, and the other has the switch to open the door).


I can't seem to figure out how the glass doors like those in the computer room work. I got up to the final level, but I couldn't figure out how to get to the book.


ThemePark: The keycard reader in that back room doesn't actually take a blue keycard. (If you look at other readers, you'll see that they all have a blue "display", and the card color they take is shown on the wall above them; for some reason this one doesn't have anything on the wall above it.)

You'll need a red keycard. At least, I did.


I can't get bible. how do you get past the locked doors in the computer room


Regarding the second blue panel:

I found I didn't need to use a second blue key. I just walked up to the blue panel and the glass door opened (I had already used the blue key on the first of the three doors in a row).
Makes me wonder if I didn't need a key in-hand to open any of the locked doors/panels, or maybe once you open one door of a color, you can open any of them of the same color without actually holding the key

ThemePark January 21, 2008 4:19 PM

Thanks keith, that actually helped me figure it out.

There is no need for a second blue key card. The doors with red circles on them require a red key card.


the controls are annoying are heck. i wish you could change them so that it was like most games that played from this perspective:where the up key moved you up right and the right key moved you down right etc. its just too hard to get used to this way.

Miff_Otter January 21, 2008 5:57 PM

I can't find where the bible is? O_o

RedTomato January 21, 2008 6:12 PM

Nice game.

I want to point out the EXCELLENT accessibility options.

There's 3:

1. Enhanced colour - makes the intereactive elements (buttons, vital books etc) stand out more so partially sighted people can see what needs clicking on. My partially sighted friend (with Usher Syndrome) would love this degree of thought.

In game, the effect seems to be achieved by making all non - interactive elements a more muted / neutral colour. Not sure if this is the best way, as it makes most of the game screen more dull. It actually made it harder to see the buttons to activate dialogue with the other NPCs (e.g. the helpful advisor who gives you clues.)

Perhaps a better way would be to add stronger outlines to the interactive elements.

2. Description of background sounds - provides a text description of background sounds. This is in addition to text of spoken dialogue which seems to be on by default. As a deaf gamer, this added a nice touch and helped make the game more atmospheric for me.

3. Pause Non-Essential Animation - I wasn't sure what this did there's not much non-essential animation in the game anyway.

Activating this left character movement, doors opening, the UFO, etc untouched. I think there were less flashing lights on some objects. Perhaps it's a standard option and would do more in other games from the same publisher.

At a guess, the aim of this is to reduce animation that might set off people who are prone to epilepsy from flashing objects.

I wish other games would give the same level of thought to accessibility.

xx RedTomato


I cant find the 4th book. HELP PLEASE


To Who Ever Needs Help Finding The Bible

To get the the doors opened First get 1 red pass and then go to the computer lab and open 1 part, then get another and then open the other part. When you go through that place you'll see the Bible next to you.

From Zmaster
Okay now can somebody help me with the 4th book?


Hmmmm. This game is fun but the time limit is makig it a bit tedious. It might be just me, I like being able to meander about and explore in a typical point and click or escape game without clock pressure. But in this game running out of time, starting again and repeating steps killed the fun for me.


Fourth Book hints

You must go out the main door and through the forest.
Gate will close behind you. The gardener will open gate to go back inside if you give him some lunch.

Made it with over 400,000 points, but don't know how high scores are twice that.
One hint... you can get the book behind the cactus.

Make a phone call.


Oops... that hint was for the FIFTH BOOK.

For the fourth...

You will have to find a red pass card. Then, rrom the main desk, head to the right, then use card to go through one more door to go outside to the "town". You want to go to second house, but will have to open gate with button in first house.


Thanks! So! Much! You PERSON. But what about the sixth book?

Anonymous January 26, 2008 4:56 PM

Does anyone know how to get the books in the glass cases?? I am up to 96, 000, but I assume I need those books, and greater efficiency, to reach the elusive high score.

Note that there are many books that are blocked from view, so try to pass over every square if you are trying for a high score.

For zmaster. I bet you could figure this out, but here are brief walkthroughs for the last two books. On both it helps to do some steps before, since time is limited.

Sixth book

You have to go under the library. Go through pasture (push button and enjoy alien sheep-removal) to beach, then back to pasture on lower path. Go right into cave.
Push button, get pass, and use pass to open trap door. Jump down.
Underground rooms:
Use black pass to open passage at top, push button (partially hidden) in order to access and pick up red pass. Go through upper passage to second room. In second room, push button near robot (moves rock in next area) and use pass to allow access to the south. Go through.
(There are some partially hidden red books here. I suspect there may be more to do but haven't found anything.)
Second cave.
Obvious! Pick up book and push button to move rock and go through. You will be back in town.

Seventh Book

Hardest thing here is remembering where you left all those passes! I will tell you what to do, but you will need to go back and forth to pick up passes.
"Lego" Rooms:
Go to room that you reached from the garden (with blocks that look a little like blue Legos). Push buttons in three corners (one is hidden.) These allow access to card reader in next room. Use black pass here, then another in second "Lego" room. Go through in to room with three doors.
Room with three doors:
Blue door is not essential, but gives access to a red book for more points.
Use pass to open green door. Enter and push hidden button in upper right, then exit. Button opens door beyond yellow door.
Use pass to open yellow door and go through into final room.
Final room: Use red pass and go through to get last book. You can also open the area to the right (with phone) by standing on the square at intersection of glass wall and low wall. If you use the phone you will get access to another book behind the glass wall.

Sorry for the anonymity, I hate giving out my email and other info. - Anonymous person

annabanana June 6, 2008 3:58 PM

this game is evil to me and makes me want to cry

Josslyne June 27, 2008 2:16 PM

I can't find Geoff Charles Photographs I need help ASAP!!


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