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Mythic+ Season 4 Tier List and Dungeon Difficulty Rankings

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The latest patch to Shadowlands is shaking things up in the Mythic scene. There's a new affix at play, some of the older content is back, and a traditional shift in the meta is pushing players to try out new specs and M+ comps to succeed on higher keys. From gear changes to tier lists and Mythic dungeon difficulty rankings, here's everything you need to know about Season 4 Mythic+.

What's New in the Dungeon Department? Much to players' delight, Season 4 has brought back some of the game's most iconic dungeons. The new, extended pool includes Shadowlands' Tazavesh, Operation Mechagon from BfA, Legion's Return to Karazhan, and two dungeons, Grimrail Depot and Iron Docks from the Warlords of Draenor expac.

The new affix introduced in Season 4 is Shrouded. It sends you on a dungeon affix quest to kill dreadlords in disguise and rewards you with a stacking buff that you choose yourself before starting your run. Dreadlords look like regular mobs but are easier to kill as they have less HP. Once in a while, a Zul'gamux miniboss will show up. He's a bit more bulky, packing a set of new dangerous abilities, but defeating him triples the rewards you normally get for a dreadlord kill, making it the kind of fight you definitely do not want to walk away from.
Speaking of rewards, there's a nice ilvl increase to M+ gear, including the one from Great Vault. What's more, valor is now uncapped, meaning you can bring your Mythic+ pieces all the way up to the highest ilvl a lot faster.

Season 4 Week 3 Mythic+ Affixes & Difficulty Rankings
From the looks of it, the affix rotation doesn't seem to differ from what we had in the previous season. Season 4 kicked off with a Tyrannical week, followed by Fortified, and now it's time for Tyrannical Week 3 with Bolstering, Explosive, and the seasonal Shrouded as M+ affixes this week.
Tyrannical applies a boss health buff, with bosses and minions dishing out more damage than usual.
The Bolstering affix is a nasty one to keep in check. On its own, it's not a big deal: when a non-boss enemy is defeated, it gives HP and damage boosts to other enemies nearby. However, these boosts stack, so if you don't clear the buffed mobs in time, you may find yourself up against a very tough enemy.
Explosive, as the name suggests, allows enemies to spawn special Orbs that will explode if you don't get rid of them in time. Try to avoid situations when there are too many Orbs and enemies around you, as you won't have enough time to deal with them both, which may result in taking tons of damage.
This affix combo has always been one of the trickiest in M+. With this particular dungeon pool, the main thing you need to be careful about is pulling. Bolstering will limit your pulls a lot and create dangerous situations if you decide to pull multiple trash packs, especially in dungeons like Grimrail Depot. The strategy in Mechagon: Workshop, however, is quite the opposite: due to minor changes to the Shrouded WoW affix this week, the number of Dreadlords has been sufficiently reduced, so you're safe to pull basically everything, except for the final trash pack. In Upper Karazhan, the Explosive affixes will most likely be a problem during your Curator and Medivh's fights.
As for Mythic affixes next week, we're having yet another Fortified roll, but this time with Bursting and Storming on top of the seasonal Shrouded.

Difficulty Rankings
Rankings didn't change much since Week 1. Junkyard and Tazavesh are still the easiest dungeons to beat; Grimrail Depot and Iron Docks are positioned somewhere in the middle, and Karazhan still gives you the hardest time of them all. As for the dungeon boss tier list, it's safe to say that the palm rightfully goes to Upper and Lower Karazhan bosses, as they'll definitely test your PvE skills to the max, especially with those affixes on top of the already complicated mechanics.

Mythic+ Tier List
As with all high level activities, updates to the game can drastically alter the landscape of Mythic+ and the ideal composition for parties that aim at beating higher Mythic key difficulty. The season is only getting started, though, and we are still to expect further meta shifts, but even now it's pretty clear which specs are shining and which ones are lagging behind.

Here's what you need to know about class performance before getting ready for your Season 4 Mythic+ runs.

DPS is a wide and varied field, full of competitive classes. The standout specs here are WW Monk, Survival Hunter, and Outlaw Rogue, all three being absolutely fantastic in Mythic+ on both low and high keys. WW Monk provides excellent AoE within melee range and one of the only AoE stuns with Leg Sweep. Survival Hunter is a real jack-of-all-trades, excelling in damage, group utility, mobility, and self-sustain. Outlaw Rogue is still one of the most reliable melee damage-dealers for a lot of guilds. A crowd control champ, Outlaw has a lot of utility options and will deal as much DPS as any other S-tier spec if you put some proper work on your stats.
Demo and Destro Warlocks, Fire Mage, Subtlety Rogue, Fury Warrior, MM Hunter, and Enhancement Shaman are among the second best choices in the field for WoW Mythic dungeons. All these specs show great damage numbers and can easily fill the DPS niche in any group or comp. Of course, there are minor weak spots to each of them, but those can be mitigated by well-coordinated teamwork, so the main decisive factor here is whether you want to play a certain spec or not.

The bottom of the list is occupied by Unholy DK, which is underperforming a ton with its low damage numbers, poor mobility, and huge dependency on cooldowns. Other so-so specs this season currently are Affliction Warlock, Arms Warrior, as well as Feral and Balance Druids.

The best advice that you can get about optimal healer play this season is "play what you want to play." Resto Shaman, Disc Priest, Holy Paladin, Resto Druid, and even Mistweaver Monk can find some space in dungeons and benefit the party a great deal.

There are no absolutely weak specs here: even those that are not really seen much all over the Mythic ranking leaderboards are actually very decent in terms of M+ performance. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses, so choose the one that appeals to you and learn to understand what makes your class special.
There are, however, some top guns that perform slightly better than all the other specs. Holy Priest is absolutely god-tier this season, pumping out tons of damage along with their strong healing abilities. Resto Shaman gets an in-combat resurrection which is always useful in dungeons, especially on higher Mythic keystone difficulty. Resto Druid keeps whole groups stable with strong healing-over-time abilities, and Holy Paladin packs a great toolkit, adding a ton to party utility even with their CD-dependent healing output.

The title of best Tank for M+ dungeons rightfully goes to Blood Death Knight, which remains a perfect tanking spec, just like it was in Season 3. If you're looking to make a new tank, you really can't go wrong with DK with its solid damage output and outstanding defensive abilities. Not to be completely and utterly OP, Blood Death Knight lacks mobility, but makes up for it with great single-target and through-the-roof self-sustain. This is definitely the spec you want to bring to battle as a tank, no doubt.

Brewmaster Monk is only slightly inferior to Blood DK in their WoW Mythic dungeon performance. It's vulnerable to Magic damage but still incredibly good at taking Physical punches. Putting up nice offensive numbers as well, BM Monks boast mobility and a variety of useful abilities to buff allies and weaken enemies.
There used to be times when tank meta was never led by anyone other than Demon Hunter. Well, those times are long gone, and now Vengeance Demon Hunter is knocked down to B-tier. However, it holds the top position there, with all the potential to make it back to the A-list any time soon. And why shouldn't it? The spec has a perfect balance between damage resistance and output; it's versatile and mobile, ready to fit into any comp. Who knows, maybe it'll even move up a tier by the end of the season?
Having been hugely buffed in the recent patch, Protection Warrior is at a much better spot now than it used to be. However, Proto Warriors, while overall much stronger, still struggle with magic damage due to being more focused on Physical mitigation. Also, their self-sustain is not very good, but it's compensated by high mobility and survivability, making this spec a decent middle-of-the-pack choice.
At the end of the tank list, there's Guardian Druid. While being a not-so-bad spec overall, having poor single-target and CD-dependency stops them from rising through the ranks to see more representation in WoW Mythic+. However, Guardian Druids still shine with their good health pool, self-healing, and versatility, so you shouldn't write this spec off so quickly, especially if you are an M+ beginner.

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