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My Tribe

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My Tribe

FunnyManIf you were going to be stranded on a desert island, and you had to pick one computer game to take with you, what would it be? I can't speak for you, but I'd take a game where the characters are stranded on a deserted island with one computer game. That game, naturally, would feature characters stranded on a desert island with one computer game, centered on a deserted island with...

mytribe.jpgOw. Okay, maybe that isn't such a good idea. If the recursion makes your mind hurt too, you could get a copy of Grubby Games' (the creator of Professor Fizzwizzle and IncrediBots) latest release instead. In My Tribe, you play as sort of a guardian angel for a tribe of island-dwellers, telling them what to do, dragging them from place to place, and occasionally sprinkling them with a (hopefully) beneficial potion.

As the game starts, you're given a chance to pick an island. For a starting player, it doesn't really matter which you pick; they all have plenty of trees and rocks for you to harvest, and the oceans will provide more than enough fish for your small starting tribe. From there, it's pretty much your standard resource management game. You need to harvest food (in the form of fish and later crops) and wood (for the fire) to feed your tribe, wood and stone to build with. You'll also need to build huts for your tribe to live in, and other buildings when you have enough resources to spare.

The tribe of My Tribe continues to work even when your computer is off. If you've played the Virtual Villagers series before, this mechanic will seem very familiar. In fact, the games are similar enough that you may be tempted to skip the tutorial, but there are enough small differences that it might be worth your while to play through it.

One novel mechanic of My Tribe is that it rewards you for being around. Every so often a crate or barrel will appear in the ocean, or Stardust or Moondust will land on the island. Drop an islander onto these gifts to collect them. Crates and barrels contain recipes, items, or even dangerous insects while Stardust and Moondust can be used in various places to provide all sorts of useful effects, from stocking your stockpiles to building your buildings and researching your research.

Each island also comes with three of the game's eight mysterious objects for you to solve. Once you've figured them out, each one gives a powerful benefit to your tribe, and one of the game's 25 trophies. Trophies can also be gathered by other tasks, ranging from the simple (build a building) to the complex (keep an islander alive for 969 years).

Analysis: When a game as successful as Virtual Villagers comes along, there will naturally be a host of similar titles following in its wake. My Tribe rides the wave of the village sim but is careful to tread its own innovative path while keeping the core concept in familiar territory. The number of islands you can inhabit is staggering (numbering in the billions), and the potions system really sets the game apart from Virtual Villager knockoffs. Grubby Games is an experienced studio and covered all the main bases a casual game should touch upon, making the game easy to get into, easy to come back to, and rewarding no matter how long or short you play.

mytribe2.jpgThe biggest strength and weakness of this kind of game is its persistent nature. Part of the reward in playing My Tribe is coming back every so often and seeing how your tribe has progressed while you were away. This also brings two big problems: not being able to play continuously and coming back to find your entire tribe dead. My Tribe has done an admirable job with the first part, though time doesn't seem to work quite the same when the game is open. Unfortunately, the tribe is still prone to sudden die-offs when your back is turned.

Perhaps the biggest problem is the reasons your tribe dies off. It only takes a few islanders to provide the food and wood needed by the entire tribe, so there are basically three things that can go wrong. If you don't stop in and call the stork regularly, your entire tribe may grow too old to have children. If your food gatherers die from old age, the rest of your tribe will lounge around until they starve. And if you forget to mark trees for harvesting (they all start marked "don't harvest me!"), your builders may use up all your firewood, again making everyone starve.

As much fun as it is to look after a tribe of island-dwellers, it hardly seems believable that fifty people would starve themselves because the voice in the sky forgot to tell them which trees were OK for firewood. Even though he didn't forbid them from harvesting trees to start with.

I also find myself underwhelmed by the amount of content in this game. It boasts "billions of islands", but the only important feature is which three of the eight mysteries you get (only 56 possibilities, with repetitions). It also advertises "over 40 powerful potions", yet many of the ones given are purely cosmetic.

Despite its downsides, however, My Tribe is very compelling. I have spent many hours in-game, and in the end, it was well worth the price of admission. If you start playing you will find yourself coming back to it again and again, even if you don't need to yet. You'll set it on Fast overnight and check it nervously in the morning to see if your Lunar Tower has finished. In the end, I had to stop playing not because I'd run out of things to do, but because I had too many other things to do... and had been neglecting them while I played.

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Download the demo Get the full version

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Arcade TownBig Fish Games


Has anyone figured out how to get berries?


Walkthrough Guide

General Tips and Hints

  • Trees have to be marked for harvest. If they are not marked for harvest, your tribe will run out of wood while you have the game closed. If they run out of wood, the fire dies. And if the fire dies, the tribe starves to death because they can't cook any food. Always be sure to have lots of trees marked for harvest when you leave the game!

  • You have to mark rocks for harvest, too, but it's not as crucial as wood. You'll just run out of rock and be unable to finish a building project.

  • You can only use rain water for potions while it's raining. To make it rain, make a potion and use it on the ground (fish+sea water+star dust).

  • Making successful potions doesn't take away from the quantity of star dust, moon dust, and golden relics. However, if a potion blows up, you'll lose that catalyst.

  • If you don't make enough huts for your tribe, the people will sleep standing on their feet.

  • The maximum population is 50. Nothing will increase that number.

  • High levels of physical strength make your people move faster.

  • Only use the youth potion on the elderly with gray hair. Otherwise, it won't work and you've used up a potion. Plus, it will be awhile before that person can have another potion.

  • Look for golden relics on the beach when a storm comes.

Mysteries and Their Solutions

There are a total of eight mysteries. Screenshots of each are inside the spoilers.

Unhealthy Bush

  1. The soil is bad.

  2. Use the fertilizer potion on the bush (Guano+Sea Water+Stardust).

  3. Have a Legendary Farmer examine it.

  4. It becomes the Cornucopia Bush and produces the berries that can be used in potions.


Big Red Rock

  1. Drop an adult who has Legendary status in both Science and Construction on it to realize it's iron ore.

  2. Tools are now made of iron, allowing people to work faster on any task using tools.


Old Glowing Stump

  1. It's heavy and something is growing under it.

  2. You need a person who is at 100/100 on physical strength to pull the dead stump off. (Stardust will eventually produce physical strength, along with every other increase in skill or you can use the physical strength potion of Rocks+Rain Water+Golden Relics.)

  3. Now it needs special magical rain (use potion Fish + Sea Water + Stardust). Be sure to have your strong person tend the plant while it's raining.

  4. It grows into the Ever Tree and produces ironwood, which is much stronger than regular wood.


Rock With a Fossil In It

  1. Put a Legendary Rock Gatherer on it to crack it open further.

  2. Have a Legendary Scientist examine it.

  3. Your tribe gains 50,000 science points.


Stone with Star Carved Into It

  1. Drop a person (on which you have used Star Dust) on it.

  2. Put three Star Dusts on it quickly to solve the mystery.

  3. Star Dusts will now drop more frequently on the island.


Stone with Moon Carved Into It

  1. Drop a person (on which you have used Moon Dust) on it.

  2. Put three Moon Dusts on it quickly to solve the mystery.

  3. Moon Dusts will now drop more frequently on the island.


Flower Tree

  1. Complete the flower pattern by planting flowers.

  2. You'll get a new color of flower to plant.


Flower Tree Completed:


  1. Drop a Legendary Scientist on the fountain to collect some water for the Science Lab, unlocking the fountain water potion ingredient.

  2. Use the "restore youth" potion (mushrooms, fountain, golden relic) on an elderly person to solve the wonder. Elderly is when their hair goes gray, around age 65.


Effects of Moon Dust

Moon Dust does nothing to the ground, ocean, trees, wood storage, rock storage, food storage, rocks, huts, fire pit, or barrels.

Other items:


Accelerates percentage built.

Adults and babies

Changes appearance.


Grow to full size.

Science Building

Gain 500 science points at level 1 technology.
Gain 1,000 science points at level 2 technology.
Gain 2,000 science points at level 3 technology.


Instantly completes clothing projects.

Wood pile, rock pile, food pile

Instantly increases quantity by a larger amount.

Effects of Star Dust

Star Dust does nothing to the ground, ocean, huts, wood/rock/food storage building, fire pit, or barrels.

Other items:

Trees and rocks

Regenerates it, raising the amount of wood/stone held back to its maximum.


Accelerates percentage built.

Adults and babies

Randomly increases skills, mental strength, and physical strength.


Grow to full size.

Science Building

Gain 100 science points at level 1 technology.
Gain 200 points at level 2 technology.
Gain 400 points at level 3 technology.


Accelerates percentage completed on clothing projects.

Wood pile, rock pile, food pile

Instantly increases quantity by a small amount.

Contents of Crates and Barrels

  • Science potion recipes.

  • Items to increase various skills.

  • Beetles that destroy some trees.

  • Contaminated water that makes person lightheaded.

  • Flies that swarm out and devour some food.

  • Extra food.

  • Scary stuff that turns hair gray.

  • Sometimes even nothing at all.

Tips for When You Move to Another Island

  • You keep your scientific progress, but must build another Science Lab to use potions again.

  • You keep all of your potion ingredients except food, wood, and stone.

  • Potion ingredients from Mysterious Objects are still available.

  • All living islanders come on the ark, but tombstones are left behind.

  • You again start with no food, wood, or stone. It's a good idea to have a few Stardust to seed the piles with.

  • If you bring a lot of people, you'll likely have them falling asleep on their feet before they get enough huts built.


To JIGuest:

The berries come when you solve the Unhealthy Bush mystery.


I hope this game fixes the main problem I had with Virtual Villagers: it got unmanageable once you got a fair deal of people. It was a chore to train them all, but if you didnt, despite having 6 farmers when you came back after half a day everyone would be dead.
i have high hopes, though, so im giving this a buy


PoisonedV - one nice thing about this game is the Stardust. If you "play" the game a lot, you will continually find them dropping all over the place. And they can be used on the tribe to advance their skills. Just click on the stardust icon then on a person to increase one (random) skill.

There are potions, of course, that will improve a specific skill, but in the beginning, before you have all the ingredients and skill level to make all the potions, the stardust is quite handy.


In the VV series, time could be accelerated by changing your computer clock, but in this game that doesn't seem to work. Has anyone found a way to fast-forward the game, other than changing the settings? It's quite tedious waiting for them to build up science points.

[Edit: I strongly advise against changing the clock on your computer for any game. It can cause problems to both the game and to other functions on your computer. -Pam]


To build-up science points quickly:

Collect Moondust and use that on your science lab.


You can speed up time.

You have to save and go to the main screen and then change the clock and then re-enter the game.

[Edit: It's always a bad idea to change the computer clock for a game. It can mess things up in the game and on your computer. I strongly advise against changing the computer clock! -Pam]

Time Traveller November 28, 2008 5:38 PM

The star dust/moon dust HAS an effect on trees and rocks but ONLY if it doesn't have its "full resource" (like a tree at 200).


To get the berries, you have to solve the spikey bush puzzle (the bush that has a green gem in it) Remember- there are only 3 puzzles on a certian Island, your island may not have this puzzle.

To solve that puzzle- see spoiler

You need to 1st: mix potion: Seawater, Stardust & Guano (Bird Poop) and use it on the bush.
Then, Place a Legendary Agriculturist on the plant.

**A Helpful tip for solving Puzzles- place members of your tribe with all different types of knowledge on puzzles, they will give you clues on how to solve them.

[Edit: Spoiler tags corrected. -Pam]


Check out the trophies, theres one for keeping a tribe member alive for nearly a thousand years. In the Virtual Villagers, the longest you could possibly have someone alive is maybe 120 years or 100 years.

I wonder if you can get multiple people to live many many centuries.


To smjjames:

Yes, you can have more than one person live many centuries. My oldest is 200 years old. The next ones are in their 150s, 130s, etc.


can you travel to a different island? how do you do that?


Question - I have built storage huts, but apparently they are not being used - is this a bug or did I do something wrong when I built them? Or do you have to direct your people to use them instead of the pile?


how long realtime is 1 game year? i couldn't find that anywhere.


Any idea where I can find the


reagent? or does that require a certain tech level or one of the mystery objects?

Also, to those that mentioned about the time change speed up cheat, I've heard on the VV forums that it messes up the game. I didn't try it myself, but I'm just emphasizing what Pam said, it can mess up other things as well.

[Thank you. I appreciate your comment. -Pam]


We really need an edit button for these comment boards, but thanks to all the comment board mods who manage the place :)

Could you edit my last post? I meant Pam, not Pat, sorry.


lodestone can be found

in crates and barrels that wash up.

[Edit: spoiler tags added. -Jay]


How in the world do i get the red flowers to complete the pattern of the flower tree? My tree has 2 red flowers on it and I dont have the option of red flowers to plant?


Wanted to thank you SO much for your efforts here. You guys taught me how to play VV, and are now helping me with My Tribe!! Love you guys! THANK you.


You should have spoilered that, but then again, it's kind of obvious with the clues the villagers gave.

I tried it once but didn't actually put down the pattern and I'm not sure whether I messed up the puzzle. I tried removing the flowers later and actually putting in the pattern, but still didn't work. I'm on a new tribe though and I'll try again when I move to an island with this puzzle.

Also, I just found out that they have the same keypad navigation system that Virtual Villagers has, makes it a bit faster to grab those stardust/moondust drops.


Your Red Rock spoiler isn't working for me.

I dropped the Legendary Scientist on it, and it said that it's iron ore and could be useful to the tribe, but it's not checking it off as a mystery solved.

What am I missing?


[Edit: spoilers added. -Jay]


K8 - For some mysteries, it's not enough to just discover what it is, you have to actually USE it for something before the "Mystery is solved."


hmmm. Linux? Well, gets my vote.


To nix:

About traveling to another island -

Yes, you can go to other islands. You have to first build a shipyard and then build an ark.


To Tracy:

About the storage huts -

The storage huts will automatically start filling when the piles reach 100. You don't have to do anything special once the storage hut is built.

What is happening that makes you think the storage huts aren't being used?


To arch14:

I haven't seen anything about the real time of a game year, either. Of course, it will vary depending on the speed you're playing. You'd probably have to watch the age of a newborn and just time it.


To Caddy:

About the Flower Tree -

You're supposed to complete the pattern of flowers on the ground around the tree, not the flowers actually on the tree itself. You won't need red flowers.


i've tried dropping the legendary scientist and every other person on the RED ROCK and it doesn't solve...just gives me clues...what am i doing wrong??


@Pam: I tried to do that on my second attempt (on the previous tribe), but not sure why it didn't work.

It's also possible that you need to put it in the precise spot. I'll have to check it on a new island.


Help please. My tribe seems frozen. It does not say "exhausted"... some say daydreaming, some exploring, stuff like that. They are doing absolutely nothing.

Any suggestions?


Minky - it sounds like you haven't told your tribespeople what to do.

Click on one, then choose "Details". On that screen, if you don't have any check marks to indicate what you want them to do, they won't do anything.


How in the world do you get guano? Every time i am near the birds they fly away.


To Minky:

In addition to what Jay said, make sure you have trees and rocks designated for harvest. It's also possible to simply run out of things to do if you don't have any buildings under construction and if all of your storage huts are full, etc. It's up to you to keep giving them things to do and making sure they have the resources to do them.


To JIGuest:

You find guano laying on the ground, like you find mushrooms. It's a cluster of little white dots.

Here's a screenshot of guano:



To smjjames:

For the Flower Tree -

You have to place the flowers of the correct color in precisely the right spot to solve the Flower Tree mystery.


Thank you both. All of my tribe had designated duties..... they were just ignoring me (a personal problem) BUT, the fourth time I went in, I built another sleeping hut (using moondust) and immediately they all went back to what they were doing.

EVEN THO, they didn't say they were sleepy or exhausted. All said they were doing things, like exploring, eating, etc.

I can't explain it, but it IS good to know that you can get all your stuff done and they will all just sit.

Thank you guys, as always!

[You're welcome! -Pam]


Hey Pam, here's a new crate/barrel effect for you:

I just had one which made my 'superhuman' (max in all stats) tribe member's hair turn grey. It had mummified bones in it which scared her so bad, it turned her hair grey.

It's apparently permanent because I tried both methods to change her hair color back. Using the potion gave the puff of colored smoke and the dialog but no change, using the moondust only changed her hairstyle and gave her a tan.

I hope it doesn't end up making her die an early death. And I hope her future kids don't end up with grey hair, which happens sometimes in VV.

[Thanks! I added it to the list. -Pam]


I can't find lodestone

how do you wash up barrels???


Alright, this game is incredibly awesome- one question, is each item predefined by its number? (which is actually a seed value)
If so, can you give someone else the number and they get the same island?

Anyway, so much more to actually DO in this game than Virtual Villagers. graphics are cleaner, too.


i can't seem to get the red rock mystery solved. i dropped the legendary scientist on it, but nothing happens. i also tried dropping a legendary rock gatherer, wood gatherer and builder, but nothing happens.

any clues?


To JIGuest:

About lodestone -

Lodestone only comes in barrels/crates. You can't find it on any of the islands.

About barrels/crates -

They wash up on their own. The best way to spot them is to click on the island map and if there's one floating in the water, zoom in on it. You can also make one appear with this potion: Lodestone+Rain+Stardust.


To PoisonedV:

Here's one way to find out if everyone gets the same islands. My current island is called Blossom Isle, number 2642978651. When you get a chance to go to an island, type in that number and see if you get the same island I got. Here's a screenshot of it, too. Of course, it shows all my buildings and stuff.



I'm also having problems with the red rock puzzle. I've dropped a legendary scientist on there and they say it's iron ore or something along those lines. Then I drop a legendary builder on there and they say it could be used for some toys. Is there a step I'm missing?


Pam: Exactly the same, down to the name. I guess that means if anyone finds a interesting, challenging, cool, weird etc island they can share it with everyone else! I'm sure procedural generation has brought out some interesting outliers


To everyone having trouble with the Red Rock mysterious object:

I'm trying to figure out why you're not able to solve the Red Rock. Will you check something for me please?

After dropping a Legendary Scientist, do you get the message that it's iron ore and can be used for tools? If so, then click on the map button in the lower left corner and check to see if the Red Rock shows up as being solved in your stats on the left side of the screen. If the Red Rock shows up under Mysterious Objects, it's been solved.

Also -

On the trophies screen, check to see if you got the "Mystery Miracle-Worker" trophy. That's the one you get for the Red Rock.

If anyone would post what they find, I'd appreciate it. :)


urk, I'm finding that getting the research for construction tech 3 is taking a long time and while using the


does speed things up, it's still not much of a help when you are at about 57,000 tech points and have 350,000 or so to go.

I have max agricultural and technology techs.

For now, I'm working on developing the island with a few people (good ones I might add) doing some research.

I'm working on getting all of the techs since they carry over to the next island. I might leave art 3 for the next island, depending on how long that boat takes to be built


huh? I think my last post got deleted or never actually got posted, anyways it was just a short ramble about research taking so long for construction tech 3, nothing important in that other post.

Heres my island:

I don't know how I got 177 islands inhabited. I was flicking around looking for a cool island and for one with the stuff I wanted, so that may be how that happened. There's billions of islands anyway, so not a problem.

Anyways, while I'm waiting for the research to accumulate, I'm developing my island. I'll eventually deforestate all of the trees* and I'm developing some farms. Still have a ways to go as I'm working on that southernmost rock pile.

*Spoiler note:

The tree that is just behind the stump is the infinite wood tree that you get from it, I'll be using that as my final source.


never mind on my first sentence up there, apparently the board lagged or I forgot to refresh.

Also, the reason I chose that island is because I liked that little lake there and the two mystery objects I wanted to use.


To smjjames:

Thanks for sharing the photo of your island. Looking good!

Here's a little trick for building large items (like the boat):

If you close the game for a little while, when you open it back up there will be much progress on the large item. The construction seems to go much faster with the game closed for some reason.


To solve the red rock you have to drop a "tribal leader" on the rock. I believe you become a tribal leader when you max out two skills.


I've also noticed that the time ingame seems to go by much faster when the game is off. Still, I've decided to set it on slow so that not too much time passes..

In my previous game (I had accidentially messed up by removing all the saves and having only one, if you do that, you can't make a new profile without deleting that profile.) 6 or so game years passed in like 7 or 8 hours overnight,

dru2000au2000 November 29, 2008 11:33 PM

i'm having problems with the red rock mystery.

dropped legendary scientist to discover it's iron, then tried everyone else and the only one getting different comment was a legendary rock. It said that we can make tools from the iron, but nothing else changed... grrr

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]


Update on Red Rock mystery:

We think the Red Rock mystery object may also require a certain level of science and/or another legendary trade. I'll post the answer as soon as I have it. Thanks everyone for letting us know the solution isn't working right.


Yes the red rock puzzle requires level 3 construction and technology, then I used a tribal legend to unlock it.

On a problem of my own, I can't seem to work out how to get a fountain! Suggestions?


here is how you solve the red rock works 100% of the time for me

take one villager max science and construction, drop on the red rock, and love your new tools


I'm having an issue with the old glowing stump. I had the person pull it off and I created the rain as said in spoiler, but when I put the same person on it, it says regular water won't help it grow. The potion said in spoiler is just for a thunderstorm. Is there a magical rain potion?


To Amber:

About the rain potion -

The correct potion is Fish+Sea Water+Stardust.

I've corrected the walkthrough. Thanks for letting me know it wasn't right. :)


I'm sure this has already been addressed by someone, but I didn't see it. Anyway, the walkthrough is wrong about the effects of stardust and moondust on the science building. The amount of tech points gained by each doubles with each upgrade in science:

Level One:
Stardust--100 points
Moondust--500 points

Level Two:
Stardust--200 points
Moondust--1000 points

Level Three:
Stardust--400 points
Moondust--2000 points

[Ohhh, thank you! I've corrected the walkthrough. -Pam]


Hey, Michelle, for the love of all that's holy, if you figure out how to get a fountain, let me know, too. My people are building the ark (slowly), and I've got tech 3 in all but fashion and no idea how to get a fountain. Maybe it's connected to one of the mysteries?

Here's one more: If you go to another island, a) can you take SOME people or do all go? b) if on new one, can your people have kids again? I've hit 50 and I'll have a gap of 7 or more years in age from youngest kids because my old woman is still alive:) I thought maybe you could build more people on another island?

lesabutterfly November 30, 2008 1:31 AM

Hello everyone you all have been such a help for me with this game. I do, however, find the tech points to take so long even with the moon dust and star dust. I have two stages left, which are building 3 and arts 3. Which should I do first as they both are very high. Do I need them both to move onto another island?


To Michelle and Rascalmom:

To get a fountain -

A fountain is one of the Mysterious Objects. You just need to make sure your island of choice has that particular object out of the three that come with the island. Then when you solve it, you have the fountain for your potions.

Rascalmom, for your other questions:

When you go to another island -

Everyone who is living on your island goes to the new one. Tombstones for the dead stay on the island where they died.

50 is the maximum population no matter what island they are on. If 50 people go to the new island, they won't be able to have any more children until someone dies. It won't matter that they have changed islands.

I hope this helps you.


To lesabutterfly:

About technology to go to another island -

You'll need the level 3 Construction technology so you can build the shipyard and then the ark. Arts technology only lets you make different clothes.


Pam, thanks very much. My people just finished their ark!
Will we still have it after we sail away? In other words, would we be able to return to our original island after a short time on a new one...or do you lose the ship and have to rebuild it before you ever get to sail away again? Just wondering! I hate to set sail and lose everything it took so long to make, you know:)
Thanks for all the helpful stuff here!


To Rascalmom:

About moving to a new island -

You lose the ark and all buildings when you move to a new island. You start from scratch just like you did at the beginning, except you may have some stardust and moondust to help, and you retain the technology you've earned. Everything else has to be build all over again.


to Pam

thank you very much but here I have a crate I click on it but did not take a villager and nothing happens. I have really some problems here!


Does anyone know how to get


i have looked everywhere but cant find it


Why can't I see the spoilers?

[Edit: You must have Java script enabled to see spoilers. -Pam]


i'm sorry. can i know the method for building a tree ? pls help........... thz


How do you increase someones strength?


How long do you have to wait between 2 babies for a same woman ? Is it always the same amout of time, or is it random ?


for the red rock mystery:

drop a villager with max science and construction onto the rock to get iron tools. you do not need level three technology or construction

ShrapnelSong November 30, 2008 11:48 AM

I'm sorry, but I clicked the link up top to BigFishGames and for the life of me, I can't seem to find the price for the full version of this. Fill me in somebody.

[Edit: Although the base price of most of these casual game downloads is $19.99, Big Fish Games offers a Game Club whereby you can purchase games for as low as $6.99 each (provided you buy at least 12 more games at $6.99). It's a very good deal since Big Fish continues to release one new game every day, as well as a very large catalog of games already released. If you would like more information, please email me directly using the "Contact" email found at the bottom of this page. -Jay]


I have been trying to figure out what the golden relics are. I have yet to find them. Does someone have a screencap with one of them on it so I can figure out what they are.



OK,I figured out the solution to the red rock mystery

You just need a tribes person with legendary status in BOTH science and construction

then drop him/her on the rock and they will figure out how to use it.


To amcrimmins:

Look for them just after a storm. They will probably be by the beaches, it's a tiny golden skull.


My first post, lol. I have another mystery on my game that doesn't seem to be on your list. It's kinda like a light brown bush or something.

[Edit: Look in the Mysteries under "Unhealthy Bush". -Jay


@amcrimmins: They are the small shiny objects that appear on the beach after (sometimes during) a rainstorm. They should be pretty easy to spot as they are different from other things on the beach.

They stick around for quite a while, so you don't need to worry about them dissapearing on you.


I have harvested all of my rocks, and used the proper potion to create a new rock (320). However, multiple attempts to make another rock have failed. I have tried waiting an hour, then two. The only thing that worked to get another rock was to completely exhaust the first one I created. Has anyone had any luck creating two or more rocks at the same time?


To JIGuest:

For the crates and barrels, you have to drop an adult onto it to get what's inside.


To WillF:

About ironwood -

It comes from the Ever Tree, which is the result of solving one of the Mysterious Objects (Old Glowing Stump).


To kit chan:

You can build trees after you buy level 2 architecture. They are on the building screen with the huts.


How many huts do you need per person? I have 10 and I just now got a warning about building a new one.



Using stardust on an adult increases random skills, including strength, but you don't know what you'll get until you try it.

There is also a potion for both physical strength and mental strength:

Physical strength = Rocks+Rain+Golden Relic

Mental strength = Wood+Rain+Golden Relic


To Anne:

I've had to wait about two years between babies. I tried many times before that, but it wouldn't work. However, I haven't seen anything specific about the amount of time between babies.


To amcrimmins:

Golden relics actually show up on the beach at the start of a storm. Here's a screenshot.



To JIGuest:

I've been able to make multiple rocks. The trick seems to be the placement of them. They need lots of empty space around them and I've only been able to make them appear on grass.


To PoisonedV:

I've never gotten a warning about building another hut. I have 50 people and 5 (maybe 6) huts, and it seems to be fine. If they start sleeping on their feet, you know it's time to build another hut.


Red rock and tree stump,I don't have them?


Hi there , your spoiler links don't open no matter what browser i use..cheers thanks for the rest though is a great effort and more than appreciated. :O)


I wasn't able to solve the Red Rock until I had Level 3 Arts. Then I dropped a Legendary Scientist on it and Tah-dah!

Also, I've gone to a new island and none of my fishing people are finding fish. They just stay out there for a while and never come back with anything. I'm able to get food with farms, but I need fish for potions and I don't want to have to keep using moondust on my food pile to get it.

Any ideas? Has this happened to anybody else?

Island Hopper November 30, 2008 5:47 PM

Hello everyone,
Was wandering, when you go to another island do you need to find one with the fountain of youth on it? Or do you take the water with you?

Lady Trish November 30, 2008 6:07 PM

Hi all I've tried to do the mystery tree now 5 times is there a more detail on how the flowers are to look. I just can't figure what I am doing wrong. Please anyones help


To lori:

Each island only has three Mysterious Objects. You'll have to pick islands that have the ones you're missing when you start traveling.

Island Hopper November 30, 2008 6:35 PM

To Wolffie
I was having the same problem with the spoilers opening. I disabled my personal firewall and everything opened up for me. You can try that to see if it helps.



I've added a note to the comment form that says: "To see and use spoilers YOU MUST HAVE JAVASCRIPT ENABLED IN YOUR BROWSER."

It's bright red and visible only to those with Javascript disabled. You must enable Javascript to see spoilers.

To enable Javascript, go into your browser's "Preferences" or "Internet Options".


To K8:

There are a couple of things to check about the fish -

Make sure you are fishing in a deep part of the ocean where fish are leaping out of the water. You can find them just by searching around the darker blue parts of the water.

Check your food pile. Do you have a food storage hut? How many farms do you have? I had a case where my food pile was maxed out at 600 and it was all vegetables! I demolished my two farms, let the food pile go down as they ate it, and then they would fish because that's all there was to put in the food pile. After a little while, I rebuilt just one farm to hopefully keep it more balanced with fish and vegetables.


To Island Hopper:

Once you solve the Fountain puzzle, the water for potions stays with you when you go to a different island. You don't have to find another island with a fountain, unless you just think it's pretty. :)

Island Hopper November 30, 2008 7:06 PM

Hello again,
Did anyone use the potions over the ocean? I dropped one over the ocean and got a violent storm damaging quite a few of my buildings.

Cassidy June 14, 2010 7:42 PM

How do I mix the potions for strength. I keep seeing the cheats for the glowing stump and I have one tribesperson who is 41 on strength. But how do I get her to 70?? When she became a elder I added her strength but It's still not enough!!


yo guys, is their any way to go back to islands you've been on before? and will they still have your buildings and such? if you know, please reply.
Zayex :)


Also, HOW IN THE WORLD do you complete the flower tree puzzle? I just don't understand X_X please reply if you know :)



And yes, I matched the pattern exactly, am I missing something?


I found out that 1 flower was slightly off, and thankfully, the nightmare is over :)


Does anyone know how to take a screenshot? I have a cool logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. (And my print screen button is simply: "Print Screen") I want to share my island with 4 arks :]


OK, a lot of you have been complaining that the 100/100's aren't producing the 'right' children... but I have to ask, who are you using for 100/100 parents? Because if you use ANYONE related to each other, it's not gonna come out perfect.
What I always do is take a grunt (my word for the non 100/100's) and build them up to 100/100. When I do that I usually get twins (w/ potion, always) that are 100/100 & 99/100. It is perfectly fine by me for it to be like this and it should be for you, too. I usually have them completely filled up in everything by the time they're both 10, so it shouldn't be a problem if you're already doing that.


I have learned that you DO lose your buildings if you come back to the island you last were on

Cassidy June 17, 2010 3:35 PM

How do you "discover recipes"???? I want to use a golden relic but it says that I havent discovered that recipe yet!!! How do I discover it?



You need level 3 science to use it, and to find it, look by the sand after it rains

Mrpeanut188 June 21, 2010 12:23 AM

Hey! PoisonedV. This might of have been posted but yeah. I got your map.
Also I did some math and figured out 1 Isola year is ABOUT 13 minutes. This is a assumption and may be off by 1 min at max.
So there you go.
Oh yeah, and how I figured is a mystery. Try and figure out how I got it first by looking at P.V.'s posts, if you think you have it or give up here is how I got it.

PoisonedV gave an screen of his island stats to see if you could give codes to friends and have the same island. The game read under stats, 3032 REAL MINUTES PLAYED.239 ISOLA YEARS PASSED. I calculated this,
3032 divided by 239 = 12.68619246861925.
Yeah. Rounded it to 13.
Thanks 4 doing the math 4 me Windows Calculator. :)


So I am really confused. The posted pictures on this site look slightly different than my Facebook My Tribe game and I cannot find access to potions anywhere... otherwise everything sounds the same. Am I on the wrong site or what do I need to do to get access to my potions?


For the fountain mystery, I put a Legendary scientist, but it doesn't work, what do i do?Also how do i get seawater?how do i pick it up to use in potions.All of this is for the facebook Version


how do plant flowers in facebook version


Mannu -

All I know about the things you listed in the facebook version, is that the scientist you put on the fountain, must be level 20.


I'm having problems using potions. I've tried the youth potion on a grey tribe member and I keep getting the comment "potion was consumed but had not affect". Help! I'm running out of my ingredients trying. The same thing happens trying to use potions to increase strength on adult members. Also, I get the same comment when trying to use stardust and moondust on tribe members.

rachell July 4, 2010 11:16 AM

I am having some problems.....
Whenever I make a new tribe,it deletes the first one.I was really far on my first tribe and then it got deleted!

Cassidy July 6, 2010 12:34 PM

How do I mix potions I am trying to solve the mystery of the unhealthy bush and it says that I need to make a potion of guano
sea-water and stardust how do I make that potion?


I've managed to get some of my tribe members to 100/100, and have been using them to have the kids. But several times they have had kids that are 99/100 in physical strength. Why is that?

Savannah July 8, 2010 2:51 AM

does anyone know a big island with old glowing stump and big red rock on it?? please please tell me the number for it... thanks :DD

MasterRiion July 9, 2010 3:10 PM

First time playing this and have found a very interesting island (Well I looked for it :D) the code is: 2892878413


-Celestrial Starstone
-Celestrial Moonstone
-Glowing Stump

Enjoy tribesman


dunno if this has been answered,(I've only read the 1st page)but the island year (not tested but pretty confident in it) is 110 real minutes. please correct if I'm wrong! only tested on smjjames photo on page one.
bye!! asap


oh!! if people (say me) put it on fast mode when you log out then one minute is still one minute. right? thats why i got 110 and someone else got 13. and i remeber somthing on a random website saying if yoou leave your island on a ship and you have some baby trees, you need to wait untill they are grwon or the game will crash. have not tried it before.


how do you get a heavenstone, skystone, and cloudstone?


i cannot find my science lab and cant do potions, and therefore have no idea how to actually put one together! helP!


Does anyone have the island ID number for IMHO Island? Thanks so much!


I gave one of my tribe members a potion (lodestone, fountain, golden relic) and everything on that person (except their skin) turned gray! is there any way to reverse that effect? Im going to change her clothing but i wanna change her hair color too! Is there any way
to change it back?


HELP! Whenever i try to switch to another tribe it shuts the game down... never happened before. I really need help and fast because I switched one of my tribes to fast mode and made a new tribe to play while waiting for my other one to speed up. And now all i can access is the new one, and the other one I have been on for like a year so i need to save it before all the people die. But I don't know how to switch tribes. HELP PLEASE!

[Unfortunately, I believe you're out of luck, there is no way to switch tribes, you can only switch users. Once you started a new tribe with your user, the old tribe disappeared. To start a new tribe you want to CREATE A NEW USER and use that one to create a new tribe with. Then, to switch back, just switch USER. Sorry. :( -Jay]


Very playable game, long periods of nothing to do is a bit of a bore and it would have been much better if the maximum population could have changed with the different islands, just letting people die off is such a long process. All in all not bad !!


I found REALLY neat trick to get stardust and moon dust!

If you've are able to build a tower(Lunar, Stellar),build it on a spot the quickly demolish it. Soon enough, it'll start raining stardust/moondust!!!


I need to have one elder person for solving fountain mystery and my oldest person is 44 years old...
I heard you talking about speeding time on game but I do not know what to do,and I will not wait for her to get around 65 age.
Please tell me how to(or can I) speed up time?


heres a helpful hint...... when your building a building take an adult who has a high physical strength and drag him/her on it every time they walk..........(faster buldings)


How do you do the sandcastle-like mystery on the facebook version?


whats the mystery called that looks like a head?


To the people trying to speed up time: YOU SHOULD NEVER MESS WITH YOUR COMPUTER CLOCK! Not only does it mess with your game, but evey program that uses the clock. It can totaly screw up your computer; Also, I have a question, in the facebook version, when you have the fountain of youth, if you sail to a new island will you lose the fountain?


It is not true most of what is written here. I have tried using 100 physical and mental tribe members to produce 100 percent people and it was quite the opposite. I would discredit most all that is stated here. It is no guarantee that you will end up with 100 percent children if your tribe members are 100 percent mentally and physically.

[Most of what is written here in our walkthrough and strategy guide is indeed correct. If you're going by what some of the commenters have written, then proceed at your own risk since we don't verify everything that people write in the comments. Also, this review and walkthrough was written for the Windows/Mac version of the game. The Facebook game may be very different. -Jay]


I agree, and have found a few things that don't work for me that I've seen many say worked for them.
1) 100/100 male + 100/100 female has never made a 100/100 baby.
2) When I sail to a new island, potion contents like fountain water aren't coming with me.
3) If I build and then immediately demolish a celestial or lunar tower, I don't get the shower of stars/moons. Nothing happens at all.
4) When I make a potion, my element is used up, but not the catalyst.
5) Does anyone have a complete potions list?
I have the following gaps:
ironwood/fountain water/gold relic
ironwood/fountain water/moondust
ironwood/fountain water/stardust
ironwood/sea water/moondust
lodestone/fountain water/gold relic
lodestone/fountain water/moondust
lodestone/fountain water/stardust
lodestone/rain water/gold relic
6) Is there any benefit to gaining science points after you've reached level 3 on each area? My island is full of storage buildings, both towers, a farm, observatory, science lab, shipyard, boat, and plenty of huts. I'm just waiting on my people to age. They're all just standing around with nothing to do.
Thanks much for any help,


Can someone email me and tell me how to get rainwater? I mean the one that comes in the crates. I have not gotten any since I started my tribe a week ago and I need it. Also, how do I get berries? some things in this game I cannot figure out.


Got a new one this time. Just went to a new island. I selected it because it had a fountain and an ever tree (even though I have solved all the mysteries, I need these two for potions). When I go to the view from the map, I see the stump for the ever tree, but in the normal view, it is simply not there. I thought maybe a tree top was in the way, but after removing the tree, still nothing. Any suggestions?


i'm having a hard time in solving the mysterious objects..can you please help me?..thanks

AnonComment October 4, 2010 4:18 PM

Im having a plan.
This game is sick. Once my woman had twins they were boy and girl and I named them Bro and Sis, kuz they were my first twins lol.
So hy grew up and the had a baby together OMAIGAWD O_O

Anyway im planning to get like 100s of stardust and then have twins if they are boy and girl i max them out so when they grow up they make children so when i get more stardust i make more geniouses and poof al maxed out quick exept for skills ok babai nao


I leave the game paused, when played again all my tribe was there... well the issue is I forgot put again paused and for a few days didn't played when get back all my tribe is dead only one, a female "CHARLOTE", was a live with 35 years old... the question is there a way to improve / created or appear a man for procreation or only going to play whit her until past away... I don't wan't to creat a new tribe...


I really need help!I cannot find a previous island that I played on but unfortunately I can't remember the name or code. I remember 2 of the mysteries, the tree stump and the mound with the star hole in it. I also remember that 2 of the people's names (that I started off with each time I played on that island- I have played on it a few times)were Gabriel (guy with brown hair) and a woman with either the name Leslie or Lindsay. xD. I think there might have been a Michael with brown hair too.....
I also think that the code number for the island started with 207.
I don't really know how anyone can help but I am going to keep on trying and would be really grateful if at least another person tried too :)


How do you plant the flowers? Do you plant them right around the tree? Or in another circle?

emseahailey January 1, 2011 4:27 PM

Time passes as follows:

On Slow: 1 hour= 1/2 year
On Normal: 1 hour= 1 year
On Fast: 1 hour= 2 years

Of course, on pause, nothing happens. Hope this helps.

Also, it is my understanding that

as long as you're in the game, it runs at normal speed. When you leave, it goes back to whatever speed you've set it to.


Remember how you said if you "call the stork with two 100/100 parent they're babies would come out 100/100 everything. this is not true.
I did that and the girl came out with 98/99 and the boy came out with 99/100.


This game is great, can someone make a pirate version of this game with pirates on the pirate island with pirate ships for the islands and pirate gifts in the treasure chests, that would be great!

Anonymous April 16, 2011 12:35 PM

does anybody know if you get a rain of moon dust after you finish the lunar tower the second time?


Okay. First, I want to say this is such a cool game. I am addicted now. It has, considering I've known it for about 4 years.

Second, I'm stuck. I left my people alone for about 5 hours and put the game on fast mode. I put them all to earning science points. When I came back, I had the amount of points I wanted so I got the last level of building. Also, 20 people had died.

I put out and demolished the ship deck thing and now I have the ship. I needed moondust so I was going to build the Lunar towers [A ton cuz i know it takes about 6 moondust to get 10 percent completed] to build it because I could only get one person to build at a time. So frustrating!!

So I started to build the towers. I used the spoiler to help but it didn't do anything!! So then I built one percent and demolished it. But I couldn't do it because I had my piles full and I couldnn't return resources. So I had to use stardust. And it worked to demolish. But i still didn't get any moondust! I was going to demolish more buildings so I could demolish more towers at a time so I went around and made some space. The iles were still full so I couldn't do anything so I have half demolished building.

They were all working on science. The highest skill of everyone was science. I had put them all to building but they still did science. Even when I demolished the science building [so tey didn't do it], they earned it instead of demolishing it!! I don't know how that's possible but it happened.

So now I'm afriad for them. I can't demolish or build anything and I put it on pause. I really need some help!! Thanks!!

[and if you don't mind could you click on my name and check it out? i would love it!!

ultimatetehnesswhoa June 30, 2011 2:58 PM

a complete walkthrough for some mysteries.

star rock: put stardust on an adult, then drop the same adult on the star stone.it "appears to be waiting for something". collect 3 or 4 stardust and QUICKLY drop each onto the star stone. it is now known as the "celestial star stone" and makes more stardust fall.

moon rock: its the EXACT same thing as the star rock but with moon dust.

fountain: continually drop scientists it and it will say stuff about mushrooms and gold. this is an important clue. when you have level 3 technology make a potion of mushroom golden relic and fountain and use on a gray haired person and they will be young again.

i will make another when i solve more mysteries.


Does anyone know a potion for physical strength please reply if you know i will tell you anything about the game that you wanna know PLEASE O_O

Anonymous July 10, 2011 1:10 AM

I just got to the point where I solved the stump mystery and as soon as the tree grew, I noticed that all of my people had stopped moving. They're all happy, none of them are sleeping. I can place them on an object to do work and they will do it once and then stop. Even the babies and kids are just standing still. But, if I put them on mushrooms, they pick it up. Things were fine one minute, bad the next. Oh, and I checked out the time speed too. It's not paused. Little help here.


@Ashley - rocks/rainwater/golden relic
@JIGuest - try sailing to another island. i had the exact same problem when i solved the fountain mystery

My Tribe Player August 25, 2011 8:57 AM

I have an island with one inhabitant left. I can keep her alive with the fountain for a few more weeks. Can anything be done to bring back her tribe?


I really like your site it helps a lot with the games I play with my children. I am looking for advise and would love a reply emailed to me if possibe (I have left my email). My tribe is pretty fun my youngest and I have been playing it for quite a while but recenty we have begun experiencing problems and we can not find the solutions on our own.
First, we made a second player account and then after 2-3 days we turned it on and there was no longer a name for the first player just 'Welcome,!' and every time I try to switch player we get an error mesage and the game turns off.
Second, my youngest hit the clear trophies button and now we can not get the trophies for any mysteries we are just told it's already solved and no trophy or anything.
We have tried reinstalling and that hasen't worked. (She really likes seeing the trophies and knowing we achieved something).
If you have any advise or know of a site for technical issues I would greatly appreciate your help.
Thank you :)


If you build the Celestial tower or the lunar tower and immedeiatly demolish it, you'll get a rain of stars/moons, like you get when the building is completed. You can do this as many times as you like to get an enormous amount of stars/moons.

Jeanie Mussett December 28, 2011 8:05 PM

(the flower tree) do you complete all of the rows of flowers around the tree or just 1 row? how do you do this?


Ok, i'm new here and i have a ton of questions.(some of them are site related)
1. How does this site work?
2. can someone give me a complete list of portions?
3. I am still stuck on spoilers, how do they work?(i know about the spoiler box text at the top above the entry, but it still won't work)
4. thanks for your help!!!


1) We're a game review and walkthrough site and an online games portal. We publish reviews and walkthroughs and new online games every day. You can comment on the games we feature, just like you've done here.

2) A link to a list of potions appears in the walkthrough section, just about the comment section on this page.

3) Spoilers are special HTML tags you can use to hide information that may spoil the game experience for someone. Try using the Preview function when first creating your own until you get the hang of it. To view a spoiler in a comment, just click on it.

4) You're welcome! :)


I got a cheat...

...for the great ark.It is very easy, and saves a TON of time. First you place the ship yard. Then you have to be fast. Quickly destroy it. Then as fast as you can, go to build. It should say to build a great ark. It has worked both of the times I have tried it.

Hope you like the cheat!!!( I found it after I placed it and destroyed it, and you should get the rest.If not then read the next spoiler)

I then decided to rebuild it, due to I decided to rebuild it.


I have solved the cornucopia bush mystery but it is not producing berries. I have tried the fertilizer potion again and it doesn't work. I have also put a tribe member that is maxed on everything and still nothing happens. Any ideas?


If you are feeling lazy, i will post all the cheats: mysteries
Berry Bush

First add poop (Guano), sea water, and stardust to it.Then you add a legendary farmer, and you get the berry bush!!!

Red rock

First, it's iron ore (i knew it from the start, without messing with it, just looked) Drop a legendary scientist on it, and you will discover it!!!

Old stump

place a 100 physical strength on it, then make it rain (the link is at the guide sheet if you want to see ALL portions, top of the page at guilds, not up here) You will find iron wood (make sure the strong person stays!!!


Place a max scientist on it, and you make 50,000 since points!!!

moon and star carved rocks

place an xp (experienced person who has been used with that type of carving) It will say "______(their name) touched it and activated some type of mechanism. It seems to be waiting on something" place three moon or stardust (depending on the carving, star, stardust...) Place it fast, and you get it)

ok, this is the flower tree and the fountain


put a legend scientist on it, then make the youth potion (read cheat sheet) and you get the water!!!

flower tree

this one didn't come naturally to me.You see the pattern around the tree right? No? You see the missing flowers? You just fill them in :) (make sure you add the right color to the ring's pattern, and place the almost just right!!!)

Hope you enjoy (sorry for the terrible humor and bad spelling, i am tired)

[I fixed all the spelling errors. But just so you know, since you're new here, usually if a comment has as many spelling errors as yours did initially, it gets deleted. We curate the comments posted here to ensure quality and respect to everyone. We always have, which is why we have such a great community. So please take the time to spell check your own comments in the future. Thanks. :) -Jay]


Dear Rae,
Are you sure that he/she is maxed out, and that you had the fertilizer potion right?

If you are not, here it is: Vegges ( I spell really bad, so I put it that way, and by the way, thanks Jay for fixing the errors last time!!!) sea water, and stardust. Make sure you used it on the plant itself, not the dirt beside it!!!(note:if the area is clear, and away from anything but grass, it turns to fungus)

If you are sure you did all that, did you clear your trophys?
Your fello user,


when I do the Lunar tower trick, it doesn't work for me. I don't know why, but it never seems to work. Also, my tribe has mostly all been set to construction to build the boat, but everyone sits around. I really don't know why, but if this were in reality, they would all be fat. They just eat, sleep and stand. They're not tired and I don't know what to do! Any help woul be appreciated! :D


Dear Mockingjay(why on earth did you pick a rude name like that!?),

For the boat, mabe you don't have rock or wood.They are nessary for the boat, like other things.For the tower, try to build it all the way, not just halfway.

A fello user,


I got a cheat, and sorry to all players who posted this. It's like an update. THIS EXTREMELY GOES OUT TO PEOPLE WITH A DEAD TRIBE.

you might have read that if you change your p.c's time, the game will work with it, skipping time.onward, you can also fix this, after you skip time. just pause it, and go back. The players with a dead tribe might want to use this:keep the game on a speed, then change the clock backwards, bringing back the dead.

Yours truly,


There's a dystopian fantasy book series that is so popular it's being made into a movie (Yay!)...Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. I'm guessing it has inspired more than a few user names.


fghfghfgh510, I have built the tower more than halfway but it still doesn't seem to be working. and with the boat.. it has an amount of rock and wood and labor it needs, right? so do I need to have that total amount before I build it or while I'm building it can they restock the piles?

I love the Hunger Games.... so yes, my username. :] but how is that a rude name?

thanks guys :]


Very nice game, but also time consuming.
But I am at a point in the game where all my villagers are aged 50+ and wont make any more kids. I just recently moved to a new island and I had 0 in everything (food,wood,rocks) and I had no huts. I decided to leave my little island because it was getting over populated and it was one of those divided islands. Well now I guess I just have to give up because all my people are dying from starvation becuase everybody is to exhasuted to do anything. There goes my hopes of that. :\


I opend a crate and found 10 stardust!

FarmerGal777 August 16, 2012 1:30 AM

Would like to say that I appreciate all the forums and comments from all of you. This is my first game like this and very addictive to say the least.
I am on my first Island and after reading all the comments about having children 100/100 from what Jay said in his beginning comments is very true. I hadn't paid any attention to it until I read his remarks after I was well into the game and got stuck, so I searched out his walk-through.
I started keeping a log of my intial people and their ages. Started having babies, (keeping a geneology) and mostly twins. The first twins were accident, I didn't help lol I had maxed out my oldest matriarch, a female, to figure out the iron monolith. I also maxed out my oldest male in science, thinking he would take care of it for me.
So now I had two people maxed out and started doing the same on the rest of my adults. Just because. I wasn't thinking about children at this point. So when I read the comments about the children being 100/100 or 100/99 etc., I already had 40 children. I noticed that my second and third generation children that were mated (remember I kept a log of whos who)with children of different parents and had not been all maxed out didn't have 100/100 but all the parents that had 100/100 did have babies with 100/100,
So it worked for me and didn't even know to check for it at the initial onset.
Thanks for all the helps. Have fun traveling. My ship is built and I am waiting for my lunar tower to finish and off I go. Can't wait for my next adventure and now with Jay's comments and all your imputs what fun there will be. lol

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmm-HTBlKBBq55COMPsD0Upe-33Dfkb0K8 December 5, 2012 10:15 PM

I have a question:
Ok I have waay too many tribe members for my taste, and I want to try and kill some off. But there are specific ones that I want to keep.

~ Is there any potion or something that will kill a specific tribe member?


If you want extra stardust or moondust, you have to click on celestial/lunar tower(Construction level 3) and demolish it. After that you get a rain of star/moondust.( around 30)

tylanwyatt February 17, 2013 5:56 PM

Wasup! when I first started near the map it said 17 islands inhabited. whats that about, are some islands already inhabited by people?

Lorenwit June 15, 2013 3:27 PM

I have relocated to a new island. I need a science building but there isn't one in the build menu. Is there a way to access the science building on a new island?

Lorenwit June 23, 2013 9:39 AM

I think it was just a glitch. I reloaded my game and the science building was in the build menu.


Hi i was playing this game a few years ago on fb. and i really liked it. then a few years later i was looking for it and saw it was gone there :( anyways i found it and payed for it and bla bla bla. now i have started a new tribe i have the island with the star moon and fountain on it! actually i have everything i need here, barrels come often with lodestone btw i have all my tribe members at 100/100 at everthing all i am waiting for is to get kmy 400.000 to built the towers and the ark. but idk if i want to leave cause this island is great. can i just stay here and keep my tribe alive? or do i really have to move to another island. btw i am really addicted to it i have it open whenever i am on the pc playing or doing other stuff so i can get the star and moondust that fall lol. this site is amazing i found out a lot ty all :) enjoy the game ik i will bye bye


ps i always get 100/100 babys maybe cause all my men and woman are tribal heros and have all maxed out lol idk. but its a lot easyer to get babys with 100/100 for me :)


Hello, I have a simple question:
How many labor points are needed to make 1 science points?

It will be really helpful to me..

Ninja-cat December 5, 2014 4:23 PM

Is there an end to this game or not?


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