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Multiplayer games

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The other day a visitor asked what multiplayer games are available to play on the Web:

Hey Jay, do you know of any good multiplayer games over the net, because my boyfriend and I play games together and we've run out of things to play.


Although aware of a few casual Web games that offer a compelling multiplayer experience, as I was thinking about an adequate response to Lauren's question I realized that I was coming up short. So, I would like to start a discussion on multiplayer Web games by listing some games that I know of already—some that I have reviewed, while others that have been only suggested to me—and requesting that others contribute by recommending other multiplayer games as comments to this entry.

It is my hope that we can generate enough ideas to begin a recommended multiplayer games section in the sidebar.

Conqueror - a very good multiplayer Risk clone with surprisingly rich gameplay. Shockwave.

iSketch - Shockwave Pictionary clone that offers addictive and hilarious, adrenaline-filled multiplayer fun. Enough said.

WEBoggle - more words than you can shake a stick at. If you like words, you'll love this game. DHTML.

War of the Worlds Survival Game - offers an unusual cooperative multiplayer experience in Flash.

Fantastic Four :: Clobberin' Time - another movie licensed multiplayer Flash game. Suggested by a visitor to jayisgames.

Tactics Arena Online - this multiplayer, turn-based strategy, Flash game was highly recommended to me, though I have not yet tried it. Anyone can create a free account that features nine different units with which to play. Gold accounts cost just $5 a month and offers a caboodle of additional units and features.

Settlers of Catan - recommended as one of the best board games ever, this free multiplayer online clone of the game (Windows download) is supported by its developer, Jason Fugate, and a large community of players.

Runescape - a massively multiplayer online Flash RPG that offers a limited free account, and a $5 per month subscription with additional features.

Kingdom of Loathing - a funny and sarcastic online RPG that is played with stick figures. Go figure.

Puzzle Pirates - offers a unique and compelling experience in a massively multiplayer online persistent world. Players compete in a variety of puzzle games to improve their pirate's standing. Winner of the Audience Choice Award (Web/Downloadable) at the 2004 Independent Games Festival. Subscription-based, a free trial for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms is available.

Golf - a unique multiplayer golf game for up to 4 players. Not an ordinary looking golf game, this simple and yet richly styled Windows executable features direct action swinging with the mouse rather than the usual power-bar based controls of other golf games. In-game chat and two-seater golf carts make this game an excellent choice for friends who want to play together. Capuchin promised to review this game here soon.

What multiplayer online games have you played and enjoyed lately?


LeccyKev July 18, 2005 5:50 AM

How about Tardis Tennis on the BBC website?


KoL(Kingdom of Loathing) is the Best :) I play it for over a year now :)!

Capuchin July 18, 2005 12:22 PM

Capuchen? How dare you!?!? :D


Try Tank Mania @ http://www.tankmania.com/ by Tomas Eriksson (http://www.onemotion.com/).

Nice site Jay, keep up the good work! : )


what about that game that emulates the magnetic letters on a refrigerator?


Ooh, a very nice collection... gotta check them out... are they all to be played in a browser?


You know, I've been running on www.eyeplaygames.com for a while now.

A very effective, very impressive, constantly updated Robo Rally game, 1-8 players, with an extensive training regimen, chat system, forum, and player base. You can have up to 10 games going with the free account, but membership has it's privillages.

Worth checking out. I'm always on and always taking on challengers!


How about Battalion: Head to Head? http://www.urbansquall.com
Very nice turn-based game which seems reminiscent of advance wars, etc. Flash

An interesting multiplayer race game.

several multiplayer games here.


A good few free MMOG's are out there but they all require a client download of over 100mb each:

Gunbound - http://gunbound.softnyx.net/
Maple Story - http://www.mapleglobal.com/
Gunz - http://www.gunzonline.com/
Shot-Online - http://www.shot-online.com/


A few years ago a fellow javascript game writer put together a two player pool game. Its quite clever, considering its all done in JS and PHP. Try it out at:


Capuchin - I noticed and was about to post a comment, but you did first. Anyway, I like iSketch, but I've found KoL very tiresome. It's funny, and after that wears off, it isn't great. It relies on the same humour to entertain you, as opposed to, say, gameplay or graphics or sound or anything. Also, it loads very slowly and every time I click something, I spend hours waiting for whatever it is to happen. Not so great. Still, not awful either. Runescape? No comment. It's, uh, interesting.


It's not graphical, but Carnage Blender 2 is a great online text-based RPG. There's a large helpful community of players, built-in chat and forums, and it's completely free, though you can pay $10 for special supporter-only features.


woot. this day has come.

listen to TmA. Maple story is what i've been addicted to all summer. the object is simple in the fact that you go around in a 2D world fighting monsters in hopes of lvl'ing up. the display is great, and while the plot is down to nothing, it's still fun to play, with quests along the way and a large map to play around on, meeting others that you can team up with to fight monsters.

Global maple story isn't as up to date as the Japanese maple story.

Global: www.mapleglobal.com
Japan and others: www.maplestory.com

maplestory.com has a better description of the game at the bottom. = )


one of my favorites was roseonline.

lauren :D

thanks for putting this up jay


Addition to the list of download-required games, I add Ragnarok Online (http://iro.ragnarokonline.com/). It requires payment, but you can get 15 days free - and unlike most 'free-trial' MMO's, you don't need a credit card to play the trial.


Capuchin - my bad. It's fixed. Me thinks the error was caused by me constantly seeing your AOL screen name which is also misspelled. =/

And to the rest - really good stuff here! Keep it coming, and I just may have enough to start a regular feature. I appreciate all the ideas, thank you kindly for participating. =)

Daddaluma July 19, 2005 1:51 AM


I can't vouch for anything on the site, but the list of free multiplayer games they have is tremendous. There's got to be enough games there to keep you busy for years.

Capuchin July 19, 2005 8:19 AM

Ah yes, that's because Capuchin was already taken, stupid thing :)

ninjabunny July 19, 2005 12:31 PM

the best multiplayer game ive ever played was Continuum(formally known as SUBSPACE)... ive played this for more that 10+ years and still believe that its the best. easy to learn, hard to master. in short, its a "astroids" type game except instead of shooting rocks ur shooting 30+++ other people. a must see.



dinkey bomb is an awsome online game but you need to make an account to play it (account is free) it can be found at www.weplayhere.com

Shane H. July 19, 2005 5:54 PM

www.knightonlineworld.com -
A free, fully 3-d MMORPG... I never thought it possible but here is one as living proof. Its a very good game and fun to play.

A free 3d multiplayer game that is very addictive, think Devil may cry and you have the vague idea of the gameplay. very fun once you get the hang of it.


Hmm, i just joined Kingdom of Loathing and it seems to be pretty fun :)
I'm pretty used to slow games, considering I played Adventure Quest for a while, until its slowness drove me mad.

TornadoTK July 20, 2005 2:04 AM

TmA took a bunch that I wanted to put up, but here's some that might not be here yet.

Gate 88: (RTS-S.SHOOTER)

Survival Project: (MORPG)

TetriNet2: (MO-TETRIS)

Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory: (FPS)


graal is a good game


I dont think dofus has been mentioned:

Irashtar July 21, 2005 6:08 AM

What I really like are the stratagy games that fall under the following catagories: Turnbased, playable from any brower, and free. The ones I'm hooked to now, (none of them have been mentioned) are Ravenblack's vampires

Urban dead is similar, exept more dynamic, and you can start out alive if you want.

In Inselkampf you get given an island, and you have to build up buildings etc.

And finally x-kings. get gold, buy techs, fight and defend your country.


Folks who enjoy Settlers of Catan should check out Brettspielwelt (German for Board Game World) here. It's a Java-based site that features free online play of dozens of board games.

It can be played in an applet, but on many systems the stand-alone client (also in Java) works better.


I think Sea3d (Settlers of Catan) should be reviewed individually. It's a cult classic, incredibly easy to pick up but nearly impossible to master, and the interface (win32, with website support) is phenomenal. It doesn't deserve to be passed over with just a glance!


jay i'm looking for agood online multiplayer game kinda like runescape where you cn control your user i am looking for free ones or from free to 25 pounds max


Hey jay I hear you have some cool free multiplayer games that are kind of like runescape but with a little more action so if you could tell me some that would be great thanks.


hey jay!!! Do you know the game maple story? If you do can you help me? I dont know how to download the game! Please can you help me!! I tried for days but i just dont get it!!!! Please help!!!:D


Michelle, I haven't yet downloaded Maple Story, so I don't think I can help. =/


jay do u know of any games like runescape, because runescape is getting boring and i want a game to play with my friends than i have to compete and have fun i have played almost every rpg game, jay can u help me


i need a game like infantry except free

phael mark fabro September 3, 2005 6:57 PM

gunz online games


add [email protected] and send your username and password i have lvl 123 account with 3 full saras and 17 full runes to give away must have lvl 40 defence or higher!


I've been playing for 2 years until i got a virus. The game is online war with 2 races(I havent been playing for a long time because of the virus)human and alien.
www.inhumangames.com It is called trash.


runescape is java
not flash

vladvash June 7, 2007 1:07 AM


deathofgods August 17, 2007 1:26 PM

Maplestory is nice but there are two other games on http://nexon.net/NX.aspx?PART=/Main, Audition and Kartrider
both came from the japanese version. Audition is a dance games like ddr but you use your keyboard instead of your feet. Kartrider is a racing game like mario kart, it has items you can use for battling. For the three games you have to download a client that is updated to the newest version.


Jelly Battle by Logitech. great game ;)


Try territory war.


I really love isketch. i think its d best game so far!!
guys you should play it..lots of fun it is!

Sari Everna March 5, 2008 11:15 PM

I've become extremely addicted to a game called Holic recently. It's currently in open beta, so it has some flaws, but I love it so much! Seriously, if all the good things overshadow the bugs for me, then it's worth a look. Take a look here: holic.netgame.com

someone June 28, 2008 2:30 AM

umm try http://www.maidmarian.com for some MMORPGs and also rs


Maplestory For The Win
It is probably the one i have been addicted to for the longest.
What it lacks in a storyline and good translations its makes up for in prowess.
It has the most customisable characters, easy to learn controls, good quality, and its fairly casual. But I got bored after awhle and now im playing private servers :P


You forgot to mention KOL is for mature only and not kidsafe,


Actually Runescape is made with Java ,not flash.


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