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Moved again

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Yesterday, the site was unreachable in areas of New York and Massachusettes, and God knows where else. Thank you Infinology ...and good riddance. If you can see this entry, then the DNS has propagated the new address in your area and you are now reaching the site's new home on the Dreamhost servers. My apologies if you experienced any turbulence during the switch over.

I have a couple of reviews to post once I get some sleep. Check back again Friday afternoon. =)


Keep the good site up Jay


This is my first post to this site, though i've been a lurker for some time. Thank you for taking the time to provide this service firstly, and secondly being so diligent at it. - John


Uhm...God knows where else ---> also in the whole Italy..erm,I think nobody here in Italy could reach your site yesterday =)


I appreciate that, John. Thanks for taking the time to post a comment, I'm pleased you enjoy the site.

And thanks for the report, Aerfin. =)

Yesterday, I spoke to my UK mate, Capuchin, who was able to reach the site from there. So, I figured I was good in Europe, but I see now that was not the case(!). I couldn't even reach my own site all day, and had to ask him to do a backup for me in case I would never see it again. lol


Good to hear you site's okay again now Jay!
And thanks for all the work you do here, I know everyone who visits really appreciates it, more than you know. It's good to know there are people out there like you Jay, not only for the fact that you know good gaming, and love to share what you know, but also for being so dedicated to sharing the wealth with others. You're a great guy, Jay! ^_~
I'd say keep up the good work, but I already know you always do! ^____^ Thank you Jay!!!


Hey Jay. I was just wondering if you were going to use the JabberTM Chat Service that is provided by DreamHost. That would be awesome. Later Jay.



neon mongrel October 7, 2005 12:31 PM

(there's no notification of whether or not my email will be made public, and so i'm not including it, though if somewhere it said it'd be kept private, i certainly wouldn't mind being contacted by you.)

that said, if dreamhost doesn't work out for you, i've had really good experience with laughingsquid, @ laughinsquid.net.

hope this transition of yours goes well,

-a loyal reader


Thanks, Neon.

Email addresses are no longer ever published on this site, nor are they used for mass-mailing purposes of any kind. I require them only to reduce the comment spam I receive, which amounts in the hundreds per day.

Occasionally, I will answer a comment personally via email if I feel the response is more appropriate to be sent directly. Therefore, it helps to have your email address for those situations.

If an invalid email address is provided, there is a chance your comment will end up in my junk spam mail bin and not get published.

I need to add a privacy policy to the site very soon with this information.


Tim - I'm definitely interested in hooking up some sort of chat on the site. Ease-of-use and safety are my primary concerns, however, and may limit my options in this area. I'm working on it. =)


In case you hadn't caught the news this had something to do with the outage. It looks close to the right time frame.

Also, something is mixed up with your TypeKey. I imagine you already know since you posted without using it.


Thanks, Zengief. Yes, I imagine that was indeed the cause. No worries, since I needed to get the site off of Infinology's servers due to the bandwidth cost/limits there.

And there is nothing I can do with Typekey until the DNS propagates the new address to my ISP, as I still have to access Dreamhost via a mirror I set up. Once I have direct access via DNS, then I can iron out any wrinkles.


i just wanted to say thanks for putting in so much effort to keep this awesome site going. you are the cure for the daytime/nighttime boredom.


Hi Jay,
If it helps, I can tell you that I did not experience any difficulties getting to your site during those days. So it was working here, down-under.

I visit daily to keep up with what's going on.



dreamhost is great! :)


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