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Monkey GO Happy Ninjas 3

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Rating: 4.3/5 (130 votes)
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Monkey GO Happy Ninjas 3

Everyone's favourite simpering simians are back, along with their massive brood of mini-monkeys, in PencilKids' point-and-click puzzler Monkey GO Happy Ninjas 3, where, as you might surmise, the only way to make our Monkey GO Happy is to find the seventy tiny ninjas hidden throughout the game. Lest you think this sounds like an impossible task, it helps to know that these ninjas aren't exactly good at the stealthy bits of ninja-ry, and so not only is every scene you can visit absolutely heaving with them, but your cursor will change when it passes over something you can interact with (like, say, a ninja hiding behind something), so you know what to click on. As usual, standing in your way of covering yourself in dozens of tiny monkeys (what else are you going to use them for?) are puzzles. Some of them simply require using the right item in the right place, while others have clues to their solutions hidden in the scenery throughout the game. By now, Pencil Kids has the art of monkey gathering down to a fine science, and Monkey GO Happy Ninjas 3 is surprisingly robust compared to more recent entries into the series, with more locations, puzzles, and gameplay. So what are you waiting for? Get huntin'!

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I don't get the

seven pole puzzle


Jazzer, the hint for it is in the same room as

the lady who wants the teapot

And if you already knew that but didn't know what to make of the clue,

the notches on the hint represent how many times to press down on the poles from their starting (up) position.

Jazzer July 1, 2015 2:39 PM replied to schram

Thanks schram. I knew the hint, but couldn't get it to work. Maybe I just didn't try harf enough :)


The best MonkeyGoHappy for a very long while :)
A pesky lot of little ninjas to find; leave no stone unturned and no snow unshuffled... (the changing pointer is helpful)


Was unable to finish the game because although I've played through many Monkey-Go-Home games before without problems this one locks up near the end for me. I made two attempt and got near the end both times. Both lockups were near the red-door-with-whiteface-character part, and both resulted in the Mac spinning-cursor 'Application Not Responding' error.

Mac, very up-to-date OS and Safari, no anti-virus or ad-blocker.


text walkthrough please :)

Leopardmask July 2, 2015 10:07 PM

I tried the

Seven-peg puzzle

the way schram described, but I can't immediately tell that anything has happened. Did I do something wrong? Is the result on a different screen? Both are completely valid possibilities as I play with my sound off and for some reason the game is being reaaallly slow for me so I might be getting impatient with some of the puzzles.


guess no text walkthrough yet huh?


I'm a little too tired to work out the poles

whether the lines mean how many times you push them down, or how many lines of the poles need to be visible.
And since there's 4 heights they can be, whether those 'numbers' correspond to 1234, or 0123,

Paul, if you want a text walkthrough

Either make an effort to play the games yourself without a walkthrough (/try to contribute more than just asking for text walkthroughs), wait about a week before playing the games and/or asking for a walkthrough, or move on to another website that readily provides text walkthroughs.

E.g. if I really need a hint but the JiG community can't help me yet, I go to another website, whose page for this game is http://www.escapegames24.com/2015/07/monkey-go-happy-ninjas-3.html

I'm not a big fan of the MGH Ninjas games, because at the end I find myself going crazy trying to find the couple of ninjas I missed the first time around. Don't forget to look

under every snow, rock, panel and tree, and in every window. There's even a couple in the poles room


well I cabn;t play a game without one. a lot of the time the walkthroughs are up not long after I see the game is up.


Anyone stuck on the pole/peg/post (whatever you wanna call them!) puzzle:

I thought this one was a little obtuse, since as Catherine says you can interpret the clues in a much more sensible way. Basically, with all the posts fully out of the ground (so you can see ALL three lines), you click on them the amount of times indicated by the clue. So, where there is one notch on the hint, you click once, etc. All of the posts need to be clicked at least once, so there won't be one that is at its full height when you solve it.

Oh! And Leopardmask:

Did you pull the lever? Aka the weird monkey face to the right? Should open the trapdoor if you've done everything right!

Paul, the problem with making a text walkthrough for a game like this is that it's quite long. You have to find 70 little monkeys, that's a lot of writing even without the puzzles! Give the video walkthrough a go, all you have to do is pause it if it's moving too fast. The only text walkthroughs that usually get made for these kinds of long games are just for the puzzles, so the video might be your only source for a full one.


yeah but then I gotta keep rewinding the video all the time. it'll take 50x longer to get it from the video then it will actually playing the game. I understand though that it might take time but for me that;s about the only way.


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