Mobile Monday N°302

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Welcome to Mobile Monday!

One of the funniest games for mobiles, escape puzzler by itach lab (Usami Kenzo), is back and as good as its prequel. K3 arts's (Kaori Uemura) escape is quite short but very good, too. Unique Hidehiro Nakamura's work takes you to a miniature forest and lets you wander through it, and Ultrateam presents a physics game, as users friendly as possible and real relax.

All games are free and available in Google Play and in Apple Store except the bonus game.

The first game is medium-sized and has 30 standard levels plus five extra, the second game is relatively short, the third game medium-sized on a longer side and the bonus game has 60 levels.

Don't Stop Corocco2

corocco2.png corocco3.png corocco1.png

Mr Corocco is a stone and therefore he can't jump. He just rolls and rolls ahead to get home to Mrs Corocco and their kid, but there are obstacles on his way, mostly holes and ditches, and each obstacle is a problem for you to solve. Quirky puzzle game by itach lab (Usami Kenzo) requires thinking out-of the box - solutions of puzzles are often unconventional indeed.

P.S. The prequel you find in MM N°283.

Google PlayDon't Stop Corocco2 (Android, Android Tablet)

Download on the AppstoreDon't Stop Corocco2 (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

Chill Beach House

beach2.png beach3.png beach4.png

Escape by K3 arts (Kaori Uemura) with beautiful art is at the moment for Android users only but I hope that the version for iOS would be available soon. Their previous game was also available in Apple Store later. Short and good escape.

P.S. The prequel you find in MM N°287.

Update: the link to Apple Store is added.

Google PlayChill Beach House (Android, Android Tablet)

Download on the AppstoreChill Beach House (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

Escape game: Miniature LAND 3

forest1.png forest4.png forest3.png

Hidehiro Nakamura's game is awesome - you are struggling your way through a real miniature rainy forest after your hot-air baloon got wrecked. The game consists of five chapters and has two endings - both good, but in the fifth chapter you can call for a help or liberate yourself. Don't skip the instructions at the beginning, they are important since the game has own ways of controlling.

Google PlayEscape game: Miniature LAND 3 (Android, Android Tablet)

Download on the AppstoreEscape game: Miniature LAND 3 (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

ultraflow1.png ultraflow2.png ultraflow3.png

Bonus game: ULTRAFLOW 2 by Ultrateam is one of the best physics bounce games I've played - surprisingly easy (if you don't choose a hard mode) with a perfect design. Only for Android.

Google PlayULTRAFLOW 2 (Android, Android Tablet)

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