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Mobile Monday №8

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Mobile Monday

JohnBA collection of simple but absolutely captivating games for this week's Mobile Monday. I've spent more time than I'd like to admit with each of these titles. Shouldn't I be off learning Japanese or trying to cure diseases or something? Maybe after just one more level...

We're still giving away iTunes gift certificates to cover the cost of every game featured in the current Mobile Monday article. Simply sign-in with a Casual Gameplay account, leave a comment giving feedback about one of the games, then check back the week after to see if you've won. Simple! Congratulations to last week's winner, Benabik!

asterope.gifAsterope - A short, challenging but very rewarding action game where physics are both your friend and your enemy. Androids are invading Earth and it seems you are the only one brave enough to venture into their giant asteroid to save stranded astronauts. You don't control your tiny red ship directly. Instead, tap the touch screen to fire a hook onto the rocks that will change your direction as you move. Once you become skilled at maneuvering your ship, it's great fun to navigate tight passageways. The game's a bit on the short side, but there are a few unlockable modes that give it some replay value.

theseus.gifTheseus - A slick implementation of Robert Abbot's Theseus and the Minotaur puzzle/maze game that features a ton of levels to work your way through. The goal is simple: make it to the exit on each level. Unfortunately there's a red minotaur in the way that would love to eat you, and for every one step you take, the minotaur takes two. Lucky for you this guy's a bit dumb and can easily be trapped in corners. With a little forethought and clever planning, you can hack your way through this long and satisfying game one puzzle at a time. And if you aren't so clever, a hint button does the work for you. Also comes in a free Theseus Lite version.

eliss.gifEliss - A puzzle game of a different sort, Eliss treads into new territory and makes great use of the multi-touch feature on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Combine and split the colored "planets" that appear to maintain order in the increasingly chaotic universe. When a squeesar appears, fit the appropriate sized/colored planet into it to make it vanish. It's that simple, but it's also that addictive. You will have to work quickly and efficiently so that no planets of dissimilar colors collide, thereby reducing your health. Great production values and addictive gameplay move this game into must-have territory.

carnivalhammer.jpgCarnival Hammer - Ok, I admit it, this little diversion is a guilty pleasure of mine. Just like the carnival game, lift and swing your iPhone to strike the platform and send the ball flying up the board. The higher you go, the tougher you are. Although there's very little content to enjoy, the art style really captivates and I still found myself driven to hit the ball to the moon.

NOTE: Games listed may not be available outside of North America. Prices are subject to change and are therefore unlisted. Please see the individual game pages for purchasing info.


Coldfrog March 16, 2009 1:16 AM

Oh man, the Theseus maze is possibly one of the most ingenious things... I first saw that in... oh man... was it one of martin gardeners mathematical game collections? I think so but I can't be sure. Anyway, now I can play it without having to dole out the minotaur rules myself! sweet! thanks for the heads up on this one.


Prices as of the date/time of this comment:

Carnival Hammer...$0.99

Note: Theseus is on sale for a limited promotional period only. Get it while it's only a buck!


Theseus is awesome. Simple concept, there's no confusion about the rules, and it's got so much gameplay! I could play this for so long.

samalakar March 16, 2009 3:31 PM

Eliss is a stupendous game! Level 12 might be the hardest level I have ever beaten in a game. The attempt to beat it seeped into my real life- I would imagine circles coming together in my head and feel a need to separate them! (a similar experience to Tetris dreams).

The game is very well crafted- each of the later levels requires a new approach (and maybe some more fingers and thumbs!)

Has anyone beaten the game yet?

samalakar March 16, 2009 3:37 PM

... and I purchased Theseus 1.1 a while back, but have since lost it on my phone. Is it possible to get the old version back? Did Theseus 2.0 require a new purchase, or was it an update for people with the old v.?


Theseus is such a great puzzle. I remember spending several hours playing an online version of it, and now I can play it on the go! Sweet!


samalakar - if it's the same game that you purchased before, then you can just click the "Buy" link again and iTunes will present the dialog:

"You have already purchased [game name]. Would you like to download it again for free?"

This is one of the best new features the App Store has brought to iTunes. :)

tsempetOr March 17, 2009 10:17 PM

Theseus and the Minotaur brings back memories of Mummy Maze. Good game. I like the level design, graphics, and overall interface.

I also like the fact that there is a lite version.


Thesus looks quite interesting, I'll probably get it soon!

I'd get Eliss, but it's too expensive. :-(

Awesome review this week!


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