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Mine of Sight

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Rating: 4.1/5 (39 votes)
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Mine of Sight
Who doesn't like a relaxing game of Minesweeper? Between us, it's one of the best games to relax
with, and not only because you get it on almost every computer ever, and is what I mainly play when the internet is down... Back to our subject, Minesweeper is a very popular game, and it got a couple of variations (my favorite among them is Mamono Sweeper). In the last week I found another interesting variant of Minesweeper, called Mine of Sight, by ZBlip.

The main goal in Mine of Sight, as in other variants of Minesweeper, is to mark all the mines, and explore the whole board. The catch here is that the clues in this game are not the conventional ones. The game currently features about 6 different clues, starting with the simplest one, which gives the number of mines in the 4 blocks surrounding it, and up to much complex ones. The main new clue added by this game in the "line of sight" clue, this clue tells the number of mines in its line of sight, in all four directions, until it reaches the end of the board or a barrier. It spices up the game, and can create very interesting, and hard, boards.

The game comes with two modes. The first is the "campaign". It consists of more than 60 levels, starting with simple boards, and getting much more complicated very quickly, as more types of clues are tossed into the board, making a puzzle that can make one's brain sweat. The second mode is called "Minesweeper++". This mode lets you to "choose your poison" (choose the clues you want to use), and generates a board with them. Note that every level in the "campaign" is solvable without guessing, but the auto-generated levels may require it.

The game's graphics are simple and pleasant, which is very common in games like this. The shapes are simple and there is no noisy background or distractions. That helps focusing on the puzzle, and makes the solving experience more enjoyable. The game has no background music, which is a little strange (I hope they'll add it in the future), but there are sound effects indicating pressing on a tile, blowing a mine and such.

So, in summary, for all the lovers of Minesweeper variants, and puzzles in general - this game will be great for you.

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This is excellent!


This was so much fun! Absolutely one of the best puzzle games I have ever played. We need more levels!!!


Brilliant! My brain started to hurt when I hit the extended line-of-sight clue. Ow ow ow. Time for a break ...

I understand why there's no Undo, since that would lead to guessing, but ... I really wish there was an Undo. For the big boards, I started to paste screen shots into Paint so I could get back to where I was before I made a mistake.


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