Milo and the Magpies Walkthrough

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Welcome to the Milo and the Magpies walkthrough! In this game, your job is to help Milo get back home by solving puzzles and exploring his surroundings. Are you up for the challenge? Let's go!

chris-stenger-VAojW4NCCaQ-unsplash.jpgWelcome to the Milo and the Magpies walkthrough! In this game, your job is to help Milo get back home by solving puzzles and exploring his surroundings. Are you up for the challenge? Let's go!

Chapter One: The First Step Home
You'll start in one of many gardens Milo needs to walk across. Keep clicking on Milo until he hides behind the pillar fountain. Click on him again. Next, click the lawnmower robot on the right-bottom corner of your screen to activate it.

The robot will move, revealing a stone. Drag and drop the stone on top of the fountain. Click on the same spot where the stone used to be to get "The Enchanted Prince" achievement.

A magpie will sit on top of the stone. Click on Milo twice to catch the bird. Click on Milo once more.

Chapter Two: The Artist
Before you go any further, click and inspect the old man's canvas. Afterward, click the sunflower facing away from you in the bottom left corner. Click again to unlock the "His Lost Love" achievement.

Click on Milo until you get the cat to hide under the red table. Click on Milo again to zoom in. Then, click on the windowpane at the top-right corner to break it. Click on Milo to go through the window.

Zoom in to the table once more and click on the key inside the pocket of the orange jacket Milo dropped. Drag and drop the key to the right-side door to unlock it. A magpie will drop a key into the pool.

Click on the following four objects:

the apple on top of the warehouse
the old man's brush
the frog statue
the painting near the bicycle.
Next, click on the bicycle and enter the following combination: 8263. Click on the bicycle to reveal a tap. Click on the tap to turn it on. This will make the fish move away from the key.

Take the key and open the right-side door once more. Click on the door handle. Grab the bolt cutter from inside the warehouse and use it to cut the fence.

Click on Milo.

Chapter Three: Child's Play
Click on the tree's branch on the right three times. Grab the dropped firefly to unlock "The Firefly" achievement.

Click on the kid in the middle to operate the toy helicopter. Next, keep clicking the trampoline kid on the right to make him jump high. Immediately afterward, click on the stuck ball so that the lady next door will unstick it.

Click on the middle kid again. Click on the trampoline kid twice to make him kick the ball. Click the slide kid on the left, then click the trampoline kid again. Once the ball is in front of the slide kid, click on her so that she'll kick it.

Drag and drop the batteries located near Milo. Give them to the helicopter kid. Click on him and wait until he finishes using the helicopter. Click on Milo, then click on him again once he's on the branch.

Chapter Four: Feed the Birds
Click on Milo, then drag and drop the apple under the left-side tree to the wooden container near the right-side tree. Put the following objects on the container as well:

the reddish object hanging from the right-side tree
bread from inside the trash can
the worm beneath the dwarf figure on the left.
Next, click on the sunflower and the snail sticking on the container's pillar.

Open the window on the top-right corner of your screen. Drag and drop the watering can to the hanging plate on top of the sunflower. Wait for an eagle to appear. Put the dropped worm on the container once more. Wait for a hoopoe bird to appear to get "The Hoopoe" achievement.

Click on Milo.

Chapter Five: A Fishing Trip
Keep clicking on Milo until a frog jumps to the river. Click on the lady looking out at the river. Next, click on the white Pekin, then the lady again. Do the same steps to the following birds in order:

the mallard
the black duck
the wood duck
the mottled duck
Wait for the ducks to go, then click on the fisherman. Keep clicking on the man after he casts his line to catch a boot.

Click the fisherman one last time. Click on the scorpion coming out from the boot. Wait for Milo to get to the other side of the river. Once Milo is on the other side, click on him. Click on the lady. While you wait for Milo to receive a 'fur-drying,' click on the bluebird near the fisherman to unlock "The Fisherking" achievement. Click on Milo once he is on top of the boat, then click Milo again.

Chapter Six: Boogie Time
Click on the sphinx behind the cat door on the left. Click on Milo, then again after the cat is back near his initial spot. Then click on the speaker near the man at the top-right window. Once the pianist leaves, drag the paper on the floor to the piano.

Turn off the speaker, then click on Milo.

Once the white cat watches Milo dance, click on the cupid statue at the bottom-left. The arrow will hit the white cat then bounce to the right-side tree, revealing a red object. Click on the object to get "The Little Devil" achievement.

Drag and drop the dropped leash to Milo. Click on Milo once more.

Chapter Seven: Unexpected Help
Click on Milo. Once he slurps a couple of sips, click Milo twice.

Once Milo hides under the table, click on the pink paper on the left-side shelf. Once it drops, click on the paper again and wait to unlock the "Milo's Child" achievement. Afterward, click the litter on the right and the big key above it. Drag and drop the key to open the cabinet on the left-side shelf.

Click on these objects to lure the sphinx cat:

ball on the right
glass on the table
pillow on the green chair
adaptor between the chairs
white sock
ball on the right
glass on the table
pillow on the green chair
the white cat photo
the Beethoven statue
the wall clock
the ceiling lamp
mirror near the left-side door
the door handle leading to the stairs
Click on Milo's tail. Once Milo is thrown out, click on Milo once more.

Wrapping Up
Man, there sure is a lot of clicking in this game. But it comes with the explore/puzzle-solving territory.

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