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Rating: 4.7/5 (422 votes)
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JayMeeblingsMeeblings is a fun and quirky new action puzzle game from NinjaKiwi. If the title makes you think "Lemmings" then you're on the right track, but Meeblings is something different still. The objective is to get the target number of little Meeblings to any of the "Way Out" signs present in the level. Some levels have only one "way out", others have more.

To make things interesting, and to help you accomplish your task, you'll learn to activate the special powers of any Meeblings available. There are Herelings that attract other Meeblings; Therelings that push other Meeblings away; and Sizzlings that burn holes in things. And that's not all. You'll meet Gravlings, Treeblings, Zaplings, and Feeblings, which can't do anything at all.

Use the physical properties of each type of Meebling to your best advantage and guide as many Meeblings as you can to their goal. There are 50 levels in all.

Leave it to NinjaKiwi to come up with something wacky and original, and a whole lot of fun.

Play Meeblings


I'm completely stuck on level 19.


Level 34, anyone?



For 19, just simply "hop" the blue guy so all the others form a line only one ____bling deep. Then, they'll be too shallow to be picked up by the overhead fans. It takes a couple of goes for gravity to just randomly help you out, but as long as you get them all on the ground, you're safe beneath the fans.


Level 28 anyone?

blakyoshi7 December 9, 2008 5:19 AM

Even when you know what to do- and the puzzles aren't hard enough for that to be a problem- the physics are random enough that almost every level is completely dependent on luck.
Not my idea of fun.


I managed to complete it, but agree with the comment about luck... Several times I found myself just clicking repeatedly to get the final meebling to inch towards the exit.

A level editor would be cool, as I don't think many of the possibilities have been explored in the existing levels.


Once I see the picture I can tell it's related to boombot, same thing to fatcat, I immediately recognized it a nitrome game


I'm stuck on level 37.

sarah_briarmoss December 9, 2008 8:30 AM

Level 11? How do I do it? I'm guessing I use the red thing to knock down the wall, but I can't make it work =/

monkeymynd December 9, 2008 9:42 AM

Stuck on Level 13: Log of Wood

Any suggestions?


need help on level 25!

masozravapalma December 9, 2008 10:15 AM


just hold on the red meebling (sizzling) after a while it will dig down


when you get the sizzling (red meebling) up on the log it can destroy the log. You can use the herelinh (yellow meebling) on the right to get sizzling in the hole above log.


Zapling (grey meebling) turns electricla stuff on and off. Fans are eletrical. You don't have to be close to them to turn them off.

I am though stuck on level 29


level 29

if you push the little green dude off the edge and get him to land on the pink spikes, he'll stick. if you click on him, then a tree appears. the tricky part, that took me a while, is to get the 2nd green dude to be bouncing near the top of the first tree. when he is click on him, and a 2nd tree will appear, creating a barrier against the fan. the rest then becomes a little bit easier :)

ps - anyone got any idea about 34???


For level 29, repel enough to get the treebling off the edge, and activate him either when he gets stuck or right before the fan, as a buffer.

Then repel the attractor off the edge, and use it to bring the repellor and the other treebling. Use the other treebling to make your wall taller, and then attract (slowly!) the feeblings to you. Then use the repellor to send them to the exit. (Some might not go the first time, so you might have to do this a couple times)

Help on 37?


masozravapalma - Level 29 is a real pain.
I solved it by

clicking on the Blue Thereling gently until the green Treebling falls off, if you do this gently enough it will land on the pink sticky grass, from where it can be grown into a tree.

If you want a bit more information then

click the Blue Thereling to bring the yellow Hereling down, then click the Yellow Hereling to bring the Blue Thereling and Green Treeling down.
You can then grow another tree encasing the Hereling and Thereling. From there, bring the Feeblings down with the Hereling and then send them away towards the target using the Thereling


Hope this helps.

Blossomsong December 9, 2008 11:38 AM

I love how they stick their little tongues out sometimes :P
Anyone know an easier way to do 28 than the constantly restarting technique that I'm having trouble with?


a ninja kiwi game



I'm not a fan of the stages that require you to click on Meeblings that are flying through the air. I am just not that accurate!


The key to 19 is:

Don't go too fast. Try to get all of them in a single layer on the ground, and TAP one of the blue ones to push them in tiny jumps along the ground. If they get any altitude all, the fans pick them up.


I am though stuck on level 29

Push down a leaf. It will stuck on the pink zone. If it is destroyed, restart. Grow a tree. Push down the yellow one, it will be stopped by the tree. Use the yellow to bring down the blue and the second green one. When the green, moving randomly is almost on top of the tree, transform it into a tree. Those two trees are enough to maintain the rest of the orange. Bring all of them down, carefully. Push them way out with the blue.


help with 39?


lvl 37, shoot across.. help please.



It's easier to go on the right side since the gap is just a little wider. Then gently hop one green and one yellow, holding the yellow until one or more creature falls gently right under the platform. You have to do this a couple of times.

Hope this kinda helps!


I also need help with 28... all I can get is

repeatedly clicking an end yellow until the others bunch up and go over the edge. but the problem is that I can't ever get the last two under without using a blue which blows them away!


This was silly and fun.
I've been stuck on level 37 for ages.


Great game, great music, great art :-)

Only criticism is that the levels were too easy for my taste.

Looking forward to a sequel :-D


john smith liverpool December 9, 2008 1:53 PM

how do i do level 48 !!?


Only had time for 8 levels because I had to try and save them ALL. I TOTALLY underestimated the cuteness factor on this. I felt terrible for the ones that didn't make it. :0


I need number 13!!!

Anonymous December 9, 2008 3:05 PM

for 37

Note that you only need to get one meebling to the goal. Turn off the electricity and use gravity to get the green meebling to the goal.

for 48

First use a yellow meebling to set up the red meebling immediately above the right barrier of the "cage." Burn through a portion of the right barrier and use the blue meebling to push the others to the incline and over to the goal

for 13

Drop the meeblings off the right side only. There is more room between the fan on the right. Drop them slowly so they do not bounce over the fan.


With my chestnut brain, i can't get past level 4.


Okay, now I can't get 31...


My solution for 34:

I got a blue meebling stuck on the first pink sticky tile, then got a yellow meebling stuck in one of the last sticky tiles. Then it was just a matter of using the pink anti-grav meebling to get 4 or 5 yellows on the platform above the sticky tiles upside down, and pushing and pulling the using the stuck meebling until they got to the finish line. I repeated this 5 or 6 times to beat the level.


Level reviews (so far):

Level 1: Too easy.
Level 2: Too easy.
Level 3: Too easy.
Level 4: Too easy.
Level 5: Too easy.
Level 6: Too easy.
Level 7: Too easy.
Level 8: Too easy.
Level 9: Too easy.
Level 10: Too easy.
Level 11: Too easy.
Level 12: Too easy.
Level 13: Too easy.
Level 14: Too easy.
Level 15: Too easy.
Level 16: Too easy.
Level 17: Too easy.
Level 18: Kinda hard.
Level 19: WTF how??!

Anonymous December 9, 2008 4:05 PM

Please help with level 38 - the two meeblings and the log. Hopelessly stuck! Thanks

john smith liverpool December 9, 2008 4:14 PM

how do i do level 49 ?


Hey all thanks for the positive comments and thanks Jay for the review!

To address those concerns about the earlier levels being too easy it's always a little tricky. What we try to do in our games is make you discover for yourself in the fairest way how the different game objects behave, rather than subject you to a drawn out tutorial. In the case of meeblings that intro is quite extended because there are a lot of the little guys to introduce. We promise if there is a follow-up to Meeblings, the earlier levels will ramp up more quickly!
And it is likely we will get a level editor sorted out at some point too.

Blossomsong December 9, 2008 4:28 PM

I got 28 =) Thank you soho!

Anonymous December 9, 2008 4:58 PM

for 38

Use one meebling to slowly pull the other over on the log. When the meeblings are both on one side the log should start to fall along with both meeblings. Immediately hit the blue meebling hidden in the dirt to push the yellow meeblings to the goal. The log should fall on the yellow meeblings and help keep them low.

for 49

This was a little luck, a little timing. I used the yellow meebling on the left block to pull the blue meebling over and also pull the right most yellow meebling over. The left meebling on the middle block will fall. Don't worry, you don't need him. When the blue meebling is right next to the yellow meebling on the left block, and the yellow meebling on the middle block is right next to the left edge, use the blue meebling to push them both over. I found it was easiest to do when I got the yellow meebling on the middle block to teeter on its side and hit the blue meebling at that instant.


Level 42 anyone?


Anyone have advice on 24? nothing is working...

JohnnyCaps December 9, 2008 5:09 PM

I'm having a lot of trouble with level 40. I'll go smoke a cigarette and see if I can give it another go afterwards. Anybody have any suggestions?

Anonymous December 9, 2008 5:34 PM

for 42

The key to this level is the blue meebling by the first fan. Use the yellow meebling on the right of the barrier to pull other yellow meeblings onto the first fan. Then use the blue meebling by the first fan to push the flying yellow meeblings over the top of the barrier. As above, the key is the first fan, which is the most powerful, and blue meebling.

for 24

Get as many meeblings as possible on one of the corner "nets." Use a blue meebling to push the rest of the meeblings away and hopefully to the ground. Once on the ground simply use the meeblings to push/pull to the goal.

for 40

You have to do this right after the level starts. Use a yellow meebling on the left to pull one of the blue meeblings only to the level below. Use that blue meebling to then push the rest of the meeblings to the goal. With the blue meebling on the lower level and all the way to the left it creates the perfect trajectory to push the meeblings above to the goal.


That's a sweet solution for 49!
I couldn't get both in, but used this instead

Hold down the third guy, the hereling. The 2nd guy is not important. The first guy, the thereling (blue), will hover just on the corner of the middle block near the two remaining herelings. Quickly click on the thereling to punt the the two yellow guys in. The blue guy should be very close and high to get the yellow guys in.


I didn't have issues getting to level 43, but now I'm completely stumped... Can anyone nudge me in the right direction?


Level 18: the target is way, WAY too high. Can't pass it.

Otherwise, really good game.




sweet game, just beat it (with some help from here). my only complaint is i kept getting severe lag, a quality option would be nice.


get the red guy onto the horizontal log just above the "way out" sign. let him burn through that log and the rest should fall into place.


click the tree guy as high as possible on the first time up, as he won't reach as high if you wait for him to come up a second time. then shut off the power, and call the zapling over. it may take a couple tries to get the bounce on the log right, but it's not too hard if you get the log up as high as possible.


I like the "learn as you play" setup very much: MUCH easier than trying to memorize the first screen of critter-capabilities. So far I've just done a dozen or so levels, but I'm enjoying it very much. A nice combination of puzzle and whimsy.

Thanks, Jay. I wish there were more silliness + puzzle games out there.


Can somebody please tell me how to get past level 4?


what about level 35?


for 35

Use the yellow meebling on the left (in the middle) to pull the top yellow meebling over and to roll past the meeblings below until it is positioned above the cave. Then, use the top yellow meebling to pull the red meebling above the cave and to burn the ground and open the cave.


Help on 47?


Level 48?


Help on 18 please. I've tried everything, but when I click a yellow bloblet even half way down the screen, nearly all the others go hurtling down into the oblivion and then "Try again"


I keep getting stuck with one yellow and one blue on the second platform on the left on level 18, with all the other meeblings already gone or dead.


44? anyone? I'm so stuck.


hi! help with 46 please? :D thanks!


GAH. I've been trying 49 for ages. I kind of feel like the game has suddenly changed, because now it's pretty much based entirely on luck, whereas previously there was some actual effort involved. It's so frustrating to get so close to the end, and not be able to finish.


I got stuck around 30. The one with the flying logs


Nvm, now i'm stuck on 28.


Anyone else think that Level 50 was way too easy compared to nearly all the later levels?


I've wasted hours on 49 - have concluded that it's not possible to get two in. One, yes, but two just won't happen.


Rawr, help for 18, please?


I'm having issues figuring out 44 also, any help?


it took me ages to finish level 49! but finaly... really tricky! you have to sacrify one first then move very fast:
first call the meeblings with the hereling next to the thereling until the thereling touch the hereling (you loose one hereling here).
then push away the herelings with the thereling...
and then be fast to catch the hereling in the air when it is near the exit... normally you can call back the other before they fall down...
Try again and again and again....
good luck
level 50 pretty easy...


Lev 44 Corrected!! (why no edit????)

(Get blue to the right side of enough/all meeblings).

How to:
Reverse gravity wait, 1tap-pull blue to right of red, push red to logs, melt 1 soil layer(fall up), push until all lower meebs fallen up, check/make red to lay flat, pull (with the right yellow) until the meebs moved the logs left edge to about 1 meeb before the melted hole, reverse gravity but QUICKLY do short tap-pulls with middle yellow to save them (doesn't matter if they fall to lower floor), melt all the logs, reverse gravity, push ~all meebs to left side, pull(left most yellow) until blue meets the rest.

NOW. Alternate push/pull (short/long taps)
until blue goes under and left of enough meebs BUT take care to keep at least 1 yellow until enough meebs has passed (push if yellow comes close).
Reverse gravity BUT if needed quickly pull the blue to safe ground (lower or upper floor).
Push the meebs to goal.


not got far but entertaining so far. Nice finish as always from kiwi

Oh, and love the music. Django reinhart?


I'm stuck on level 30!


Please... Lvl 27?


help on 50 anyone?

Girls Rule! December 13, 2008 12:49 PM

45 anyone?


Since everybody seems to need one, I am thinking of making a step by step walkthrough. Is that okay and everything?


49, alternate method sounds hard but you get it in a couple tries.

use the "hereling" on the left side of the middle platform. Hold until the blue one is stuck to the side of the platform just below and to the left of the "hereling" you're holding down. while still holding the button position the pointer about 2 millimeters below the blue one then right as you let go of the mouse button click on the blue one to send the two remaining towards the goal :)


To pass Level 37, it's easy:

The target is only 1, so why not use the closest one - the GREEN one. Instead of using it to grow a tree, click the yellow, then shocking pink, and pink ones to slowly move the green one to the goal! It takes like 15 sec.

Girls Rule! December 14, 2008 12:03 PM

Quate,that would be great, so, please make a walkthrough!!


please help so back stuck on level 50 anyone?
they rest was easy but please help :(


level 44 please help



use the yellow one to get all the others down into the ditch on the left. Then use a blue one to get them right up against the wall. When they are stacked there use the gravity one to make them hit the ceiling and immediately click a yellow one to hold them on there. Then, while they are upside down use a blue one to send 3 or more all the way along the lower ceiling to the end, making sure not to click to hard and send them into the fans. Once they are at a stand still at the end against the far right wall click the gravity again to drop them down onto the ramp and into the goal


use the gravity meebling, then when all the meeblings are behind the log on the left use the yellow one all the way to the right to move the logs. WHen the logs are all the way to the left use the gravity to make the red meebling land on the logs and burn them. Once the logs are gone, use the yellow one again to get them all to the goal

Girls Rule! December 20, 2008 12:46 PM

Hello? 45? anyone?

Girls Rule! December 20, 2008 6:35 PM

I am so stuck on 45! Why is nobody posting help for 45?!


Level 30 is so hard!!!!!
Any help?


Can someone post help for 16?


For 16:

Grow the three trees, then slowly use the hereling on the left to pull all of the feeblings down without knocking them off the screen. Then use the thereling to push them all across the tree to the exit.


I hear the guides for level 29 involving two treeblings but I only see one.


this can be really frustrating.

any help on 25?


for lvl 30,

click the yellow dude until the red one gets stuck on the pink stuff,
then click the red one until it makes a hole,
then keep clicking the yellow guy (don't click and hold) until the orange ones go down the hole.
but do it slowly and make sure they only go down one by one.


level 29 only has ONE treebling, but all the comments say two and the little thumbnail where you pick the levels shows two???


This is what worked for me.

Turn off the fans, make a hole on each side, let a bunch of them fall through then keep bashing away at one or more of the yellow ones and the rest of them should eventually fly up and reach the exit.


if you don't have two treeblings for 29 (like i didn't):

Blow the blue one a LITTLE so that the green one falls off the top ledge but doesnt get sucked into the fan. Blow it again so that the yellow one gets caught in the fan and LANDS on the pink patch. Use the yellow and the blue, attracting the blue and green and blowing away the oranges so they STAY on the top ledge. Click the green when it's right next to the yellow, on the ground.
The blue should either be between the tree and the yellow or to the right of the tree. If this isn't how it is, start over.

Once the setup is as described above, attract ONE feebling (orange) at a time, ONE at a time, and then blow it to the exit. Repeat the process until all are at the exit.


Level 49

4 meeblings. use the 3rd meebling (come here) and pull everything to him. when the "go away" meebling is just below them, click him and bounce the right two over to the exit.


My walkthrough for levels 1-29. I haven't beaten level 30 yet.

Level 1:

Click and hold the yellow one until they all go in.

Level 2:

Click and hold the right yellow one until they all go in.

Level 3:

Click the blue one for continuously for short periods of time until they are in. The blue one will never go in.

Level 4:

Hold down either one of the right two yellow ones until they are all in.

Level 5:

Hold down the blue one until they are all in.

Level 6:

Hold down the yellow one for short periods of time to ease them over the wall. Don't let them fall off the stage!

Level 7:

Hold down the blue one until the orange one is about halfway across the screen, then let go.

Level 8:

Hold down the yellow one until they are in.

Level 9:

Use the blue one to nudge them gently over the edge. Don't let more than one of them fall!

Level 10:

Hold down the blue one to make them fall. If they don't fall, or if only some of them do, let go of the blue one and click again.

Level 11:

Hold down the red one until the wall is gone. Hold the yellow one until they are all in.

Level 12:

Hold down the red one to get rid of the blockage.

Level 13:

Hold down the yellow one just enough to pull the red one down the chute. Then use the red one to get rid of the log, and hold the yellow one to get them all in.

Level 14:

Use the red one to dig into the tunnel. Then use the right yellow one to pull the left two into the tunnel. Now quickly grab the yellow that is now in the tunnel and pull the rest in.

Level 15:

Use the floating yellow one to pull the majority off the shelf. (with enough force for them to hit the wall and bounce back) Then use other yellow ones to eventually pull them back to the sign.

Level 16:

This one is tricky. Click the 3 green ones, then use the left yellow one to GENTLY pull the orange ones off the shelf. Then use the blue one to shoot the to the exit. This level kinda relies on luck, so stick with it!

Level 17:

QUICKLY press the green one, then use the blue one at the bottom of the heap to shoot them back up.

Level 18:

For this level, I can't give you anything specific, but here's some general instructions: Use the blue ones to puss them onto a lower shelf, and the yellow ones to get any that didn't come. Repeat until you reach the exit.

Level 19:

For this level, you just have to keep PRESSING, not holding, the blue ones in order to hop them along the ground. If they gain much hight, the fans will suck them up.

Level 20:

Press the green one, then use the the right-most yellow one to pull them DOWN THE CHUTE, not over the edge, and into the exit.

Level 21:

Use the yellow one to pull them all over to the other side. Press the pink one. Use the yellow one to pull them in.

Level 22:

Wait for the pink one to stop moving, then click on it. Then repeat.

Level 23:

Click the pink one, then the right-most yellow one. Then use a combination of blue and yellows to get them into the exit.

Level 24:

Use a blue to force a yellow one down, and then using that yellow one and other blue ones, force the rest of them down.

Level 25:

Click the gray one. now burn a hole in both chambers using the red ones. Using the blue and yellow ones, get at least 40 in the pit of fans and press the gray one.

Level 26:

Continuously use the pink one to flip gravity and move across the level.

Level 27:

Use the yellow and blue ones to move the orange ones through the tunnel and into the exit. When that's done, use the red one to free the blue and yellow ones.

Level 28:

Throughout this level, remember that the fans are blowing OUTWARDS, not inwards. Click the middle-most blue one, and then quickly grab the yellow one next to it, to push them out over the rim, and pull them back in. Once you get a yellow one down there, use that to pull the rest of them in, and use them to push each other to the exit.

Level 29:

Lightly press the blue one, and when the green one sticks down, click on it. Then use the yellow one to pull the rest off the shelf. Use the blue one to push them into the exit.

Jacob Arblaster. December 24, 2008 1:48 AM

I'm stuck on 29.

I can't get the yellow Meebling through, when the red Meenling makes the path it misses it and there is no way to move him.

Help Please.

valareedoll December 24, 2008 3:02 AM

for level 13:
tap the hereling a few times to get the sizzling to fall onto the log. have the sizzling sizzle it away, and then all the little guys are free to pass.

valareedoll December 24, 2008 3:04 AM

maybe i'm just stupid, but - lvl 16 anyone???

valareedoll December 24, 2008 3:58 AM


Shadow-lord December 24, 2008 7:40 AM

lvl 18 anyone????

mileyloverusa December 24, 2008 2:50 PM

level 16 is really hard know i sound like a dork asking for level 16 but its HARD


Level 16 help..!! We Three Trees


Hi. I don't know if I'm stupid or what, but I'm stuck at level 10. Help me please!


I need help on level 19.


i need help on 36


ok to do level 37 all you are tyin to do is get the green one in the hole first you click the one that turns off the power or etectiricty then you click the yellow one trapped in that square thing to move the green one out then u hurry and click on the power lifted then you move the click the far yellow one you already clicked on and that should take you to the next level


stuck on level 16

silverblue December 27, 2008 3:13 PM

For level 45:

1) turn off fans with white
2) pull slowly with the yellow (top left corner)try to get red next to yellow
3) dig with red (do not dig all the way down just yet. pull meeblings into pit as you dig down
4) start pulling slowly with the bottom right yellow meebling
5) you should now have many of the meeblings in the large bottom center pit. Use pink to reverse gravity.
6) try to get another yellow meebling next to the red and use method posed in step (3) dig slowly and pull
7) try to pull in the blue ones last and push with blue toward the "way out"

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]


help please level 45 !!!


I'm stuck on lvl 49. Help!


I haven't gotten the 2nd green meebling on level 29!! Any help?


how to get past level 16 anyone,PLEASE!

LORDY JONES January 1, 2009 1:48 PM

level 19 was so easy!

level sixteen was hard.


Level 24 Anyone? I'm hopelessly stuck!


Finally finished - need help ask me happy to help.


am i stupid or what?
Help with 41, please?


I keep loosing my gravity meebling! on 37

I tried what people told me...

Turn of the gravity, then use the yellow meebling to make the green meebling go towards the goal.

but every time i try that my gravity meebling DIES!! O_O

So basically what im saying is I have a peanut sized brain and i need help...

looking4goodgamesoncp January 2, 2009 5:26 PM

Level 29 ugh. I know how to do it but the blue keeps pushing the Meeblings over the tree


Level 50 is really easy compares to level 49


Hi there,
help with level 41: You need to get them all to the middle ( just above the exit) then press the red one so u get a hole straight through. Then very carefully and slowly push all the meeblings wit a blue one slowly over the edge to the exit.

Olivia M. January 4, 2009 10:20 PM

To JIGuest, I am a little confused on what you are saying about level 35. Can you get back to me on that one? Mucho Gracias! (I just went to Mexico)!

Anonymous January 5, 2009 12:58 PM

Help with Level 20??


Number 30 is evil!


I was having a horrible time with level 37, too, even with all the "help". Here's what I did:

Hit reset, then very,very quickly hit the yellow guy right above the green guy lightly, so the bright pink guy doesn't get stuck under the log. Then pull the bright pink guy carefully down onto the ledge with the yellow guy and the gray guy. Then, hit the gray guy to turn off the power, hit the bright pink guy to remove the gravity, and use the yellow guy as he floats up to keep the gray and bright pink guys from floating away to their deaths. Use the trapped yellow guy to the right to carefully bring the green guy just past the fan, then hit the bright pink guy to turn the gravity back on. Eventually the green guy will fall into the "way out." It took me several tries to duplicate this, but I was able to, you just have to be very fast, and mover very carefully. Good luck!


For level 19, just use the leftmost thereling slowly. Tap (three seconds) tap. Very slowly, bump the rest of the meeblings to the goal.

Anonymous January 8, 2009 4:22 PM

This game is adorable, please make sequels :}


Please help with 16!


FOR 49

just click on the yellow meebling on the left block. it will suck the blue one to its left. then just let the other 2 yellow meeblings drop, you dont need them. then press the blue one so the yellow flies and it hits one block and it will go up towards exit. When the yellow meebling is above the exit, click it and the blue one will be sucked towards the exit, then release and you will finsh the level.


please help with 38! 0_0 (stuck!)


Level 29 is impossible, why do I only have one treeling?

Chicken Pony January 15, 2009 3:15 PM

Level 42???


level 44 anyone??? please??? im stuck lol

Level 40 please January 21, 2009 12:28 PM

Can someone please make a walkthrough of all of them, or at least number 40


Level 19 anyone?


Help 43 anyone?


need help on 47, my Meebles keep getting chopped up *~*


Please, i need help on leval 41, please?


Hello: level 41:

Use the yellow one to pull the red one directly over the WAY OUT sign, then click it to burn through the surface. On this one, you have to make sure to get the ALL out. Click the blue ones to shove everyone into the hole. Make sure to click and stop clicking, or else you'll overshoot.

[Edit: Spoiler tags have been corrected. Please use the Preview button before submitting a post to make sure tags are correct. -Pam]

arum Butler-Sloss January 29, 2009 11:10 PM

anyone have a meeblings step by step level 33 walk though


help w/ 30!!??


i need help on 34:sticky situation.
its really hard!
please help!?


for level 30, just use the yellow one to at least bring the red one to the little pink sticky thing. then use one click to bring one at a time slowly so that they all don't go to the fan. it is very tricky to do, i know.


i need help with level 32

magnira864 February 5, 2009 4:16 PM

Need help on Level 46 please!


Anyone help with level 21?


For some reason, lvl 29 is only giving me one green dude for some reason... any tips?


does anyone know how to get past level 46??? anyone??? please???



never mind....got it......


stuck on lvl 19, need help


For level 40

On 40 You have to act fast. Right after the level starts, two blue meeblings fall.Use a yellow meebling on the 'shelf' on the left to pull one of the falling blue meeblings into the shelf under the rest of the meeblings. Then, just hold your mouse click on that blue meebling. This should create a path for the rest to the goal. Hope this helps anyone in need! :)


I am not sure why people have trouble with level 46, but, here's my way:

Use the yellow meebling on the right to pull the red and blue meeblings (along with the log) above the goal.
Then, hold your mouse click on a red meebling. this should make a direct hole to the goal. they should fall right in. If they do not, use the blue or yellow meebling on the right to lead them in. Compared to 47, this one's cake!


Uh.. there is only ONE green guy for 29.

whats the deal?


For level 29 :

Most of the people say that there is 2 green meeblings... but there is only 1.... I got confused by that too but i got passed it.

I hope this helps but..... I put the green meebling (make a tree)on the pink sticky thing and then i used the blue meebling(push away) to move the orange meebling ( attract the other meeblings)then i attracted all the useless meeblings and the blue 1 down... do it slowly..... after that use the orange meebling again if most of the useless meeblings is not close to the blue meebling. When their all close to each other use the blue meebling and push them away slowly and slowly......... thats what i did... hope this helps!


Whoops sorry for those *spoilers*!!! I forgot to hide it...

Use the blue meebling (push away)to push away the green meebling on the pink sticky thing and then i used the blue meebling(push away) to move the orange meebling ( attract the other meeblings)then i attracted all the useless meeblings and the blue 1 down... do it slowly..... after that use the orange meebling again if most of the useless meeblings is not close to the blue meebling. When their all close to each other use the blue meebling and push them away slowly and slowly......... thats what i did... hope this helps!

Thats all


How do I do level 16 anyone?? Please help me.


hey can i plz have help wit 16 ??




level 19?


this is embarassing since all nof u are way past this but how do you pass level 10 on the first meeblings because the most i can get in is 20

flowerdoggie June 16, 2009 5:58 PM

Erm, Jay?

"Treeblings" turn into trees, "Zaplings" turn fans on and off, and I think "Gravlings" change the gravity.

You wrote that they don't do anything at all. How far did you get in the game?

flowerdoggie June 18, 2009 6:07 PM

Sorry Jay, The order those were written in made me think that's what you meant. How embarrassing for me :(.

[Edit: Don't be embarrassed, I appreciate you keeping me on my toes. Speak up anytime. :) -Jay]


Finally finished after a couple of days of trying. Thanks to all for the help, but particularly Nateb for the terrific solution to level 49 when no others worked for me.

Considering how difficult some levels were, this game had no business being as fun as it was. No matter how frustrating, I had to laugh at the sound every time a Meebling got sucked into a fan. The music was perfectly suited, too. It never got annoying.

Kudos to the creators. Challenging but very FUN!

flowerdoggie June 20, 2009 11:34 AM

Jay, you are the nicest game guy person In the whole wide web. Or are you just saying you appreciate that comment?........


Level 16


49 is so easy, I just tried 4 times before a finished. All you need to do is work with 3rd guy.


I am also confused about 29, only one treeling and the one comment posted about it isn't very helpful to me (no offense, it's just a bit confusing).

Anyone able to help?

Meeblings Player August 8, 2009 6:19 PM

OK. I really need help with 43!!! I tried everything. Every possible way. I need help! And fast!


Level 19 is easy. Heres how

just use the blue guy on the left side, and just do very soft taps, so the other meeblers or whatever they're called reach to the end. Any harsh taps and they'll get sucked into the fan. Just remember, be patient, very soft taps, it can be done


Lvl: 49:

Press the one to the right and sacrifice the left yellow. When the blue is falling down the shaft "catch" it and it'll send the other two yellow home safe...

[Edit: Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]


i feel stupid but lvl 16 is impossible!!! please help!!!


level 20? how do u move the tree one without knocking all the yellows into the fan??


help! i cant pass level 28. i feel so stupid!


I have trouble with level 38: Shelter Belt, but I know what to do. It's just very tricky.


20 anyone???


Does ANYONE have the spoiler for level 16?

yo yo diggy dawg December 19, 2009 2:17 AM

plz... level 10!
feel stupid


i have finished meeblings completely i am now on meeblings 2


Help on 16?

omfgerica27 February 15, 2010 7:34 PM

39 please?? i just cant figure it out!


is there an easier way to finish level 40, rather than bringing the blue meebling underneath the other platform where all of the oth meeblings are? its making me really pissed off that i cant finish after 1/2 an hour trying to figure it out!!!! plz help!!! i need it desperately!!!!!

Samanatee March 24, 2010 11:23 AM

For Level 38, Shelter Belter:

Use the yellow guy on the right side of the log to get the one on the left, over to the right. The log will tip, and the meeblings will come falling down...then use your blue guy to push them into the exit.


Hi, for level 10, just keep clicking onthe blue dude.



i know this is gonna sound really pathetic, im stuck on what, im thinking, is the easiest level in meeblings!! the dreaded level 33!!! i think ive tried at least 40x to pass this level, but all of my feeblings keep flying away and die!!!!!! its really making me p.o.ed so if anyone has any tips that could help me, that would be fantastic!!!!!

Anonymous May 19, 2010 3:33 PM

ANYONE know how to DO level 24 pleaseee?


I'm playing on level 29, and there's only one green treeling... help? did anyone else experience this problem??

Anonymous June 23, 2010 12:28 AM

number 26 anyone have the awnser


Hi, can someone please help with a walkthrough for level 34: Sticky Situation?
Thank you very much!


help 25

Helen Sparks August 3, 2010 4:17 AM

Yarr!......im realy stumped on 24.......someone please help me!!! I might just be a bit thick but i have got all the other answers!

ThX :)


Hey Im like really good at all the other levels befor it and at most of meebings 2 but im really totally stuck on #16 of Meeblings. Can anyone post a solution? Thanks so much if you cause i really like this game and i want to get past it THANKS!!!

Anonymous August 27, 2010 6:57 AM

Level 25?

BingleBerry September 1, 2010 10:22 AM

Someone HELP! 47 almost impossible


JIguest, on 26 you just wait until one of the orange ones(you have to wait a little while) knocks the brown one offf it's platform, island, whatever you want to call it, then click it where you think 40 meeblings is going to hit. Any spot works(trust me, i tried this method 4 times!)


I need help with level ten. I can get twenty meeblings in the sign, but I just can't get the last two. Please help me!

Anonymous October 7, 2010 8:11 AM

does anyone else think the meeblings are soooooo cute when they say stuff when they are activated? (if you can't hear them turn the sound up and listen hard to the little squeaks)

person_me January 2, 2011 12:26 AM

I need help on level 24.
I always seem to have 3 meebles left and cant get any of them in.


level 49? please?

Anonymous June 5, 2011 6:56 PM

for level 16, first click on the green meeblings.next, click on the yellow meebling by the blue one. do that a few times. the orange ones will fall. leave at least 2 orange meweblings at the top or you will loose your blue meebling. then, click on your blue meebling. All your other meeblings will roll right over the trees and will go through the Way Out sign.

Anonymous June 5, 2011 6:58 PM

please tell me how to complete level 24


Hey people 19 is easy:
okay just press and hold your mouse on the red meebling -_- tada you're done


How do you do level 39???


ugh! stuck on 40. help anyone???


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