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McDonalds Videogame

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Rating: 4.6/5 (241 votes)
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The McDonald's Videogame is the newest Flash creation of Molleindustria, an Italian design team dedicated to the discussion of the social and political implications of video games.

McDonalds videogameThe game is a simulation and parody of McDonald's where you are in charge of creating profits for the company by managing the four sections of its business: Agriculture, The Feedlot, Fast Food and Headquarters.

The Agriculture Section is where soy is grown for fodder for the feedlot and where cattle are raised to maturity.

The Feedlot is where mature cattle are fattened up and slaughtered for hamburger.

The Fast Food Section is the actual restaurant itself where you control employees and sandwich production.

Headquarters is where the executive decisions are made in relation to advertising, public relations and profits.

Your job is to balance all areas of production, make profits and keep the business running smoothly for as long as possible. Occasionally consumer and public problems pop up for you to deal with due to your business decisions. The game ends once you have accumulated a debt of around $30,000.

The game provides a decent tutorial and a reasonably intuitive point-and-click interface that unfortunately doesn't compensate for a steep learning curve and high difficulty. This shouldn't stop you from giving it a try though. Overall the game is an entertaining distraction that is definitely worth it for the satire and laughs or if you enjoy a challenge.

Play the McDonalds Videogame

Cheers to Johannes for suggesting the game! =)


this game is funny. but I understand the authors' intention is very serious.

good game ( and review of course ;), anyway.


I am not sure if you can call this as a satire. It is not that someone tries to step outside to point out how questionable the system is. Keep in mind that this game is part of the McDonalds marketing campaign. I think that they are trying to say something like: "Okay folks, as long as the majority still want to eat meat, we just try to make it in as ethical as possible. Just try it yourself and see how hard it is!"

Well, I am not going to lecture you on the real reasons of so-called "modern ethical/ecological/environmental advertising" or how ethical it is to lure kids to eat hamburgers. Personally I am just trying to become partly vegetarian by eating only fish meat and milk products, which is yet far from veganism: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vegan

But I have to say that this is very educational game and brave act from McDonalds. In a long run they can always increase the vegetarian choices on their menu. And you can make tasty vegeterian food ;-)


Yippee, I'm totally out from what is going on. I just did not check who really are behind this game: http://www.molleindustria.org/home-eng.php

It is just so confusing for naive old farts like me to recognise what is satire in these days. So you are right after all Kate. The satire in this game is even so good that you may not notice it after all (read the game forum). Well done folks at Molleindustria :D


this is not really a game in the strict sense of the word. the "game" is really set up for you to lose. since the game makers have an agenda, the purpose of the game is to show the "evil" side of fast food. this is just propaganda


If hadn't read it was satire I might not have noticed cause it's such a funny game. So you not the only one Amor Lassie. But still some of the things you can do kind of give some bg hints. Like the spitting in the food...

twistofreality February 26, 2006 11:28 AM

FYI, you definitely should not go to Molleindustria's homepage with your kids in tow.

The game was interesting for a little while, though I got to a point at which there wasn't much left to do aside from rotate my crops, which became tedious quickly. The game seems like a great conversation piece, but it has little in the way of replayability.


Yes, Kate and I talked about that and decided not to link directly to their main page. Thanks, twist. ;)


Dave, you are absolutely right, this is nothing but propaganda. Like the "mature content" warning it would be also nice to have "political content" warning ;)


Hahaha! Good point, Amor Lassie! ;)

I'm definitely working on a method to organize, categorize and identify the types of games being reviewed and displayed. =)


Um, what, michal? This... isn't made by McDonald's. It's made by people who apparently hate them.

Not a bad game, though very difficult.


Justdig, it was my ignorant comment ;)
The signatures comes after the postings. And I corrected my mistake in my next message.

It is funny that I just emailed some feedback to Jay on this matter. It is not so clear whether the signature is before or after the postings.



And just received email from Jay...
The place of signatures is corrected :)
Now they are after the postings BUT over the separating line.


I have just changed the display of the comments, the line separating each one now appears below the author's name rather than above. =)

When initially setting the comments up that way I thought it was fairly obvious that the "...posted by" indicated a continuation of what came previously, not of what was yet to come.

I realize now that many people do not think this same way, and I hope the new line placement helps prevent any confusion in the future.


I hope that this replacing of signatures does not confuse "old customers" :|

Would it help even more if you take away the text "...posted by"? In good old times you just signed you letter. You did not wrote: "...wrote by: Amor Lassie".

And this is just an suggestion. Folks, any other suggestions?


I keep bankrupting it O_O...
which is a good thing, because McDonalds is BS
but horrible cause that means I cant run a companyyy AAHHH


A good strategy is 4 cows and three fields. Each time you create a pasture, lower it to one cow to avoid over-grazing, which also prevents the need for crop/pasture rotation. You can control the restaurant traffic by starting and stopping marketing campaigns.
The board keeps yelling, but you can last forever without many "dirty tricks".


Wow. Really awesome game, I've been playing it for three hours straight now... geez. I guess I'm just a sucker for tycoon style games.
I love whoever put this together! it's such a great "look how sleezy mcdonalds is" kind of game.
very edumactional if I do say so myself. I love the "corrupt a politician/nutritionist" option. Get those annoying health officials out of the way! ;)


This game is nearly impossible. Is there a good strategy? I keep multiplying cows and pasture like crazy.... What can I do?


I made it to november 2023, is there a limit? And I'm not sure how I did it.

victor Crowley February 26, 2006 11:27 PM

May 2029!! I really believe the game was designed for you to loose (eventually). Are there any more games like this out there?


if you are having trouble finishing the game, at the beggining, bulldoze all the rainforest and put 4 fields and 4 feedlots with 2 cows each, you should be set for the rest of the game!


Made it to June 2118! And I still have almost $174,000 to go before I go bankrupt.

Even after you use up all the land, the game just runs until McDonald's goes bankrupt. Don't think the designers planned on anybody being interested enough to play to the end ...


I'm at $191,200 in October of 2030. The game get repetative after a bit. I avoided genetically modifying crops, adding waste to the feed or meats. I keep a close eye on my employees and fire them whenever they look unhappy. Everyone is being bribed and I rotate my ad campaigns just to keep my restaurant full.

Plus, I sell off the used-up land and raise the beef elsewhere. I did not bribe the Sao Jose government for their land. Rainforest works fine.

I tend to have about 4 lots of beef, 2 cattle per lot, at a time. I use about 3 sections growing soy. I keep an eye out for inventory and try to adjust before a problem crops up. The cistern thing shows how much soy you have to feed the cows. It was hardest at first when I didn't have any money but now ... the game is just make-work and way too easy.


Bleh... Way too hard... They fired me after 5 mins, all my cows got sick and died, my soy died somehow? I went bankrupt, and everyone that ate at my place got sick and died ;(. So, I am just going to pretend like that never happened... I suck at games like that... :)


how do you stop the people spiting in the food. and how do you make them happy ITS ANOYING.


They are throwing up in the food! How do you make them stop? I made it to June 2019 and I got really bored.

Zarif999 April 7, 2006 11:54 PM

LOL!!!I got up to August 2037

37 years of diseased food (I never killed mad/sick cows)

at the starting, put 2 cows and 3 soy, and only hire 1 grillman and 1 cashier

Jesse Frey April 18, 2006 10:55 PM

After going bankrupt about 20 times, I finally figured out the game. Mongle said to bulldoze the rainforest in the beginning.... Excellent strategy. I am up to year 2041 and have 200,000. The amount of burgers is in the 400's and my staff and customers are maxed out. I don't want to give away the whole strategy. Thanx for the tip mongle and happy burger flipping to you all!!!

katrina the sexy April 20, 2006 10:46 AM

At first it would take me all of ten minutes to get bankupt, now i have mastered the game and it has become boring!!!
good game for a lil while i guess, it kept me busy anyway!!!
Is it just me or are there some racist components to this game?


This game is not funny what soever, it teches the kids and adults that killing animals are ok. It shows how business in America "the home of the free" really is.


If the game was not intended to be funny, then they wouldn't have given you the option to burn sick cows like that.

It's all about trying to figure out how to dance on the line of ethics. I think there's a message somewhere in that.


2016 =D Thats my best score ever.Great game,I've seen it alot in other places though =(.


This game is obviously not from McDonalds. I'm amazed it's lasted so long without someone from the corporation stopping it. But I'm very pleased with the game, congrats to the makers!! The point is clear, and personally, I think it is funny, in a sick American way.


I Got to level 2086 and died :-(. Febuary of 2086!!!

If the screaming midget at headquaters is going " were goin bankrupt!" pause game IMMEDIATELY!!! sell all of your cattle and all the plants. discountinue all adds and bribes . Limit your crew to one cook and one cashier.resume game and keep like this until all of the warnings about going bankrupt go away! Note: this doesnt always work. :-) )

LOL :-)

josefina July 23, 2006 1:50 PM

ohh i think it is very difficult i survived until 2011 and i dont know how i do it....


just wanted to know is there actually an end to this game or does it just run on forever?
been playing it for a while and got loads of profit etc but it just keeps going!


I think the point its that you desire Mcdo to bankrupt so the game finishes. I tried to provoque riots of workers and enviromentalists, it's also hard because they warn you 1000 times until they do something... just as in real life. Very funny and instructive game. Someone commented this game was racist, I think it's not: all the managers are white, employees have more variety and whites get angry earlier, again as in real life


I thought the game was very challenging. It took me a while to figure it out.


oh my god did anyone notice that the employees spit something (throw up) in the burgers once in a while,
or is that how its suppose to be? lol or maybe its just me thinking that it looks like they do?!


I just got me million dollar after year 2200. It took 200yrs (in game) to reach my goal, such a long time.


How do you empty the cistern?


AARRGG!!! i can never get enough meat!!!! i give up!


Ive had a few problems. When the cows are in one spot for a long time, the spot gets all bad. is there a way to fix it? ive tried everything! eventually, u just run out of land, then its over.

second, what do you do about all the people's b*******. then them filing suits. then you pay for obesity people and stupid stuff. anything to do about that?

all help very much appreciated.
good game.


I used to be SOOOOOOOOO interested in this game, but its getting boring. T_T

wanna know how to make this game boring?

clear the rainforest FIRST... its cheaper ;)


HELP i have no idea what to do and what is a grillman if i new what to do i wud give the game a review


i made it to 2050 and got to a million


i have no more cows i dont know wht to do


I think this game is wayy too addicting.. & it's a real eye-opener!

Start out with 2 cows, 3 pasture fields, but in the rainforest. when you reach the $20,000 pint, start with any campaign. if any of the associations get mad at you, cancel your campaign, and try to fix the problem. Fire cashiers when they are unhappy, but only if you haven't made them employee of the month or talked to them. When your demand for burger increases, add two pasture field for every 3 cows. Those things eat ALOT :D


What should I do? The lands with cows keeps dying... >_


Rawr! This was the first time that I've gotten this far, and I died. I got pretty far though, made it to August of 2078 and used up all my land. :|

Wah! I went bankrupt. But at least I got this far.

I wish this wasn't a game that you can't win at. I really like typhoon games.


You mean tycoon games,correct? I don't know any typhoon games, but it sounds fun. Destroy coastal villages and cruise ships for points!


Lmao! I'm so sorry! Yes, I mean tycoon games. ^_^;;


I can only get to like 2020, but my sisters got to 2097 and got bored. It's amazing how well they did!

Derek Ostrom March 27, 2007 4:15 AM

I can't believe how hard everyone thinks this is.After only playing for about 2 weeks my high score was 6,800,000.The only reason it stop was I accidently clicked on the screen and went to google.As I type this I started a new game and have 1,100,000 after only 100 yrs.

Fairy Red April 9, 2007 3:28 PM

In other words, "How do you stop ALL the cows from having mad cow disease? I'm not even using animal flour, but they all catch it. Talk about annoying!"

the burger burglar April 15, 2007 12:23 PM

Its funny coz' it has McDonalds in it.


What is the cistern? Because it keeps saying the cistern is full

brandon May 27, 2007 2:48 PM

ok, 2045, i have over 300k, and over 1k burgers and sandwiches both, i have quit all but one beef and soy feild, i have everything to slow down my money, but i keep making it

brandon May 27, 2007 3:00 PM

over 5 million dollars, year 2060, i have 1=24e burgers and sandwiches, i clicked randomly on the screen and it went black, then it had tons of stuff, and no cows, i keep doing whatever to slow down my money, but when i take all campaigns away it creates more money, if you get overr 100k, then give the money to sao jose, then tae their land, clear all rainforest, and do whatever, on this you can last forever, and using the same campaign over without breaks, just makes people not eat there


This game wasn't made by McDonalds, to clarify this issue up. It was made by an Italian video game company, probably making fun of McDonalds. (I'm pretty vagure after that bit) But back to how I play the game.... Most of the time, I fall, somehow, into debt, and go bankrupt, which is very sad, one you think about it. There were a few times, when I managed to get to 200,000... but only once or twice. XD


the year was 3563... the kitty held $24 million dollars... and the board members were still pissed off <:(

Use the tutorial... i didn't even notice how the cistern filled and the hormone thingy... and adding poop to the cow feed worked... hormones and waste are toggles, so is the animal flour thing. The cistern being full is nothing to worry about.

I can set the game up and leave it running indefinitely. Here's how:

In the Agri section, use only one cow per field. It will never get ruined. This is the most important thing in the game IMHO. Also, stagger the cows so the slaughter is evenly distributed over the year!
For max sales, it takes about 8 cow fields and 3 soy, with hormones turned on.
I don't use genetic soy, mad cow animal poo flour, or
industrial waste (cept for fun). I also never kill sick cows (what's a little puking among our customers? we gots lawyers).
I only need to bulldoze a few rainforests (5?), I usually dont bribe Sao Jose or 'doze that lil village (cept for fun).
In the fast food store, I end end with all 6 possible employees - but you need to run two campaigns, or one disney ad to draw enough biz. For starters, you can use 1 grill, 1 register. If you run one ad campaign, you can go 2 of each employee type.
Marketing - I normally run one obesity and one other cheap campaign - usually McD's for the third world.
If you are awake, you can abuse the employees, scold 'em, fire 'em, give 'em silly badges, etc. If there's a protest, so what? it doesn't last long. Also, you can tweak the fields if you wanna for more profit, when you get a surplus of hamburger patties or "breed" (feed?).
Basic pwnage strat:
8 cows, one per field, evenly "planted" over the year.
3 soy.
doze 5 rainforests for above stuff, ignore the environmentalists like petition people at the supermarket - "I'm a convicted felon, I can't vote".
Turn on hormones in the feedlot.
Hire 6 employees - abuse at your whim.
Marketing: use obesity plus McD's for 3rd world, nothing else

Anonymous July 5, 2007 6:32 PM

spell out (IM LOVING IT) when you are in the barn and yooh will get 20,000 dollars extra cash money


How do the cows get in the feed house?


have 4 beef lots with 2 cows and 3 sot lots and 2 cashiers and 2 grillmen at headquaters obesity and 3rd world thing u make a lot of money


O.K. This was a kinda mature add in from the creators of the game, but if you look closely at the picture when the environmentalist get angry, look to the bottom left, and you'll see just exactly what I mean. (hehe)

Lottie & Emily July 24, 2007 5:42 AM

How do you empty the cistern?!?! It's driving us mental

GIRLSFROMDABLOCK July 24, 2007 8:23 PM

I love this game. But I always get bankrupt. I like owning a company in games. IT'S AWESOME!!!! Do you guys know where I can find more company business games like this? That aren't downloadables. I just hate those. Please ANSWER! I want more games to PLAY!!!!!!
thank you.
The Mickey Mouse for disney looks evil and Donald too. JUST SAYING!


I got to July 2006 using Elmar's Strategy,


GIRLSFROMDABLOCK July 31, 2007 5:28 PM

To Lottie and Emily:
To empty the cistern, just take away the one or two of the fields, So less fodder gets into the cistern.


the cistern is that tank of yellow feed. it's really not a problem when it fills, it just means you're growing more feed than you can store. Only cattle eating can bring the cistern down, and of course, not growing as much grain... My cistern is always full, i just ignore the feedlot guy.

Drako: dunno what you're doing wrong without more info...


dude i am so totally a vegan and i find this game balanced on a line of ethics but its totally addictive but i cant stay in business for more than 15 minutes, help welcome.

love, KIKI


i got to september 2035!! :O


Well I disagree to those who say the game is difficult... What I wanna know is if you can ever win... it just keeps going and going and going and going...? any ideaS?


Its pretty easy.

-3 soys.
-8 cows (2 each field).
-use rainforest its cheaper.
-fire employees that are unhappy and hire new ones.
-when people get angry, hire people to fix it.
-keep switching the marketing thing from time to time.
-oh and i just ignore the guy saying my cistern is full
(it just means you have too much soy in it).
-kill sick cows quick.

i'm in year 2050 and i have 1 something million dollars and ended up giving up cuz it got too boring.

bonzai999990 September 9, 2007 5:28 PM

did anyone know that a mcdonalds salad with everything on it(including dressing) can have more calories than a big mac?


this game is fun i guess but i alwals lose lol

when u get cows stagger them and only do one the fertility last forever


I really like this game :P
Dunno why some of you say they're fired really fast.
I'm at 2057 now & have 507950 o_O
think this will last a very long time ^.^


i made it to june 2035

the tip is to start slow

start out with like 2 cow pastures and three soy fields. once ur done with that get one cashier and one patty maker. other than that take ur time and dont rush it out.


i got to 2139
and $1,121,860
i guit cause it was starting to get really slow i dont know why =S
but what a good game.. gets boring after a while, the best thing is to have ..
- one cow per section of the field.. so it dosent get nasty
have alot of cows,
- and 3 soy fields is enough, oterhwise the annoying butcher guy keeps telling you the cistern is full whatever its called..
- also fire workers that spit in food.. thats gross..
- and hire the disney campaign
- don't use the animal flour for the foddler, it kills the cows
- add hormones to your foddler
- BE SURE TO PAUSE if you're in debt and sell your cows, and de activate the campains and everythign!!!
and wooow haha i saw the enviormentalist during the warning sign thing.. so funny!!


tips for how to start the game :

1-Create 3 genetically modified soy fields, and 4 cow pastures.
2-After 2 soy harvests, turn off genetic enhancement on one field and sell it. (be sure to turn off enhancement before selling it). You only need 2 soy fields, and the extra was just to get the cistern a bit more full to start out.
3-When your pastures fertility starts to degrade, wait untill immediately after a cow 'harvest', pause the game, and sell all 4 pastures and create 4 new pastures on fresh squares allowing the land to heal it's self. (you will have to repeat this process throughout the game so get used to keeping an eye on it).
:Note: If you use this rotation strategy correctly, you should only need to demolish 2 squares of rainforest/village. Also, DO NOT CORRUPT THE TOWN TO GET MORE SPACE. There is more than enough without it, and it causes uneeded problems.

1-Turn on hormones and that's it. Do not destroy diseased cows, and do not enable animal flours or industrial waste. The keeper will complain alot, just ignore him completely. You should not even have to look at this screen, because 2 enhanced soy fields is exactly the right ammount of food for 8 hormonized cows (4 fields, 2 cows each).

Fast Food:
1-To start, hire only one cashier and one grillman.
2-Wait for 2 cow harvests in the agri sector, then hire a full staff.
3-Be sure to keep crew smiling with badges or firing/replacing.
:Note: I don't use dicipline as it rarely works and has almost the same negative effects as firing anyway.

1-Enable Corrupted health officer and leave it enabled always.
2-When you expand to a full crew, enable 'Food Pyramid' and '3rd world' advertising. (don't ever use any other advertising)
3-As you fire crew, you will need to temporarily corrupt a politician to prevent problems. Also, you may need to corrupt a Climatologist for a while if you are destroying rain forrests. (you should never need to corrupt a nutritionist because of the food pyramid)
:Note: In general, use the corruptions only when needed (except the health official which should always be on), and pay attention to your 'detractors' to tell when to turn them off. Only use the two advertisements mentioned because they serve dual purposes, and never turn them off.


How do you stop the obese people?


"this is not really a game in the strict sense of the word. the "game" is really set up for you to lose. since the game makers have an agenda, the purpose of the game is to show the "evil" side of fast food. this is just propaganda"

I don't understand this comment. Are you saying that it's propaganda to point out the mass-production methodology of the fast food industry? Does it make you angry to have it explained to you what goes into your QP with cheese?


woot! I ade it to March 2020!!! ^.^


I got on my own to 2021 playing properly.

I have 2 strategies:

1- Use only 1 cow per field, they will never ruin. Use some soy, proportional to cows (2 fields for every 3 cows), and control the yearly timing to avoid feeding problems. Use only 1 cashier and grillman. No campaigns are necesary. If you watch for diseased cows (they should be few as you are not using anything "bad"), the business will run "morally" and smooth. If you want to go "automatic", you can corrupt the health officer and disregard the game, but you probably will eventually bankrupt anyways. You don't have to destroy village, corrupt major, or destroy forest.

2- Abuse every evil strategy you have. Kill every rainforest because it's cheaper to build that way. Corrupt climatologist. Create 4 cows at 3 cows each field and 4 soy with genetical. Use food pyramid and mcdonds for the third world as advertising campaings. When yoir fields are about to get ruined, wait until the last cows are taken away and then sell the field and use other until its restored to normal (eith the time it will heal). Keep doing this. Fire unhappy workers. Corrupt who is necessary.

3- Don't do anything at all and you will last forever LOL.

Good game, good political view of mc donalds...


I got up to may 2091

Does anyone know how to fastforward?

Trekkie_Aspie March 16, 2008 11:38 AM

Can't find it.

The requested URL /game.html was not found on this server.


This is a pretty good way to do the game

1-Create 3 genetically modified soy fields, and 4 cow pastures.
2-After 2 soy harvests, turn off genetic enhancement on one field and sell it. (be sure to turn off enhancement before selling it). You only need 2 soy fields, and the extra was just to get the cistern a bit more full to start out.
3-When your pastures fertility starts to degrade, wait untill immediately after a cow 'harvest', pause the game, and sell all 4 pastures and create 4 new pastures on fresh squares allowing the land to heal it's self. (you will have to repeat this process throughout the game so get used to keeping an eye on it).
4: later on into the game, make 4 more cow pastures and put only 1 cow per field
Note: When you make the new fields, pause the game when the others are taken, THEN make it, ou wil get the same amount of cows at any point of time as you used to and the pastures never go bad!

1-Turn on hormones and that's it. Do not destroy diseased cows, and do not enable animal flours or industrial waste. The keeper will complain alot, just ignore him completely. You should not even have to look at this screen, because 2 enhanced soy fields is exactly the right ammount of food for 8 hormonized cows (4 fields, 2 cows each).

Fast Food:
1-To start, hire only one cashier and one grillman.
2-Wait for 2 cow harvests in the agri sector, then hire a full staff.
3-Be sure to keep crew smiling with badges or firing/replacing.
:Note: I don't use dicipline as it rarely works and has almost the same negative effects as firing anyway.

1-Enable Corrupted health officer and leave it enabled always.
2-When you expand to a full crew, enable 'Food Pyramid' and '3rd world' advertising. (don't ever use any other advertising)
3-As you fire crew, you will need to temporarily corrupt a politician to prevent problems. Also, you may need to corrupt a Climatologist for a while if you are destroying rain forrests. (you should never need to corrupt a nutritionist because of the food pyramid)
:Note: In general, use the corruptions only when needed (except the health official which should always be on), and pay attention to your 'detractors' to tell when to turn them off. Only use the two advertisements mentioned because they serve dual purposes, and never turn them off.

Note: this is just an improvement of someone elses strategy

DGOXUGHTJUH April 26, 2008 11:32 AM

feb. 2015 and a personal record - can't seem to get any higher than that i was doing real well in the 50 thousands then i suddenly dropped but dont know why...


Hi, i am going on autopilot, i can leave it for 24 hours and not go bankrupt, right now at this moment, i am in December 2076 and i have 1086420 dollars, i am going to turn my comp off now so bye!


good game but gets boring after a while. heres some tips..

1. start out with 3 cows and 4 fields.
2. hire only 1 cashier and 1 grillman until your business starts to grow then get a full staff.
3. ALWAYS pause when your on dept. your usually on dept near the $30,000

natalie June 3, 2008 5:10 PM

I sucked at this game at first, but then I started to do well after like the 20th try haha
Now I'm at like 2041 and I'm really bored and I'm tired of everyone yelling at me

Alexandra June 4, 2008 10:43 AM

I don't get how they're showing the bad side of McDonald's. Is it the campaigning? The lying? Or something else I may have missed?

Other than that, it's a great game :] Love to play it when I'm bored, although I never last long.
Does anyone know how to stop the Obesity Association when they get mad? I can never seem to make them happy again, it's costing me a lot of money.

Evan from MN June 11, 2008 8:28 PM

I've put a lot of time into figuring this out and I've concluded that the only way to sustainably profit is to go 2 to 3 fields soy, 4 pastures, one cow each, hormones, one cook, one cashier, no advertisement, no corruption. You should be able to pull between 500 and 1000 profit per month and leave the game on autopilot overnight

Evan from MN June 12, 2008 9:38 AM

Using the above strategy I left it on overnight and got to the year 2220 before bankruptcy. I am not sure why it started losing money. I will set it on auto again and check back around 2180 to see what's going on.


i found that making pastures at different time intervals is key to never running out of cows in the feed lot. i have 4 cow pastures and 4 soy fields, 3 cashiers and 2 cooks, i do not use any of the things in the feed lot and i find this the best method i have tried so far.

Steve from MN July 6, 2008 5:38 AM

You should be able to let this run for ever, make millions, etc.

4 soy fields, no chemicals. ~7 pastures, 1 cow each. Don't add anything in the food lot.

Once you manage it to a small dollar amount and build up some burgers, get the mickeyburger and food pyramid advertising. Staff it all the way.

Kinda dumb at that point because it will just run, all the workers will be spitting and angry, the little man will always complain about the cistern but it just goes as long as you are willing to keep the window open. You can only have 501 patties at once but a lot more finished burgers.


I actually found this game really fun. I had gotten up to 2053 then quit. It's hard at first but then it gets easy, although boring at the end.

Derf From the Bronx September 26, 2008 3:46 PM

Love this game. The furthest I got was to the year 3932 and the highest I made was 2.9 million because I left it running for like 2 days. I also have pics for proof because my girlfriend didn't believe me either lol. It also teaches a great lesson about big business and how they really run.


The link to this doesn't seem to work.


Ah, the link doesn't work because they made it multi-lingual. The URL is now http://www.mcvideogame.com/game-eng.html


Thanks, I've fixed the links above. :)


Hahaha i got up to 2069 until i got bored and quit


It is a fun toy without a real end. One of the better politically informative games. Easy to play and strikes a balance between fun and informative.


I had absolutely no idea how to bring cows into the feedlot. Help?


i used Anonymous stargery and i got it smoothly UNTIL two fields of cows died. But the good news is its going smoothly!☺

Anonymous January 4, 2009 10:53 PM

This is a great game. Perhaps one should look at some of the factual basis for the game before dismissing it as total satire. It is based in fact... mcdonald's is disgusting.

All my land became unusable and eventually I ran out of food and stuff, so I just fired all my workers, stopped all campaigns, stopped absolutely everything, and still had $303120. I'm now at the year 2118 and will probably go on infinitely, since there's no profit or loss from spending. none of the groups are mad, since I'm not doing anything. I'm going to leave it on overnight just to see how far I get.


Man, worked it out. It's taken me several attempts, but it's boring once you have. For your own amusement, do stuff like have 25 cows use everything. Then you start to lose money, then see if you can come back. I did that and ended up better off! So far, I'm at March 2100 with $1,221, 790, but have to quit getting stupid now.


  • Ignore "The cistern is full"

  • Rotate cows to regain fertility of land

  • Use hormones, start off with 3 fields to fill the cistern, 2x2 cows, then increase.

  • Don't corrupt nutritionists because you should get the pyramid and one other advertisement campaign at a time. Keep alternating, but keep the pyramid.

  • Fire grumpy employees.

[Edit: Spoiler tags and bullet tags added. -Pam]

Lizzieeeeee April 7, 2009 5:51 PM

I'm still playing the game but its sooooo slow! Grrrrr. I'm in June 2041, have 2 soy fields and 3 fields with 1 cow in each! I've been sacking employees (who spit in the food, and then having to keep corrupting the politician but i'm making 950 a month, i'mgonna keep it going while i watch Shameless and see what happens! Pretty good method seeing as all my others i was dying in like the first year haha, woops.

:) x OOoo im in 2043 now lol. x


i just figured this out, if you do nothing at all, you will live :P that means, don't make any cow/soy fields, do not add hormones/flour, don't hire employees, no advertisements, no corruptions! you'll go as far as you want with this :D


This game is serious but its fun to try not to go bankrupt! A hint is that you can pause the game and figure out what you want to do.Also when you you pause the game you can still add cows and soy fields and hire and fire people.
Have fun


i got up to june 2036 :) how far have you gotten?


LOL my McDonalds has been mass boy-cotted! lol up 2 april 2027 but the money keeps changing im either in debt or just out of it lol.

girly0418 August 15, 2009 5:08 PM

Hey I'm at 2042 and I have 17,000 dollars... my advice is don't buy something unless it is absolutely necessary.

girly0418 August 15, 2009 7:02 PM

I'm at January 2095!!! Wooooo!!! I've got exactly 100,290 dollars too! My strategy... I've written this before - don't buy anything you don't need. Wait until people start a protest or something to buy a public relations person, wait until the manager tells you to hire another employee before you do, etc. So yeah, this game is fun but I've paused it like a million times cause it gets boring and you need to take a break.


i played tell 4000 its easy very very easy just start the game and just do nothing dont buy one thing not one! this does get boring though.people will say woo hoo woo hoo but dont care about it it doesnt do anything o yea and u end with 50,000 dollars


Hahaha! Guys, this game is HARD but not impossible! This is my MASTER strategy:

1- Buy 3 pastures with 3 cows each one
2- Buy 4 grow soy
(Don't corrupt the major of that city or you will have problem with environmentalists)
3- Add hormones to the fodder
4- Add 2 guys making the hamburgers, but do not add the guys selling it
5- Corrupt a nutritionist
6- OPTIONAL: If necessary, enable mcdonalds for third world
7- Wait. Actual cows get fat to make them food
8- Add 2 guys selling the hamburgers
9- You will gain 940$ or 1240$ per month..
10- If the pastures get sick, sell the terrain and buy other. Do not buy forest and that small village
11- Add all guys for selling at making hamburger
12- If you want more money, sell ALL your pastures and make 4 pastures with 3 cows each.
13- And if the pastures get sick, use the forest.
14- Corrupt a climatologist and if necessary a politician
15- Activate the food pyramid
16- Wait some minutes and try to deactivate the politician and globalization guys.. If it doesn't work, try it sometimes.

If you do it well, you receive $2150 per month.
[edit: spoiler tags added - Walzar]

alex major December 23, 2009 9:44 AM

Well basically i got to the year 4238 with 12 million dollars oh wait...now 13 mils.the game is very easy and i'm gonna explain the strategy as soon as i start to surf on my laptop not on my mobile. and i'm president of TechCity Software ltd. ...await "Microsoft The Game".and i'm surfing on my mobile.


Here's my strategy:

1.make four soy pastures the first one on the village (sp) then get one cow pasture (cp)
2.add 1 cow add all guys and then activate the third world country thing
3.add another cp and add one cow
4.activate the thing that gets you toys and corrupt a politician
5. add another cp add one cow
6. fire any grumpy employees and burn all sick cows


I got hammered on year 2060 i struggled and made it up as i went along does anyone have a good solution because none i used helped

MethanalCHO January 20, 2010 7:23 PM

Here's my strategy:

I got this by playing a rough version that lasted me to May 2052. This is an untested improved version.

1. In the beginning of the game, be totally fair: don't buy any more than you need. Pause the game and buy 2 soy fields, followed by two pastures. Decrease both pastures' values to 1. BUY BOTH ON FREE LAND.
2. Hire one griller and one cashier. Unpause the game.
3. Overall, your profit will increase, and your investment in business will pay off. Always kill diseased cows. Do not buy any employees.
4. When you think you've developed enough, now you can get dirty. Adding hormones is a good enough start. You won't notice much difference with consumer's associations.
5. Continue by adding animal flour and industrial waste to your fodder. Do not destroy mad or diseased cows. If the consumer's associations get mad, corrupt a health officer and soon they'll have happy faces!
6. Buy 2 soy fields: one in the village (save 70%) and one in the rainforest (save 20%). Sell the two that started on free land. If you're in trouble with the ecologists, corrupt a climatologist. Even try the McDonalds for the Third World if the anti-globalization movement has problems with you.
7. If you're noticing you have a LOT of hamburgers (like 400+), corrupt a politican. Then fire the cashier and wait as you get tons and tons of meals. Re-hire the cashier and fire the grillman. Once all the meals you produced are gone, re-hire the grillman. Then de-corrupt the politician.
8. As time passes, gradually convert all rainforest to soy field. Convert any free land into pastures with 1 cow.
9. Rejoice in your newly-found profits.

Personally, I feel this is a pretty good game. There are a few minor problems though, such as:

- A minor glitch: if you don't go through the whole tutorial before starting, the game starts at a random month in 2000 (normally July or March) before going back in time to February 2000.
- No real ending to the game: the game should end once you gain X amount of money (200K?) or pass a certain date (January 2100?), where you "retire" to your own private island or something.
- Cows infected with BSE still stand in-game. One of the real symptoms of BSE on cows is that cows cannot stand. They also all survive until the slaughter: BSE has 100% penetrance.

But those problems are minor: otherwise, this is a great game! The game was probably created for entertainment purposes, due to the disclaimer before the main menu. It states all events are pure fantasy, and are not to be taken in any way as real.

Overall, a 4 out of 5.

P.S. It would also be nice to see making more than just hamburgers, such as making french fries, drinks, etc. But that's okay.

Sally Lynn April 26, 2010 1:31 PM

Wow, this is a great walkthrough and love the game! I saw this at mcserved and thought it was funny!


Im in October 2063.
When does this game end, how do you win?
& what do i do about the cistern being full, that lady or guy wont shut up.!


this is my strategy its an awesome game still not bored record 2030+ or something lower than 2040

pause the time buy 3 crop soyland and add it with the dna thing for more harvest 3 buy 3 pastures and add 1 cow each pasture add hormone at start when you have no cows cancel the hormone buy 1 grillman and 1 cashier use the food pyramid ad and corrupt if youre getting more more cows to slaughter buy more grillmans and cashiers later use now the 3rd world ad and when firing workers corrupt the politician when thinking of bulldozing the rainforest curropt the climatologist thats all and to increase the cows fertility just sell it and wait for some months so while the half land for cows is sold and waiting to gain fertility again have another half of land for cows to grow so that youll have cows whatever things you do

oh and by the way i know another game like this but it says dont advertise so i wont say it :)

Anonymous May 23, 2010 3:18 AM

Finally figured out what the dude in the feedlot is crying about when he's screaming the cistern is full: It mean's it is too full of fodder. Either decrease the production of soy or increase the consumption by the cattle until it is no longer full. Best to strike a balance between it being completely full or completely empty to keep him quiet almost all the time.


what do you do when the environmentilists keep getting angry? ive put up one of those climatoligists but doesnt work :/ haha im up to april 2055

bluemystery June 29, 2010 2:22 AM

I got to year 2041


LOL, Just Found the game in my old Games folder and started playing. It's pretty addictive i was playing for a while until i 'beat' the game. I got to November 2109 with $244200. I stored so much food or something that i don't need any land of pasture or soy an it still gives me heaps of hamburgers. to sell, so one guys like "No Cows" and anothers like "Fridge is full, meat is going bad". My monthly profit is $3000 and the line graph is just on straight line. I Owned this Game!! :P XD XD


LOL, Turns out you can't leave the game on over night :P .It got to October 2234, and just the screen saying, you bankrupt your company.:P


omggggg! i was on january 2034, i had 64000$, and went bankrupt! this game is sooooooo addicting, i play it all the time, especially when im ment to be doing work at school....

Anonymous March 26, 2011 9:14 PM

omg i made it till 2076!!! I feel like a G!!... and like a loser...


I got to 2044 with $354,000 and was doing really well But I quit afterwards because the game became boring.


Hey guys! I played with this game all evening and managed to reach the year of 2127 with a sum around $410,000. I got so bored so I shut the game.


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