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Mansion Impossible

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Rating: 4.2/5 (53 votes)
Comments (88) | Views (11,293)

Mansion ImpossibleThis next game offers fun via the buying and selling of houses on a rapidly changing real estate market.

Mansion Impossible is an action strategy Flash game in which the object is to make enough money to buy the millionaire's mansion and end the game, all within the quickest time possible.

To play, simply click on a house as it comes up for sale to buy it. You must have enough funds to cover the cost of the purchase. Hold onto is as long as its value increases, which is indicated by a small triangle next to its price. Sell the house to make a profit, which gives you additional funds for a more expensive property.

Begin by buying and selling the cheaper houses, which are furthest from the masion. Advance to more expensive areas as you can afford to do so. As soon as you are able to afford the millionaire's mansion at the end, click on it to end the game.

Analysis: The gameplay is simple and accessible and can be fun for an occassional diversion, though it is unlikely to hold your attention for long. The choice to have each home increase then decrease in value before being swept off the market altogether reduces the depth of the gameplay significantly. It might have been more interesting to allow the properties to increase and decrease randomly for an indeterminate period. Other influences affecting each home's market price might have also produced a richer game play experience.

Note: The high score mechanism does not function, or didn't for me at least. Post your best times in the comments.

The game was created by 3Form, a Web development and design company in the UK.

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Seemed fun at first but there's no real strategy to develop: you just have to, as you just said, wait to increase and when it slows down sell! Anyway I don't have any suggestions to improve the game so I'll just stop here. Oh yes. I bought the mansion within 20 years.

boomy bx


Fun and fast, but very limited game play.

This could be further developed with competitive play, maybe (?) great for 15 mins, but little return value.

Still nice grafics, sound and simple and easy game play. I can't get the high score thing to work either. Ironic given the "web reliabilty" tag at the botom :-P

First go 46 years second 22 :-)

KumikoDee October 4, 2005 3:41 PM

Weee 22 years and some odd months. =p Although I didn't realize that I had enough for the mansion for about 4 years... oops... I was off a zero lol...

This is a nice game if you need a bit of a pep, since it can get hectic if you're a competitive player like me. High scores didn't work for me either, except it was a "web reality" icon at the bottom. =p Fun little diversion!


Took me 32 years the first time, and I only played it again because I was curious if the second time would go more smoothly. Yep, 25. More like whack-a-mole than a strategy game.


Lovely game, Jay.

Took me about 32 years. Only realized I had enough when I was 6000 over. =P I never was good at money games.

Nice little time waster.


29 Years, 11 months


First try was 21 years, 2 months.
Second was 16 years, 4 months.

All you really seem to need to do is buy everything that you can and sell when it starts going down, which you can usually guess without looking at the house based on when it popped up. Just scan for new arrivals, click them, and click what you have after each has been up for however long. As soon as you have enough for the mansion, counting what you have in houses, just sell all of your houses and buy the mansion. Don't wait until you have enough money outside of what houses you already own.


I got 12 yrs 8 mnths. I just kept selling what I had as soon as another one I could afford became available, then gradually branched into 2 or 3 at a time. Most haven't started going down by that time...


well, just under 20 years on my first try! That was actually a pretty interesting idea, I think the gameplay is more focused on the "keep track of all your assets' arrows at once" concept than the accuracy of random market development, so I see where this game tried to go and I like it!


51 years and 5 months. IM OLD! =D


11 yrs, 10 months.

I find the key is getting the low-cost stuff right away, so you don't have to wait a year or two to show up.


8 years, 6 months! Here're my tips to join the under-a-decade club:

1. If you don't have to worry about the red arrow, you don't have to worry about losing money, right? If you've got a couple houses and another one of the most value that you have pops up, sell one of equal level and snatch the new one up, it's like refreshing the higher cash rate!

2. The spot on the far, far middle-left is your best friend in the early game; a middle-level house appears there that's usually well under $200k, so you can jump to the middle level pretty fast by buying it and, soon after, trading it for another middle that pops up fresh (don't do it if the new middle is in the very middle block, though, those'll still be too expensive) Similar houses appear in the very far right and very far top for mid 200s-300s.

3. Likewise, the spot at the far, far middle-TOP is your VERY best friend. Top level house for mid 1000 range, and that sucker takes OFF after you buy it :) I got this guy and I wasn't even in the fifth year yet, that's a very powerful moneymaker right there. The top level spaces on the right aren't too shabby for a quick trade-up as well.

4. Once you get three or four thousand, sell everything when a top level pops up in the middle and just ride it (and whatever possible trade-ins appear) to the top, baby (I've noticed that the two houses right in front of the mansion can go well over 10000, I wonder how high a player can go...)

5. Oh and at the very beginning, don't be afraid to quit and replay if a low leveller doesn't appear within 5 months. ...Gametime, that is ;)

6. It seems that very very rarely do more than five houses appear at once. I like to just sell whatever's cheapest if there're too many houses out, even if it's still climbing. Probably not necessary but who knows. Good luck yay

Daddaluma October 5, 2005 1:45 AM


The first time I played I got 63 years, and then I came here and read all these scores in the 20s and lower so I thought I must have screwed up really badly.

So I went back and tried again, this time attempting to be quicker and holding more houses at once and buying and selling the cheap houses quickly to get rid of them.

And I ended up with 48 years.

So I believe I now have the worst and second worst times posted here. So, since I lost so badly, I declare this games sucks.


Erh... it took me 63 years too... well, that's to say, apparantly I liked the game so much, that I just didn't notice I could buy the mansion earlier!! ;-)

I think I'm gonna play again!


I've been lurking around your site for quite a while now, Jay. I just had to tell you how much I love this game. I know it's simple, but sometimes what I want is a relatively brainless break from whatever I'm doing at work. Thanks for the link to this game and all the others you've put up.


21 Years and 5 months


10 years 11 months ^_^. Also, you can own every single possible house, but once you own them all, the game screws up, lags, goes blank, then a message comes up asking if you want to abort running the script, just say yes, cause it will just keep asking. After you abort the script, the game just seems to run on some loops of the last house you bought popping up, flashing twice, poping down, then repeating. This normally wouldn't have in normal play anyways, you need about 30,000 K to buy all the properties.


Mansion Impossible
Is a great simple game I got my first mansion in 25 yrs and 4 months


Also, if you hit back after the glitch, then forward like 7 times, some other crazy things happen. Good game btw, and thanks again Jay. I'm new here, so I'm going through your extensive archive, but also enjoy the new posts.


16yrs, 8mo. Second try - after some wonderful advice. Good time consumer - now to my homework!


ohhhh, this is fun. Not after a few plays, but it kept me occupied for about ten minutes.

Was thinking about ways to improve it. What about special features you could buy to up property value? Like a park or a lake or school or library.

Would cut down on how many houses would pop up and starting price of houses but would increase selling price.

Great graphics and interface though. I would like it if you could play without going through the instructions though.


It took me 82 years and 8 months to purchase every house in the game. Then the game gave me a script error.


There actually more strategy then just buying and selling houses. I've tried out a new strategy a little bit, and that is when you have plenty of money, just buy the below 100 k houses and don't sell them, so it increases the chances of getting the houses you want. But also this lowers your gold. After trying it a little bit I appear to do just as well as before, always between 12-15 years.


Sometimes the little triangles don't switch over, even though the price is going down. Has anyone else encountered this?

Fun game, though.


78 years flat


Jay, awsome site, been using it since the old rit days last year. This is definitely one of the better games, although i usually stick with playing those by our mutual friends over at xgen studios.


liisa, the same thing happen to me too, i dont look at the prices, only the little arrows, and the arrow would be green and up, but price going down, dose it usually do that?
first time writer, good web for a little fun


10 years, 2 months ^_^.


it took me 69 years to start with but ive got it down to 15 years now :)


12yrs 11months :D


First time was 20 yrs, 5 mos.
Second time 12 yrs, 9 mos.
Third time 6 yrs., 11 mos.

High score thing still doesn't work. Wish it did, to see how good I did! :)


19 yrs 9 month!


44 years first time i played it... people who got under 10 are probably exaggerating a bit.


alright, I did something hilarious.
I got enough money to buy 6 mansions, then bought everything I could. I only had one more house to buy so I filled the whole lot, when it frose. so I clicked the lot over and over again. It unfrose, And now it keeps on buying and selling itself. now I can't do anything.


15 years flat :)
21 years first time

fun distraction. buy low sell high, switch levels often


3rd try is 5 yr 7 months BEAT THAT !


For a strange reason, I clicked the mansion and I won with 0 years and 0 months.


hehhe it took me one mth. hehehe =)


i got 113yrs ....... personaly i think i would have been dead by then ;)
but i didnt realise that i had about triple the money i needed



i know how to win in 3 mths

all i did was press on the mansion a few times!!!



ok my third posting.
i feel sorry for the guy who checks these things any way id like to see some one beat the game below 3yrs coz i did without cheats


ps. well ya could call it a cheat


That would be me, Weebl. And if you truly did feel sorry for me, you would sign into TypeKey so I wouldn't have to approve each and every one of your comments. =p


it's easy i did it in 0 yr's and 0 month's =) only had to click on mansion!!!


yeah yeah little cheaters! i got it in 20 years & 4 months.. haha way past what most people got, but i'm still proud! :)


This games cool, one of my friends made this game in 16 years!!! trying so hard to beat it, even my own. my best is 22y...cya!


well; on my first go i got 32yrs 2mnths so that is pretty good for a 11 yr old


Bob5000 June 1, 2006 11:35 AM

I got it in 9 years 7 months. :)


2 years something.....that was easy.

Level 835 June 21, 2006 11:24 PM


The high scores were hacked, which is a shame... :(

brandon June 27, 2006 5:02 PM

it took me 20 years 0 months


34 years flat! And my first game!
This is such a cool game!


the high schore list is filled with people who did int in 0 years and 0 months how is that possible?


Those people on the high score list with 0 years and 0 months cheated by clicking on the mansion immediately after clicking the "Play!" button.


12 years 6 months first time i was 6k over when i noticed i had the money great game but the sound effects get annoying


83 year 8 months :)
becoz it's the calculated time of my expected life span ;)
than I had to leave :D
147 763 K


Sometimes the arrow is green even though the price is going down because you buy it when the house is already going down in price... make sure it is going up when you buy it. also, buy as many houses as you can... even when you're into the biggest houses, keep buying several smaller ones. i get 5 or 6 at a time and just sell when the arrows go red. 17 yrs 2 is my best.. my first game was around 52 years


and if you click a certain spot in the mansion it will sell regardless of how much money you have

DenimNatalie November 9, 2006 8:03 AM

30 yrs : 8 mnths

First go though. I ran up to 30K when I realised I could buy the mansion for 10K! Oops!

Can be confusing and addictive at first but starts to more easier and less addictive as time goes on.

Very good find though!

21 yrs : 6 mnths

On 2nd try. =)


pretty cute little game

1st time: 53 years... didn't realized i had enough til i was like 20000 over =-= was too intent on clicking on the new houses popping up

2nd time: 20 yrs 8 months =] yay a lot better~ suddenly realized if i just sold 2 of the more expensive houses i got then i would have more than enough to buy the mansion already ^^

Sophie Hunt November 12, 2006 8:57 AM

i did it in 11 4months

Millionair December 12, 2006 4:56 PM

I bought the mansion in 1 month!!!!!!!!!!!!


I thought I'd never finish Mansion Impossible, it took me 52 years and 0 months.

The spoiles are:

You need to click the houses (2+) quickly TWICE. This shortens the time

At 1000K, click the millionare house randomly every 10 seconds while doing the 1st spoiler, this give gets more money incase you don't have enough.

Good luck beginners


Cool! I tried again and did it in 0 years and months.


Uhh, I just clicked on the mansion twice in the very beginning. My time was 1:22. Yes, that's in game hours. =D


My best time, without cheating is, 9 yrs. Pretty proud of myself, until I see a 8 yrs and 6 months.

The easy strategy is to make sure you have little money as possible in your reserve. Next when you have already clicked on a house for some time and another of the same value or higher comes up, don't hesitate to sell off the first one and buy the second. That way you are generating income for a longer period of time


0 years 0 months!!! just click the mansion right when the game starts! hope it helps!

Denzil Anderson April 21, 2007 9:53 AM

This cheat may ruin the game for you it is how i got it completed in 0 years and 0 months yep that is correct 0 years and 0 months.

Do do it you need to click on the mansion the scond the game starts and if it says too much then just keep clicking on it (click on it around the sides not on the roof!)

even when i was not cheating i still got 13 years and 8 months, so that should also answer why you thought the highscores were wrong!!!

1nf74m3d May 9, 2007 5:45 PM

lol... i got 1 minute and 33 seconds because it bought the mansion when i clicked on it.. must have been a bug... too bad i didnt post my score up


try owning all the houses its fun~


only took my 27 years on my first try


omg...i finished it in 15 yrz and 8 monthz....
and w/ cheating 0yrs and 0 monthz lolz


this game is pretty good, but is even simpler if you checked out the highscore list...

you noticed that people got in with 0/0. here's how: as soon as you click the "play" button, position your mouse where the mansion will be, and click as fast and as many times as you can. eventually, you will just win. if you do this fast enough, you can get in with 0/0


one month!!!!!


I did it in 7 years and 2 months?!?!
I just randomly clicked on the big house..
I'm so confused!


hey i got 17 years 10 months and i followed some ideas tahnks gonna try to beat 15 years ya but i had 2000 more than i needed

GIRLSFROMDABLOCK August 19, 2007 3:24 AM

i made ot in one month. thanx for the hint!!!!! sephira. you rock!!
Check all my comments by putting my name on the jayisgames search engine. luv ya all.


21 YEARS, this could be so good with a little more work, did they get bored designing it? Having a more random markets, with crashes, and cost of keeping each house, rents taxes, up keep, would make this game amazing!


I.. *panth* did it *panth* in.. 27 years and 0 months

High-score is a Rip-off though - can't they clear it?

Rhiannon Jones September 23, 2007 7:37 AM

I did it in 0yrs 0m. If you want to know how click on the spoiler thing.


Just click on the mansion as soon as the game loads up. Easy peasy! Just remember to do it quickly, otherwise it won't work.


I got it in 0y0m and submitted the high score but i did not get in


Ok, y'all need to stop cheating now, there's a newer version out. only start with 100 though.

queen-of-diamonds April 23, 2008 6:23 PM

26 years 9 months on my first try.
It gets better when you have enough money and can buy two houses at the same time.

Electro X May 12, 2008 12:16 PM

Whoo wheee!!! I'm a hot rod at on line gaming sites! I made it in less than one year i got -1 yaer and 0 months Ha!!!

Click on the mansion twice!!! just twice....

Anonymous June 26, 2008 4:19 PM

Hi there I did it in 0years 0monts.I did that on my first go so it got a bit boring. If you want to know how to cheat just click the ansion straight away and you get the deed.
Have a good time playing mansion impossible because i did on my secound go with out cheating.Someone write bach to me soon.
Love you loads


Yeaah 9 years 0 Months!

littlefish April 3, 2010 3:29 PM

Enjoyable, i come back to it from time to time.
Sadly, the link here needs to be updated.

[Updated. Thanks for the note! -Jay]

Anonymous April 5, 2010 9:13 AM

lol wow, i got 30K, thinking the mansion cost 1mil. lol


12 yrs 4 months


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