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Lost Ark Beginner's Guide: 12 Tips and Tricks to Get Started

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Amazon Games and Smilegate have released a sprawling new MMO called Lost Ark. As with most MMORPG titles; this title combines a top-down perspective with a lot of loot and a beautifully crafted storyline.

The systems that Lost Ark throws at you can seem confusing if you're just getting started. Arkesia's world is vast, but it can be daunting with all the customization choices, available classes, and several menus. The following are some essential tips and tricks to remember when beginning Lost Ark.

1. Try Main Quests & Guide Quests
MMOs tend to have lengthy main quests, so expect to spend a lot of time trying to complete them. You'll not only gain a large number of experience points, but you'll also get acquainted with new characters, regions, and gameplay mechanics that will help you through the rest of the game.
You'll also want to keep an eye out for Guide Quests since they push the game forward and give you a lot of XP. The game unlocks them periodically as you progress, and their icons appear purple.
You learn to use pets and sail when you unlock them. Take advantage of the rewards as soon as possible by completing these tasks. Quests can also help you gain in-game credits. It is best to buy Lost Ark Gold from a trusted source to obtain in-game credits.
You can acquire tons of gold with MMOPixel and other sources. Lost Ark Gold is available for cheap from MMOPixel. MMOPIXEL is the place to buy Lost Ark Gold because they have a very safe and secure system. However, you can also try other methods to get Lost Ark Gold if you want.

2. Skill Spam Is Not Good
In most games, spamming attacks leads to disaster, but in Lost Ark, it's especially true. You can probably complete the early quests without much thought, but eventually, you will need to become familiar with the skills in your Hotbar.
Your success depends on knowing which skills are slow to cast, which ones have long cooldowns, and which ones knockback. The best way to lose a battle is to spam every skill as soon as it comes off cooldown.

3. Try Different Setups
In addition to learning your skills, you should also experiment with your setup and abilities. It's easy to find a layout that suits your playstyle in Lost Ark, so take advantage of this.

4. Make alt Accounts
You'll find that each class offers a different set of skills and playstyles, so explore all the various possibilities Lost Ark has to offer by creating alt characters. There is nothing worse than spending 100 hours playing a Warrior only to discover that you prefer to play the Mage.

5. Activate Triports
Arkesia has a huge world. Triports are the best way to travel long distances, even though you can use your mount to navigate individual maps.
If you encounter any of these portals, make sure you activate them all. It doesn't matter whether you're nearby - they need to be interacted with physically for them to work.

6. Pet Optimization
You will be rewarded with mountains of loot immediately after playing Lost Ark. It quickly becomes tedious to pick up and organize all that clutter if you don't have a pet.
If you equip your pet, it will automatically pick up the gear that your enemies drop, although you can also tell which gear it needs to pick up from the Pet Menu.

7. Get Efficient at Leveling
Whether you like it or not, Lost Ark offers a gameplay loop that only becomes apparent when you get to the endgame. Therefore, you should level up as quickly as possible.
If things start getting complicated, picking up a few Side Quests can be helpful. Therefore, you must complete the main quests as soon as you can if you want to achieve that goal.

8. Finishing Side Quests
The best way to level is to push through the Main Quest, but it's also beneficial to stop and pick up Side Quests every so often. It's not only convenient that you can do these on the way to completing the Main Quest, but you'll usually gain experience and valuable gear as well.

9. Redeem Rewards
As part of Lost Ark's leveling system, there are two tiers, namely Combat Level and Roster Level. You can only increase your Combat Level on one character, but you can increase your Roster Level on all your characters.
You can often obtain permanent stat boosts by improving your Roster Level; however, you must go into the Roster Menu manually to claim them.

10. Build Trade Skills
Once you've logged in a good amount of time with Lost Ark, you'll be able to unlock Trade Skills. Trade skills quickly become one of the most significant ways to earn silver.
However, leveling up trade skills takes an absurdly long time. The amount of energy you receive each day is fixed, and once it runs out, it will not be possible to use Trade Skills.
It is why you should begin leveling the process immediately. Also, if you want to get rich in Lost Ark, it's one of the best ways to do it rather than the usual questing and fighting.

11. Gear Is Not an Issue
Don't become obsessed with your gear before you reach the endgame. As long as you complete Side Quests from time to time, you'll probably never be under-equipped for your current level if you play Lost Ark. You will also save money by doing this since equipment costs tend to add up very quickly.

12. Build Your Stronghold
In Lost Ark, a player stronghold is a player housing option that offers a variety of benefits. You have to wait several hours before you can access it, but it's something you'll want to revisit once it's open.
As you upgrade your location, some useful features will become available to you, including access to new recipes, crafting gear, and training other characters. Keep an eye on your Stronghold regularly and see what it can do for you.

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