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Little Rocket

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Rating: 4.1/5 (150 votes)
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Little RocketArtbegottiIf you're searching for a fun and chipper exploration game to kill a little time with, good for you! Searching is one of the key components of exploration games, so you're already off to a good start. After that, the fun is in what you do with what you find. In Little Rocket, by Alex Miller, you get to explore a small universe AND solve puzzles along the way! Aren't two-for-one bonuses lovely?

Hop in your Little Rocket and fly around your colorful galaxy, clicking the mouse to launch your ship and propel yourself in the direction of your cursor. Your mission is to find the 16 pink stars scattered throughout the many planets around you. Some of them are gathered by collecting smaller orange stars (every fifth orange star collected reveals a pink star), while others are found by solving puzzles on planets. When you land on a planet, you can use your mouse to interact with objects to try to uncover the pink stars. Just be sure to travel safely, as crashing your spaceship, running out of fuel, or flying into deep space will send you back to the last checkpoint planet you visited (all stars and progress intact, thankfully).

The puzzles may not be terribly difficult, and the adventure may be fairly short, but Little Rocket was designed with fun and relaxation in mind. The soothing guitar soundtrack and cheery art are perfect for letting you mellow out and enjoy the game. It's your universe, why not take the time to explore all there is to offer?

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I love the little details, and the nicely understated graphics work a treat. More!


Nice little diversion, a couple of the puzzles weren't immediately obvious. The ending screen is a bit... odd.


Totally adorable.

danremont January 7, 2010 9:02 PM

great little game, love how odd it is, ending sums it all up really!


Very nice game, love the exploration aspect and the quirkiness. It seems, though, like there are more than 16 pink stars to get, is that true?


What do you do with the


Last star, don't know if the game will save my progress, guess i'm going to put the computer to sleep and wait till the morning.


Ah, power of posting, sort of.

For some reason I couldn't get it to shoot water. Then when I did, the mysterious little


was off the screen until I landed on the other side of the planet.

Cute game, but is there a way to turn the sound on after you've turned it off?

Alex Miller January 7, 2010 11:51 PM

Thanks for the kind words guys! I tried to make the ending screen a little unique, kind of was playing around with the idea of art and games and stuff. Just silly :)



Happened to me too. I think there's a little glitch with the flower growing puzzle, because I did that one and clicked on the bulb a couple of times. When I collected my prize, I got 3 stars. There were clearly 2 other puzzles that I haven't done.


Excellent game with a lovely soundtrack. But steering the vessel is a bit tricky.:-


The puzzles would be much easier if I knew how to interact with objects. I'm just flying around, landing on planets without being able to do anything to the switches and such.

OrigamiMarie January 8, 2010 1:41 AM

That was fun and cute. I was surprised by how well I did at navigating, I usually do terribly at rocket games. I guess it was the low speed that helped, and the forgiving landing angle. But yeah, I'm not sure that the finish screen is actually a reward :-/


Never mind, I was just not clicking at the right place at first and thought the "land and click" didn't work.


Fun, quick game. I loved the music and the simple, quirky graphics.

bwansy, here's a small tip:

Sometimes you have to, 1. get some power to the switch and 2. hit the switches in the correct order.


Really enjoyed this game. Nice puzzles, and with practice I could fly very well. I found the very opening launch to be frustrating. As a new flyer, why make it so hard to get going? Lots of early crashes were unnecessary and did not teach me anything.

Loved the music. For once, I was happy to let it play continuously. But I always like control over all in-game sounds (volume and muting).

I would love to take my little rocket on more adventures puhleeease.



You're right. I played again and went straight to the flower pot puzzle. I solved it, clicked on the flower about sixteen to twenty times and watched a star emerge sixteen to twenty times and when I ran into it, I instantly won.

Patreon VIP Chiktionary January 8, 2010 8:45 AM

I hear yer Online Game Lounge ~ indeed an excellent game with lovely soundtrack and tricky rocket steering. I lost patience with trying to steer and manage the rocket's propulsion and landings, but like Origami Marie, once I'd figured out the landing angle that helped. I really enjoyed the graphics, music and concept.

blockhose January 8, 2010 10:11 AM

Fun little game. I think I'm missing a couple puzzles, though: The lighthouse planet, and the planets with homes on them. Anyone got any hints to share?


I cant figure out the green/red/blue/switch. I have all the other...arrrgh.


Has the phenomenon of crashing a game's servers under the weight of JayisGames traffic been named yet? Because I think we have collectively Jaywalked this game--it won't load. The game sounds awesome, though--does anybody know of an authorized mirror site?


Ah-ha, it's working again!

Adorable game. My only wish: I collected all the orange stars before solving any of the puzzles (like bwansy, I was slow in figuring out object-interaction), and so I hit 16 stars long before solving all the puzzles. It would be lovely if, after the "you have beaten this" screen appears, there was an option to resume one's game, because I would have liked to have seen more of it. :-)

deathmoon412 January 8, 2010 2:09 PM

I've never made a walkthrough before, just so you know. I don't have a map for this game, so I'm only going to be able to tell you how to solve the puzzles, not where to find them. Sorry.


Somewhere there's a big orange head. When you get near, he says he wants a lollipop. If you go up for a bit, you should find a checkpoint planet. Go right from there and you should find the lollipop. It should hover by you when you go near it. Go back to the orange head, and he will eat the lollipop. Then you get a pink star from his stomach


There is a group of four planets somewhere. One of them has a red flag, and one of them has a stick figure. Land on one of the planets. Then you can click on the stick figure. He should jump from the planet he's on to another one. Do that two more times until he's on the planet with the red flag. A pink star should appear.


One of the planets has a plant pot and a little red dot. Land on it and then click the red dot. It's a seed, and when you click it, it goes into the pot. To the right of the planet there is another one that has a cannon. Go to that planet. Click on the cannon. You can move your mouse to aim, and click to shoot. It shoots water. Your aim is to get one of the droplets into the pot. Once you get one in, a plant that has a star on top should grow. If not, get another droplet in it. Click on the cannon again to stop shooting. But you can't have the star just yet. You have to click on the yellow dot inside the star for the star and the plant to separate.


There is a planet that has a snowman and a Christmas tree. If you click on the top of the tree, it should open up and let out a star.


There is a planet that has a windmill, a TV, and a switch. The switch is connected to another planet that has four buttons and a cage that has a star inside it. Also, above the two planets is another planet that has a blue head on it. Click on the blue head and it should breath on the windmill, spinning it. Then click on the switch. The button on the TV should go green. Click on the TV. 4 symbols should be shown, one at a time. They are the same symbols as on the buttons. Click the blue head again. Click the switch again. Go over to the planet with the buttons. Click the buttons in the order you saw them on the TV. If you do it correctly, the star will be released.


In the upper left corner of the map, there is a planet that has a sign on it. The sign shows three dots of color in a row. Memorize them. Somewhere else there is a group of 4 planets, one of them has a rectangle divided up into 3 sections, and the other three have colored switches. Every time you click a switch, it shows another dot on the rectangle of the same color as the color of the switch you pulled. Pull the switches so that the rectangle there has the same three dots as the sign on the planet in the upper right quarter of the map.

7. (Thanks matt w!)

There's a planet with a big wrapped present on it. Land on the planet and click the present. A star will come out.

Tell me if I missed any (I think I did).


I would like to enjoy the game, but I'm having a very hard time controlling the rocket... Any tips? I have a laptop with a trackpad, not sure if that's a huge disadvantage. Thanks!


I was confused at first why I kept landing on planets and couldn't interact with anything. Turns out there are lots of planets, and very few things to interact with; the review seemed to suggest otherwise.

Anyway, a cute game, and mildly diverting, but I think there should be more to interact with.

(BTW, a tiny glitch: The position coordinates don't display properly when either or both coordinates are negative 3-digit numbers. I suspect it's wrapping after the minus sign.)


One more puzzlette to add to deathmoon412's list:

There's a planet with a big wrapped present on it. Land on the planet and click the present. A star will come out.

And a hint for #3:

Unless it depends on browser or screen size or something, when you land on the water cannon planet the flowerpot planet may not be visible. Land on the left side of the water cannon planet so you can see to aim the cannon into the flowerpot.

deathmoon412 January 8, 2010 5:15 PM

Is there a way to add to a comment? I'm new to Jayisgames. I want to add matt w's.

vederblich January 8, 2010 8:27 PM

I also had trouble controlling the rocket at first, but after a while I got the hang of it, don't give up! The problem for me was that I just pointed at the place I wanted to go, and held the button - does not work! You have to think force/counterforce here. Slow down the rocket by sending fuel the opposite way, and then, when it's still, you can send it in another direction. And basically: go too fast and you'll lose control.

I also want more interactive puzzles. And I don't think you should be able to get to the weird ending unless you solve all the puzzles and collect all the stars.


I am having trouble with the planet with a tv.

I already used the blue guys head to blow the windmill, watched the tv video with a code, but when I use the code on the switches, where the star is, they all pop up Again

Can someone please post the code!


This game was really fun! Not only did I love the puzzles provided,but I loved the artwork of the game. This game has it's awsome puzzles, but I liked the challenge of moving the rocket around, and landing it at the right angle and perfect speed. This is a good game if you like to search for the adventure and answers, but with a unique twist of its own.

Also, having nothing to do with this game, I came across a question while typing up this comment. If you are willing to answer, please do! Here it is:

A common rule of english is use the word "an" for a substitute for "a" if there is to be a word starting with a vowel at the begining of it. Why isnt this rule apllied to the word "unique"?

An example is:but with a unique twist of its own


Trish916 -- it depends on the sound that the word starts with, not the letter that it starts with. So we say "a unique idea" and "a universal remedy" because those words start with the "y" sound ("a yooneek idea") even though the letter they start with is technically a vowel. And we say "an honorable defeat" and "an honest mistake" because those words start with vowel sounds ("an onnerable defeat") even though the letter they start with is technically a consonant.


Thank you matt w. That makes sense.



You may need to power the switches again before they'll do anything.


Uh... am I the only one who can't load the game?

blockhose January 9, 2010 3:24 PM


When you click on the blue head to get the windmill moving, you'll notice the switch at the base of the windmill will have one of two green arrows lit up. The lever on that switch determines which way electricity flows - either left to the TV, or right to the symbol machine. Toggle that switch before clicking on the blue head.


Fun! It perfectly achieves what was intended. Thanks for a cool little game.


I can't find any more stars. I also noticed something weird. When you land on most planets, they give you a star WITHOUT a puzzle. Help, please!

As a side note (since we're talking about grammar), has anyone noticed how often the apostrophe is misused?


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