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Link Dump Friday N° 383

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Link Dump Fridays

DoraSurprise, surprise! The weekend is almost here, and that means it's time to get yourself ready for it by playing a pack of free online games to get you in the right mindset. You might, for example, need to be ready in case an evil computer digitizes you and puts you on a race course, and also you are a spider. Or maybe you'll be lucky enough to get three wishes from a benevolent spirit, but haven't though about the consequences. Or, oooh, you could suffer from unrequited love, day after day, as the object of your affections remains oblivious. Or maybe you're going to be blackmailed by a so-called friend and you need to know what to do to make sure the coppers don't find nothin', if you get my drift. Whatever the case, Link Dump Friday has you covered!

  • After SchoolAfter School - [Requires Unity for browser, available as a download for all systems] Best regarded as a short interactive movie rather than a game, this melancholy little tale is about a girl who admires a boy from afar every day, but can't bring herself to say anything to him despite constantly wishing for him to notice her. The game was made over two days as a collaboration between two groups of students from ECV Bordeaux and Atelier Sentô, and the watercolour artwork combined with the dreamy soundtrack makes this a short, atmospheric slice of life, despite an ambiguous ending.
  • A Subtle Kind of MurderA Subtle Kind of Murder - Most of us probably aren't going to murder anyone, at least not unless someone takes that last slice of pineapple pizza I've been saving in the office fridge, but Michael Jameson wants to see if you could get away with it if you did in this short puzzle adventure game where you must try to clean up the crime scene and dispose of a body. You've only got a few minutes before the restaurant closes, and of course, you don't want to do anything that incriminates you when the fuzz comes by to talk to you the following day...
  • Spider: DownloadedSpider: Downloaded - So it turns out that when you see a spider, glance away, then look back to find it gone, it isn't lying in wait under your pillow for later swallowing after you've gone to sleep, but rather it's been absorbed by your computer and is being forced to run an increasingly dangerous series of physics-based acrobatic platforming race levels that involve swinging from webs, wall-crawling, and leaping through lava, spikes, and more. Who knew?... well, apparently Sakupen did!
  • Three WishesThree Wishes - Anybody who's ever cracked a book of fairytales knows that wishes are serious business. Unless you word them so carefully you wind up getting your words twisted to misfortune so some snot-nosed brat can learn a lesson about greed or whatever. But in this short visual novel, a young baker's apprentice who is enamored with the idea of wishes coming true learns that even if you get what you want, it might not be what you need. You'll talk to Delwyn's friends and learn their heart's desires as he goes about his business, but when the time comes, what will you wish for?


For those who are curious (and don't feel like replaying Three Wishes, as it can be a little buggy and the skip option is rather confusing to break out of):

Three Wishes wish guide:

Baker Clyde:

    Ask him what he'd wish for:

    Delwyn believes that Clyde wants to be the Royal Baker (and will wish for this if given the chance). Problem is that Clyde's baking skills are only subpar and lacks variety, so that position is shortlived.

    Eat your breakfast:

    Clyde reveals that he has one regret: that he left the girl he loved in order to become a baker. Delwyn wishes them to get back together, which Clyde does, and gives the store to Delwyn before leaving with her.

Lady Gregory:


    Delwyn sits with Lady Gregory and talks about wishes, giving two more options:

      Thank her and leave:

      Delwyn, with good intentions, simply wishes that Lady Gregory was younger. This was granted, but Lady Gregory forgot all her experiences she gained from that age. Because of her huge memory gap (and differences to what she remembered), she ends up sad and lost in this new world.

      Ask her why she retired:

      Lady Gregory shares a story, explaining how, when she was younger, one of her missions led her to needlessly kill a mothering monster - the monster was harming humans only because they harmed her and she feared for the lives of her babies. She tries to explain this to the royalty, but instead of heeding her words, they forced her to retire from being a warrior. Delwyn wishes that Lady Gregory can lead a monster sanctuary - this was done by allowing her to take care of (and research about) baby dragons. Before she leaves, she gives her house to Delwyn.

    Respectfully Decline:

    Delwyn, with good intentions, simply wishes that Lady Gregory was younger. This was granted, but Lady Gregory forgot all her experiences she gained from that age. Because of her huge memory gap (and differences to what she remembered), she ends up sad and lost in this new world.


    Talk about wishes:

    Pyt jokingly stated that he would like to find money under his pillow everyday, and that he would give away any extra money he had. Pyt is short for money, so Delwyn has a choice:

      Give money:

      Delwyn pays for Pyt's room and board.

      Give a piece of your mind:

      Delwyn refuses to pay for Pyt, so Pyt decides to sing to the inn owner's wife to pay off the tab.

    Delwyn wishes for Pyt, and at first, Pyt was true to his word. However, people got to know of Pyt as the "someone who gives away money" and treat Pyt as an unending moneybag instead of a bard, so Pyt had to keep running away.

    Call him a cheeky scoundrel:

    Delwyn and Pyt talk about the time they were at the orphanage. Delwyn finds out that Pyt befriended him (an outcast) because Pyt himself was an outcast before, but was saved by his brother. Pyt's brother was sold off at some point of time, and Pyt travels around in search of him. This leads to two more options:

      Can I have a hug?:(WARNING: DO NOT CHOOSE THIS OPTION - the end of this option seems to be uncoded, and will effectively freeze the game.)

      They hug, while jokingly saying that they should each get married (and that the other shouldn't). When Delwyn leaves and Pyt complements himself, THE GAME FREEZES and you are left to refreshing the page.

      No! Punch him in the arm!:

      Delwyn plays it off as a joke, but when time comes, wishes for the two brothers to meet each other again. They do, and Delwyn becomes a third brother to them.


    Talk about wishes:

    Eletta at first wishes that her leg would be better, but instead wishes that she had winged (Hermes') sandals. Delwyn, having a crush on her, was blushing when she mentioned that she would take him with her. Eletta notices the blush, which leads to a choice:

      I... I love you!:

      As Delwyn tries to confess, Eletta's dog interferes. Due to a choice of words, Delwyn feels that his emotions are unrequited.

      Say nothing:

      Delwyn says nothing of his emotions, and curses his cowardice as he leaves.

    Delwyn wishes for the Hermes sandals, which Eletta uses to fly off. Someone sees her flying, and causes her to lose her memories (by a slingshot rock to the head!). She spends the rest of her life trying to find her home again.

    Ask how she's been lately:

    Eletta tells Delwyn that her family has arranged her marriage to someone else because the two families would like to join farmlands together. She did not love him, but understands her role in this union and will do what was necessary. Delwyn, having a crush on her, must make a choice:

      I... I love you!

      As Delwyn tries to confess, Eletta's dog interferes. Due to a choice of words, Delwyn feels that his emotions are unrequited.

      Say nothing:

      Delwyn says nothing of his emotions, and as he leaves Eletta, he curses himself for lacking courage.

    When Delwyn wishes for Eletta, Delwyn acknowledges his crush on her, but does not allow the sprite to wish them together. Ultimately, after a few vague attempts, Delwyn wishes that Eletta only marries for love. She does - by breaking off from the engagement set by her parents, then in a few years, asks Delwyn to marry her.

The ending:
In case it was not obvious:

The fish, crane, and old man are all Sorcha. Each time you feed them, you will get one more wish. If you do NOT feed any of them: Delwyn will get zero wishes... which allows Sorcha to drown Delwyn, and thus increasing her own power so that she can make a wish on herself. The Sorcha end takes higher priority over all others, since there are no wishes to grant. There is also a bug:

For some reason, the game will ALWAYS assume that you wished for Clyde, even if you didn't. Yes, this does mean that you get Clyde's ending even if you didn't choose it!


A Subtle Kind of Murder keeps getting stuck and freezing up, for example when

ive talked to the girl, or when ive answered a question from the police

:( Too bad, cause it seems like an awesome game.

Ursula Cat December 6, 2015 9:51 PM

I feel really silly because I like A Subtle Kind of Murder but I can't at all figure out how to do ANYTHING with the mop.

LabChowChow December 7, 2015 1:47 PM

There's a bug with A Subtle Kind of Murder:

I accidentally took the mop home with me one night, not knowing the police visit and search your home, and they take me to the police station and I lose.

The game immediately restarts back to the bathroom without going through the intro. After this, however, no matter what you do, the police will always find the bloody mop in your home, even if you don't even touch it. The only way to fix this is to refresh the page (if you're playing in your browser).

Ipip December 8, 2015 5:25 PM replied to Ursula Cat

I could only pick up the mop and

walk over the bloodstains, then they disappear. I wanted to clean the mop in the toilet, but it didn't work.

LabChowChow December 9, 2015 7:48 PM

Decided to come back to A Subtle Kind of Murder and complete it. To beat the game with no suspicion, here's what you need to do:

Day 1:

1. Do NOT clean up the blood. Don't even interact with the mop.

2. Pick up the knife.

3. Go out to the dining area and search the middle table. Pick up the key you find under there.

4. Go to the back area (behind Sarah and the bar) and place the knife on the table.

5. Go back to the bathroom and pick up the wallet. Grab the body and drag it close to the entrance of the bathroom (don't go too far out into the dining area, or Sarah will see the body).

6. Talk to Sarah, and choose "Can you outside?" When asked why, choose "That cats back."

7. As she leaves the bar, quickly grab the body and drag it to the back area to the locked door. Unlock the door with the key you found, and place the body in the freezer.

8. Drop the wallet in the freezer as well.

9. Leave the bar.

Day 2:

The police will ask you questions regarding the murder. If you followed the steps above, then they'll only ask about who has access to the freezer and about Sarah briefly leaving the bar.

When asked about the wallet and who has access to the freezer, choose "Only Sarah."

When asked about why you told Sarah to leave the pub, choose "I left."


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