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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBSometimes I wish I could switch some of the elements of each Link Dump Friday game. For example, what if you had to deliver food to a hungry robot in a bubble? Or match a bunch of shapes so a poor little MS Paint detective could solve a mystery?

  • icon_tumblewaiter.gifTumbleWaiter - Feed the hungry piggy (ahem, "valued customer") in this arcade-style physics game. Use the [A] and [D] keys to move the waiter left and right, and click on blocks to remove them. Don't drop the food!
  • icon_scriball.gifScriball - Sort of a combination of Line Rider and a mouse avoidance game, Scriball turns your cursor into a solid line and tasks you with guiding a ball to safety. Ok, less Line Rider, but you get the picture!
  • icon_marbylA.gifMarbyl - A simple matching-based game of reflexes. Catch falling shapes with your mouse, lining up combos by grabbing like colors/shapes. To move on to catching another type, you must match either its shape or color, forcing you to make fast decisions while keeping track of your cursor.
  • icon_bubblebot.gifBubble-Bot - Similar to the Four Second series of frantic micro-games, Bubble-Bot casts you as a robot in a bubble who must survive randomly assigned tasks as long as possible. The longer you stay alive, the higher your accumulated score.
  • icon_dblocks2.gifD-Blocks 2 - You have a limited number of clicks to destroy all the arrow blocks. Click on an arrow to remove it and all of its same-pointing brethren in that row or column. With a new background on each level, D-Blocks 2 wins the Largest Volume of Superfluous Artwork in a Puzzler award.
  • icon_mspaintadventures.gifMS Paint Adventures - Is it a comic strip? Is it a game? Is it a mildly interactive web-based form of entertainment with no forseeable ending featuring crudely drawn visuals and a point-and-click interface? YOU DECIDE!


D-Blocks 2 is great. I made it to level 29, but then I got frustrated. Still, a good way to spend a half hour when sleep is eluding. Though it might be better spent away from the computer. :/


Scriball is excellent, although a few of the levels are annoyingly hard. It's one of those games where you just need to take a break and go back to it later!

I can't beat the boss because my computer can't cope when he fires his laser, and I get so much lag that I can't do anything...


Here's a special JiG level for Scriball:

Anonymous January 23, 2009 6:13 AM

Although it isn't a game, im still very glad that MS Paint Adventures is up here. Ive been enjoying it for ages and now its finally getting alot of attention :D.

Greenfourth January 23, 2009 7:33 AM

Holy jeebus MS Paint adventures is amazing! I've been reading it for a few hours now and my sides hurt from laughing every page!


YAY MSPaint Adventures! I've been a fan for a while now. Took me ages to get through the whole of Problem Sleuth. Good to see it getting some recognition.

Also, pretty impressive set this week. I've only played the first 2 so far but I'm impressed. Really like tumble waiter but it could be improved with a bteter interface.


MS Paint Adventures has just swallowed four hours of my life, along with four-fifths of my brains. But in a good way... that was one of the best comedic experiences I've ever had.

Pity I don't have enough brains to make a suggestion...


D-Blocks....I just cannot do level's difficult ,nay, impossible to my eyes!


I'm stuck on yo momma's colon.

Anonymous January 23, 2009 2:40 PM

Stuck On Level 23 of D-blocks 2....Can anyone Help me please?


@ bleh
a hint for level 29:

start with the highest blue block.


MS paint adventures is awesome, I check the site obsessively waiting for new updates.


Level 23:

pink, blue, top yellow - then just finish it off


Hello...I'm Stuck on level 32...Help Me Please! I Really love this game!



For 23:

Green at 3:5

Purple at 2:6

Blue at 6:4-6

Green at 2:9

Blue at 1:2,9

Purple at 5:2

Orange at 5:2,8,9

Orange at 1:4,6

Green at 1:7

Blue at 3:3,5,6,7,8

Remaining Green (I hope no one needed this one)


Oops, I meant 32 above


There appears to be a problem with tumblewaiter.

When I try playing, I can't seem to be able to destroy the blocks.

Is this a problem for you to?


MS Paint adentures is awesome. THe plot is so convoluted and reality bending, while still remaining (somehow) self-consistant. I love it.


I wish there was an undo button with D-Blocks 2 instead of just a reset button....there isn't an undo button, right?


Tumble waiter is a great idea but there is no sense to the difficulty of levels you are presented with. Other than that it's real cute.

Bluebottle January 24, 2009 8:10 PM

Scriball is a fantasctic new concept, but the game itself is buggy, with your ball frequently passing through your line (try drawgin a line above your ball and jumping) and being very difficult and frustrating. More of a curve is required.


I also cannot click and remove the blocks. :/


help on level 26, please!!!


Woah. I was searching around for a competition, and I just noticed MSPA on this link dump. It is a fantastic webcomic.

repairmanman April 26, 2011 1:01 PM

Why doesn't mspa have it's own article?
This wrong must be righted!


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