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Link Dump Friday №93

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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBHere is the story. Of a Link Dump on Friday. Who was showing off some very lovely toys. All of them had fun things to show, like the others. The final one in— baaaah. I never liked the Brady Bunch theme song anyway!

  • icon_gatunoinchristmas.gifGatuno in Christmas - A short point-and-click adventure from the creator of the Esklavos series. A little holiday charm to start your weekend.
  • icon_wallacegromittopbun.gifWallace & Gromit: Top Bun - Baker Bob has been murdered (eek!), so Wallace and Gromit have to feed the hungry people. Bake pies and shove them in the van in this simple but personality-filled time management game.
  • icon_energuy.gifEnerguy - Drag Energuy around by the hand and click on things that will help him save electricity. And remember: doing a victory dance after turning off appliances is super effective!
  • icon_theresheis5.gifThere She Is!! Final Step: Imagine - The last episode in the charming series of animations that manage to be both emotionally poignant and cute at the same time. Be sure to catch up on previous episodes for the full experience!
  • icon_maroonedmrchip.gifMarooned Mr. Chip - A short point-and-click adventure that rains on a beautiful audio/visual atmosphere like... well, like rain!


There She Is!! is nice. XD But I feel that the ending was a bit to "normal". You know,

Hero needs to get from A to B quickly, employs help of friends to get there.

But I'm digging the song. Sometimes, it fits so well that I think they made the animation on the song, or the song on the animation, y'know?

Does anyone know where to download it, though? It's "Imagine" by Brunch. I DO NOT have iTunes.


Help please! I can't get my snail to win in Gatuno in Christmas!


how do i get a coin to bet for the snail in Gatuno?


This is kinda sad, I'm stuck at the same point and I've already used everything on everything else at least once.



you can go through the guy's pockets


Wait got it! XD


The last episode of There She Is...Beautiful.

darlingdestruction December 19, 2008 6:33 AM

I feel really stupid right now. I'm super stuck in Gatuno in Christmas. I have

a branch, a transparent thread, a comb, a snail, a ball of hairs, a coin, and a leaf

and I'm toally stumped on what to do. I've tried to use everything on everything and combine everything with everything, and yet I still can't figure it out. Any hints, anyone?

darlingdestruction December 19, 2008 6:39 AM

Okay, nevermind, I got it. I didn't notice the

gum on the railing next to the boy


Marooned has beautiful artwork, and a cute storyline (even if it DOES take less than a minute to finish). I hope the artist does further interactive work with longer storylines.


I haven't played it yet, but am I the only one that was reminded of Sweeney Todd, reading the description for Wallace & Gromit: Top Bun? >.>


Energuy is seriously crap. Almost unplayable. And they try to change the size of my browser, and that's just unforgivable.


I don't know how people manage to find so many things in Gatuno.

All I've got is a string, a branch, some gum and a comb

Help, I need somebody!



I'm stuck in "Gatuno in Christmas".

I have tried everything everyhvere, but cant find the coin. I also can't open the loose floor tile.

I have got branch, line, snail, creature, comb, used gum and leaf.

I hope someone can help me!

(Parden my english, I am Norwegian..)

Patreon Crew SonicLover December 19, 2008 9:07 AM


Give the gum to the kid. Take a peek in the garbage bag at his house, too, after doing some things in the alley.


I need help!!

I can't find a coin to bet on race.


I have the

empty bottle, ball of hair, used gum, thread, branch, snail, comb

now what???


First (that's as in the person not "1st, 2nd etc").

Give the bottle to the shopkeeper to get your first coin.

Hope that helps.


How do you get the

energy drink?


I'm stuck, I can't get the snail to win the race and I have no idea where to get the leaf that someone else mentioned!


Where do you find the leaf for Gatuno?


Nevermind, had to find the answer somewhere else.
The leaf-

you get from the salesman, when you show him your snail.


Thanks DeeBee, however I just beat it.. For amyiu

show snail to shop owner, he will give you some food for it


cant find the bottle in gatuno :(


oh..stuck w the sad boy...


Hmmm I can't get the snail to win. any hints?


Okay so I figure I have to

give the snail the energy drink. but I don't know how to get it



Dear Wallace and Gromit. Yet another cherished part of my childhood my American husband doesn't understand and is slightly unnerved by. Much like most things about Canada that aren't beer or enormous woodland animals!

I wish the graphics had been a bit less obviously pasted onto the background for this one, but part of W&G's charm is that delightfully expressive doughy quality which I understand is probably a little hard to translate into 2D. There's not a heck of a lot of depth to this one, but it brought back some great memories. Yes, why, I remember when I used to force a bipedal clay dog to labor on an oven-mitted forklift in my bakery. *sigh* Those were the days . . .



the loose tile doesn't have anything under it, it's there for a different reason.

Also, as time-management games go, the Wallace and Gromit one was pretty short and easy, but I liked the concept. If only you were allowed to hold more than one ingredient at a time, or buy speed upgrades to your oven-mitt-lift.


Any tips on finding the bottle in Gatuno? I have the

stick, thread, snail, leaf, comb, and strange creature.

asilenthope December 19, 2008 12:08 PM

Walkthrough for Gatuno in Christmas

Click on the boy.

Click on the bottom to go to the street

Click left to go into the alley.

Click on the black cat

Click on the pipe

Where could you find something an alley cat would like to eat??

Go back to the screen with the boy.

Click on the garbage bag

Give the fish bones to the black cat

Click on the pipe to enter the store.

Click on the gift.

Go back to the alley.

Click on the pipe next to the grey cat.

You need something to clear the pipe, right?

Go back to the screen with the boy.

Click on the branch in the upper right hand corner.

Use the branch on the pipe near the grey cat.

Click on the grey cat.

Where could you find a snail?

Go back to the screen with the boy.

Click on the snail on the right side of the screen.

Go back to the screen with the cats.

Show the snail to the grey cat.

Go back to the screen with the dog.

Click on the eyes on the left side of the screen.

Click on the man's pockets, both of them.

Those eyes seem awfully furry?

Use the comb on the eyes.

You have to use "join objects".

Go back to the screen with the boy.

Give the kitten to the boy.

Go back to the screen with the dog.

Go back to the screen with the boy.

Get the bottle near the boy.

Go back to the store.

Give the bottle to the man.

Hooray! You have one coin!! Halfway there!!

But you wouldn't want to lose that coin, would you??

How can we rig the coin so we can keep it?

Hint: you have to change the gum first.

Go back to the screen with the boy.

Give the gum to the boy.

Go back to the screen with the dog.

Go back to the screen with the boy.

Get the gum near the boy.

So... how can we rig the coin??

By combining the coin, gum and thread!

Click on the grey cat with the coin.

Why can't our snail win??

Maybe he needs something.

Something like an energy drink?

Hint: you need something the drink can spill into

Go back to the store.

Show the snail to the man.

Go back to the screen with the dog.

Put the leaf on the loose tile.

But how can we get the leaf back??

Click on the leaf with the coin

Click on the leaf.

Combine snail and leaf.

Race the new and improved snail!

Hooray!! Finally two coins!! We're almost done!!

Go back to the store.

Click on the gift.

Go back to the screen with the boy.

Maybe the hat needs something else.

Something more Santa-like?

Combine the hair and hat.

Give the gift to the boy.

And you're done!! You beat the game (with a little help)! Congratulations!!


thanks, octochan

I have the leaf on the tile now, but i can't get anything to happen from there

i've tried everything!


Nevermind, I got it!

queen-of-diamonds December 19, 2008 12:39 PM

In Gatuno... the guy just keeps drinking and drinking... I have

put the leaf on the tile but if I need to do something else I have no idea what. I keep going back and forth screens but he doesn't drop it.

stupidcheeseboy December 19, 2008 12:43 PM

*sigh* There she is *sigh*

stupidcheeseboy December 19, 2008 12:45 PM

Queen of diamonds

I bet some money would distract the guy


Gatuno xmas - where is the bottle & the leaf?

queen-of-diamonds December 19, 2008 2:02 PM

Ahh, duh... thank you Cheeseboy!!


I am completely stuck on Marooned!



Use the magic coin on the tile. The guy bends over and spills the drink.




Get the strange creature, comb it (you have a comb, right?), give kitten to boy, go back to street, move a few screens, go back to boy and get bottle on the porch.


After getting into the shop, talk to the other cat outside - it tells you about a snail race. Go to boy and get snail on railing. Go back to shop and show shop keeper snail.

Hope it helps!


I was slightly disapointed by There She Is...
There was very little conflict, and the action was very fast paced and almost unrelated.

That is one smart lizard though...

I think this is, unfortunately but not by a wide margin, the worst of the series.


there she is!!
i'm just glad that they tied the whole series up nicely. i loved the entire thing. the song was so great.

and oh man, that lizard! great!


There She Is.

I love this series, but not this ending.

The earlier episodes were poignant and moving because of the conflict, the tension, the pain. This was a simple happy ending with some nice details (like that rabbit stopping cross-traffic). A sad ending, or at least something less ordinary, would have been much better.


On There She Is!!

Part of me was hoping for something unusual or sad. It's kinda what I'm used to. In fact, I was expecting something sad, after everything that had happened in the series.

I found it refreshing that it didn't turn out that way.


i love the Energuy! especially the

dragging him into the ceiling and the floor


I don't get "Marooned." I've made it rain and grow seeds for the bird to eat That's about it!


I should have put this in one of my previous posts.

My favorite part about the whole thing is this:

Nabi gave Doki everything she imagined in the first part of the series. He danced with her, ran with her, and rode a "steed" with her, not just to make her happy, but to keep her safe from all the junk that was being thrown about.

It was clever and definitely says something about dreams coming true.


Thanks asilenthope. I wouldn't have been able to complete it without you!


I'm stuck in the same spot as Czaerana on Marooned. I made it rain, made the sun shine, and fed the bird. What do I do next?


Marooned was great, but so short. I couldn't get Wallace and Gromit to work for me, for some reason my cursor got stuck. I love Link Dump Friday.

MaybeLater_x December 22, 2008 6:46 PM

I really liked Final Step: Imagine.

And wow, Wolfgang, you're observation is amazing! :O I never noticed that! Really shows how much thought, depth and preperation when into the making of the series. :)


I loved Energuy! I found the last item with one second on the clock. Also, that guy is oddly comfortable with the fact that he is being dragged around his house by a ghostly prescence that then shanghais him into being energy efficient.


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