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Link Dump Friday №88

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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBWith such an amazing week of free browser game releases, it's a wonder anything is left over for Link Dump Friday! Thanks to my armies of trolls, hermits, little bits of aluminum foil and people I've set on fire (you know who you are), we've come up with a nice list of games to keep your Friday from getting boring.

  • icon_qwop.gifQWOP - You are an Olympic runner. Using the [QWOP] keys, control your left and right calves/thight and dash your way to success. Only... I can't guarantee you'll do very much running in this game. You will, however, fall on your head a dozen different ways. With practice you can manage a decent trot, but the end result of playing QWOP is always the same: rampant hilarity.
  • icon_mazeofmadness.gifThe Maze of Madness - A point-and-click text adventure game of sorts, Maze of Madness lets you explore and interact with a world via choice links, flavor text, and small images. All you have to do is decide what to do and then click. Surprisingly fun for such a simple idea!
  • icon_flipside.gifFlipside - Just released by Nitrome, Flipside is a 2D futuristic racing game with a touch of physics thrown in for flavor. Use the [arrow] keys to steer, jump, and keep your two-wheeled racer on the level, minding your momentum and avoiding obstacles (and reckless racers) in the meantime.
  • icon_powerpool.gifPowerpool - It's like pool. On steroids. With power-ups. And stuff. It's the latest from the talented and crazy NinjaKiwi guys from Down Under. Sink all the balls without sinking the cue ball. Things get interesting with a variety of unusual balls, the likes of which you've never seen before.
  • icon_ely.gifEly - A short room escape game that's dark both thematically and in terms of a lack of lighting. Finding the light switch is a good place to start, then you're on your own in this creepy title. Probably best to keep the kids away for some parts of this game.
  • icon_samegamecharged.gifSamegame Charged - From ooPixel, creators of the award-winning Gride and of Samegame Hexagonized comes another iteration of the timeless puzzle game. Click on groups of three tiles to eliminate them from the screen. When a lightning bolt piece appears, click it to destroy a whole group of circles, regardless of their color.


I finally made it about 4.5m on QWOP, by getting into a kind of kneeling, crouching stance, and then scooting along by kicking out the front calf, and then pulling with the thighs. Took me like 3 or 4 minutes, though 8-D.

I laughed the whole time. Awesomeness.


Yay Nitrome!

This looks like a good one, I hope it earns a review.


12 meters on QWOP. If you want to know the method:

Hold down W and O at the start until his forward foot's toe is touching the ground (the foot has to be sort of vertical), then switch to Q and P, and repeat.


QWOP is a HOOT. I managed to stumble, scoot, slither and slide an amazing 6m... and actually felt like I had accomplished something! I think OverZealous described what it looked like pretty well. Actually, it was OverZealous's comment that made me try it in the first place. The comment made perfect sense AFTER I played it. :-)

If there is a keypress pattern to achieve better, I sure didn't discover what it is.

darlingdestruction November 14, 2008 1:43 AM

25 meters in QWOP! I was about to die laughing the whole way, but it was great fun to make it to 25. I did an alternate between W+O/Q+P thing, but after a while I was laughing too hard to keep it up. Great little "game."

darlingdestruction November 14, 2008 2:02 AM

Nevermind. 50.2 is my best, but I'm quitting that game, because that hurdle just isn't happening, hehe.

Sorry for the double post.


A PAINFUL but surefire way I found to do QWOP is in fact not to run at all. But rather kinda crawl all 100m... on one knee...

To "start" hold W. You'll end up trying to do a split. Now press Q to back up a bit, then hold W and mash O->P->O->P repeatedly. You should have your other leg hanging in the air twitching as you somehow stumble along. It should be at roughly a 30 degree angle for maximum "speed". If you "fall" forwards, just press Q again and start over. As long as you didn't hold Q too long, you should not be able to fall down.

You can continue this through the hurdle and if you're good at it, make quite an "effort" at the 100m surprise. Just PLEASE don't think about how that poor guy will end up looking after this.


Thanks to my armies of trolls, hermits, little bits of aluminum foil and people I've set on fire (you know who you are)

Hahaha! That made me laugh!


Flipside is interesting, but I don't quite like the track design. In a game about going fast, you shouldn't have to wait for slow-moving platforms or figure out how to get a giant tire off your car.

Ah well, lots of fun all around this week. I felt accomplished with 3.5 meters in QWOP. XD

honeybeebear November 14, 2008 3:11 AM

-1 metre on QWOP...I think I'm getting the hang of this


My record in QWOP is 10m - backwards! Can't seem to master forwards yet though.

ZinVertigo November 14, 2008 3:27 AM


wow, that was just... wow. I feel a little dead inside. I'm gonna go cry in the shower now.


When will Samegame makers learn to cater to the color blind? I have a mild red/green deficiency, and have great trouble distinguishing between especially the red, green and orange circles in this version, to the point that I really can't play it.


Has anybody actually gotten the man running on QWOP yet?

I'm pretty sure that if you get him going for a long enough time, that one "slow-motion running song" starts to play (the name escapes me entirely, but...)


oh god, oh god, oh god.

I haven't laughed so hard I cried in years. I think QWOP may be the funniest thing I've seen in a decade. I never realized I was a fan of slapstick.


Well, we were talking about point-n-clickers getting darker and darker these days - and quite literally... Ely seems to have joined the line... Waaaaaaay too dark. Evn

after turning the lights on.

Plus, I might be mentally challenged, but can't seem to find the method to put something down after I've picked it up from the inventory. The usual methods (clicking it back its place in the inventory, hitting space, changing the screen, etc..) wouldn't help. So now I'm stuck wandering around the room with a key stuck to my cursor arrow... Great.

I hope the game itself is good, I'm at the beginning.


OK, shame on me, of course I found the "cancel item" on the upper bar, written in nice big red letters...

So much about me :D



you mean the Vangelis soundtrack for the movie Chariots of Fire? :)


Oh, man, some of the logical steps neccessary in Ely seem just pretty over me... Having read the walkthru now I se I didn't have a chance...
Still, I guess it's not gonna be too hard or impossible for most of you. But it sure was for me...
Not the game's fault, of course.


Haha, Flipside is a fun game - except that the oppontnt AI drivers should rather be in the Retardo game :) One of my laps on level 1 took like 4 minutes because one of the opponents kept trying to drive the wrong direction thus pushing the fan preventing the other 3 of us progressing :DDD

Still it's fun.


Powerpool is just awesome!


I think Flipside is a bit rubbish to be honest, the computer players can bounce you around as much as they like and they seem to get a speed boost power up to allow them to climb walls at a short run up. Its more down to luck than skill if you win a race.

LOL at QWOP though, the character is more uncoordinated then me dancing at a wedding after a few drinks :)
I can't stop playing it


"A point-and-click text adventure game"

I never believed I would ever hear this sentence :-)


QWOP may actually be the greatest game ever. It's totally hilarious.

My record for actual running is 16M. And yeah, the Chariots of Fire song starts playing.


Powerpool is great. Give it its own page so I can add it to my favorites!

Ely was interesting but the puzzles were a bit too abstract IMHO. I did like the graphics and I suppose that all in all its a decent first effort. I blinked and missed the ending! It could have been drawn out more and a lot more graphic. Since it's the culmination of your whole eerie adventure, it would have been a great opportunity to make your audience jump.


Flipside is quite interesting. Nitrome are trying to appeal to everyone with this one.


ely seemed to be a bit too nonsensical for me, really... but then again it may be just me. i had to check the walkthru and know i said "huh?" a few times.

qwop on the other hand, total awesome. i mean, who knew that falling on your face over and over again could be so entertaining!?

personal best is like 11.3 meters


My guy in QWOP fell off the edge of the track, and disappeared somewhere down below. I'm stuck at about 11 metres, and I suspect the game will never end. It still responds to button presses, so somewhere in the bowels of the earth a runner is twitching.


Travholt, you're absolutely to the point there. I never even thought about the color blind while choosing the colors, whilst I totally should've! Accessibility! What an eye-opener, thanks!


Most escape the rooms games send me rushing to the walkthrough, but Ely seemed very logical to me. Does that mean I'm weird or it is?
Or both?


Really enjoying this selection. As for the perceived Flipside AI speed boosts, it's about hitting jump as you arrive at the base of a slope.

Accelerating too soon before the countdown will also hinder you.


QWOP: freekin' awesome. My dude face-planted at 2.1 meters and that's my best. No point in trying to top that. MY face hurts from laughing so much.


4.4 meters on QWOP. Looking at the comments, i think that's actually pretty good.


Anyone finish Maze of Madness? Is this a game with an end?
I'd like to know how to:

Control the spaceship.
Get in the Winnebago.
Where to use the fake Cave Story.
Where to use the Green X.
And a million other things...
I have gotten into the Club.


Hmm. Somehow, by mashing the buttons, I managed to get my right leg to spaz and fly me thousands of meters to the minus side.


XD oh my god the first time i played QWOP my guy did the cancan.
That is possibly the funniest game i've ever seen.


...and then a backflip...


No, I believe Maze is open-ended, since anyone can add content.

To get into the Club, you need

the Green Door from the secret art society thing... for which you need a smiley sticker..

In fact the entire world largely seems to be made up of more or less random chains of item usage, but there actually is the beginning of a story (or two) in there, and maybe I just haven't found everything yet. The Hints page is invaluable sometimes.


QWOP needs a rhythm component that tells you when to press and hold what.


I disagree... I think the fun is in trying to figure it out for yourself. Watching the man flop around like a ragdoll is entertaining. Being given the answers from the onset is not.

@bioLarzen: Yes, that's the one, thanks.

I did manage to get to about 60m using a previous JIGuest's "drag the knee" method. I almost cried when I got to 50m... I'm still trying to figure out how to outright get the man to walk. I had a method that worked for about two steps, but I think I need to tweak some of the timing for each button.

Powerpool: Probably the one thing that tweaks me about this game is that almost all of the power-up balls are just colored, with no other details to really tell them apart. I have a terrible memory, so I need some sort of visual cue (like the spiral on the blue "vacuum" ball) that shows what each one does. I always get the orange and almost-orange balls confused, so I aim for one expecting a bomb, but instead get a bumper. Not what I intended.

Flipside: I'm okay with the wonky physics (I mean, c'mon, you're racing on the ceiling, you can't say the physics are "unrealistic" without massively understating the truth). The bit that gets to me is how it's first-or-nil. It's the same way in Tanked Up. About every other Nitrome game has some sort of second-chance mechanism, why don't their racing games have them? How about, instead of requiring a first place finish, you allow for second or third place, allowing that there are more opponents to face against?


On QWOP, I did a big dance, did the splits and advance on that, then did a back flip and hit my head. ouch.

darlingdestruction November 14, 2008 5:25 PM

I have to admit... I am slightly disappointed with the end of QWOP. Still a hilarious game, though, and I will definitely be showing it to my friends :P


I believe you can complete a level in Flipside without winning it - I remember completing level 1 by finishing 2nd.


*sigh* QWOP is definitely entertaining. About the first three times the guy falls down. But without any instruction as to how the keys control his legs, or suggestions as to what pattern you should push them, it becomes more of a test of patience than humor. Maybe if by some fluke I managed to make it past at least one meter I would find it more enjoyable, but I must say it is horrible. The guy goes backwards a lot easier than forward, and when he does go forward, just his legs move; his body stays still and... well... he falls backwards. I can only watch the guy fall down so many times before I get completely frustrated with the whole thing. I'll come back to it when someone figures out the pattern.


Alright, I've completed Flipside.
It looks good, it sounds good.
But it can get annoying at times. The other racers are quite stupid sometimes, like they're purposefully holding me up.

I would like to choose the colour of the car, but it is always red. Oh well.

I have yet to win more than two levels in a row (it's early days though). Well done to those who achieved the near impossible of winning most of the races.


To power the space ship (then land), you must

1. Wade at beach, to get octopus. (More like squid because he has 6 legs, not eight)
2. Try to find a crash spaceship
3. Go inside the space ship. Your friend octopus will help!
4. Press launch.
5. go down the bowels of the rocket.
6. Press A button, getting emergency battery!
7: Go back to the cockpit area.
8. Power the Ship!
Congratulations! You're in Threed (With an undentified bus to take off to Fourside) .

brandon_ha November 14, 2008 7:30 PM

QWOP is basically a monty python reference in a game. you can design your own silly walk and record it, then patent it at the ministry. :)


This is the pattern for QWOP:

Basic Controls: W+O at the same time will move the LEFT LEG forwards and the RIGHT LEG backwards, and Q+P will do the opposite. I'll refer to W+O as LEFT and Q+P as RIGHT.

Starting Off: Tap LEFT several times, or hold LEFT. If you're lucky, the runner will extend his left leg and the body will tip forwards, and you can go straight into the rhythm of walking. If not, you'll go into a stable position with left leg forwards and knee bent and right leg extended backwards (like "front stance" in karate).

Starting from Stable Position: Whichever leg is extended backwards, tap that leg's controls several times to push the runner upwards on the spot. The aim is to make the runner tip forwards slightly. If you get it right, you can tap the FRONT LEG's controls and then move off.

Walking: from an approximate Stable Position, (assuming right leg backwards) hold RIGHT to bring the right leg forwards and the left leg back. The right leg will swing up to its highest point. You can continue tapping RIGHT to make the right foot land underneath the body, for a more secure stepping movement. Gravity will bring the right leg back down (or you can make it fall by holding LEFT). When the timing is right, stop holding down RIGHT and start holding down LEFT. This will bring the right leg down, exerting force on the runner. The best moment to do this is when the lower front leg is at an angle of about 40 degrees from vertical, and the body is slightly tilted forwards, so that the Body, front Thigh and front lower Leg make this sort of shape:


If you hit it too early (the angle is too close to vertical), the force will be mostly downwards, and the runner will move upwards and lose forwards momentum, slowing you down; you might also be forced to try and keep balance (do this by repeatedly tapping the control for the FRONT LEG until you are stable). If you hit it too late, there is a chance that you will not be able to move the back leg forwards in time for the next step: the back foot will catch the ground and you will invariably fall over (a "foot drop" fall).

You've been holding down LEFT, which will bring the left leg to the front. Now you can repeat the process.

I've tried to be very precise because it's hard to describe exactly how to do it short of posting a youtube video.

Good luck!

QWOP is really annoying. I have managed to get further by crawling (73 m) than by properly stepping (70 m), because the chance of the "foot drop" fall is so high. It also feels like you're moving through treacle rather than controlling an athlete.


Power Pool is GREAT! Way too short, but excellent replay value, especially as you learn what the different types of balls can do to help or hinder the game. I normally avoide this sort of game, but I have to say the graphics and mechanics/physics of the game are near to perfect. Very nice review!


Flipside is an utterly horrible game. The boosts are hit-and-miss, depending on how fast you enter it. Not only do the computer opponents get in your way, causing everyone to take a five minute break to squirm over everyone else trying to get enough speed to go over the boost, but the levels themselves are not designed to allow quick navigation of these boosts. Sometimes they seem intentionally designed to make you stop in your tracks, go back, and regain speed to keep going. The purple beams that teleport you to an earlier point in the course are nothing but frustrating. I do not recommend this game.


Look, I think flipside is the first impossible Nitrome game. I dented my keyboard out of stress.


Yet again Nitrome dissapoints. The only reason Flipside is hard is because the computers have no brains- its their sheer stupidity and lack of programming that presents a challenge. Doghouse and Numbskull are ok, but are very similar and get boring. Mutiny, after about 10 levels NPC's are impossible and always throw things perfectly. Nitrome's starting to suck.


Ely was awful. It was too dark to make out several of the hidden items without turning the brightness on my monitor way, way up, and then when I finally finished the dreadful thing I couldn't make out what that split-second image in the ending was. I even played through again to get another shot at seeing it just for completeness' sake, but I STILL have no idea what it was.

I went to contact the creator to ask him and perhaps give a little feedback, and his contact website is 'under construction' because he's working on another game. I can't fault his enthusiasm but his professionalism needs a LOT of work. If the creator is in his teens it might excuse him, but otherwise he has a LOT to learn. Maybe I'm just biased after living with a more professional games designer. Gah, it's far too hot for this.


I dunno if I should be proud of this or not, but I've -almost- got the art of doing a backflip in QWOP down!

Granted, my poor guy's gonna need a -lot- of aspirin by the time I get it right. XD


I'm giving up on QWOP. Three times in a row now, I somehow fall on the hurdle, get my leg stuck on it and start sliding backwards on it with ridiculous gusto.


I can't believe there are so few comments about Maze of Madness. It is the best "point-and-click text adventure game" I've ever played, with Get Lost (from a previous LDF, https://jayisgames.com/archives/2008/04/link_dump_friday_57.php) right after. Gotta love those random inventories!


(could someone please edit my previous post and fix the link? and then remove this post? thanks, Donut)


QWOP stragity:

Press Q->W->O->P over and over and you crawl really fast with almost no chance of falling :)


QWOP is the best game ever, period. Haven't had this much fun since Euphoria.


Flipside is great! I wish it earned its own review.


I BEAT FLIPSIDE. I agree that opponets can be stupid at times and some levels are poorly designed but thats the challenge and personally I think this game is great.


-_- I can only get to 10m before he just goes ka-put.


Look, I think flipside is the first impossible Nitrome game. I dented my keyboard out of stress. By Scott

Are you kidding?! This is easy - you should try Nanobots.. or Twang!

mysteriousracoon November 15, 2008 2:56 PM

QWOP is hilarious, great find.


I think FlipSide is based on the "Rubberband" form of racing game system.(Farther behind, easier opponents, farther in front, tougher opposition, that's why the racers get dumb and somehow get to you.)

OrigamiMarie November 15, 2008 6:41 PM

Powerpool is fun. I am probably lame, but it took me a while to actually get through the whole thing. First I got decent at actually sinking balls, then I got pretty proficient at accidentally sinking the cue ball :), then I finally got good enough to get through the whole thing. I think my main problem was the little balls, those thing always threw off my calculations and I sank the cue ball pretty predictable on those. Then I figured out that they seem to skitter to the side really well, and since there's lots of them, I might as well just give them glancing hits. Likely something will eventually sink, and less likely that it will be the cue ball.


Really guys, let's make more comments on the Maze of MADNESS! It's one of my favorite games!

zbeeblebrox November 16, 2008 12:52 AM

Flipside seems like it could be great, had more effort been put behind it. When the little cars are bodyslamming each other it was cute and hilarious. But the actual race is nothing but frustration and more frustration. Considering the number of times my own car bounced one of the AI cars into the finish ahead of me, I really wish there had been some thought put into level design. I mean, the levels are cool ideas on the surface, but in practice all they do is turn a racing game into a platformer. And frankly, I'd rather play the platformer.

All and all, I play casual games as a way to relieve stress, not as a way to ADD more stress. And this game had me almost literally yell at my computer screen. I know Nitrome loves making tricky games, but come on, cut us some slack eh?

As for the others, I managed to play two: QWOP is hilarious, and MAZE OF MADNESS is brilliant and also hilarious, though I'm pretty sure I only scratched the surface.


When I go to the Samegame Charged website, all I get is a white screen (and a "DONE" message in the status bar). I'm using IE7 with all the latest XP updates.


Since noone seems gotten to the 100m yet in QWOP (or at least spoiled it) guess I can reveal the "surprise" at 100m:

At the 100m line.... there's a sand pit. As in the ones for distance jumping. You'll need to jump and try to get the farthest you can get and then it'll be over. HOWEVER, as long as neither FEET (knees are ok) touch the sand, you still can drag your guy through the sand.


Flipside reminds me a lot of an game on the SNES called Uniracers in which you were a little unicycle racing to beat other unicycles. Flipside is similar, but nowhere near as much fun. Maybe it's just me, but I'm rather disappointed with Nitrome lately.


I have two tips for Flipside, and two ways to beat levels 6 and 8 faster.

Get far ahead of the others. I know this sounds odd because it's the point of the game, but in most levels the obstacles are easier to get past without other racers.

If you don't get ahead, cause traffic jams. Since you need some time to pick up speed to curve up walls, causing traffic jams gives a while to try to get ahead.

Ways to beat the levels faster:

Level 6:

After you curve up the wall and almost curve up again, drop down. Go right and go in the contraption. Drop down again, go left, and finish the level in less than ten seconds.

Level 8:

On the second drawbridge, if you go on it when it is slightly up, there is a pathway that is slightly shorter than the other pathway.


I've got better at managing the opponents on Flipside, so it is a little less stressful. Reading the negative comments about it, though, I have to disagree.
It isn't impossible, just frustrating.

Scorch, I agree. Challenging, but keeps you coming back.

Roadripper, Twang was frustrating at times for me. Having to catapult the black ball between two of those things that bounce you back was EVIL.

someones life November 16, 2008 4:13 PM

i thought flipside was pretty easy for a nitrome game. sometimes frustrating, but still very fun. beat it in about 2 hours :P


I just can't beat level 15 on Flipside.. that is the only really hard level.

@ Dav
The only Nitrome games I haven't beaten (some because I don't have a lot of time to play) are:

Hot Air (On level 7)
Nanobots (On level 5)
Twang (On level 21)
Onekey (On level 18)
Numbskull (On level 18)
Bomba (On level 16)
Flipside (Last Level!)


Level 15 is just crap. It's way too easy for the CPUs, and there are all these bad timing things.


flipside, I think once again holds true what we said again and again about nitrome, somehow they develop not to the customer. Get some out of house beta-testers and not just to find bugs, but also get their opinions early. And if you have already, switch them because there is something running wrong.

I too considered flipside most of the time annoying. It's like the game, get 400 humans into a plane, the first 20 to exit win (and survive). It's not fun at all what's going to happen. In flipside one place where you turn around, you will bump into the opponents, and it's pretty random who will get out at the first out of this mess. If 1 manages to escape while the other 3 still bump around, he can run away way ahead. Especially depressing is the fact when you are ahead and bump into one you overrounded, and he bumps you really bad. Level 15 got such a place, if bump back into the upper green field really bad, you are sticked there for good. When it happens you just cry noooooooo!


I would like to point out two different flaws in Flipside that I don't think hav been mentioned.

The scoring system is terrible. It seems like it's there just for the point of saying "Look! Highscores!" The game should have included a speedrun mode, or just scrapped the AI. Then it could use the total times as the high scores.

The other flaw is the game concept. Sure, a side-view racing game may seem like fun, but then you realize that you can't actually pass anybody, you can only run into them.

I would like to say that the game isn't really that bad, but then I would be lying to myself.

sjdhalkjfgs November 17, 2008 8:56 PM

I'm starting a new series of actions in Maze of Madness that I'm hoping to turn into some kind of actual quest, and I've started it in the Bar that Reece explained how to get to (which i actually figured out how to get to before i even looked at the comments, go me!).

You can go check out the "talk to customers" action to see the start of it, but I need to create a new bathroom location in the bar.. anyone know how to do that?


Flipside would be brilliant if they had left it a racing game (kind of reminiscent of Uniracers on the Super Nintedo, actually)... instead I feel like I'm a futuristic racer stuck in some nightmare of a pinball game.

The game engine is beautiful... I just wish the levels had capitalized on it. Give me races where I have to outperform the other cars by flipping up and down on the tracks, and switching between left and right with accurate timing as I do so I can keep up speed. I almost think the only change needed is to get rid of collusion with the other cars. Let me race against them as three ghosts, and I would LOVE it.


Does anyone know how to enter the winnebago?


On Ely...
Can't figure out how to enter the password on the computer!


woo 21.5 meters my figures hurt :(


For people saying Flipside is only luck you have been proven wrong. Me and my brother played two player together and I beat him every time because I was more skilled (I beat the game and he hasn't). I've found there is certain tricks and patterns to get through clumps of cars first and to beat levels. Maybe you just need to play more to find these tricks.


I love Nitrome, and Flipside is one of their best now. It is the first Nitrome game that I have been able to beat every single level! I love the CPU's. They are so bad, it's funny. But they still somehow beat me.


You have escaped from jail!


A no thats not the ending!

Ending is

You were released from jail

Actually similar effect, but very different story.

Scorch, most people said here flipside is not funny, not its only about luck. And while beeing incompetent makes you not being able to win the game, luck does make an enormous part of it, if you win a particular game or not.

About the game, I think it could be fastly improved by a "real" plot, if at some point (rather earlier than later) it would stop being a race game, and you with your co-prisoners develop a plan to break out of a racetrack in co-op mode. The rest of the game would be fleeing from the guards again in co-op mode. That would IMHO make it vastly more interesting.


Maze of madness is very fun. For no reason whatsoever, I added a pizza you can order. You creative types, feel free to use it somehow.

sjdhalkjfgs November 19, 2008 7:52 PM

If anyone cares, Maze of Madness has just been updated. Philhassey, the creator of the Maze, has added the feature of creating your OWN new Maze, so if you don't like the setting of the current Maze of Madness, feel free to just create your own seperate world.

Looks like it's going to add a lot more fun to the Maze ;]



If you're still having trouble adding the new area, check the forum. There's a thread about it.


Also, I added 2 new mazes. "Mini Adventure" and "Video Game Quest".


Ministry of funny walks? I love it QWOP!


Ely: gratuitously creepy, puzzles I would never have figured out by myself in a million years. If you've started, just think "what's PROBABLY going to be at the end of this?" and you'll PROBABLY be right. No surprises here.


The quest for the Stone of Power (in the maze of madness), which I created, is completed! I even provided a walkthrough to prove that it is completable.


Actually, the only level in flipside that needs 50% luck is the final level.

Guide to the final level

1. The first golden 6 seconds

You've to be very lucky at the first 6 seconds, where you'll crash into a wall and bounce, while the purple car hits you at just the right angle, speed and time that sends you flying forward. This is the only way to catch up and possiblily outrun the leading player.

2. The bounce

After this important 6 seconds, just keep on holding -> to bounce throught the first few obsticles until you reach the second half of the track.

3. 100% skills

Then this is where you need 100% skills and timing. You've to detach from the ceiling at just the right time to max out your speed and finally catch up with the leading player.

Next in the bouncy room, again 100% skills, Avoid getting yourself bump into any triangles. Just continue to bounce forward. If you do it right, you'll finally outrun the leading player.

Now after make a small leap over a small bouncy block. You'll arrived the trickiest part of the level. Remember even the comp has difficulties to get through this one. Try to squeeze through the gap by driving a little and jump. If you fail, relax, after a few seconds, there will be a traffic jam here. While you try again, the comp will also try to jump through. If you time it right, you'll get pushed by the traffic jam and go right through the gap! (Notice, if the comp escapes before you, it is still possible to outrun him again, although you'll need 200% skills for this (In other words, no miss)

After you've squeezed through the gap, make a few careful bounces to reach the goal.

After the first lap, jump when you've just arrived the edge and bounce as usual.

Than rinse and repeat (Except step 1.)

Remeber only the first 6 seconds is 50% LUCK (I was able to replicate step 1. it many MANY times!!!). The other part is simply SKILLS!
With the above stategy, it is 1000% possible to beat the final level!!!!

Hope this helps to get you out of jail!!!!!!!


LOL QWOP is awesome. Strange, though.

I figured out how to walk backwards (can't remember how, some weird bendy method). However, after about 10 metres, there was a block obstructing my path.


I remembered the "backwards walk" method.

Hold P until you are in a relatively stable position. Then TAP O until that foot is stable on the ground. Tap P for a bit until you move backwards, then tap O to move the foot back up. Repeat. But the block blocks your way at 3m!


sometimes in QWOP, i think he's just trying too hard to shuffle.


Flipside is a GREAT game, I love it, and the secret shortcuts are hard to get to but give you a feeling of success in them.


QWOP hi: 8.3


For QWOP, I got to 24.8 by doing this.

1. Press O so you are leaning forward.
2. Press Q + P so you take a step
3. W + O.
4. Repeat, I recommend not taking big steps so you can run easier. You might find more hard to describe patterns.

QWOP Expert March 28, 2011 9:01 PM

QWOP should have the ability to shift your bodyweight. That's what makes it different from real running...


I forgot the sequence, but in QWOP, I RAN 3.3 meters! it was a little weird, but it was kinda running! He was doing this weird thing when he stood up on his front leg, then pushed down, then kneeled, and it repeated until I stood him up too fast and he frontflipped!


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