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Link Dump Friday №86

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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBCelebrating 0.25 years of Link Warble Dump Friday, bringing you banana boxes full of games wrapping 6.5 times wah a year. (Note: Due to an unfortunate alignment of Jupiter and Mars, you must multiply every calendar-based figure I speak of by eight and ignore all words that begin with the letter 'W'. Except for "words".) Oh, and happy Halloween!

  • icon_hdos.gifHDOS Databank request 01 - A simple tile-flipping puzzle game clothed in a government computer hacking program. One description says the game is a tribute to Tetris Attack / Planet Puzzle League / Panel De Pon / Puzzle Frenzy / Yoshi's Island / Pokemon Puzzle Challenge / Half-Life / Portal. Play it and you'll see what that means!
  • icon_boombot2.gifBoombot 2 - A follow-up to Ninja Kiwi's original Boombot, the sequel features better level design, new items to play around with, and, well, BOMBS. Simply place bombs and blow the happy little guy to the exit. This time a level editor is built right into the game, so you can destroy and create with minimal amount of effort.
  • icon_airbattle.gifAir Battle - Pilot your steampunk-inspired craft around the stage, collecting coins and avoiding obstacles that can pop the balloons keeping you afloat. Use the mouse to fire your cannon to combat baddies, or just hover over and pop their balloons first!
  • icon_orchestrateddeath.gifOrchestrated Death - A short point-and-click game of sorts where you play the invisible role of Death trying to... well... kill people. Some puzzles require proper timing, others just the right sequence of events to take place. It's morbid and pretty gruesome, but hey, today is Halloween.
  • icon_daruma.gifDaruma Game - Based on a traditional Japanese game, simply pull back the ball and smack the tiles to bring the face block safely down to the floor. Knock the face off the screen and it's game over. Scroll down a bit to find the embedded game.


In the Duruma game:
It's not just that you can't knock the face off the screen. He has to land right side up. If he lands on his side or upside down, it's also game over.


on HDOS databank request 01:

I have this game on my calculator. Exact same gameplay mechanics, only more levels, and a unlimited mode where they jsut keep coming and you have to destroy them before they reac hthe other side of the screen. This is a computer game. If ou are going to make the game that is on my calculator, do a better job of it.

Also, the unskipable delay between your last move and the restart option is unessacary, esp. without a noraml restart button

KingofTown October 31, 2008 2:17 AM

Great music in Orchestrated Death. I enjoyed this short, vicious game....even more so because of what day it is.

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous October 31, 2008 4:08 AM

In the Daruma game, if you are partly touching the ground, you die! I wish there was an automatic level checkpoint or something.

Anonymous October 31, 2008 5:30 AM



Unless you are some kind of mad super-genius, follow these conditions.


Orchestrated Death was amazing! I really hope the developer makes a sequel to it with more levels :D


I enjoyed Air Battle. Just the right level of difficulty for a quick diversion and good attention to detail. Anything steampunk-related always gets my vote as well!


Boombot 2 is just a million times better than the first. Some real thought has been put into the level design this time, and the concept's been brought to shine, shine, shine on you crazy diamonds.

MhysticQuestion October 31, 2008 8:35 AM

Not that I mind, but did anyone else notice that the interface to Orchestrated Death is based on MAME?


I need some help on Orchestrated Death level 3.

After the two guys are starting to fight, I can see the anchor. However, clicking on it only makes it disappear. After that, there don't seem to be any clickable spots left.

How do I proceed from here?


What do you do in the kitchen of Orchestrated Death? Blender & faucet? Did I miss something?


Boombot... need help on level 14


orchestrated death: blender, faucet, and refridgerator. Remember that now.

Bill Dueber October 31, 2008 2:22 PM

roo120 -- on level 14 for Boombot

Use a bomb to set off the fuse above the boombot such that both piles of TNT go off at the same time (the sweet spot is right of center)


I'm not getting anywhere with Orchestrated Death. It seems somewhat "hapland"-ish in that tasks need to be completed in a certain order?

But I can't find a way to reset if things go down the wrong path. I'm stuck in the first level, I've managed to fire the pistol to create the water leak, but getting the guy to plug in the cord doesn't electrocute him. I've also knocked the pen off the desk, this doesn't seem to have any effect. So now I'm stuck unless I tell Firefox to reload the page . . .
any help?
I'm using Windows and Firefox in case that's important here. Or am I just missing something, as usual?



If you right click anywhere in Orchestrated Death, it brings up a context menu with a walkthrough, in case anyone's really stuck. But there's only three levels, so you might be able to work it out on your own.

gabrielbenjamin October 31, 2008 4:32 PM


I can assure you there is no wrong path in these puzzles; if a step you've taken is irrevocable, it's also correct. For our man at the desk, we almost have a short circuit, but the water's only on the floor. Perhaps a wire needs to be severed, or we need a metal object to put water in circuit with outlet. Is there an item on his desk that we could use for that?


Boombot 2 is running ridiculously slow for me....anyone else having the same problem?

Anonymous October 31, 2008 7:16 PM

Can anyone help me with level 22 of HDOS Databank request 01?


Having trouble with level two of orchestrated death. I can't even think of a way to kill him, much less do it.

gabrielbenjamin November 1, 2008 12:07 AM

I found two interesting ways to "break" Daruma Game:

  1. Simply drag the ball away from our friend Daruma-kun, and again toward him with the force you desire. No more relying on pesky gravity.

  2. For piles 2 high and higher, bring the ball up and around to the other side. It's often possible to move Daruma-kun directly using the ball, but it's more useful that you can knock multiple blocks out, bringing Daruma-kun to safety in fewer moves. Level 5 can be won in five moves by coming around with full force, which tends to shift the stack in such a way that the remainder can be easily batted away from the left. This maneuver can also lead to quirky situations, from which extrication is amusingly difficult. Also, the game's designers never made any play field offscreen to the left, leaving an infinite sheer drop that poor Daruma-kun can fall off when moved too far in that direction.

I should be a play-tester instead of applying to grad school. :P


HDOS Databank request 0 lvl 22

First a hint:

The trick is to figure out the sequence of yellows. They are all supposed to be placed in two rows, horizontally,so the ones in the middle that are pretty much stacked up in a column need to move

And the complete answer:

Swap the top left yellow with the blue next to it.
Then swap the bottom right one with the purples to its left.

Anonymous November 1, 2008 3:09 AM

Thanks vanna! That one really stumped me.


Anyone else having problems with Boombot 2 crashing the browser/flash and losing all progress?
I've tried with the latest Firefox + Flash on both WinXP and Linux.


Aww, there's only 5 levels in Daruma game?

Anonymous November 1, 2008 8:08 PM

Does anyone have the complete walkthrough? That would REALLY help, trust me.


omg, i'm stuck on level 8 of HDOS.

any help?

Anonymous November 3, 2008 2:49 AM

23 in HDOS is just too much for me. I need help!


I discovered Air Battle some time ago, got stuck and played it further here at JIG.

I honestly don't understand why it got stuck in the Link Dump Fridays.

It has all the features to be a - you know it's coming - featured game. A simple, one-screen game with simple gameplay and above all an amusing, not too surreal story with airships that could have been invented in the 1890's.

It has great physics, nice graphics and is not too hard, but definitely not too easy.


Anonymous November 8, 2008 7:03 PM

Level 25 of HDOS is a real pain. Help please?


how do you do level 14?


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