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JohnBI'm going to preface this Link Dump Friday with a stern warning: there's a pun at the end of the article. I know I know, puns are like kryptonite for some people, but I just couldn't resist. You know those moments when you're writing, a sentence pops into your head and immediately afterwards you realize you were being "clever" without even realizing it? Yeah, it was one of those. So read on, play some games, and when you reach the end, don't say I didn't warn you.

  • icon_deathdice.gifDeath Dice - Run! The gods are playing dice! Flee in terror to avoid dice that fall from the sky, collecting pills to keep your shock meter at bay. When the Death Dice lands it produces one of six events, so stay on your toes and watch for trippy happenings.
  • icon_merge.gifMerge - A brain-bending puzzle game where you try and match the symbol to the left by clicking a single triangle in the pyramid. If you wanted to make a square face with rectangular eyebrows and buck teeth, for example, just look for the triangle that intersects all three at once. But be fast, the game won't wait around for you!
  • icon_ballreflexion.gifBall Reflexion - To make sure you feel like a slothful pile of sludge, give this little reflex-based game a try. All you have to do is click the mouse when the ball nears a target. You can do that, can't you?
  • icon_momentummissilemayhem3.gifMomentum Missile Mayhem 3 - A grand follow-up to the first Momentum Missile Mayhem games, the third installment is bigger and badder than its predecessors. Combining tower defense-like gameplay with arcade-style shooting, blast foes using four different main weapons and upgrade your machine between levels.
  • icon_boombot.gifBoombot level editor - If you've been enjoying Ninja Kiwi's releases as much as I have, you'll be excited to see that Boombot now comes with its own community and level editor! Head over to the site, make some stages, play some user-created levels, and (here comes the pun), have a blast.


Ball Reflexion is challenging but not frustrating. Super addictive.


"have a blast"? come on!

necroarkhe October 17, 2008 2:44 AM

Did Graeme from Lazylaces write that last line,or maybe Artix? I would expect cheesy puns from them, but not you. (Seriously I checked to see who wrote it. It was THAT cheesy.)


Death Dice is interesting...slightly weird, yet fun enough fun.

harpdevil October 17, 2008 4:33 AM

Death Dice is one of those games you see, smack your head and think "OH! Why didn't I think of that!". Dice are MADE to be be dropped from the sky and randomly spawn events, they've been doing it in D+D for years!
Fantastic idea, wonderful visuals and a tight control scheme all make for an addictive game. Those spikes get me every time!


Not directly related to this post, but I wanted to bring the attention of the good JIG people to the release of the new Flash Player 10.
I just installed it, and performance-wise, it is a big improvement. I gained a very noticeable increase in FPS in games like Anamorphous+ or Bubble Tank on my not-so-new machine (and both under windows and Linux; I don't know for Mac OSX). Subjectively, I'd say it is at least 30% faster.
This is why I advise everybody to try and update now, even if no game will require flash 10 before a while. It should really improve the experience of anybody without a super-fast computer when playing resource-intensive flash games.


Merge is actually quite interesting, brainexcercisewise.


What do you do on the first screen of "Death Dice", where it says "Page Load Error" and the only button you can press is "Try again"?

I have "tried again" lots of times and read the instructions over and over, but I still don't get it. Tis a very confusing game.


Not enough puns:

Death dice - "So stay on your toes and roll with the punch."

Merge - "Be one with the pyramid."

Ball Reflexion - "Just go have a ball"

MMM3 - ...okay, I got nothing.


Death Dice works again.

Ball Reflection has a fun concept, but it hiccups constantly on my machine which makes it virtually unplayable.


Merge is a great concept. The only way to do really well is to memorize, or to start visualizing the triangle in all three orientations. I still can't beat level five

with the wildcard symbol.


Death Dice is awesome. The music and the trippy mode just get me in the groove. Plus it's actually a fun and well-crafted game.

The_Corruptor October 17, 2008 12:54 PM

MMM3 is a good game, but I can't stand the artillery levels. It's a combination of my bad timing, and the timing being based on a computer that slows down makes it really really difficult.

potatoface October 17, 2008 3:04 PM

There's a glitch in Merge. On the fifth level, if you begin with the triangle that should be the lower right corner, the computer doesn't recognize it. You lose.

This game should have passwords for each level so you don't have to play each level again.


Wow, I actually made the top 10 on Death Dice. Fun little game. Around 6-7000, the music ends. There was also this peaceful zone from 3-5000 where no death dice fell and I was in permanent overdose. And it was like, yeah, I can see why rock stars do this.


Merge is cool, though I agree with the password thing. I'm... having trouble with one level (9 dots, colors?) because I'm clicking what I swear is the correct set and it tells me I'm wrong.


I agree with the Corruptor. MMM is awesome, but the artillery levels are terrible. They just get in the way of how cool other parts of the game are.


Ha LS! I tried that same level and had the same problem. One pink in the middle of the top link. The rest blank. I know I clicked on the right spot (I actually had time to stop, double-check, and click it again). There's a bit of a bug in that one.
Sest la vye. ;(


Death Dice is curiously addicting.


just made it to the sixth level of merge... this is really impossible, if you'll ever get there you'll know what i mean... i'm saying that the one with dots it's easy as compared with this one with the stars... i'm giving up right now... the game is really cool but it's not made for humans...



Merge is a real and proper cup of tea game!

My cup of tea for one and 2...I cant get further then level 5 so it can take a cup of teas length to play it

That or drown in tea!! v addictive


I am sorry, but are you kidding me (concerning Merge)? I made it to level 13 without a problem. That's when it gets really hard... I don't see the problem with level 5. I know, these posts don't help anyone and I usually hate them, but I don't get it. On the other hand, it was probably solved by now and I didn't play the bugged version.


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