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Link Dump Friday №82

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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBIf you ever sat outside on a warm summer's night (or a cool winter's eve, I suppose), stared up at the sky and thought "Boy do I wish I was that big ball of rock in the sky!", this edition of Link Dump Friday helps fulfill that wish!

  • icon_wishmoon.gifI Wish I Were the Moon - A fun little experimental game where your only goal is to uncover the five hidden endings. Using the mouse, take pictures of the scene and "move" objects around to discover things. Depending on what you put where, you get one of the endings.
  • icon_highd.gifHigh-D - Ok, there's really only one reason this game is here: it has yodeling. Well, and you collect cows. And there are random facts about cheese. Sure, the game itself is rather thin, hit detection is a bit off, and it's possible to ruin your entire game if you're not paying attention at all times, but go back and read the first sentence. Yodeling!
  • icon_commando2.gifCommando 2 - Inspired by the likes of Contra and Metal Slug, Commando 2 is a side-scrolling platform shooter with incredibly gorgeous pixel art and a surprisingly fluid control scheme. Choose an inventory of weapons randing from a sword to guns and explosives, then head out into the jungle and tackle enemies. The action is a bit slow and simple at the start, so veterans may need a comfy pillow in order to survive the lull stage.
  • icon_ringsofcolor.gifRings of Color - A simple rotation-based puzzle game where you must maneuver the red rings to surround the red dots. Tougher than it sounds, and rather Rubik's Cube-like.
  • icon_funkyball.gifFunkyball - In Funkyball, your goal is to roll the ball to the goal as fast as you can. Of course physics stand in your way, as the ball bounces on some platforms, sticks to others, and really seems to want to keep its momentum.


I forgot it was Link Dump Friday. Tada! Nice surprise. I Wish I were the Moon is one of the niftiest things I've seen today.


I agree I was able to find all four solutions very easily, and the mechanic was interesting.


It took a while to find the last ending in Moon, but it was a really nice little game!


It is so cute !

but early ,getting ready for work and finished cup of tea so have to go before I get the last ending ....how will I concentrate at work now???!! Thank goodness Im not a brane sergon and just in admin!

Jay can we have a selection of 'cup of tea' games like this....just long enough to drink a quick brew before bolting out to work?

gotta go......late

fuzzyface October 3, 2008 4:07 AM

Bring me the moon!

Its a sweet little web art!

Lost love ending:

Set him onto the boat, let the moon fade away

Seagull trip ending:

Set both on the seagull.

Tradegy ending:

Drop either one into the water

I am your moon ending:

Put him into the boat, her onto the moon

Bring me the moon ending:

Put him onto the seagull, wait until the moon transforms into a comet. Put the comet into the boat. Put him into the boat.


Arrr, rings of colour hurts my eyes. lol.

stupidcheeseboy October 3, 2008 6:19 AM

Hurrah hurrah! LDF!!!
Funkyball is very funky
Bring me the moon ...cool, really enjoyed
and Rings of Colours is a trial and error game for me...nice surprise when I solve the level! Thinking ahead hurts my brain (I'm rubbish at chess!)

I love this place


I like Funky Ball. Cute game.


I really like funky ball. but I can't figure out level 46! argh.... frustrating.


Commando 2 is cool. I got to the Kung-fu fighter and now my fingers are hurting a lot. Maybe I should use a mouse instead of a trackpad! Lol.


Cool! LDF! One thing though, in commando 2, you said randing. But other than that, it's great!


You can get all five endings in one go in I Wish I Was the Moon:

I am your moon, seagull trip, lost love, bring me the moon, tragedy


The first 10 levels or so of Funkyball are terrible, but it does pick up (at least in Easy, didn't try the other modes yet). Worth sticking out.

Keep your hand off the spacebar if you're used to FPS like me. An attempt at a victory jump towards the end of the level will not result in what you want :)


You put commando 2 here. Why did you show the girl instead of the boy?

I can help anyone with the 4 bosses or give you a guide for 1-4 without expendable ammo, but I currently need help for number 5.

Commando 2 is an awesome game that is a million times better than # 1.


To mailorderyaks:

I am glad you posted about Funkyballs.

I played the first 4 levels and decided it was a stupid game. I read your post and then struggled through the first 10 levels. I was quite nicely surprised. Some of the levels past 10 were quite good and a bit of a challenge.

This developer needs to learn to edit himself a bit. The playablity ramp on this one was tough.


What annoyed me about Funkyball was the ramps, especially Level 20. If you let go of the arrow key for a sec, the ball starts rolling and you can't get it to roll uphill again!!!

lollipop licker October 3, 2008 6:05 PM

This LDF is great! I Wish I Were the Moon is sweet, Funkyball has an awesome soundtrack, High-D is hilarious, Rings of Colour is entertaining and, as I am about to try it, Commando 2 looks cool!

*huffs and puffs*


Wow. It's been a long time since I've posted here. Commando 2 is way better than the 1st one. I have yet to try the other games.


Hrmm... having a bit of trouble with level 26 in Funkyball. Any hints?


Can someone help me with the rocket at the end of Commando 2 level 4? I keep running out of life and/or ammo at the last segment.


Yes! I finished Funkyball with a time of 8:10 on my second run! Managed to shave nearly a minute off my original time.


For snazan:

first equip yourself with both rocket launchers, a shot gun, and the desert rat pistol. When ever I say use Rc, use brown rocket launcher if it has ammo or blue when brown is out.

Now for the fight

1st: Equip desert rat pistol. Stay to the left side of the screen and shoot. Try to jump over the missles. Do this for the whole form.

2md: Go right up next to it and blow up laser with rc. Then use rc on middle gun. Finish the other 2 guns with desert rat.

3rd: For 1st part use rc on missle launcher and use rc or shotgun on missles. For the second form rc or pistol the lasers while concentrating on dodging.

Final: Just jump on it and shoot. Dodge the fireballs but don't jump (I'm not sure why). Samira warlord is the easiest fight in the whole game.


Thanks everybody for trying I wish I were the Moon! :)


I actually played I wish I were the moon a couple of days ago and was thinking it was a really sweet little game :)

Actually all the games on that site are really interesting. Very different. Even if they don't hold your attention for very long.


JIG's already got starwave up somewhere on it, seeing as it's the most gamelike. I really think at least SoS 64 should be up too, it's (surprisingly) got a really interesting story.

Cutler Sheridan October 3, 2008 9:42 PM

I Wish I Were the Moon is adorable! Just finished. My favorite ending was the

I am your moon


Skaramuche October 3, 2008 10:30 PM

Commando 2 is everything I always wanted Metal Slug to be. Fantastic. One issue: sniper on a barrel in slime in the second level. The slime is insta-death and I can't jump far enough to reach the barrel. What am I supposed to do?

Anonymous October 3, 2008 11:13 PM


shoot the water to the right of the barrel, it should make it move closer to you

when you're on the barrel, do what the sniper did and shoot to your left to go to the right


Here's something for I wish I were the moon:
mysterious harp music

first do the I am your moon ending, DON'T PRESS R! and do the tragic ending. I guess either she can breathe under water OR a fish is playing her harp.

Jay, please delete my last comment.

fuzzyface October 4, 2008 9:42 AM

@You can get all five endings in one go in I Wish I Was the Moon:

"I am your moon, seagull trip, lost love, bring me the moon, tragedy"

So the story this is: love, honeymoon, divorce, demands, death


I am pretty sure that the sound clip for the I Am Your Moon ending on I Wish.. is from Cheryl Ann Fulton's CD the Once and Future Harp. It sounds like her opening to the rota which accompanies the Lamento di Tristano. (I've listened to the CD about a gazillion times). Anyone else recognize it?


I like Funkyball, but level 46 is so frustrating! Can anyone help me?


Grr! Now I'm stuck on level 49. It is darn near impossible!

stupidcheeseboy October 6, 2008 7:33 AM

Funkyball level 49 Snail

I'm sure you realise you have to rock backwards and forwards to pick up enough momentum. I finally managed it when I started to positively change my direction rather than letting gravity do the job.
Probably don't need a spoiler for this...oh well

I cannot see a way to solve level 50 'four sticks' let alone achieve it! Help?

stupidcheeseboy October 6, 2008 7:44 AM

Power of posting!
I have just discovered that you can turn the black bouncy sticks with the up down arrows!


Anyone have any help for Funkyball99 level 95? I can get so close, but I don't think I've got it right.


For Funkyball 95:

I just tilted the two bottom ones so that they were tilting away from each other (as in making a kind of funnel shape). Then I rolled it slow off the edge and I guess got the spin so that it went back and forth between those two bottom ones (never hit the top). I think on the second time back and forth it shot up and in. Could have been dumb luck.


Commando 2 was awesome and if they had added more levels it would have been worthy of a review all of it's own. That's one seriously fleshed out game. One gripe, though...

Why no pause feature? Due to the breakneck pace of the game not adding one makes little sense.


I seem to be having an issue with Commando 2. I beat the first set of 4 levels, and now when I try to start at level 5, it just starts me at level 1 instead. Anyone else have this issue?


Still can't get Funkyball 49. I rocked that ball back and forth for over 6 minutes. No more!

Anonymous October 9, 2008 10:02 AM

the same for 46 i rocked indefinitly, I finish easy and hard, i'd like to do the medium !


Commando 2 doesn't load for me. It gets to around 7 or 8 percent of the way done, but then it just hangs. Anyone know what the problem with this is?


Here's my Perfect Ending for "I Wish I Were the Moon":


Anonymous May 22, 2009 8:55 PM

you can get another ending for I wish I were the Moon...

If I Can't Have You...
you put both on the moon and let it sink...

i don't if anyone else found it or not... someone probably did...


what's the solution for funky ball level 17 on hard, the hint is to wake up the mummy. I don't know what to do


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