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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBThis week's Link Dump Friday has a theme identical to the previous week's, only... different! There's also a little arcade vein running through the games, but that's not nearly as cool as being... different.

  • icon_roseandcamellia.gifRose & Camellia 2 - It's like the original Rose & Camellia, except... not! More of an update than a true sequel, part two introduces new characters to duel with as well as a final boss battle. Unfortunately you have to slap your way through the first game before playing the new content, but it's not like you won't have fun doing it...
  • icon_robotrun.gifRobot Run - A more industrial take on the popular "jump and avoid stuff in your way" arcade game, Robot Run ditches cutesy characters in favor of gritty robots. Jump to avoid blocks that slide your way, taking care to avoid rocks dropped in your path as well. Grab power-ups for temporary bonuses, such as a shield that protects your squidgy head from boulders.
  • icon_caveescaper.gifCave Escaper - Navigate your way through 50 levels and try to escape the cave. Along the way you will have to solve puzzles, bomb your way through rocks and boulders, swing from ledges, and avoid pits of lava. Can you make it out alive? This is the newest game from and you can edit your own levels. The highest rated levels will be included in a "community edition" of Cave Escaper.
  • icon_missilecommanddoc.gifMissile Command Docudrama - It's like Missile Command, but... not! The latest from game parody site Retro Sabotage tells the tale behind the classic arcade game of defending your cities. More chilling than entertaining (see other Retro Sabotage games for a laugh or ten).
  • icon_typingninjahunter.gifTyping Ninja Hunter - It's up to you to defend the temple against an army of invading Ninjas! The only qualification: can you spell 'Ninja'? We sure hope so, because spelling correctly and quickly is the only way to stave off this martial arts onslaught. With five different types of Ninjas to defeat, a boss battle after each level, upgradeable defenses and skills and an epic final battle, Ninja Hunter is ninja hunting fun for everyone!


For Typing Ninja Hunter, there's a speed cap on how fast you can type (the attack animation is what causes the pause, I think) and that really killed it for me. That, and the arrow-key "battle" segments were unresponsive... Maybe I'm just an adrenaline junkie when it comes to typing games.


Unresponsive? The arrow keys worked for me during the boss battles.

Dr. Pepsi June 12, 2008 10:47 PM

I concur about the Ninja Typing game.
You have to purposely slow down your typing speed, otherwise it won't catch what you type.

Annoying as hell, please correct this.


I didn't have the same problem, but then my computer is super fast. Maybe it's a frame rate issue?


I haven't had this typing problem. Although I've had serious frame rate issues, the typing seems nearly as alert as "Typing of the Dead". My favorite type fest.


I noticed the typing issue for the ninja game, and it was very frustrating. You shouldn't have to slow down your typing to be able to play a game based on typing skills.


For those on slower computers having trouble with the typing game, try reducing the quality. That should help.


I'm not the best at typing games, but I do alright. As a touch typer, having to take my hands off the "home row" to fiddle with the arrow keys was a funkiller. Still, I was doing ok until the game threw another curve with the "press these keys quickly" segment. I liked the core mechanics, graphics, and concept, but a few control-choice missteps hindered the fun.

srduncan June 13, 2008 12:43 AM

alright, didn't try out rose and camellia until this post. I thought the controls were fun and the art was very clean cut, or um,......clear? anyways, my indecision aside, the game feels like super punch-out. once the white doors opened, my character only had one rose as compared to the weird demon ladies 8, i lacked the motivation to start over for the third time. has anyone defeated this lady and is the content afterwards worth my endeavors?

ferdinand_the_yak June 13, 2008 12:53 AM

I don't read Japanese, but for the last boss it seems that you can't

actually defeat her in the overall sense - I mean that although I did defeat her in terms of destroying all her rose health icons, in the fnal video she just smacks you down

Anyone read Japanese and can translate what she is saying?


I played the nija typing game and I agree... the typing speed effects the gameplay in a negitive way.

On the second level, I got stuck because I typed the word too quick and it didnot catch the fact that I finished him off. he kept throwing stars at me and I was permenatly injured...

Couldn't get back up, so I stopped.
Did not want to try again.

Games on here need to catch gamers attention and get somewhere quick in the first 30 seconds or we click back and go to another game.

Jayisgames, allows me to view these games quicker than visiting these websites and waiting for someone to post a new game. Specialy Link Dump Friday!!!

Thanks Jayisgames!


grab my attention, make me excited to play in the first 30 seconds, or it's lights out....


atomic1fire June 13, 2008 1:34 AM

I know Im probably the only one who will recognize it if not then someone else has watched fox kids before but,
in robot run, Isn't that a metabot

atomic1fire June 13, 2008 1:37 AM

this confirms it

drewdown June 13, 2008 2:43 AM

I like the ninja type game, no problems for me on the typing speed.

My big complaint is that I absolutely did not understand the little boss battles at the end of levels. The controls were totally different than those of the rest of the game play and it was not at all clear what you were supposed to do.

After typing like a madman, killing everything in sight, suddenly the screen says "space", "up arrow", "down arrow", "space".... and then all these dude appear and just kill you. Was I supposed to push those keys in that order? with a specific timing in relation to their actions? There's no real instructions and with only one shot to figure it out I invariably didn't on the first over.


I have a wierd problem with the site, the front page always redirects me to I managed to get here by going directly to a url in the site and not passing the front page. I have Firefox, and this problem has happened since yesterday.


Rose and Camelia is one of my alltime favourites.
Shame it still seems to be neglecting too quick mouse movement. I can see the red "tails" of my slaps but the hand is not moving - and I get a slap instead. Still happens sometimes. And it's quite a pain to lose with slaps like therse - you lose because your reaction time is too good?

But this game is still loads of fun :)

Waterstick June 13, 2008 11:29 AM

I apparently don't understand something about Cave Escaper, because level 3 appears to be impossible.


The typing didn't work too well for me either. You're penalized with broken combos by typing too fast.

Superslash June 13, 2008 12:19 PM

Don't forget that there's nothing in the game to prevent shuriken ninjas from standing in the SAME SPOT thus making it impossible for you to see wtf you're supposed to type.



For Level 3, you need to

first, hop into the nook on the right, then edge over to the left as far as you can without falling, then jump to the floating rock in the middle.

That should get you started!


Can anyone please help with Level 18 for Cave Escaper? I'm having a block.



level 3 of the Cave Escaper is winable. If you're still stuck, let me know.


ninja is neatly done.

but cave escaper just made my day, went to level 27 straight (i know), it smells like rick dangerous so much you don't know if you're playing for nostalgia or not, a shame that, like its predecessor, you sometimes wish you would not fail for a couple pixels gap, when it's really more about thinking your way through than action gaming.

as for missile command, interesting, but the xevious sabotage they have is plain AWSOME. sad and kind of exhilarating at the same time. great stuff.


Cave Escaper would be more fun if the physics weren't so sucky. Jumping consistently is a pain, and the getting on and off ladders is just terrible.


"Jumping consistently is a pain, and the getting on and off ladders is just terrible."

This was pretty much my consensus, too.

Matt Weiner June 13, 2008 3:36 PM

I third ninti and fuzzboxer -- I'd enjoy this more if it was more about puzzles and less about hitting the up arrow at the exact right pixel, or edging off a ledge so you don't sail over the next one and into the lava.

awfulperson June 13, 2008 5:06 PM

Here's the solution to Level 18:

Jump up, go left two spaces. Set dynamite to explode the boulder and the block above--move right to avoid blast; boulder will fall from above.

Slide fallen boulder left, climb it. Walk out as far right as you can without falling off it, set another bomb, jump up/left to avoid blast. Bomb should ONLY explode block to left of escape ladder. Restart if you destroy boulder as well.

At this point, you should be as far up as you can go, standing next to a column of three boulders--push middle boulder to the left. Jump on top until you're standing on top of remaining two boulders in column.

Explode both boulders underneath you. Push boulder next to you right two spaces until it falls. Detonate the middle boulder (the one you're currently standing on). Jump into newly created gap, slide boulder to the right one space. That will give you a jumping point from which to reach the ladder. One well-timed jump, and you're done. ;)

And if you think that's bad, wait until you get to Level 31. I finally had to go looking for the solution to that one. Wasn't too happy when I found it what it was.

(currently on Level 41)


srduncan: The fat lady with the snaky hair is actually just the boss of part 1. I beat all of part 1 today without losing any roses, probably because I really liked to play it before part 2 came out, so I had practice. Still have yet to beat part 2.


Oh, I just beat Rose and Camella 2. Why DOES it still show you losing even when you win?

Ewan Whosarmy June 13, 2008 7:24 PM

Cave Escaper, I loved it ..all 50 levels completed! Lvl 29 was the most devious imo - it took me hours to stumble on a solution for that one. I agree with others who prefer the pure puzzle levels rather than the pixel-perfect jumping ones, but it's still the best puzzle game for me since Skyblocs.

If there's anyone who can't get enough of it, I've added 3 levels of my own using the level editor (under my name Ewanwhosarmy).


In Typing Ninja Hunter, I had the ignoring-my-typing problem the first time, but it worked fine the second time. I did have to switch from Dvorak to QWERTY, though, because Flash won't send the game a key-press on any key that isn't a letter key in QWERTY.


o my god medabots was one of the best shows ever wen i was a kid

Matt Weiner June 14, 2008 9:19 AM

Jumping out from under overhangs in Cave Escaper is incredibly frustrating. Level 20 is basically ruined for me -- I know how to solve it, but

rope swinging is really difficult in this game, and in order to get to the rope swing you have to execute a tedious sequence involving waiting for about five bombs to go off and then doing two overhang jumps -- where you have to press the up arrow as you cross the exact right pixel, or you hit the block above you and fall down.

What's the point?


Regarding the ninja game, I agree with drewdown, no idea what you were meant to do in the in between segments. I think it was good that they tried to break the game up a little, but it wasn't executed well.

I also had problems with it not understand when I typed too quickly.

Also, I lost but was able to continue from the same level, only when I got to the end of the level and tried to purchase upgrades, nothing happened. However, when I got to the next level, the temple had been repaired, which is what I was trying to do, so that was a bit odd.

Anonymous June 14, 2008 10:36 AM

Cave Escaper was good but sometimes you fell into the lava when you swung with the grappler, and sometimes you didn't swing very far, which was annoying.


That Retro Sabotage cave is priceless.

It is as good as it is... stupid in a clever way.
Yes you can be stoopid AND clever. Or at least they can.

Did not understand the 3D Tetris thing, though. Anyone?

Cave Escaper is frustrating but still way above the average genre clone.


Robot Run is INCREDIBLY annoying. Most of the time I died because the rocks falling stunned, causing another rock to fall on me, then another, basically keeping me out of control. I quit this quickly because it got a bit repetitive too.

Retrosabotage is awesome, however.


Boy, do I hate games that steal sprites. Metabee is pretty cute if you get to know him, though :{


I can't seem to get past level 6 of Cave Escaper. Am I missing something obvious? So far I've:

Jumped down to the left, pushed one of the blocks right, then stood on said block and laid some dynamite, like some kind of explosive chicken. Once it goes off I jump in the hole it made and then place another dynamite to clear the remaining rock. At this point one of the blocks has been blown up, the other one I now push to the right one space, then stand on it and rope swing across the lava. I then blow up some rock and let three blocks fall in front of me. I blow one up and push the other two left as far as I can. I then jump up on the ledge and blow up some rock to let two blocks fall into the lava. I blow up the remaning rock to let te last block fall, then push this block onto the ones that fell in the lava. Then I'm stuck, can't seem to jump to the ladder from here.

Any help?


Oh, never mind, I think I was just missing hte ladder. Does the guy in this remind anyone else of the ant in Pushover? He doesn't exactly look the same, but he moves the same and dies the same.


Found a bug in Cave Escaper (while working on level luck yet):

If you're quick, you can place dynamite and then push a block on top of it. The dynamite will explode but the block won't break. Doubt there are any situations where this is useful.


The ninja typing game was very fun for me with the exception of two things:

1. Like everyone else, if you have a slow computer, you must type slower for it to work.

2. On the second stage when they start throwing stars at you, once you're hit, you just get stuck in an endless loop. I had about 5 or so ninjas standing on top of each other with a constant stream of stars coming at me. Even if I tapped "up" as fast as I possibly could (and I did) as soon as I get up, I get hit again and go down. No matter what I typed, nothing happened. Pressing the letters above the stars did nothing, nor did typing the words above the ninja's heads. I even tried the special moves by pressing 1, 2, and 3, but still nothing. Surely I must be doing something wrong; I hate to see a game with such potential fail due to poor planning.


Man, Rose and Camelia 2 is simply unplayable. The first part didn't quite tolerate very quick mouse movement, this second part does it even less. Whenever I move the mouse two quickly when trying to place a real fast slap the arm won't move. And more, it's not only that I won't slap her - I concede a counter slam that I'm not able to avoid since my mouse gesture is not recognized. I literally stand there helpless.

I can usually win the first part without conceding a slingle slap but cannot get over opponent #4 (and usually, opponent #3, the twins) in part 2. That, I guess, must mean something...

Shame because it would be a good game.


Cave Escaper has the makings of a good game but is let down by a ridiculous need for precision in every action. There are only so many times you can successfully complete a difficult jump and then fall into a burning pit of lava while stepping off a ladder.

Username June 17, 2008 2:18 PM

Level 35 of Cave Escaper has me at a loss. All the other levels building up to this one had a logical solution that I was able to figure out in a few minutes at the most, but I admit I can't figure out 35. I can't go in the lava, I can't jump or swing up to the block, I'm stuck. Any tips?


Cave Escaper - Level 20

Please help! I was moving along fine through the first 19 levels and now I'm totally stuck!


Can someone help me with cave escaper level 10?


Nevermind. right after I sent this, I beat it.


Finally beat part 2 of Rose & Camellia.
I didn't encounter any quick responses bugs, I think the slap not registering is because you attacked inaccurately, happened to me a few times and then I concentrated moving the tail over the opponent's faces, all slaps registered.

And I'm also a bit surprised about the ending,

when the final boss slapped me out with her rose power, the ending gave me the sense that you part 2 character intended to get that.

Anyway, I managed to finish the game without a single hit received on my side (but numerous game overs), and I didn't get any other ending.


level 3 isn't impossible just really annoying simply get to where the ladder is under you and start by taking out the higher dirt thingy w/e and keep blowing em up it works ¿


i relly relly need help with level 29!!!!!


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