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Link Dump Friday №56

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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBWacky. That one word describes half of this week's collection of Link Dump Friday games. Well, maybe wacky and challenging, but challenging in a wacky sorta way. And the other half? Room escapey. Room escapey in a multi-lingual kinda way. And the other other half? Accurate mathematics.

  • icon_lightcut.gifLight Cut - A follow-up to the rather gruesome Dark Cut surgery games. You play a World War II medic who comes back from battle and faces the hurt and scars left by the experience. Or did I just make all of that up?
  • icon_youhavetoburntherope.gifYou Have to Burn the Rope - Remember the epic adventure that was Quest for the Crown? YHTBTR is a platformer in a similar vein in which you must— oh, but I won't ruin the game for you! Play it, beat it, and enjoy the ending!
  • icon_ambientparade.gifAmbient Parade - A nice retro-looking dodging/shooting-type arcade game where you switch between columns to avoid obstacles and destroy targets in your way.
  • icon_worldshardestgame.gifThe World's Hardest Game - It hurts us! You are the red square. Avoid the blue circles, collect the yellow ones, then high-tail it back to the green safe zone. Thirty levels of pain-inducing hardness. Seriously, it's tough.
  • icon_spacestationtokio.gifSpace Station Tokio - A Japanese room escape game with English translation built right in. You play a restaurant cook who fell asleep and woke up to discover he's trapped! In a space station! Bummer!
  • icon_bighouse.gifThe Big House - Kudos for an accurate game title! The Big House is a point-and-click room escape game that, naturally, takes place is a big, old mansion. Doors are everywhere, each one leading to rooms that may or may not have something to do with the game's puzzles. Game features both English and French language options.


CatFurnace April 4, 2008 8:02 AM

I'm a big fan of YHTBTR, although I got confused, but luckily there's a link to a walkthrough. Some really interesting stuff in their labs section too.


What the... YHTBTR is a 30 second game!


Light Cut RULES.

I made my mom play, mwahahaharharhar!


The Big House is a bit frustrating. I can't find any way in which to use the inventory items and the room layout is not consistent. I thought I might at least produce a map, but there are some rooms in which a door appears in one screen view, but not in the place it should be in the next. Is that part of the game or a bug?


"You have to burn a rope" is seriously hard, especially the final boss.

But I love how the ending credits show screenshots of the most exciting moments. Remembering what incredible feats I had to do during the course of the game made me all teary-eyed...


As powerful as your axe throwing skills are, you can't seem to actually damage the final boss with this. You have to

burn the rope


I thought this was a casual gameplay site... I've spent 3 hours now trying to kill the final boss. Nothing seems to damage him. That's NOT casual.

mixedmetaphor April 4, 2008 9:10 AM

anyone working on space station tokio? i was off to a good start, but i've ground to a halt with only 3 items to my name.

is anything hidden in or around the green chair? besides the gap, that is.


Haha...now I'm a hero! Too funny. The credits last as long as the game.


I failed at Tokyo space station...

I got the key, then could not work out anything else, nothing seemed to be hidden on the chair, except the gap in floor which I can't open... gave up

Help would be appreciated!

mixedmetaphor April 4, 2008 9:26 AM

edd --

there's another key hidden behind the right side of the desk.


I like Light Cut, but it SO gets a reward for worst voice-over EVER. Seriously. It's worse then Nico in Broken Sword 2...

mixedmetaphor April 4, 2008 9:53 AM

beat space station tokio! woohoo! i would do a walkthrough, but i only figured out one of the crucial elements of the game by trial and error... i'm going to play back through and see if i can get it this time. still, here's some help.

the first key is under the bed.

the second key is behind the right of the desk.

the i.d. card is in the desk drawer (second key).

if you put together the seeming gibberish on the walls, they spell out the colors GREEN, BLACK, BLUE, and RED.

that's probably the most help i can really give. the number that opened the locker for me was


but it may change from game to game. i never figured out the computer terminal keyword.

mixedmetaphor April 4, 2008 9:55 AM

of course, just as i posted, i figured out the password for the computer terminal:

CASABLANCA (all caps)


I myself am a bit confused with this Mansion thing, too. Sure it's hard to follow my own path, it happened more than once that i opened a door and found myself not in the room I was sure i would but in another. And when i got to the stairs and tried to go up the game started to load again from the opening page and then neatly froze at 51%. I dunno, it might have been my connection.
But, good thing: when i refreshed the page I was upstairs.

I also agree with the part that it's not clear how to use inventory items. I managed to

light the fire in the fireplace with the matches

But i don't know how - I guess if you double-click an item while you're at the screen where you need it it'll be used. But that's only a guess.

I hope things will clear out because it looks to be a very good one, with very good graphics.


ZOMG. How could you not give YHTBTR a full review? It has all the requirements of a great game--drama, comedy, cuteness, fire, a rope--I am taking my blog reading business ELSEWHERE!


ZOMG. How could you not give YHTBTR a full review? It has all the requirements of a great game--drama, comedy, cuteness, fire, a rope--I am taking my blog reading business ELSEWHERE!


So true, he had to say it twice.


Loading between the levels seem to be OK now (in the Mansion game), only a couple of seconds.


Light Cut is by far the most profound game I have ever played. It dares to explore the human psyche in a raw, no-holds-barred manner rarely seen in such titles.

Seriously, this should have been your April Fools joke.

mixedmetaphor April 4, 2008 10:42 AM

ha! figured it all out. okay, here's a walkthrough for space station tokio!

you begin facing a solid-looking door. check out the i.d. card reader: doesn't look like it has power. click the bottom of the card reader to find a small hole. nothing else to do here, so turn left.

click on the poster and read it. note the restaurant name and the room number.

click on the middle-bottom of the bed to find a key.

click on the right end of the bed to see the letters "RE" on the end of the bed.

notice the smudge on the wall to the far left. click on it to zoom in and see the letters "UEBLA". turn left again.

click the bottom right of the locker to find the letters "REEN". hey, that's almost a word.

read the sign on the locker, then check out the number pad above the handle. you need a four-digit number.

zoom in on the grate at the top of the locker. see the numbers? click left and right to zoom in to the sides. notice that the letter 3 has a little blue arrow next to it, 4 has a black arrow, 6 has a green arrow, and 8 has a red arrow. we can use this to figure out the locker code, later. turn left.

click on the smudge above the desk for the letters "DBL". check the desk: the drawer is locked, the little box is locked, the computer needs a keyword.

the keyword for the computer is a full word, no numbers, something you've already seen in this room. look around again. the password is

CASABLANCA (all caps)

read the diary in the computer terminal. mad doctors and aliens? well, you're on a space station after all...

click on the bottom-right of the desk to find another key.

use the first key on the box. you find another set of letters: "CKG". click on the top of the box to see a screw -- but you can't get it yet.

use the second key on the drawer to find an i.d. card -- but with no power to the i.d. card reader, you can't use it yet.

zoom out of the desk, and look at the chair. nope, nothing's hidden in the chair. but there's a little smudge on the floor to the left of the chair -- click on that. mind the gap!

head back to the locker -- it's time to figure out the door code. take a look at all the cryptic letters you've found. you should have "UEBLA", "CKG", "RE", "DBL", and "REEN".

the letters fit together to make words. specifically, colors. try putting them together.

they spell out GREEN, BLUE, BLACK, and RED.

so now you have these colors. remember the numbers inside the locker? each had a color next to it.

3 = blue, 4 = black, 6 = green, 8 = red. so there are the numbers for the door code, but in which order?

this is where i got stumped for a while. you'll groan when you know it. try looking at the way the letters were written on the walls, and the order the letters are in.

notice "UEBLA" in particular. it's the end of BLUE and the beginning of BLACK.

instead of pulling the letters out to spell the words, smush them all together until they're coherent -- RE DBL UEBLA CKG REEN.

in other words, RED BLUE BLACK GREEN.

therefore, the code for the locker door is 8 (red) 3 (blue) 4 (black) 6 (green).

inside the locker, you find a coin.

go back to the green chair and find the gap. put the coin in the gap to find the emergency power supply. flip the switch to turn it on. yay!

before zooming back out, click on the little blue thing on the bottom left of the hole to find a screwdriver.

go back and look at the desk. open the blue box, and use the screwdriver to get the screw.

bonus! you also get a card. look at it in your inventory, and click on it to turn it over. notice the grid of numbers and letters. where have you seen numbers and letters like that?

go back to the door and click on the card reader to zoom in. click on the bottom and put the screw in the hole (you don't need the screwdriver). that switched it on!

insert the i.d. card like it asks, and then it asks for your room number. you've seen that all over the game: Bc412. but there aren't any letters on the keypad...

take another look at the back of the card you got out of the blue box. notice how there are uppercase and lowercase letters.

following the grid, Bc is 87.



into the keypad. UNLOCKED! but i don't like the sound of "somebody near door"...

gasp! aliens! and possbly a sequel in the works!

hope this helps!


OK, now it's clear: at the Mansion game you have to click once on the item while in the right screen to use it. No placement is needed.


after you've unlocked the door you can go hide in the locker.

stupidcheeseboy April 4, 2008 10:47 AM

Ah Link dump fridays! I'm so happy.
Its Spring holiday. The kids are playing in the garden.
Life is good


I reeeaaally hope whatever that non-song I "sang" in Light Cut doesn't really go onto Facebook. lol.


I may have done Tokio but I'm not sure, didn't use the computer slab, as for the code for the locker

examine the vent in the locker door

the chair

something is visible in the closer view that can't be seen otherwise, but you need to have been in the locker first

as to finishing

played through again and diary seems irrelevant, can't call this mad doctor, maybe it's for a sequel/possibly multiple endings, there's an alien behind the door is what I've found


YHTBTR is the best game ever, no holds barred.


can someone pleeeaaassseee post a walkthrough for yhtbtr

sijapu17 April 4, 2008 11:22 AM

I think the ending song for YHTBTR took longer to make than the game itself... what an awesome game!

mixedmetaphor April 4, 2008 11:24 AM

addition to space station tokio walkthrough (thank you, expired):

after you input the door code and see "UNLOCKED", don't click on the door. instead, go back to the locker and click on it -- you'll go inside and hide while the alien opens the door. after he disappears, click on the grate for the ending. i believe it says you were locked in there for a week... but i couldn't really understand the rest. i guess this is a better ending than being caught by the alien... ?


Burn the rope made my day! But what will I do with the rest of it...


Well, I'm totally stuck on La maison Grande. I have

a sponge, a key, a fire poker, matches


the big house is pretty hard, so far i have used matches to light the fire, used the plunger that i found in toilet to empty the bath of water thats in another room and used the sponge that was in the bath to wipe a mirror in another toilet where a wee grid/map thing showed up, i dont know what it means tho, four of the squares are a lighter colour than the rest, as for using items i just stood in front of whatever i wanted to use the items on and clicked the item once, well thats all i know, hope it might at least help someone! so then they can get further and then help me, lol:)


I'm off to watch a video-oh now.


oh no!, i forgot to do the spoiler thing oooops!, sorry :(

mysteriousracoon April 4, 2008 11:57 AM

The ending of YHTBTR is the best I've seen in a game since Portal


That stinks... I got to the Final boss in Burn the Rope but he killed me...

I should have

burnt the rope


Dead stuck on the big house. Can anyone let me know either where to find the


, what to with the

chair or the poker

, or whether the


does anything?


After some hours of intense brain concentration, I finally beat YHTBTR. Amazingly fun, escpecially the credits song. I think I'll just press refresh and start again!

valhalla076 April 4, 2008 12:18 PM

A note of warning to all who are playing "The Big House"...

Every time you leave the second floor, the code to the door changes. This includes...

Accidentally leaving the maze.

Schmorgluck April 4, 2008 12:28 PM

I just can't play YHTBTR, I just have the victory song on a black screen, and that's all. Am I the only one?


So misleading... After playing the first two games, I went to Space Station Tokyo thinking that the front door was really unlocked from the start and kept clicking on it everywhere until I realized it wasn't.

Dumb unicorns! How many times have I told you to be careful around Candy Mountain??
...Also, Care Bear Stare.

Mordecai April 4, 2008 12:35 PM

Got to level 16 on Worst Hardest Game...then got annoyed and left.

Painorama April 4, 2008 12:51 PM

For Big House:
Dont forget the plunger in the bathroom.

As for the chair, consider what you could use the chair for? May to get higher up?

Use the chair on the bookself and get the key (which I dont where to use)


So how about the world's hardest game? I'm stuck on level 17, does anyone know if it saves your progress if you quit?


I forgot about the magic of posting, beat level 17 but 18 is ridiculous :( I'm up to 190 deaths and I think I'm about to give up.


In the Big House, I lit the fire first.

I still think you need to light the fire to be able to see the key; that's what the chair's for. Now if only I knew what the key did...

The game isn't very encouraging, what with its sparse atmosphere and the fact that the cursor flips you off when you try to open the second floor door.


lmao Gar XD

Patreon Crew SonicLover April 4, 2008 1:09 PM

The instructions for YHTBTR are actually a bit misleading.

You actually CAN hurt the Grinning Something-or-other with your weapons. The problem is that he automatically recovers from those attacks, and unless you attack REALLY quickly, you can't do any damage to him. I wonder if it's possible to beat him the hard way... you'd have to mash the attack button while avoiding his attacks, but maybe you could do it...

tortoise78 April 4, 2008 1:40 PM

For "Big House" -

The key:

It's misleading, you don't use it until near the end . . .

The second floor door:

I still have no idea how you're supposed to figure this out, I think it has something to do with the bathroom mirror (use the sponge), how this connects I really don't know. But anyway, notice that when you click on the "panes" in the door, it knocks. I knocked pretty randomly, but I think you have to knock in this order:
1. Middle pane
2. Bottom left pane
3. Top right pane
4. Bottom right pane
This unlocks the door for some reason.

Hope this helps a little . . .

Patreon Crew SonicLover April 4, 2008 1:44 PM

Wait... I take back my last post.

Though you CAN deplete the GC's health bar with your weapons at first, he heals faster the lower the bar is, so eventually you'll have to give up.
Also, the hero has infinite health AND infinite ammo. Cool.


Light Cut is so amazing. It really made me think.

I felt so dumb when the bear was telling me he needed something soft. Took me forever to realize he needed clouds! Gargh!

Anonymous April 4, 2008 2:45 PM


In Light Cut,

I can't seem to reattach the unicorn's horn. I've done everything they said, including mushing up a marshmallow and sticking it on there. But I can't figure out how to get the pieces back together.


amofilem April 4, 2008 2:48 PM

There are multiple endings for Space Sataion Tokio. To get to the 'good ending' you must

hide under the bed before after unlocking the door until the green alien disappears.

Anonymous April 4, 2008 2:49 PM

Weird. I refreshed Light Cut, and now that bit worked immediately. I'm not sure what the problem was, but it just wasn't working before.

amofilem April 4, 2008 2:49 PM

There are multiple endings for Space Sataion Tokio. To get to the 'good ending' you must

hide under the bed after unlocking the door until the green alien disappears.

ThemePark April 4, 2008 2:50 PM

Am I the only one having bugs with Light Cut?

As soon as I finish mashing the marshmellow, it sticks to my cursor, and the screen says to pick it up, but it obviously is already, and I can't seem to use it anywhere.


Happened to me the first time too ThemePark,

you don't have to hold the mouse to mash the marshmallow, just move up and down.

Game would be much better it actually recorded you and you could listen to other people :)

Painorama April 4, 2008 3:40 PM

Big House Walkthrough (not always intuitive)
FIRST: arrows left/right and back but this doesn't always turn you just one turn, sometimes it will completely turn you around. (if you understand this you won't get so lost)(I think he did this to save the amount of pix he had to draw, I guess)


Go forward and pick up the chair
go to second/farthest door on the right (kitchen)
click on the sink area and get the matches and leave the room
turn left and forwards and go into the door on the left
you are in the fireplace room
Go to the fireplace and click your matches and to the left side of it take the poker
place the chair on the bookcase and click upper half of bookcase and take the key
leave the fireplace

If you followed my directions you should have a door in front of you, otherwise you will have to turn around
Anyway, take the door in front of you and then again take the right/front door and take the plunger and flush the toilet if you want. leave.
Turn RIGHT and take the middle door (stairway door) which looks different then all the other doors.
cross over and take the door ahead (don't go onto the stairs).
Take the right door again and suprise! your in another bathroom. Look into the tub and press the plunger. Watch very, very, carefully for the sponge.............ok not to carefully. take the sponge

Now you have to go back so when you leave the bathroom take the left most door(stairway) and again take the door across from it.
Then take left most door again
then take the left most door again (not a repeat)
and you are in another bathroom
click on the mirror and use the sponge
the pix looks like this: The "I" is dark markings
[][] [][]
=I= ===
=== ===

Leave and move forward and take the right most door and then take the middle (stairway) door and NOW go UP the stairs
Now listen carefully....
you have to knock on the door (once) in each of these panels:
[ ][3]
[ 1 ]
Don't ask how, its mostly trial and error, but looking back, I think it's the mirror image?!?


Now turn around and go to the right hallway, and forward, forward and take the door.
In the hallway, light the candles by clicking the matches
Forwards and Turn left and take the CD from the bookself then turn left again and return from where you came. Go back to the hallway you came from and turn left
Go forwards till you are in the living room and turn right then left into the TV room

Click the CD rack and then the CD and listen carefully
Go back to the hallway with the candles and CD and enter that room
Go to the piano (there are six keys including one of the black keys)
Play around so you know where they are. If your like me and can't play here is how to do it. Number from right to left each key 123456
Then play 656562431

Now go back and to the TV/living room and turn left into the SECOND kitchen (there was one you should have passed) and click to poster board and write down the number/passcode for the door (I think its random)

Go back to the entrance to the candle room and to your left there is a door with a key pad. Type in the number.

Now go through is maze, I don't know the pattern, but eventually you will find a locked door, use the key and then you will be downstairs with a grate. How can you get out? All you have left is a crowbar….hmm………


I realized something with the Mansion game. First i thought how great that you only have to click at the right screen and any items that should be used there will be used - even if you had no idea. Then I had to realize the sooner or later I started to click on each items i got on each screen without thinking - and it killed all the fun. That's how i discovered, for example, where to put the chair. It was a complete surprise. And I caught myself clicking on the key in the very empty room - well, what would a key open there, huh?

So this way, I realized, I'll beat the game without thinking at all, just click like ten thousand times.

It's a bit frustrating that you have so many hotspots and so few of them (almost none) actually do anything...

Painorama April 4, 2008 3:43 PM

Correction to walkthrough:
Not arrows on the keyboard, hand arrows....


I'm not sure I understand Light Cut. Did the makers of Dark Cut release it as a sort of teaser to keep us entertained until Dark Cut 3 is released?

For those of you having trouble with soft things for the bear:

Try the clouds.

I had to peek at the comments to figure that one out.

Painorama April 4, 2008 3:57 PM

UGH!!! correction to walkthrough (again)

number from left to right


Oh, man. JIG is sure a popular site... Probably that's why the Mansion game is pretty unplayably busy right now... I've been waiting for over 8 minutes for it to load but it's still at 80%... Other pages load well, so its probably not my connection (this time...:))

Guess I'll come back in two weeks time :(

ThemePark April 4, 2008 4:10 PM

Thanks, Blarrrg, that did the trick.

Taybo, no it's not meant as a teaser, it's John's way of making a parody of his own games.

I have to say I loved that the Sketch games were incorporated in this game. :-D


space station tokio?

How Do I swipe the card? Teh power is on, I select the card and click on the reader... but nothing happens!

blieber April 4, 2008 4:13 PM

Light Cut freaked me out much more than Dark Cut 2. How does that reflect on my personality?

Then again, my job deals a lot more with blood and guts than with talking teddy bears.

Steph Dee April 4, 2008 4:25 PM

I totally love Light Cut so bad. I wish there was more!


Light Cut ROCKS!!! I ♥ it, the animals are so CUTE!! *hugs*


You have to burn the rope . . .That's it? o.O Love the song though. . . now you're a hero . . . how are you going to spend the rest of your day *Hums*


In space station tokio:

How Do I swipe the card? The power is on, I select the card and click on the reader... but nothing happens!
I can not find the hot spot

U. N. Owen April 4, 2008 4:47 PM

In "The Big House", I found the requirement to be able to read or play the beginning part of Fur Elise is a little bit unfair for the average Joe.


For the Mansion game, did anyone realize what the result these actions are:

lighting the fire downstairs

playing the Für Elise tune on the piano

I guess they "do" something it's just not at all clear to me what.
Getting thru the

final maze

is easier than it seems:

just always take the furthest door possible.

juv3nal April 4, 2008 6:36 PM


There are two cards, a security card and an ID card. The door slide thing needs the ID card, not the security card.


Rule 4 for YNTBTR is on right click :O

Someone needs to beat the boss the HARD way :D

Anonymous April 4, 2008 11:52 PM

There's another thing you can do in Tokio that I haven't seen mentioned yet.

After you get the keypad next to the door working and swipe your ID card, have you tried pushing all the "CALL" buttons?

CALL button D gives a response that is different from the others...

Maybe you can call another room on the space station?

There's another room mentioned in the diary in the terminal.

Convert that room into numbers you can enter on the keypad (using the grid on the back of the security card), enter the number, then hit CALL D.

The keypad just displays a word in all caps. A word in all caps? What can you do with that?

Enter it as a keyword on the terminal. You get to see some of the mad doctor's report on the aliens. It's a bit hard to make out just based on the English. It sounds like the doctor was studying some alien corpses, but the aliens were not really dead after all. Maybe they woke up and escaped their room? Probably had to find some keys, a password, and a screwdriver hidden in the room first, and then solve some puzzles. :-)

Doesn't seem to affect the game endings at all, and I haven't found anything else you can do with this information. Maybe just fleshes out the story a little more?


The world's hardest game. . . isn't. Yes, some levels have required a good 20 tries but I'm up to 22 with no significant stopping points. The game requires skill and planning but isn't difficult provided that you think ahead. It's not frustrating, but it's great.


YHTBTR is the best game ever! I love it!


Never mind, I finally gave up on level 23.


There seems to be so many ETR games now that are 3D modelled rather than drawn. Wha tI want to see is an ETR game that actually has the player move smoothly around 3D space - none of this pixel-hunting to look behind the couch!

Penumbra, with its FPS-like view, and intuitive and realistic object manipulation, is a step in the right direction - I want to see how much the bar can be raised.



The Big House *especially* would benefit from losing the basic point-and-click philosophy of current ETR games. Navigation is very difficult - I often enter a room and can't tell which way I need to go to get back.


hey light cut is pretty awesome cus' you're like what's behind the door and blam

unicorn tee hee corn

but i'm having the same ploblem with the marshmallow it sticks to my cursor (curse you touchpad) I want to know what happening stupid creamy fluff


I didn't like The Big House. It was confusing to find my way around, and so many rooms were pointless. I'd rather have 3 or 4 rooms with tons of complicated objects and clues, rather than 40 rooms with only 3 or 4 puzzles, like The Big House.


It took a dedicated effort but I have finished the Worlds Hardest Game, about 400 deaths I think, biggest criticism is that it doesn't save your progress, also collision identification is a bit level dependant,

there are some levels where you can have a rest at a point where you should be getting hit by at least one blue circle.


Hey, I diodn't have to bun the rope! Am I missing out on the game, small as it is meant to be? I just ge the vivtory song, like Schmorgluck.


Is 'The Big House' the same game that came out a few years ago that apparently had no ending? They finally finished it?


I agree with JasonMPA,
The Mansion game was just too big - I mean the area. And most of it was meaningless. Having such a big area to explore and so relatively little to discover is rather frustrating than inetersting and inspiring.

Hot spots that are dead (like the armchair in the first room where the fire is lit, or the top of the fireplace in the same room), rooms that even the game designer didn't care to furnish so they just stand totally empty... Rooms that scream for a background story (like the on downstairs with the Beethoven picture on the wall and the sofa in a really bad condition), a computer you can bring to closeup but cannot use, a tv you can switch on but can't use... A ladder that you see by the wall from the upstairs balcony but you'll never get to... no less than 3 doors in the yard you can click on but will never open...

Marka Ragnos April 5, 2008 11:20 PM

OMG, I played "You Have to Burn the Rope," and it is just cying out for an extended version (where, perhaps, you can die).

Mauricio April 6, 2008 1:18 AM

How CAN THEY!!?!?

"The World's Hardest Game is easily set OFF THE THRONE by I Wanna Be The Guy.
How can they even Suggest the name!

If you haven't played that, THEN!!! you haven't REALLY played the hardest game EVER!

About "You Have To Burn The Rope", I felt the long intro wasn't needed... It added a... useless length to the game. And maybe if i had more way to Unsuccesfully attack the... Thing... well, that be cool.


I kind of like the effect that the number of rooms The Big House provides. It adds a certain realism to have a bunch of objects and locations you can't use, and it forces you to consider why escape the room conventions are what they are.

The things that made me stop playing were the interface and the long loading times in between floors. Because there are likely to be several times you have to wander around trying every object in every screen, the fact that you have to close the "examine" window for each object every attempt gets annoying very quickly. The fact that there are so many screens really compounds this.


Unfortunately, I don't believe it's possible to beat YHTBTR the hard way, at least without hacking. It appears that the more damage the boss receives, the faster it recovers, so at some point it's going to recover faster than you can throw a new axe. However, there is a useful strategy for beating the boss, namely

burning the rope.

gabeknight April 6, 2008 5:54 PM

I am so glad that didn't go on my facebook...lol.

Patreon Crew SonicLover April 6, 2008 6:36 PM

For some reason I can't get enough of YHTBTR. Maybe it's the classic feel of it. And I just thought of something...

The hero attacks by throwing axes, right? Why can't he just cut the damn rope instead of having to burn it?


Good point, SonicLover. Does anybody have the end song for YHTBTR? I want it soooooo badly :[


Anyone having trouble loading Space Station Tokio? I've been trying to load the game for 2 days and it still won't reach 100%. Is there any alternate link?


I should've posted here 2 days ago, cause as soon as I said I can't load the game, I tried refreshing and it loads! o.O


for all of those who loved the ending song of You Have To Burn The Rope (YHTBTR)
check out the artist's blog-post regarding it:


I tried the burn the rope game... I was able to go right and left and back again. I didn't see a way to go up. So maybe the rope was burned before I got there.

Anyway, I checked out their "lab". You have got to try the Chicken and Stars game. Click on the "lab" link at the top. Then click on the folder link "48HComp". Then click on chicken.swf

Oh! And then there are the "games"... Crayon Runner is very cute.

Well, lunch is over. Back to work for me.

Tofer_513 April 8, 2008 6:44 PM

I love the cursor when it's pointing on the toilet!

Schmorgluck April 10, 2008 4:07 PM

OK, it's been almost a week and it's bugging me, so I repeat my question: how am I supposed to launch You Have To Burn The Rope? How am I supposed to be able to actually play the game instead of having the ending song start even before the game finishes loading and the screen remaining black?

I have to know: is there really a game at all?

Schmorgluck April 10, 2008 5:36 PM

Mmmh sorry, finally figured it out: a bug prevented my update of Flash Player to be taken into account. It's clean, now.



I'm stuck on the same level. How on EARTH is it possible? (btw the rest is quite easy, thankfully).
I really wanna see the later levels!


How did you do it? Level 18? Please?


It would be fun to be able to play YHTBTR with the Guy from IWTBTG: they approach the same kind of schtick from opposite directions.


You burned the rope.

You saved the day.

now what are you going to do.


Odd. In YHTBTR, it won't play. I try pressing start and nothing happens. I tried on other sites, and the ending (I'm assuming it is the ending song) plays before anything happens. I need help, it seemed like a very cool game.


in light cut, what's something soft to put in teddy bear's tummy?


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