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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBEarly April Fools!!! AH HA HA HA!! HA HA!! LOL!!! HA HA HAHAHA!!! HE HEEEE HEEE!! WOOO!!! Heh heh... heh... hehheh... heh... HAAAA HA HAHAHA!!!! :-D

  • icon_marvinspectrum.gifMarvin Spectrum - A quick reflexes-based game where you duck, dive or jump through obstacles that come your way. The interesting mix-up is that you must change colors with the [ASDF] keys to match with the obstacle you're trying to pass through, else you get fried! Brain hurt owie.
  • icon_growthm.gifGrowth - A beat-based sound toy where you place three drum sounds on a small rectangular grid: snare, hat, and kick. Hit the play button and the drummer gets to work, and your music causes a unique tree to grow in the center!
  • icon_fourseasonscastle.gifThe Four Seasons of Castle - From the author of last week's Wonderful Sea, The Four Seasons of Castle is another short but adorable room escape game flavored with a little RPG fantasy. Slide through the environment with the arrows at the top of the screen, and click on items to interact. Grab every item you see and try using them everywhere!
  • icon_soundclock.gifSound Clock (beta) - Tap out a few beats with this simple sound toy. Just drag and drop dots onto the clock-like circles, adjust the speed, and you're good to go, Mr./Ms. DJ Man/Woman!
  • icon_mysterymansion101.gifMystery Mansion 101 - The first in a series of minimalistic room escape games presented in two-color wireframe glory! Is it just me, or did video games always used to look this cool?
  • JayJIG Poker Night - Every Saturday (4:00 PM) through May 17th. Join us for a chance to win fabulous prizes. Or not. You decide.


captainlepton March 28, 2008 6:03 AM

Any chance of a wee walkthrough for Mystery Mansion?

Got lit candle, matches, hammer, battery, key




I really liked the sound clock. Made some interesting beats out of it :)

captainlepton March 28, 2008 7:08 AM


1 find paper on table, find battery and matches in cupboard. with matches selected click on window with funny pattern… it will turn to bricks.
2 light paper with matches and place in fireplace. and take hammer
3 move candle thing on top of fireplace to the right. Then use hammer behind where it was. get candle and light it with matches
4 move table to the right and using candle go down the trap door.
5 get key from chair. go right twice, get second battery from cupboard.
6 go back to ladder and move ladder to right, use hammer on wall and get pickaxe.
7 go back upstairs and use pickaxe on window with bricks. get stepladder.
8 go to the clock, put step ladder at bottom and put the batterys in the clock, it starts turning
9 go back downstairs and right to the cupboard which has bricks in it now.
10 use pick axe on bricks again and go through the hole it makes.
11 in the new room go right twice and open safe with the key…

Cerulean March 28, 2008 7:17 AM

Mystery Mansion 101 walkthrough:

The first thing you need to know is that every inventory item is invisible until you pick it up. Great, huh?

The objects you should be able to get immediately are:

A battery, a matchbook, and a sheet of paper.

The paper is on top of the table. The other things are in the cabinet.

The door:

is meaningless. Think of it as where you came in. You're looking for treasure.

The picture:

can be burned to reveal bricks.

The table:

Click under the table to move it.

The fireplace:

will not burn without a starter. Use the match on the close-up of the paper, and use the burning paper on the wood.

The hammer:

can be found in the fireplace. It is a magic hammer that only breaks blank walls behind things that can be moved.

The dark room:

is filled with a stubborn kind of darkness that will not be illuminated by a match or even a burning piece of paper.

A candle is in the wall behind the flower.

The picture exactly like the first picture:

is fireproof and without purpose.

The next thing you need to do:

Move the ladder.

Use the hammer on the wall where the ladder was and get the pick.

The pick:

Is a magical pickax that only breaks concealed bricks.

The stepladder:

goes under the clock.

The clock requires two batteries.

The second battery is in the downstairs cabinet.

You've just activated the only animated thing in the game:

Pickable bricks are now in the downstairs cabinet.

They lead to the next room.

The key to the safe:

is on the chair.

Open the safe and take the gold. The end. Notice how three is a lot fewer rooms than you were led to expect.


I get a "bar gold"! Yaaaay.

Man, I solve it RIGHT before you post that walkthrough. I was going nuts because everything didn't make sense.

Why is the hammer only working on the drywall, but the pick only works on the brick wall? Me confused.

Anyway, onwards to the next few mystery treasure rooms!

(there's like 4 more)


Hmm. 102 is the same room, but different puzzles. And multiple endings? Fancy.

I've already cleared the first available ending, which is

the UFO,

but I have yet to figure out how to get the next one, which is

defeat the dragon in the room behind the complex painting.

Anybody get further with the

secret panel in the cabinet?


Whoop, nevermind, the post magic of JiG hit again.

Smash the table and burn a fire under the sword in the same way you did in the 101 puzzle, and claim your prize.


I'm actually getting quite into SoundClock. Once you get past a game mentality (which I'm sure we're all in having got to it through JIG) and you get into a rythum it's lovely, then again I'm a big fan of Electroplankton.


That's not how you spell 'rythum' is it?... um... rhythm? Ah yes that's better.

Corridor March 28, 2008 8:14 AM

So uh... are you supposed to do anything with

the casket/present

at the end of Castle of Four Seasons or whatever it's called? I get the message

"It reaches the ground from the castle,(and puts the lotion on its skin) the present was opened...!?

- no idea what that means. Is that the actual ending or is it telling me how much of a dumbass I am for missing out that element?


Walkthru for 102 (Hidden room2) - the car one

At the start you have a key, a hammer and a pair of pincers (looks like a ruler though). You are in the room of the safe where the very first episode ends.

The safe

You're not trying to tell me you need help to unlock the vault when you have a key in your inventory ;)
You find two notes.
Also something, as if a nail is visible where the memos have been.

You find a remote control. Doesnt work yet.



You find a picture on the wall either way you go from the safe. Right is Picture "A". It's not written there, but belive me it is :) Left of the safe it's picture "B".

There's one thing you can do with the pictures: remove them so whatever is inside becomes visible. The pics are held by four screws. And here's something weird. The first time I did this room having the pictures removed unveiled a 3*3 button pad behind both pictures. Now that I'm doing it again the pictures cover another picture that say "A" and "B" and they cover the button pads... Anyway, eventually you should have the two 3*3 button pads in front of you.

The memos.

One says " 35678 -> white square" The numbers don't seem to change from game to game.
The other memo says: A Keyboard B Phone.
And you may note that if you press a button on the button pads the turn white. Hmmmm... white square on the memo - white square button on the button pad...

Yes: just press the buttons that those 5 numbers designate: 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8. But the buttons are not numbered. Do the start top right or bottom right? Top right as on a PHONE, or bottom right like on a KEYBOARD?

Once opened each small safe offers you one battery. Feed them into

the remote, of course... What else, the mallet??? :)

So, you got a working remote now. Great. Push the button.

The remote seems to have activated a car and it just burst into the room thru the wall opposite the safe. Open something on it. But you'll need a tool for that. Beware, you have to open something, not break it!

You have to open the hood using

the pincers

And you're the proud owner of a crown.

You're thru.


So wish these room escapes were based on logic. Sigh. Wandering around and clicking on invisible pixels (although I will admit this was really beautiful) just doesn't do it for me. I HAVE to get proficient at Flash so I can develop some really great room games, eh?! haha OK...through whining. Off to play CGDC games for a bit.


While I would like to think the fact that the gift casket opens as you exit the castle is a setup for a sequel (the most adorable vampire game ever), in reality it doesn't seem like it's necessarily the best ending. Anyone find anything else?

Incidentally, it's probably just because I'm sleep deprived, but I find the concept of giving someone a casket as a present hilarious. If I ever strike it rich, that's definitely going to be someone's 50th birthday gift.


It's not really ixel hunting as the hot spots seem to be large enough - it's that you don't see them :)

But still I think they are fairly easy ones.

just finished the bird one.


Mystery Mansion 102 walkthough!


1 matches and pincers from cupboard
2 use matches on left picture
3 use pincers on left picture
4 get hammer from the hole
5 smash candle thing next to cupboard
6 get candle from debris and light it with the matches
7 click under/on table and go down
8 click ladder
9 click above ladder with hammer and get pick
10 turn around open cupboard and get bird
11 go up hit right picture with hammer
12 burn picture with matches
13 use pick on wall and get ladder
14 put ladder underneath clock (put it on the floor!)
15 click door in the clock twice and get key
16 put bird in the clock!

Now continue with any of the endings!
happy ending 1

1 go to cupboard downstairs
2 use pick on the wall in the cupboard
3 open safe with the key!

happy ending 2

1 go to picture picture downstairs
2 click it and use pick on the bricks
3 go in get memo from the wall
4 use hammer on the table and get wood
5 put wood in the fireplace
6 burn memo with matches
7 put burning memo in the fireplace
8 click cross and get sword
9 cut cactus with sword
10 get screwdriver from cactus
11 pull cord
12 open cupboard and unscrew the plate
13 pull the lever and get the shield (were the deer was on)
14 open the door and use shield on the flames
15 click the dragon with the sword until it dies
16 open the safe with the key!

happy ending 3

1 open the window (click on the right side)
2 in the garden via window
3 click bricks on left side of shed and get saw
4 right of the shed is a board with a small hole, click it
5 use saw on board
6 click doghouse twice
7 put seeds in pot next to doghouse
8 hit faucet with hammer and fill watering pot
9 water the seeds! Repeat 4 times or so
10 click flower to get adhesive
11 open adhesive by clicking he cap
12 put glue on sawed up board
13 put birdhouse in the tree
14 turn to the bird and click it, go back to the birdhouse
15 click bird/birdhouse and get remote thingy
16 click the remote and turn around
17 open safe with the key!

happy? ending 4

open the front door! And get in the UFO

happy ending 5

1 go to the basement
2 click the crack under the table with the hammer
3 go down and open the safe
4 get two memo's
5 use hammer on crack in the safe
6 get remote
7 turn around until you see a roster
8 use pincer on screws
9 look at the numbers on one of the memo's
10 first enter the code as a calculator or numpad (3 being bottom right)
11 open the thing (handle on the right)
12 get battery and turn until you see an other roster
13 same deal here but use it as a keyboard (3 being up and right)
14 open it and get battery #2
15 put both batteries in remote and click it
16 turn until you a car
17 open hood with pincer
18 unselect pincer and click under the hood!


im confused in mystery mansion 101.

where are you supposed to use the pickaxe? none of the bricks will break. nor will the window.


I am ADDICTED to Growth! It seems a bit simple but I love it!


The pickaxe only works on

brick walls that happen to be inside things that usually don't have brick walls in them.


Well I did solve the mystery mansion 101 alone but I'm stuck on... er...well... the four season of castle.
So far I've got the

net and grown bird

did anyone tried to do it anyway ?

vexedgirl March 28, 2008 6:17 PM

Walkthrough for Mystery Room 102 Room 3 (The one with the bird in the image)

oops you fell out of a window.
turn right and click the doghouse to get seeds. Put the seeds in the planter to the left.
Use the pickaxe on the outdoor fireplace thingy to open a hole. No, your key won't work on the locked door no matter how many times you try. Get a saw out of the hole.
Use the pincher thingy to remove the wood board next with the hole in it.
Use the saw on the wood board. Looks like a birdhouse in the making, huh?
Look in the doghouse again. Hey, a watering can!
Use the hammer on the faucet to make water come out.
Put water in the watering can. Turn around and water the seeds you planted. Turn around and get more water. Turn around and water the plants. Repeat a couple more times until you get giant sunflowers.
Click the right hand sunflower to give you adhesive. What the hell is adhesive doing in a sunflower?
Click the cap of the adhesive to remove it. Important step.
Use the adhesive on the cut wood to make a birdhouse.
Put your new birdhouse in the tree.
Click the bird to scare it. Turn around. Yay! It found it's new house. Click to scare it off. Click the birdhouse and you get a switch. Click the switch.
Turn around. Woo! There's a safe. NOW you can use your key to open the safe and discover some "expensive earthenware". Yay! You win.


I love the retro feel of the Mystery Mansion games, but they are probably the most illogical point-and-click games ever made. They don't really challenge your brain, just your patience and persistence in clicking everything-on-everything.


Ag. I know I shouldn't be asking this...but...walkthrough for The Four Seasons of Castle? Please?


The Four Seasons of Castle Walkthrough

Introductory notes:

It's a standard "click the object to get/interact" type game. All of the click targets are clearly visible - no pixel hunting needed, although some actions don't make a lot of sense. The gameplay is also highly linear - at any one time there is really only one thing you can do.

If you get stuck, try examining items in your inventory. (Activate the item, then click the blue "?" to examine them.)


I'll refer to the rooms as castle, spring, summer, autumn and winter, respectively

1. Get the Flower

Summer: Get worm from hook.
Spring: Feed worm to bird, get bird.
Autumn: Get flower with bird.
Examine bird (use the blue "?") to remove the flower from it's beak.

2.Get the Branch

Spring: Plant flower between the other flowers.
Spring: Click newly planted flower.
Winter: Get net (snowman's arm).
Spring: Catch butterfly, use on left most flower.
Spring: Move butterfly by clicking twice to get branch.

3.Get the Leaf

Winter: Poke hole (spot in upper left) with branch.
Winter: Click snake.
Winter: Click bear.
Winter: Pick up leaf.

4. Get the Key

Autumn: Use leaf on bear.
Autumn: Click bear.
Autumn: Get Bear.
Summer: Use Bear on ocean.
Summer: Click wave, then cloud.
Summer: Get key.

5. Leave the Castle

Castle: Get present. (I don't know if this can be used anywhere.)
Castle: Use key on door.
Castle: Go through door.


Try putting the butterfly on a different flower

(Four Seasons of Castle)

Click start. Then, click the right arrow twice to get to the sun. When the hook comes out of the water, click it until you have a worm.


Click the right arrow twice. Click the net sticking out of the snowman.


Click left three times. Click the worm then the bird. Click the bird.


Click right twice. Click the bird then the flower. Click the bird and the question mark. Click the flower. Click the X.


Click right twice. Click the flower then the circle. Click the flower. Click the net then the butterfly.


Click the butterfly then the leftmost flower. Click the butterfly. Click the butterfly. Click the branch.


Click the right arrow three times. Click the branch then the hole. Click the snake. Click the bear. Click the leaf.


Click the left arrow. Click the leaf then the raccoon. Click the raccoon. Click the surfer.


Click the left arrow. Click the surfer then click the wave. Click the sparkle. Click the cloud. Click the key.


Click the left arrow twice. Click the present. Click the key then the door. Click the door.


Realize you are at the end and don't need this last step.

It is the only ending I know of.


One more thing.

Don't grab the present to get a different ending.

mariolinamay March 29, 2008 9:11 PM

about the present

there's a japanese story about a man who spent many years in a magic castle under the sea. before he left the princess of the castle gave him a box as a present. when he returned home many years have passed on earth, but with no effect on him, he was still as young as the day he went to the castle. but when he opened the box he began growing old all at once. that's why it's better not to accept presents from princesses.


Actually, if you just play the last couple of games from this author (Four Seasons of Castle, Wonderful Sea, and Turtle Help), you'll quickly realize that these stories lead into one another. (In fact, I already had a hunch when I played Wonderful Sea last week, then confirmed it when I played Turtle Help)

Basically, the story goes that the man helped some sort of aquatic creature (some say turtle, others say fish) . This aquatic creature was actually the princess of the sea (or the sea goddess, as the games describe) and she led the man to the Sea Palace . The rest is as mariolinamay described , though the sea princess told the man to never open the present.


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