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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBIt's Link Dump Friday, Retro Sabotage edition! We here at JayIsGames love old games. You know, assuming they're good. We also like developers who try something new, which is what Retro Sabotage does with this collection of weekly-updated parodies. The humor is simple, the games are very short and are often more like interactive movies than traditional games. But you'll grin every time. And if you don't, we've still got you covered with more games below. Who loves the fuzzy wuzzy casual gamers out there? Yeees we do, yes we do!

  • icon_retrosabotage.gifOverpowered - Pong. Now with a super-charge shot.
  • The Morning After - Power-pellets. Now with a deliciously drunken rum center.
  • icon_retrosabotage2.gifWhat Next? - Pac-Man goes about his business, eating dots and power-pellets left and right. But after the third, something very strange happens...
  • icon_retrosabotage3.gifIncompatible Visions - Hey, here's a fun idea. Let's play Tetris while someone else plays Duck Hunt!
  • Samba - Space Invaders get crafty. All I have to say is this: D'OH!
  • Nice Shot - Sweet! Finally shoot that alien---oh, wait. What the... GAAAH!!
  • icon_turbomahjong.gifTurbo Mahjong - Yeah, so you know that mahjong thing? The simple, slow game of tile-removing? This is mahjong in sudden death mode. Prepare for an adrenaline rush.
  • icon_triviafanatic.gifTrivia Fanatic - A tough-as-nails trivia game with questions ranging from every subject to the horribly obscure. If you're smart like us, you'll manage to keep your score above zero... Be sure to join the JayIsGames team to compete against other JIG readers and help us rise in rankings!
  • JayJIG Poker Night - Odds of winning one of our tournaments has been pretty darn good with only 40-50 players each week. May 17th is coming, will you be playing with us? Every Saturday (4:00 PM).


Mete A. Akman March 14, 2008 6:50 AM

What a waste of Link Dump Friday. I demand a new one.


Trivia Fanatic is fun. I lasted 58 questions (got 34 right) for a grand total of...

19 points. DAMMIT #$^%*&%#


Trivia Fanatic doesn't seem lo let me play. I registered, signed in, joined the JIG team but when i click on the play button nothing happens. Tried under Firefox and IE and got the same "result".

Or is it another URL-changer and I'm supposed to find out something? :)


OH, man, I'm dumb...
Finally I managed to find the line that says to play I'm supposed to click on the team name (well, how logical THAT is when there's a large play button also there...).

OK, I'm dumb :)


for the commenter above me

you have to click on the "JayIsGames" link
apparently you have to choose who you're playing for

and "JayIsGames" is number 9 in the highscore


Wow great score JIG team!

I helped by bringing the score down by about 20. Sorry.


Dammit... With 144 points the server shut down for some reason saying there must be something with my connection. Well, there wasn't, other links worked properly...

Anyways, a couple of months ago I complained that a trivia game featured almost exclusively America-related questions. To be fair, this one is rather for the European... Thanx god :)



Well, well, Other sites (including heavily flash-infected ones) loading perfectly Trivia Fanatic doesn't.

And they say the problem is with MY connection. Sure...


Yep. Totally unusable right now. I guess too many of us are trying to play at the same time.

mixedmetaphor March 14, 2008 9:04 AM

I'm really enjoying Trivia Fanatic, but does anyone else find it frustrating that they don't tell you the correct answer when you get something wrong? I want to LEARN!

current individual score: 3... woohoo!

mixedmetaphor March 14, 2008 9:09 AM

P.S. I just got 49 points for the JIG team!

Benedicta March 14, 2008 9:15 AM

I think I found out how the points are given on the Trivia-questions:

1 point for the first correct answer
2 points for the second correct answer in a row
3 points for the third correct answer in a row
Incorrect answer resets the chain to 1.

Havent hit more than 6 in a row, though... even if I knew the answer, I sometimes get confused on English, it not being my mother tongue (e.g. didn't identify "The magic flute" as "Die Zauberflöte" which I would have known to be composed by Mozart...)
Mostly I don't know the answers at all, though 8)

Benedicta March 14, 2008 9:26 AM

ok.... scored 82 :D

Incorrect answers don't break the chain as I assumed, but take the points down. Didn't compute how much, though - was too occupied with answering *lol*


This time Trivia worked allright - but when i ended a game and wanted to begin a new one it required me to sign in again.

Any logic in that?


Sure. Just had to make that comment... Now the Trivia server rejects me again...

I guess I'll leave it. I don't want to see my score vanish into thin air again because of an overcrowded server - that is even blaming my connection :)


Two requests in Turbo Mahjongg:

  • Undo.

  • A way to turn sounds off.

ThemePark March 14, 2008 10:42 AM

Well, good thing there's so many Jiggers playing Trivia Fanatic, because I just blew it. -58.


i've declard myself too stupid to play Trivia Fanatic, three games and my best showing was -2. i'm just hurting the team! (i'd like to point out exhibit A: my Magna cum laude degree, and exhibit B: my obvious smartypantsatude.)


That is the harshest quiz I've ever played... get more right that wrong = negative scores... even though the questions are about Nicuraguan presidents...

DarkOrion March 14, 2008 11:28 AM

The trivia game is fun. It is, from one point of view, rigged.

Your score is only added when your session is over.

Your session is only over when you miss 3 in a row.

Missing three in a row reduces your score by 30 points.

Think about it . . .


Being the annoying pretentious person I am, I then went and looked at the Help pages to see why the scoring was so ridiculous... the example question there talks about the location of the 2014 summer olympics... which immediately made me doubt the precision of the questions I was asked in the real quiz. JIG should get 100000 points for pointing out this...


lol at Retro Sabotage - specially Samba and the other Space Invaders variations.

So kewl in its own weiiird way :D

Havoc Master/Chaos Master March 14, 2008 1:27 PM

Dang I lost us like 47 points sorry but I'm getting better doing research

Havoc Master/Chaos Master March 14, 2008 1:31 PM

Actually lost a bit more I'm just losing you points I'll stop playing it


I would love to join the poker tournament sometime, but the only problem is that 4PM Eastern is 9PM over here in England, which is a tad too late. Have you given up on the various times thing you did last tournament?

The Big Unknown March 14, 2008 2:04 PM

I think one of the key things about playing Trivia Fanatic for points is to know when to take a dive. Because the game only ends after 3 consecutive wrong answers and the scoring strongly favors winning streaks, sometimes it's best to purposefully protect a positive score and answer incorrectly to lose the game.

For example, on my first, and so far only, attempt, I began with an 8-answer consecutively correct streak, then got two wrong. Instead of purposefully hitting the wrong answer on the third question (leaving the team with +6 points) I answered correctly, only to lose later with -7 (sorry guys).
The server won't connect for my second, hopefully wiser, try.

The Big Unknown March 14, 2008 2:17 PM

OK, disregard my previous comment. It seems that scoring higher is not immediately dependent upon consecutive correct answers.


I just figured out how to get our JIG-team to number 1 spot in Trivia: we sign in to the other 4 teams ahead of us and simply ruin their score :DDD


On Trivia Fanatic, my first score was a meager -29. The next game, though, I made up for it with 56 points! This is probably going to keep my attention for a while!


Trivia Fanatic scoring works like this:

The first question is worth 1 point.

If you answer correctly, the value of the questions increases by 1.

If you answer incorrectly, the value of the questions decreases by 1. You also lose 10 points.

(It would be convenient if the game told you the current value of the questions. And if it didn't disconnect you from the server so often...)

Once you get to a stage where questions are worth about 10 points, you are pretty much set to get a positive score, because as long as you stay in the game your +10s from getting questions right will balance your -10s from getting them wrong. If you can't get to that stage then it's minus scores for you!!!


HAHA!!! I beat the pacman, cleared the whole lvl, still have yet to play others though


Trivia Fanatic's "Miscellany" page points out that negative scores are discarded. Only the positive scores count towards the leaderboard ranking.

So, if you're worried about hurting the team, don't be! :-D


I'm enjoying Triviafanatic, but everytime I'm on a roll, they seem to have server issues...grr. >:o(


Oh. man, I smell disaster again...
Currently at 136 points is trivia and the server starts to flicker again...


Well, started to speculate on giving 3 false answers and finish with around 150 before the server shuts me out again but fate reacted quicker and made me give 3 wrong answers without intention :)

But at last it let me finish a game above 100 (141)...


Wow, we're actually only 56 points behind 4th place - I'l go and give it one more shot :)

(PS: many complained here why the correct answer remains hidden after a wrong guess - well, probably because the questions reappear with time. I've got a couple of questions ore than once.)


We're now 3rd!

Questions repeat regularly...which is why I'm improving :D


Well, the server doesn't let me again...

I decided that Trivia Fanatic hates me and is not even willing to accept it so I don't care. There are thousands of trivia games around the net that won't throw me out 4 times in every 5 tries so I'll go and play them instead of this one.

Penultimate March 14, 2008 4:21 PM

Turbo Mahjong is infuriating. I'd much rather play Mahjong Connect.


Those first four are really funny. Too bad they're so quick.


Being an old-time gamer, I seriously dig the concept of retrosabotage. It just feels a bit.. I dunno. Underused. I hope more stuff like this will come up in the future...

ThemePark March 14, 2008 5:17 PM

That's great news, OtherBill! :-D Fortunately that means that I can play as much as I want, suck as badly as I do, and it won't do any damage.

Actually I got a 76 on my second try. The questions were a lot easier in the beginning of my second try. Go figure.


NOOOOOO Why does Trivia Fanatic stop working when I'm winning?! >.>

Only had 9 points though. Better than Negative!

tink1326 March 14, 2008 7:31 PM

So i totally got a score of like 78 and then the page blew up when trying to record it! I played again and got a -48. GUH!


I'm playing trivia fanatic and I noticed a bad question. They asked which of the following numbers is not irrational and the choices were pi, e, 1/17, 1/2 and 1/3. I'm a high school math teacher so I picked one of the latter 3 and got it wrong but 1/17, 1/2 and 1/3 are rational because you can write them as a fraction (ratio)! Just beware, because I'm not sure what they were looking for, pi and e are definitely irrational but the others aren't. I'm in the 200 point range and playing for the JIG team


Strange. Seems like everyone is kicked out of Trivia when we get a good score. Strange...
But, then, I don't know how it let me do 141. Maybe it was too busy throwing out others with higher scores? :)


OMG What Next? is awesome!!! it's the very best pacman game!


Omg that trivia game is hard. I'm a huge Jeopardy fan and usually can get some right, but this is way harder.

Trivia Fanatic admin March 15, 2008 7:41 AM

Hey guys, I work at Trivia Fanatic and have read through all the posts in here. First, I want to say thanks for trying us out! I'm going to try and answer a few questions that you've posted in here.

First, the "Friday Links" plug put an enormous load on our server, hitting it with about 3800 unique visitors almost at once, so the timeouts and load problems are due to high volume traffic. It should calm down once the traffic is more spread out. It's just tough keeping so many users connected to the server at once, but it looks to be normalized now. If you still experience load problems, definitely let me know.

The question about the Olympics on the help page was just meant to be an example and is not actually one of our questions, but we will be fixing that error on the site, thanks for pointing it out.

The user that questioned the accuracy of the Pi question has been looked into and we are removing that question from the database. Thank you for that verification.

To eliminate sabotaging other teams only positive scores count toward your total, the negative ones are deleted, as someone pointed out.

We just launched this site a couple months ago and are still tweaking it a bit, and this is why we love to read all your comments!

I'll keep reading in here over the next few days and will try to respond to any and all questions you guys have. If I miss something, email me directly using [email protected], and I really appreciate all the comments and hope you like our new site!


This is the best link Dump Friday ever!


Trivia Fanatic admin,

thanx for the info!

Two ideas:

- you might want to consider including more questions. Having played 8-10 games there are more and more questions coming back.

- I found 5-6 typos. I don't remember which questions, sorry :(

Keep up the good job and get a better capacity server :)

snuggles March 15, 2008 5:34 PM

I was also wondering about high scores and getting kicked out.
My answer: Having a high score means you've been at it for quite a while. With increasing duration of the session, the probability of getting kicked out increases also. Simply a matter of time.


you don't neccecsarily have to have a high score after playing long. If you only get every third answer right then you can play for eternity and have a low score. Wonder if THEN you'll get kicked out.


Another question to the Trivia admin: if i check the "remember me" box when signing in why do i still have to sign in again the next time? Shouldn't exactly avoiding THAT be the reason of the remember me option?


Have to admit Tivia works OK now.

And, proud to announce: we're 2nd!

True, we have about third the score of the leaders - but never mind :)

By the way, does the team score reflect in any way how many people accumulate the scores? Because if not, then mediocre guys can beat the Nobel team if they are many enough :)


Well, checked the data. some comparison:

The leading team:
Playing for: 91 days
Number of quizzes in the score: 115
Average score: 1138

The JIG Team:
Playing for: 3 days
Number of quizzes in the score: 1397
Average score: 2 :D :D :D

Farrhago March 15, 2008 8:06 PM

I really love the parodies by Retro Sabotage, having played all of these before, it was hard to figure out the twists until..well..they showed up and made me laugh so hard I lost!

Farrhago March 15, 2008 8:28 PM

Also. Being young doesn't help your chances with the trivia game, though I still put up a total score of 54 =D


being young usually doesn't help with trivia type games.


I played Trivia Fanatic just now. I have too many really dumb moments this weekend so even though I was tempted to join the JayisGames Team - I didn't.


22 correct, 11 missed



at least it ended positive. at one point I was down almost 50 points. I don't think you want me on your team. It's not like you can put me on a bench somewhere.


To eliminate sabotaging other teams only positive scores count toward your total, the negative ones are deleted, as someone pointed out.

Oh Goodie!!

I won't feel guilty when the stewpid virus comes back in the middle of my game.


I've finally gotten my average above 0...yeah! It took a 220 point effort. I was on fire. But I'm curious about our competition - How can the *average* score for de Roiste be over 1000 points? Did they have a couple 10000 point games, or is someone really consistently getting four digit scores? Are they gaming the system somehow, or are they just awesome trivia heads? Are they doing all this in their second language? And if so, will learning that language make me better at trivia too?


Retrosabotage roolz joo. I had the most fun when I went at the games as if I were really playing them. I literally did a spit take of my coffee when Pac-Man left the map and ate the moon. LOL!


I searched Jayisgames but I didn't get anything.
I made one called Jayisgames.Rox.Help!PLEASE!

Reply is always a good choice for these things, that way people know where to find us. :)

Anonymous October 9, 2009 9:08 PM

WHAT NEXT WAS TOTALLY HILARIOUS! These games are the best parodies I've ever seen!

Azrael H March 4, 2010 11:01 PM

I would absolutely love to play Trivia Fanatic, but sadly, after I log in (correctly, may I add), it says, 'You must log in to see this page.' :(


trivia fanatic

so addicting

TheBatdorTrogman September 20, 2011 11:52 PM

I just scored 72 on my third try at Trivia Fanatic! :D


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