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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBToday's Link Dump Friday, much like the calendar date of February 29, doesn't really exist. Well, it does, but, you know, it's just kinda thrown in there. You see, each year we have precisely 487.25 units of casual gaming love to give to the world. Since none of us are particularly good with fractions, we just express that extra bit of love every few years in the form of a (special) Link Dump Friday. What? That doesn't make sense? Well... um... lookhereatthesegamesasadistraction!

  • icon_robotterritories.gifRobot-Territories - Dah! Humans are attacking with their tanks and guns and stuff! Quick, into your giant Robotic Suit of Death® and start clicking the mouse! The more you juggle units, the higher your score, and you can hold the button for a nifty three-stage charge shot.
  • icon_gameoflife.gifThe Game of Life - Why live it when you can play it?! The Game of Life demonstrates the results of actual research on the activity levels of post-retirement folk. Paint the house while keeping the baby asleep, mow the lawn, even go hang gliding in a series of well-illustrated minigames.
  • icon_android.gifAndroid - Awww... Look at the widdle guy run! Android is a great Lode-Runner clone that squeezes everything down to pixel-perfect sizes. Run, spring and bomb your way through the levels collecting enough gold to unlock each exit. There's even a custom level editor, which is always a big bowl of yumminess.
  • icon_spy.gifSpy - What if some sort of number-related grid-based puzzle decided it was a classic game of Snake? Then it would be Spy, a simple-but-stylish game of clicking, counting, and nail-biting. Click adjacent squares to move across the board. Depending on the number on the square you click, you jump ahead that many spaces. Don't touch the bombs or your own trail!
  • icon_mazeman.gifMaze Man - Hello Maze Man, 1974 called, and it wants its graphics and gameplay back. Oh, and 2008 called as well, so you'll have to leave the stylish theme and pretty cool music here. So go collect those pellets, avoid that guy in the red jumper, and remember that a hole in the ground is perfectly safe and will just teleport you somewhere nearby.
  • JayJIG Poker Night - it's almost that time again (oh yes, it is!). Check this page each week for time of day (usually 4PM Eastern). The winner each week qualifies for a championship tournament on May 17th where we'll give away an iPod Nano and a Nintendo DS!! If you don't play, you can't win.


Thx for including Spy. It used to be one of the games i liked to play a lot but then forgot it - good to have it back in my life :)


Android: blank screen where the game should be. Maze Runner: doesn't respond to keyboard. Sigh- Maybe if I try it in Safari or something.


Sorry, Update- they worked in Safari, but not my Mac's Firefox-


Caya - both those games work on my Mac (10.5.2) Firefox (

You might want to try reinstalling Flash Player.


Not game related, but I only just learnt today that if leap year is divisible by 100, but not by 400, then the leap year won't happen. Madness!
Great LDF.


I've been in JIG lounge for awhile now.. it's 4pm eastern... where is everybody?!


flyboy23 - Poker Night is Saturday, not Friday(!) Sorry. Join us here tomorrow at this time. ;)


hey maze man! pacman called and he wants his gameplay idea back!


I got to level four in Robot-Territories and then got killed by a huge, seemingly invincible robot. Where is his weak spot?

Foreversh March 1, 2008 11:22 AM

The Game of Life is really cute! At first I thought it was actually the board game, Life, but this game was fun too.


two cool things about android: 1. when you put a hole in the ground, all the pieces below become transparent.
2. you can walk on bad guy's head


sorry for the double post, but 1. just works with sand


Foreversh, glad you liked GOL mate.

Using an already existing name wasn't the best choice in the world, and in our defence the client picked it.

Thanks to JohnnyB and Jay for the words and the link.


OK, maybe I'm a bit slow with these 'action' games - but re: "Robot - Territories"; what the heck is a Combo?

I got as far as Level 2 by just hammering the 'left-click', but I can't get the 6 combos required by Level 2 when I have no idea what a 'combo' is...?


A "combo" in Robot-Territories is when you hit the same enemie or vehicle multiple times before it lands on the ground again.



Thanks, Jay!


Did anyone else think that Maze Man was like Pacman?



I believe that everyone who ever played it did. Also, I liked number 2 better, had more variety. I got to level 17 and got fed up with being trapped all the time.


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