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Link Dump Friday №45

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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBAccompanying this Link Dump Friday is a highly unusual paragraph. How quickly can you find out what is wrong? It looks so ordinary that you would think nothing was wrong with it at all. In fact, nothing is. But it is unusual. Why? If you study it and think about it you may find out, but I am not going to assist you. You must do it without coaching. No doubt, if you work at it, it will dawn on you.

  • icon_lightpeopleonfire.gifLight People on Fire - No, it's not a suggestion, it's the name of the game, and it probably isn't as bad as you think. Cheery stick figures run back and forth across the screen. It's your job to burst into flames and set them on fire. And when a rain cloud comes along, simply transform into a tree to turn its dousing water into a growth tonic!
  • icon_metrosiberia.gifMetro Siberia Underground - A vector-based flying game where the only key used is the [spacebar] that increases your upwards thrust. Avoid smashing into the landscape as you zoom by the stark environments. Comes complete with falling spikes, quasi-futuristic buildings, and passageways that transform before your eyes.
  • icon_grenadespin.gifGrenade Spin - Physics + grenades = game! A mini-game of sorts from Flash developer Komix, you control a grenade launcher/wheel by spinning the mouse to move through the terrain. Launch and detonate grenades to destroy enemies or push yourself through difficult areas.
  • icon_random3d.gifRandom 3D episode 1 - Another short one from Komix, Random 3D puts you in control of a crab-like creature in a 3D world. The simple goal is to push balls into the hole as quickly as you can.
  • icon_planetprotector.gifPlanet Protector - Obviously inspired by the highly stylistic games Red and Orange, Planet Protector is a simple shooter that puts you in charge of protecting an entire planet. Rotate around the orb using the [A] and [D] keys and aim/fire using the mouse. Push rocks and other planet away with your gun and grab power-ups whenever you can!
  • icon_bombsquad.gifBombsquad - An interesting little twist on a dropping-tiles puzzle game, Bombsquad gives you a cannon and a supply of timed explosives to launch in the air. Take aim and fire with just enough power for the bomb to detonate and destroy the on-screen diamonds.
  • JayJIG Poker Night - JIG Poker Night is back (oh yes, it is!) every Saturday. So grab your chips and a chair and join us every weekend for some classic Texas Hold'em poker fun in our own private Triplejack lounge. The winner each week qualifies for a championship tournament in the spring where we'll give away an iPod Nano and a Nintendo DS!!


No letter "e"! That is highly unusual.

The cheerful music in "Light People on Fire" is so funny! I was so shocked when the little man actually lit on fire.


:D. Yeah, no letter "e"... that is unusual. XD. I loved Light people on fire, it was so cheerful :P. Not that it would actually happen in real life though.


The odd thing in the paragraph is the lack of the letter 'e'.

Nice little games, I'm particularly taken with Metro Siberia Underground, I just keep trying... I beat easy, and got to about 2000 on hard and medium, but still trying for the win.. It's a nice game.


At first I was thinking it was a lack of contractions, but yeah I guess the letter 'e' thing makes more sense. >_<


did you notice on that lite people on fire game you can move when you're a tree?


Good finds. I really enjoy the grenade spin game.


Metroid Siberia is really cool but my arm got tired from continually adjusting my height with the space bar. xD

Planet Protector was a neat concept but I found it a tad difficult with the spin. Worth trying though.

Still have to try the others but this looks like a fun batch.


Bombsquad is just annoying, I cannot get anything to explode when I want it to!


Metro Siberia had a great atmosphere. It wasn't terrifically challenging, but it seemed that way because of all of the hazards on screen. The thing is, the myriad crushers and lasers and such are timed to give you room to pass without much trouble, if you think a few moves ahead. It's still a great game.


You can only play it for so long, but Light People on Fire is fabulous therapy.


Metro Siberia Underground - quite fun. Highly atmospheric, and though the concept is certainly not new, the implementation was nice. Very well made.


Metro Siberia Underground is a really nice game. A simple concept, good sound and graphics all add up to make a rather addictive challenge. Would be nice to have global rather than personal highscores as it would give something to aim for. Better still, a series of shorter levels with increasing difficulty would offer more of a challenge and sense of achievement than one long continuous level.
I'm still playing it though...


Light People on Fire -- YEAH! It is such an interesting concept, and pretty nicely done. I love it.

Metro Siberia Underground -- I saw a game that had the same basics at Kongregate, but that one was really terrible and boring, even if the graphics were more fancy! This one has cool music and messages and it's just really cool and nice, you know?

Planet Protector -- DO NOT WANT. It's quite stale and boring. One thing I really liked about Red was its music. Sometimes it's hard, at other times it's just.. boring!


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